ive not read a single book about or for trans women or watched a single show abt us or with us in it like ic ant man its ALL PAIN fetish man for non trans women and its sOOOOO fucking dramatic and triggerring and personal and explicit and focused arnd our gentials all the fucking time 

So I just got thousands upon thousands of anons asking why tumblr user bleeply is problematic and I am here to solve all of your questions at once with one easy answer. Here is an excerpt of their writing:

Daire psuhed his ha nds back through his hair, sighing loudly and looking up at Quinn, “ ( ఠൠఠ ) “ he said, shaking his head and beginning to walk away behind Cage. HE couldn’t bELIEve how the other was acting especially after everything.
“ ( ఠൠఠ ) “ Cage nodded to him in agreement.
“ ( ఠൠఠ ) “ Daire rubbed at his eyes, tears welling up in the corners and threatening to spill down his cheeks. He didn’t want to accept that things would end in such a way, but as th ey mad e their way on the correc tpath he realized that maybe he WASNT so Gay.
Cage placed a gentle strok on Daire’s head, letting the other begin to walk off on his own. “ ( ఠൠఠ ) “ He waved. 
Im go ing to miss that Fucker.