James: never sleeps past 7. never writes anything down. never wears matching socks. never interrupts you. never closes his curtains. never misses a pun. never forgets a birthday. never puts milk in his tea. never turned 22. // always puts sugar in his coffee. always supporting his friends. always dramatic. always laughing. always sneezing. always playing with a snitch. always thinking about Lily. always full of love. always watching over harry.

Lily: never awake before 7. never on time. never without a quill. never forgets a name. never leaves a dirty cup in the sink. never without a snarky quip. never puts sugar in her coffee. never got to see her son grow up. // always tripping over. always gets mint choc chip ice cream. always napping. always braiding her hair. always humming. always loosing her train of thought. always hugging people. always holding someone’s hand. always protecting her family.

Eddie has always strived for perfection. Perfect grades, perfect appearance, perfect health, perfect everything. Organized and color coded folders, crisply folded shirts, neatly combed hair, soft freckle free skin, the works.

And then he meets Richie.

Richie, with his wild untamed hair, his loud patterned shirts paired with wrinkled cargo shorts, his chaotic explosive personality, his fiery comebacks, and his freckles like constellations scattering all over his face. Everything Eddie thought he hated and couldn’t be all wrapped up in a human being so perfectly imperfect.

They are polar opposites from each other, but they compliment each other in ways they never thought possible. Trashmouth and Eds, Richie and Eddie. Losers from the beginning, lovers until the end.

Does your little brother ask about me?
Or is he use to girls coming and going?
Has he lost count of the number of girls that have passed through your bedroom?
Some nights I still can’t breathe but you’ve replaced me with about 4 different girls by now,
I tried to become you,
Tried to become the fallen angel,
But it only left me empty, devoid of anything that means anything,
I hope that’s how you feel,
Completely drained,
But your probably filled to the brim with everything you’ve stolen from paper doll girls just like me.

you know what’s beautiful?

when the new year starts, it’s a new beginning.

for some it might even be a new life.

and you know what’s even more beautiful about all that?

everything you’ve worked on and built up the past year is still there.

you archived so much and theres a new year right infront of you to make all that even more precious

so in 2019 you can look back and be proud of yourself, again, and then theres a new year to continue creating the life you could only dream of in 2016.