ICONic Boyz

One Shot | Mikey Fusco

“What the hell is she doing?” Mikey scoffed, looking in Rosie’s direction. His voice was loud over the sound of booming music and conversation within the party house.

He stepped back as a girl stumbled by, making her way to the punch bowl, which was, more than likely, spiked with alcohol. Mikey and a few of his friends were probably the only people in that house who weren’t shitfaced within the first two hours of their arrival. By the way she was dancing with that kid, he knew Rosie was drunk out of her mind. 

“Dancing.” Lucas said casually. “More specifically, dirty dancing; Like everyone else here.”

“Jee, thanks, Captain Obvious. It was very hard to figure that out.” Anthony deadpanned. Lucas laughed and Mikey rolled his eyes. 

“He asked what she was doing, I answered.” Lucas retorted. Anthony and Mikey just stared at him. Typical Lucas.

“It was rhetorical, you idiot.” Mikey said, popping the back of Lucas’ head. Lucas swatted his hand away. “I thought she was smarter than this. What the fuck am I supposed to do when I bring her home and she’s completely drunk?" 

"She’s your best friend. Let her crash at your place.” Anthony said. Mikey sighed and ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

“I can’t. Her parents want her home." 

Mikey looked back at a very smashed Rosie. Her tight, short dress was hiked up and she was grinding damn well against that guy. He wasn’t gonna lie, it turned him on just a little bit, but he wouldn’t admit to anyone. She was his best friend and he wasn’t supposed to think of her that way. 

The guy’s hands were running all over her, pulling her closer, exploring every inch of exposed skin that he could find. His face dropped down into her neck, leaving behind a sloppy, drunken kiss. Rosie let out a giggle and Mikey wanted to choke him. 

He needed to stop. He needed to get away from her, Rosie needed to get away from the alcohol, and Mikey needed to get her home. If her parents found him bringing her home in such a drunken state, he was done for. 

"I suggest you go stop him.” Lucas said after a while. Mikey put his sights back on Rosie. The guy was was leading her towards the staircase. 

Oh hell no, motherfucker. There was no way he was gonna fuck Rosie with Mikey around. 

Mikey pushed through the crowd of drunken girls and made his way to Rosie.

“Rosie!” He yelled over the music, moving through the crowd to get quickly to the staircase. A girl squealed as he pushed past her, causing her cup of ‘punch’ to spill to the floor. 

“Seriously?” She slurred, shooting a glare in his direction. Mikey rolled his eyes and pushed he back aside. He finally got to the stair case.

Rosie!” He yelled again. She turned to look at him, her lips pulling into the most ridiculous grin.   

“Hey Mikey!” She said. Her words were slurred. She made her way to him, pulling the guy in tow. “I haven’t seen you at all. God, isn’t this fun? We should do this more often.” She hiccuped. 

Rosie wrapped an arm around his shoulders, bending her elbow to ruffle his hair. Mikey slipped out of her grip.There was a smell about her that was unmistakably the smell of weed.

“Rosie are you fucking baked, too?” He asked her. She grinned at him.

“Like a fucking cake , Kiddo." 

"Christ, Rosie, we need to go. You parents are going to murder me.”

“Go? C'moon, Mikey, it’s a party. You’re supposed to have fun. Here have some punch.” Rosie forcibly pushed a cup toward him. Mikey took it, dumping it into the plant pot next to him. 

“What the was was that for?” She slurred. She was giggling, finding this to be the funniest of things. It took everything in Mikey not to just pull her out by the hair like some angry parent. 
“You’re fucking drunk. We should go.”

Rosie groaned and giggled again. “God, someone’s just so pushy!” She said, stumbling over to the guy and holding his forearm. “Let me just hang out with David, okay? And then we can go. I promise.” she slurred.

“I don’t think so.” Mikey peeled his arms off of the guy who was too drunk to even understand the situation.  "We’re leaving now. No arguments.“ 

"God Mikey. Don’t be such a fucking goody-goody.” Rosie rolled her eyes.

Mikey scoffed. “I’m just smart enough to get shit faced and fuck someone I don’t even know. Stop acting like such a fucking idiot we’re leaving.” He grabbed her wrist and started pulling her toward the exit.

“You’re such a goody two shoes. Such a nerd. Why the fuck am I even friends with you? You're such a buzzkill.” Rosie yelled as she was lead away from the guy. 

Mikey’s breathing was becoming heavy. He was trying as best he could  not to turn around and slap her in the face. She was his best friend, sure, but he was getting real fucking annoyed with her behavior. The words stung, but he could care less. She was drunk as an Irishman. 

“You’re just mad that I was gonna fuck him  and not you.” Rosie slurred. She laughed. “I bet you’re way worse in bed than he is.”

God damn was she getting irritating. Who the hell was she to say how good he was? He glanced back at her.

“I bet we could fuck right now, and you’d be terrible.” She giggled. 

“Rosie cut it out. You’re acting like a fucking bitch.” Mikey spat at her. She just laughed harder.

“Look at youuuu.” She garbled. “Getting all angryyy." 

Mikey sucked in a breath and pushed through the crowds to get into the kitchen and leave through the garage. 

"I bet even mad, you don’t have the courage enough to fuck me all rough like he would have.”

“Since when were you a kinky little bitch.” Mikey said, pushing her in front of him once they kitchen. He scoffed lightly and shook his head at the sight of her. She was stumbling to the door, unable to walk properly in her drunken state. 

Yet, there was still something extremely attractive about her. The way she looked in that dress, the innocence in her eyes, even if she was long gone and replaced with this new, intoxicated little bitch.

“Since when was I not?” Rosie slurred and stumbled back to him. She caught herself by gripping onto his shoulders. “Why are you such a buzzkill, Michael. Let’s have fun. It’s a fucking party. You’re so lame." 

Once again, the indignation rose in Mikey’s chest. "What the hell is wrong with you?”  He spat. God, it was taking everything not to fuck her right now. She was drunk, annoying, and acting like a little bitch, but he couldn’t help it. 

“C'mon. Let me fucking see him and we can go. I swear.” She whined. He laughed bitterly.

“You want a good time, so bad, huh?” He spat at her, pushing her into the nearest room and slamming the door behind him. “You’re fucking mine tonight."