me when cypher pt.2 comes on

No but I find it hilarious that Banksy is screening DHMIS at Dismaland because the first film achieved something Dismaland is utterly failing at: parody-based criticism of media aimed at children

at whoever sent me 50 euros (ends up being ~$71! that’s so helpful omg thank you!!!) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I sincerely thank you and it’ll go right into my savings towards tuition or, if it comes to it, loan payments! (i use only my savings for that so there’s no chance of me accidentally spending it.) If there is ANYTHING i can do for you, even if you need it in the future, let me know!!!

I just sorta have this feeling that things go going to go really bad for me here soon and I don’t know whether to let it take its time to go bad or try speed up the process so I can get the pain over with??


It was lunch time and Tony didn’t have anywhere to sit. Maybe if he were nicer to people, he wouldn’t face this problem every day. He found an almost vacant table, but there was one person, all alone; it was Bruce Banner. Without asking, he joined him at the table. “Bruce, right?”

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I'm southeast Asian and was raised in America my whole life but only have had the East Asian westernized Asian food ?? And idk where actually do you find actual real Asian food?? Like how can you tell if it's an actual Asian restraunt etc.

Well that’s not bad, I’m in the same situation. I am not talking about you here; I’m talking about non-Asian people who say they love Asian food but they don’t want to touch the traditional stuff for reasons that have nothing to do with their disability, and probably shit on any dish that’s not East Asian.

I don’t know where you find “real Asian food” honestly I am still looking myself. (Followers?)

-Mod J

…I don’t know what to think of sooraj pancholi

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How do I use luxy to find a sd? Is it already implied like seeking arrangement?

I tried Luxy in my location and it was a joke. A bunch of fake ballers and 18 year old broke toddlers. Idk your location so I can’t tell you how much luck you’ll have on there but what I can say is that none of the men I came across mentioned anything about sponsoring women. Basically they want a gf and you’d have to find a way to minfduck him into giving you what you want.

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i have all these weird fetishes and idk how to tell my friends because i feel they would accept it but stll make those passive aggressive jokes about my fetishes and idk how to handle that

I mean. You can always tell them that it genuinely upsets you when they joke about it. If they’re really your friends then they’ll understand.