me when someone tells me shit like “you know all these meds are actually worse for you they turn you into a zombie ://”, “you should try yoga”, “why dont you exercise more”:

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Heather Duke has a jeep, why did Macnamara have to ride the bus? Sure Duke was an ass, but did she really make her friend ride the bus? Unless she didn't have her license, but in that case, did she also ride the bus? I mean I don't think that would fly with her, right? She would bitch at her parents to give her some other way. But would she really still make her so called friend still ride the bus? Why does Macnamara not ask for a ride? Is she afraid of Duke? I mean it would make sense if she was because Duke has the ability to ruin her like Chandler used to be able to, but why is Duke more popular than Macnamara, is it because she's bitchier? Maybe it's because she's meaner in general? Or she's just louder? Either way, Macnamara was the more liked of the surviving Heathers, so wouldn't she "inherit" the throne? Or maybe Duke was the only one who wanted it. But in all of Duke's popularity did she really have to make her friend ride the bus? Would no one else give Macnamara a ride?

Mistakes were made. And worse is that you failed to keep the subjects contained and recover them after the initial breach. Now we have potentially dangerous individuals at large. Over 30 of them

And currently we only have budget to surveil one

I have been undone by the greatness of what I felt. How can a tv show affect people so deeply? It’s just a tv show… and yet, it isn’t. This kind of impact is the peculiar effect that works of art have on our minds and hearts - and that is what Black Sails is: a work of art, a work of contemporary art. 

I cannot begin to say how much this journey has meant to me. As I watched the series finale, at one point I realised something that I’ve known all along: what I’ve seen in, what I’ve discovered through, what I’ve felt for Black Sails have changed my life, so to speak. It’s not about the stories and characters in and of themselves, but it’s about the deep humanity of it all. There is everything a human soul can feel: all kinds of love, all kinds of rage, all kinds of hate, all kinds of despair, all kinds of ambitions, all kinds of hope, all kinds of dreams, all kinds of failure, all kinds of obsessions… I can think of very few other works of narrative that have done quite so much. Very few, and none in this way.

Because Black Sails to me has been all consuming, all encompassing, a visceral experience. I have never been able to watch it in the casual way I watch many other shows. Every episode, from the very start, has always been such a powerful experience that never left me indifferent, that left its marks upon my mind.

It’s hard for me to feel alive, sometimes. It has always been so, it’s a state of emotion that goes way way back to childhood. It’s just what it is. I constantly need to feel strong emotions, to make sure that I am all still here, and not just my body, not just an empty shell. To truly feel alive, I need to feel burnt and pinched, I need to feel the discomfort of feeling too much all at once. And Black Sails helped me. Black Sails gave me that. Every time I’ve felt down, it has always helped me defeat my biggest enemy, my greatest fear, my worst nightmare: numbness. It has rekindled the fire in my eyes every time it got threatened to be put out. I will be forever thankful to have had this.

I could go on and on about how great Black Sails is, how important its approach to diversity, sexuality and other important themes is, how masterfully created and perfectly executed… But we already know all about it. Instead, I’ll keep this short and say that I am grateful that I was allowed to witness these stories come alive for all of us, and that I am incredibly happy that I got to share this wonderful, unprecedented and intense journey with so many beautiful, kind, smart, creative people. Sharing it with you has made this whole thing even more powerful. 

To all the times we’ve sailed together, and all the times we’ll sail again - because our adventures are not over. 


unpopular opinion: i think pidge crushing on at least one of the paladins at some point would be not such a bad thing and, actually, pretty realistic,,,,,

So, this is entirely @kazliin and their beautiful fanfiction’s fault, specifically the part where they used a song from Notre Dame De Paris for Viktor’s free skate. If Viktor is the singers, that would make Yuuri the object of Viktor’s desire, which means Esmeralda, and there you have it.

Bonus reaction Viktor:

minor salt incoming but like every single time i see someone complain about a black female character being love interest in the name of “””feminism””” i lose ten years off my life. i just. why are y’all so threatened. 

no but its canon that mikael loves to watch yousef work out. he knows how much hard work yousef puts in to keep his body in shape and how dedicated he is to it, and mikael admires that loyalty that yousef has in him, so much, because it transcends into everything yousef does. yousef will always give his 110% into everything and everyone he loves.

plus, mikael just really loves to watch his boy smashing weights and throwing around punches and working out. and if yousef catches him midway and smirks at mikael, and mikael just so happens to smirk back, well, that makes it even more sweeter.


so i caught up on the abridged series today


I just realized

“Only angel” - “I must admit I thought I’d like to make you mine. As I went about my business through the warning signs. End up meeting in the hallway every single time. And there’s nothing we can do about it” 

“Meet Me In the Hallway” -”meet me in the hallway…I just left your bedroom, give me some morphine, is there any more to do?”

so like

why isn’t keith x pidge called forestfire

and hunk x pidge called earthbound

and lance x pidge called plant growth



keith x lance called smoke (i thought about calling it steam but that would be too real winks at smut fanfics

keith x hunk called volcanic eruption

keith x shiro called suns and stars

hunk x lance called beach

hunk x shiro (i’ve never seen fanfic for them but whateva) called space debris

allura x shiro called black-hole (cause shiro always disappears and allura feels like a part of her missing without him there haha im so funny)

allura x lance called ice (allura is always cold towards him when he flirts ie. water freezes when it’s cold)

keith x allura called fossil fuels [allura had hated keith, but now she’s grown closer to him; both (presumably?) having lost their fathers or remnants of them from reality and they’re both aliens so]

i haven’t come up with one for shiro x pidge, allura x pidge, and lance x shiro yet

ALSO I DON’T REALLY THINK CORRAN WOULD BE SHIPPED WITH ANYONE NO OFFENSE BUT LIKE HE’S THEIR UNCLE/GRANDPA FIGURE (if someone makes an uncle grandpa joke im deleting my blog oh my god i hate that show im sorry)

but hypothetically, i think corran and hunk would have a platonic/friendly relationship with their shared love of cooking and it would just be called fossils bc ya corran is supposed to be ded n shit

but ok lance is corran’s favorite no one fight me on this also their platonic ship would be called crystal idk that’s all i got



they’re called handmaiden ;))) one giv the succ the other givs teh fucc

idek what that means im like half awake