I don’t have a fan girl crush on Madison. I really have an actual crush on him. It sounds impossible although we’ve never met, but its true. I live in KY he lives in NJ we’ll never meet. and the boyz aren’t coming here on the tour and I’m not going there anytime soon. People say I only like him because he’s attractive. But they’re wrong. I love him because he’s sweet, funny, and really nice. Sure, he has beautiful eyes, and an amazing smile, but I honestly love him more than anything (ya know I love God and my Family more). I don’t get jealous when I see him with other girls. I’m not the jealous type. It just breaks my heart to know I’ll never be with him. If we ever did meet, I wouldn’t care if we weren’t in a relationship, I’d just love to be his friend, and hopefully get to know the real him, and not the Madison only the fans can see. I really do hope that one day I’ll have the chance to meet this 13 year old boy that changed my life. I hope I’ll at least get followed by him on twitter someday, I’ve been trying really hard. I know it sounds pathetic, or desperate,but its the honest truth. I Love Madison more than anyone, including him will ever know.


wow, a whole year. Nothing has changed about this kid besides his looks. No more braces, no more fohawk, his voice, his height. Today shouldn’t be sad, it should be a day of celebration kinda. Look how far he’s gotten, tours, signings, meet and greets, appearances, over 10k on twitter, more than 110k likes on facebook. He’s still “Just Vinny” a young, inspiring, fun dancer from Englishtown New Jersey. No longer being part of the ICONic Boyz has given him a chance to express himself in ways that acting, or rapping couldn’t. He did what he wanted to do. He shows that to kids all across the world. I can honestly say, nothing about him changed. He’s still a little awkward, very goofy, big heart, amazing dancer, raspy voiced kid, with a gift of not only dancing, but to touch the hearts of so many kids who look up to him and everything he does. The ICONic Boyz won’t be complete without you, or the ICONiac fanbase, we the fans miss you, and I bet the Boyz do also, but after all you’ve done, leaving was your best decision. So I just want to say, thank you Vinny- for not only believing in me, but for always staying true to who you are, even through all the fame and everything you’ve gone through since last year. That’s the best gift you could ever give us- staying yourself. We fell in love with you, because of you were yourself, please never change. I love you♥