Day 1 of Key Club International Convention

CNH is ready! Are you? After 2 days of parks (Universal Studios and Epcot) conventions days are finally here. All the districts are finally arriving to get the party started! Check us out!

Ain’t no party like a CNH party! Buzz! Buzz! WAIT! it’s an intimate gathering. <3

ICON 2012

I wish I wrote a little blurb about each day, but I was having way too much fun and I was too tired late at night to write anything at all.  Basically in a nutshell, I had a wonderful week surrounded with some of the most amazing people ever.  I got to spend a day at Islands of Adventure and more importantly, Harry Potter World, with a large group of people and the next day, hit the front of the line of each ride at Epcot.  The rides were fun for both parks, and the countries were interesting at Epcot.  I enjoyed taking pictures in all the water fountains meheh.  Then starts the beginning of International Convention itself, where we play endless ‘Ride that Pony’ games at the Meet and Greet, and listen in at the Opening Session.  I attended workshops and learned more about the Eliminate Project, and collected donations in exchange for I love Key Club lanyards.  I am a boss saleswoman pahaha.  Running into walls and reading Love Notes was interesting.  Early morning swims, especially in Eastern time was delightful haha and I had many needed late night deep talks with my roomies.  The dance was not ratchet enough for Californians obviously, but it was the best I made of it.  I still need to work on saying no.  I don’t know why, but I love dressing in Business Professional- it makes me feel really classy and I like seeing everyone all dressed up and snazzy looking.  The entertainment and speeches were amazing and inspiring.  I can’t wait to better serve Division 44 North and share the information that I have taken in.  There were a few points during the week where I felt extremely blah but they quickly passed and were overcome with greater happiness.  There were so many moments where I was giddy with happiness and super smiley.  Actually, I was super smiley on the inside the whole week.  I’m really grateful for the people I got to spend my week with.  Thank you Kristine, Brian, Warren, Jennifer, Wilbur, Kevin, Dia, Marion, Ashley, Marisa, Pauline, Peter, Nick, Kyle, and everyone else in CNH as well as all the attendees that I met at ICON.  I feel like I got closer to many, and definitely made everlasting memories.  I was reunited with friends and saw people who I thought I would never see again.  I had a week with no regrets, and only wish I got to take more pictures.  I miss everyone so much.  Take me back!