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Idk if u still have the link I sent for that manipulative post that made it look like Mahershala and Jeff were annoyed by Casey in the Roundtable interview but I made 3 screenshots of the others' talk to show how easy it is to use these kinds of screenshots to manipulate people and how wrong that post was: ibb(.)co/bC0Jiv, ibb(.)co/mhDFVa, ibb(.)co/gU84Ov. So yeah...Also: cdn2(.)newsok(.)biz/cache/r960-059e6b9ffcb235e04da3fb236fd5bc59(.)jpg. Oh & that Jamie thing put differently: ibb(.)co/dkuNAa

LOL! Anon, you are so right!

Or you could literally just take any shot of any actor not smiling (not even from an award show or anything) and be like “Oh wow, look at how serious that person got when thinking about Casey LOL DRAG HIM!”… 🤔which is essentially what some people are doing.

Thank you for stopping by!


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