Facebook hesabından “17 Nisan günü savaşı kazanınca, bunların karıları ve kızları ganimet olarak ‘Evet'çilere helaldir” paylaşımında bulunan ve büyük tepki toplayan İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi (İBB) Haller Müdürlüğü çalışanı Ömer Akbayrak, İBB Başkanı Kadir Topbaş'ın talimatıyla görevden alındı.

Alındı, alındı da “savaş” metaforu baki kaldı. “Bunlar” hitabı baki kaldı, “karılar ve kızlar”ın mülkiyetmiş gibi anılması baki kaldı. Her fırsatta dillendirdiğim gibi, “uçkuruyla kafayı bozmuş müslüman kesime nereden yürüyeceğini iyi bilen” sosyopatlar baki kaldı. Söylediği şeyi “İslam’da savaş hukuku”na bağlayarak İslam’a kara çalan akıl da baki kaldı, dönüp buna tepki vermeyen, “kardeş sen naber ya” demeyen Müslüman’ın, giydiğim mini eteği İslam’a ters görüşü baki kaldı. Kendini, kendinde bu konuda konuşma hakkını bulabilecek kadar yüce ve engin gören adamın aslında “bulunma hal eki” ile “bağlaç” olan de’yi ayırt bile edemeyecek seviyede oluşu baki kaldı.

Kalbim kırılıyor.

I Won’t Lose You...

This ended up being SO LONG but I love it. I’ve started using the “keep reading” thing now for my longer prompts. It’s only polite, Ive had two very harsh anons about using it so here we go. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “94 and Gibbs?”

Word Count: 990

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

94. “I won’t lose you too.”

Pushing up your umbrella as you came out of the main doors to NCIS, walking up the small path to the large parking lot you pulled out your keys from the little side pocket of your backpack. You were about twenty yards from your car, Jethro’s big truck next to your little thing, it was the first car you’d bought when you arrived in Washington from New York and you loved it.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, it wasn’t a soft touch either, they painfully squeezed your shoulder, “Don’t move.” A deep voice growled in your ear, “I have a knife.” It was then you felt a sharp object to your side.

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anonymous asked:

could you look into the emerging PWR BTTM scandal, I'm really shaken by it if true, I tust your ability to sort through stuff like this.

Ok so there’s two angles here (also until this gets resolved I need to go ahead and change my mobile header)

There’s the swastika photo with Ben, which was taken in 2011 and they hvae addressed and apologized for (https://ibb.co/dsNRRQ). Make of that what you will.

And now the recent abuse accusations which…don’t seem to have any evidence yet. I know people are claiming to have #receipts but literally no one has come forward and nothing has been presented. We have one lady in chicago making claims and then some anonymous folks making more claims. Which seems…fishy as fuck, tbh. People live to crucify prominent trans folks, especially trans feminine people. I’m not saying this is all made up, I really have no idea, but people are being very, very quick to condemn them with no evidence at all or even any victim, which is suspicious as all hell tbh.

Welcome to the newest update on the IBB. We’ll be sharing the rules a little later on this week - the bang will work a little differently than a ship-centric event, so make sure to catch our update. But for now, we’ve got a timeline to help you start planning your summer. <3s to all.

May 26: Sign-ups open

June 9: Sign-up closed

June 12-19: Bidding period for artists

June 25: Pair assignments

June 26-August 5: Writers write, artists draw

July 14: Check in 1

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August 5: Deadline for submissions

Aug 5-Aug 19: Grace period for late submissions



People stop our fence  and often ask questions about the peafowl — Most of us were raised calling all of these birds peacocks - but actually the peacock is the male only. The female is a peahen, and their babies are peachicks (bottom pic is 1 week old peachicks).

How you can tell apart adult male / female birds?
I don’t remember if I knew the difference before these lovelies moved onto our property. Shown together the differences are pretty obvious.

    the male has a blue neck and chest, and a B/W barred wing pattern* the female is the less colorful, mostly brown with green/blue neck feathers. Male face is blue and white, female is brown and white
  • SIZE
    the female is smaller in size
    • the male has ‘spurs’ on his ankles
    The male grows a ‘train’ of colorful feathers, many with ‘eyes’ on them, their tail is actually similar to the female’s tail, and serves as a support for the train when the male is displaying. You can see behind the curtain in the second photo
    The males have fluffy butts like Silkie chickens.

These are India Blue peafowl, by far the most common breed in the US. 

*On black shoulder variety (IBBS) the barred pattern is absent, there are also many colors and patterns, this is only IB

gsut  asked:

i literally waited for you to reblog this haha 1, 9 and 10 :D

wuigfbejnd I’m honoured lmao okay here we go!!!

1) What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

FT: Gru///via, Mir///axus, Lax///ana, Ro///wen, Ro///kino, Stin///gyu, Ro///nerva, Sti///nerva…

B/leach: Ichi///hime, Ren///ruki, Hitsu///hina, Hitsu///ran

N/aruto: Naru///saku

My TV fandoms are more chill about ships and their tagging system is cleaner so I don’t really care for those but honourary mentions go to ANY G/ibbs/team ships from N/CIS.

9) Most disliked character(s)? Why?

I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this but blanket disclaimer these are just My Opinions

Ori/hime In/oue: she just reads to me like Bella Swan from Twilight in the whole she’s a self-insert sense.  Tbh, imo, you could take her powers and give it to any other character in the series and not have her present at all and the series would go on just the same because she’s not contributed to any development anywhere outside of her hairpins.  

Bran/dish M/yu: real talk…she’s the worst and I despise her? What is there to like about her? Like…her contrived sob story background? If I’m supposed to feel sympathetic towards her…yikes.

Ei/leen Bel/serion: lmao hands down the worst character on this list, she’s horrible all around, 2D as fuck, mother of dragon slayers? more like mother of mary-sues.  She’s everything I hate in a character rolled into one ball of ugly.

E/llie B/ishop: I HATE THE Z/IVA REPLACEMENT FUCK DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE HER? I LITERALLY SWITCH CHANNELS WHEN N/CIS EPISODES STARRING HER AIR I’M DISGUSTED.  She’s honestly just not a likable character? At all? She has no redeeming traits.

T/ucker: look I’ll defend every SVU character until I die but T/ucker is trash and I can’t stand him and his smug face.  He’s does his job but he does his job in the most snobbish manner ever.

10) Most disliked arc? Why?

N/aruto: uh wow there were a lot, um…honestly the entire last half of the war was just…nah man, idk it was badly done.

B/leach: everything after I/chigo lost his shinigami powers because the storytelling got shoddy and the cast was not memorable at ALL.

FT: Alvarez for sure, this is the laziest, sloppiest writing the series has endured in a while.  Like, the battles are just inherently bad, the villains aren’t even villains, they’re just canon fodder, and like…it’s bad.

N/CIS: the trent kort arc bc Z/iva was killed and the writing got…bad.  The characterization just wasn’t…there? Like, T/ony was devastated but I was expecting more of a reaction? ESPECIALLY FROM THE REST OF THE TEAM LIKE G/IBBS STRAIGHT UP LOST ANOTHER DAUGHTER? OF ALL THE TIMES TO HAVE A BREAKDOWN, THEN WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT.  

B/ones: bruh straight up every arc after they killed off Pelant.  S10 was barely tolerable, S11 and 12 were just a cringe-fest of shit idk.  

Thanks for the ask!