At first I was going to make him a professional swimmer (because in this AU I was set of making him an olympic atlete. Why? Well, for him not to go to the Garrison I wanted something big. It was good big or painful/angsty big.) because I was telling myself something on the line “you can’t put ice skating everywhere, nope, stop” but then I pictured this scene on my mind -

and I couldn’t help myself.

(Drawing other thing for this AU? Probably! At the moment my heart is pretty much divided between that and Altean Lance. Yes, guess who is my favorite paladin?)

Victor painting Yuri’s lips so he can kiss that gold

more cute boys in makeup 2k17 @therealpigfarts23

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This one with lee Yuuri?^^

A/N: alrighty first one of these things, here I go! [send me a screenshot and I’ll insert a tickle scene>:)!]

“Yuuri, tell me everything about you.” Yuuri’s heart skipped a beat when Victor stepped closer, leaning down until he was at his eye level on the floor.

“What kind of rink do you skate at?” Victor’s hand was now gently tilting up his chin, and Yuuri’s insides started to panic. 

“What’s in this city? Do you have someone you like?” Something warm was suddenly holding onto his hand- aaahh Victor’s hand, he was holding his hand!

“Let’s build some trust in our relationship.” Yuuri wasn’t sure if he was mistaking his new coach for being intimate and flirty on their first day, but he barely had the chance to overthink before Victor tugged at the hand he was holding and Yuuri toppled forward. His cheek ended up right against Victor’s warm, bare chest, and as his eyes widened, Yuuri sputtered and squirmend.

“W-wa-whaaa,” he wasn’t even sure what he was trying to say, but he jolted when he suddenly felt Victor feel him up, a gentle hand grabbing his side and squeezing the squishy flesh.

“Also how did you gain these sweet piggy-pounds Yuuri? Last time I saw you-” Victor stopped his coachy lecture about Yuuri’s body and looked down at Yuuri who was sadly making snorty squeaking sounds. He then shook when the first giggles slipped out- nooo Victor couldn’t find out already!

“What’s so funny?” Victor stopped the squeezing of his side, and Yuuri puffed out a huge amount of air in relief. Victor then suddenly grabbed both sides, and Yuuri jerked heavily and barked out a laugh.

“Tickles! Ahah! V-Vict- no!” he laughed, kicking his legs and squirming against him. 

“Ah, ticklish? Now that’s a good start of building some trust in our relationship. Where else are you sensitive Yuuri?” Yuuri tensed up when Victor walked his fingers up his side towards his ribs, squeezing firmly and grazing the sensitive flesh through his shirt.

“EEhehe don’t do thahat!” he protested, feeling both the embarrassment and forced giggles cause this major blush on his face. 

“But what about here?” Victor was going too far in this trust-building thing when he wiggled his hand under his shirt, tickling his bare squishy tummy, and Yuuri lost it with hysterical laughter and uncharming thrashing movements.

“NAahhaa!” Kicking himself free and rolling out of Victor’s clutches, he created some good space in between them as he backed against the wall, far away from him.

“What? Why are you running away?” Victor asked casually. Why? Why?! Because he was tickling him a-and…. Yuuri blushed like crazy, breathing heavily and pulling his shirt down to cover up his tingling body.

“N-no reason..” he mumbled, not feeling like provoking him in tickling him anymore, and he nervously huddled against the wall, pulling his knees up to his chest and pouting. 

It’s that he had these embarrassing body reactions when being tickled, but Victor holding him close and making him laugh and giggle like that… wasn’t so bad actually. Well then, building a good relationship with his coach… Going great so far.

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