Listen…. it’s not okay when straight people make “gay” jokes because when LGBT people joke about fitting the stereotypes and whatever it’s about empowerment because we’re standing there and saying yeah I’m gay and I love it and it’s good, but when straight people do it it dismisses us and makes it even harder for us to be taken seriously. I don’t care if you’re an ally or you “don’t mean it that way” it’s still hurtful and I’m surprised at how common it still is


sterek week 2016 - day 3: fairytales/folklore

In a post-apocalyptic world not so far away, where wolves and humans are at war and no place is safe, Stiles Stilinski, orphan and the last emissary of Beacon Hills, lives as a ward to the self-proclaimed king, Gerard Argent.

From a very young age Stiles, such a priced possession as he was, has been guarded and sheltered from every and anything that could by chance do him harm and the woods that dragged on for miles before the castle were the most forbidden of it all.

“The woods are a dangerous place, Stiles,” the King had always said and Stiles, despite his insatiable curiosity, had always listened.

That is until the day he overhears talks of his long-dead father, John Stilinski, and how very much alive he is after all, living deep within the woods in a cottage, surrounded by menacing trees and big, bad wolves with paws so large and teeth so big they could swallow a man whole.

That night, Stiles sets out on a journey through the woods in search of his father, with only his mother’s red cape as a shield and a strange wolf that seems to guard him and his life every step of the way and doesn’t seem monstrous at all. 


“THE NEW PIONEERS is an animated epic adventure series set on a future Earth where the natural world has retaliated against humanity, forcing orphan teen Mynn and the few remaining humans to take shelter behind a massive electric dome. Mynn is unwillingly thrust on an adventure when her twin brothers sneak out from the safety of the dome in search of a solution to their plight.”

Hey guys! This is a teaser trailer I worked on for the wonderful Chris Perry and Bit Films. I had a blast playing Mynn and getting to work with some incredibly talented (and funny) people! Please check it out!


Listen to the cute sound of Jimin’s belly


01- About theme by @clesu

Finally, decided to start coding again and I wanted a new about theme…. So I started off with something simple.

If you need help with installation, or help with any customization regarding this theme, then please send me an ask.

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Features: Lots of pink, Side image, sidebar icon, optional statistics, and cuteness.

Note: You do not need to use the correct measurements for the image, as any image will resize to fit, so take into consideration that the smaller away from the measurement you use, the less quality of the image.

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if you’re up with the times with my tiny stackable husbands fics, this is from immediately after this

The plan had been to drive back to the apartment separately, and by the time Neil fights his way free of the stadium the Maserati is long gone. The second Neil shuts the door of the A5 behind himself he’s dialling Andrew’s number.

The first time it cuts directly to Andrew’s answer phone, which is still the factory-set robot. The same thing happens the second time.

The third time, it rings. On the second, Andrew answers just long enough to snarl, “fuck off,” before he hangs up.

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