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A group of man grunted as the dragged the bound and unconscious child into the forest. The boy's white hair was stained with blood and his body had bruises and cuts on it while then men carrying him were no better. Once they had thought they were far enough away they would leave the boy, still bound up and began to walk back to Zaun, one of them remarking that if the boy woke up he at least wouldn't be their problem.

Luckily for the boy, the healer had been nearby and had heard everything.

She had to wait until the men were gone. Once they were, she quickly ran over to the unconscious boy, kneeling down next to him. “Oh gods…” She gently placed his head on her lap then placed her hands on his chest. A warm, white and gold light emitted from her hands. 

She was mending his wounds

“Please… please hang on,” she whispered. 

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A baby with silver eyes has been left outside ... in a box .. sharp teeth even for its age .. - mirroredwithpuns

003 was the one to find the baby. He had been running around, trying to find someone to talk to about the weird collar, when he saw the box. Excited and a little scared, he approached it in his puppy form, giving a curious little trill as he peeked inside. It was… a baby?!

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"Im not coming out until you go down to the club! Ive been planning this night for weeks now and I want everything to be a surprise including myself."

Lucifer rolled his eyes,”Right fine I’ll head down to the club then.” He made his way down into the club and grabbed himself a drink waiting for Johanna to show up. Figuring the elevator had made it obvious he left.