This photograph was taken during the first Intifada (1987-1993), it shows a Palestinian boy shot in the heart by Israeli occupation forces. Most of the Palestinians killed during the Intifada were either shot in the heart or the head. via Younes Arar.

Edit: This is a still from ‘Kingdom of Ants’, still a very accurate depiction of reality.


These twelve year old students of Taqou’a in Bethlehem are trying to raise the required amount of bail money for their classmate’s release from Israeli jail. Their classmate, Mohammad Jamil (12), was recently arrested by Israeli Forces in Bethlehem during clashes.  

This is the reality of the Palestinian childhood. 

طلاب مدرسة تقوع في بيت لحم يجمعون الكفالة المطلوبة للإفراج عن زميلهم محمد جميل العمور المعتقل لدى قوات الاحتلال

So my 15 year old brother was driving around our town in Palestine at night with some friends. They were going out to get some falafel sandwiches and coffee. Not far from our house, two IDF jeeps pulled in front of their car, and one behind them, blocking them.

Nearly a dozen IDF scum armed with M16s surrounded the car while shouting at them to get out and get on the ground in their broken Arabic. Frightened and not having any idea what was going on, they all listened and got on the ground, where their hands were then tied up and their bodies searched.

While this was all happening, my brother was shouting “American! American!” knowing that by virtue of having been born in the US and being a US citizen, the IDF would be SLIGHTLY less likely to physically harm them, because people only seem to give a shit when a Palestinian American is beaten up, while Palestinian victims are otherwise frequently ignored.

My brother [and all the friends with him] are Palestinian citizens, with my brother holding dual US/Palestinian citizenship. His ID was in the car and not on him, and the IDF refused to listen as he tried to explain, instead berating them in broken Arabic and accusing them of being out to “do something” driving at night, instead of just a few kids out to get coffee and food

Eventually, after a friend had already started to cry out of fear, my brother was able to explain to them that his ID was in the car. The IDF scum searched the car and pulled it out. It was his American ID, and the IDF eventually untied them all and began questioning them in English some more. Finally, the Israeli shits ask “If you’re American, what are you doing in this shithole? It’s a dump, go to Jerusalem instead. It’s much nicer and isn’t full of rats [rats referring to Palestinians, not actual rats]”. 

My brother laughed and joked with him, frightened and wanting to just be let go to end the night and go home.

But that is the reality of the Israeli occupation, and Israeli soldiers. My brother was just 15, and they were no more than two miles away from our house, in a nice town that [used to] see little conflict and “stays out of trouble”, but nope, Israeli forces instead referred to it as a “dump” and “shithole”.

What’s funny is that the IDF scum suggested that my brother visit Jerusalem, but as a Palestinian citizen….he can’t, as Palestinians simply are not allowed to enter Jerusalem [or any other “Israeli controlled” area or Israel-proper], which is common knowledge. What does it tell you when IDF soldiers don’t even know this?

According to my brother, the soldiers didn’t look older than their early 20s, and that’s how most Israeli soldiers are. They’re merely kids raised on anti-Palestinian hate in a culture fueled by racism and the erasure of our history and identity, given weapons, and put in control of us/our people.

I can’t help but imagine how much differently the entire ordeal would’ve gone had my brother not had his US ID on him. You hear daily about IDF “arresting” Palestinian kids without charge and detaining them, and overwhelmingly so, this is done for no reason other than to intimidate, control, and exert domination. Chances are, that had my brother not had his US ID, he would’ve been arrested that night and held in an Israeli military prison along with the hundreds of other children Israel has arrested without charge. 

Thankfully, he made it home shaken, but safe, and has decided to no longer drive alone.

This comes as the IDF have increased their patrols through our small town, arresting several people while shooting a few others, including shooting tear-gas into our home [despite NOBODY doing anything to draw their attention - they simply shot their canister through our window and into a sitting room]

There was no checkpoint that my brother was stopped at, there was no curfew, and he was within Palestinian-territory in a legal vehicle having done absolutely nothing wrong, and still he was treated like a wanted felon with freaking MULTIPLE WEAPONS drawn on him by “trained” soldiers. 

Israel is a terrorist state and all IDF are scum, period.
NY organ trafficker admits buying kidneys in Israel for $10,000... and selling them in U.S. for $120,000
Levy Izhak Rosenbaum admitted in a Trenton federal court to brokering three illegal kidney transplants for desperate New Jersey-based customers in exchange for payments of $120,000 or more.

Palestinian kidneys for sale by settler colonial apartheid Israel. We demand an international independent investigation in the trafficking of Palestinian organs by settler colonial apartheid Israel and its criminal syndicates.
My daughter was tortured and forced to spout lies | The National
Sabha Al Wawi says her daughter Dima, 12, is not the only child to be locked up in Israeli jails – there are hundreds of others

“Dima was forced to attend four military court sessions that were extended for long hours in the bitter February cold where she sat exhausted, cold and afraid in an iron cage. Her eyes drowsy, body exhausted and face persistently pale, she was unaware of what was happening around her. She did not care about the presence of the judges, lawyers and security officers. Instead, she played with the heavy chains on her legs, swaying herself back and forth. Each time I looked at her, my body trembled with anxiety…

“My shoes are muddy, Mama. I feel embarrassed and ashamed, I bled from the torture, I feel humiliated, I’m terrified and my body trembles from the cold,“ Dima said as she broke down during one visit. “I was forced to invent stories and lie that I was there to stab a settler. Mama, don’t be angry, don’t believe anything they tell you, but this was the only way to stay alive." 

She was 12.

Do you remember the 18-month-old Palestinian baby Ali Dawabshe who was burned to death after settlers set fire to his family house in Duma village, south of Nablus city. And then his father didn’t make it and passed away just a few days later. Well, I’m really sad to tell you that Riham, Ali’s mother, has just died in hospital as a result of her burns. Here, one of her students with her picture.

RIP Dawabshe family!