I don’t have a fan girl crush on Madison. I really have an actual crush on him. It sounds impossible although we’ve never met, but its true. I live in KY he lives in NJ we’ll never meet. and the boyz aren’t coming here on the tour and I’m not going there anytime soon. People say I only like him because he’s attractive. But they’re wrong. I love him because he’s sweet, funny, and really nice. Sure, he has beautiful eyes, and an amazing smile, but I honestly love him more than anything (ya know I love God and my Family more). I don’t get jealous when I see him with other girls. I’m not the jealous type. It just breaks my heart to know I’ll never be with him. If we ever did meet, I wouldn’t care if we weren’t in a relationship, I’d just love to be his friend, and hopefully get to know the real him, and not the Madison only the fans can see. I really do hope that one day I’ll have the chance to meet this 13 year old boy that changed my life. I hope I’ll at least get followed by him on twitter someday, I’ve been trying really hard. I know it sounds pathetic, or desperate,but its the honest truth. I Love Madison more than anyone, including him will ever know.