I’ve made a very important addition to my witch au.

Ethan and his familiar… a ghost tiger? I don’t know exactly what it is, nor do I have a name for it yet. All I know is everything is very blue and I’m enjoying it immensely!

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blip better get his ass figured out quick because a ride or die chick like evelyn doesn’t come along every day. like she ain’t asking you for the world, YOUR WIFE IS JUST ASKING YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

and your ass can’t give that to her? after all she’s done for you? she’s the mother of your children and the queen of your empire, bro. if she says she doesn’t want kids anymore and she wants your support to spread her wings, you lift your wife UP. you say, baby whatever you need to do. 

like who the hell does he think his wife is?

she has supported his dream from day one and now it’s his fucking turn to support hers and he better fall the fuck in ine.

I just want Viktor and Yuri to say “I love you” to each other.

It doesn’t have to be some big grand scene, it can literally be something light and casual or even just a offhanded “Love you!” text and all the other does is smile and respond back with the “love you too” text.

Yes, I know that they kissed and exchanged rings (my soul left my body each time and I ascended into heaven, bless) and Viktor in the last episode danced around the word “love” but he didn’t actually say the phrase to Yuri. Everything that has been played it is INCREDIBLY powerful and shows that “yes, here is a healthy gay couple in love,” but I still want that phrase to be said out loud and for all to hear. 

It’s like in a fanfiction of your fave pairing where you know the couple is gonna get together. In fact, there have been a couple of chapters where they’ve gone through the tropes, they’ve held hands and even kissed, but when they say “I love you” for the first time, it just hits you so god damn HARD.

The phrase “I love you” is just powerful because there’s just so much behind those three words. Again, the actions of these two in the anime do speak for themselves, but that doesn’t make “I love you” any less powerful or satisfying. 

I just think it would just be amazing if they said it out loud to each other. I can’t really explain it, perhaps someone can say it better, but words have so much power and I would love for this to happen.