i want a rouges spinoff that starts out like 

“my name is leonard snart.”

“my name is mick rory.”

“my name is hartley rathaway”

“my name is mark mardon”

“my name is roy bivolo”

“my name is lisa snart”

“my name is shawna baez”

*in unison* “and we are the best criminals in the world.”

but i want different music in the background of all of them. like lisa’s would be something pretty but with darker tones. and i want mardon’s to just be really cymbal and drum-heavy. and ofc hartley’s is flute music. shawna’s sounds like it’s being played on a triangle. etc etc etc

and then at the end of the into it cuts over to axel who’s the one playing all of the music with like,,, eight different lollipops sticking out of his mouth.