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Alec Hardy never imagined in his life that the beautiful Rose Tyler in his college dorm would eve give him attention. However one night when he hears a wrap on his door and is met with her frustrated tired yet beautiful face he feels his weak heart stutter. She says her roommate is making too much noise so she needs a place to crash. After some awkward glances and blushes, they wind up spooning in his tiny twin bed. Hopefully her roommate will make a lot more noise in the future -dwibb

Oh!!!! College AU with ALEC AND ROSE!! Love this! I imagine him as super grumpy, and 100% secretly in love with Rose Tyler. This is amazing! I wish I could insert a gif here, Dearest IBB, because I need to send you a SQUEE GIF!

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5 -Rose dropped her head to his chest. “I'm so sorry. It all happened so fast, negotiations were going well and then the shots coming from behind…” “The Doctor cradled her. “Shh, you don't have to go over it again unless you want to. Rose, you saved everyone. Including yourself. Seeing you reappear and disarm them.. I mean it, you were brilliant. You never stop amazing me." She hugged him tighter then sat up. "Oh, she must have been terrified, I'll go to her. The telepathy? You seem worried?"

Aw, their poor sweet baby was so scared because she could feel her parents’ fear. What a tough position for Rose and Tentoo to be in! Loving this! Thank you, IBB!

Close call - Nilaza - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Original Trilogy
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Relationships: Firmus Piett/Maximilian Veers
Characters: Firmus Piett, Maximilian Veers
Additional Tags: Major Character Injury, Piett is injuried, Veers is concerned, He gets better, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, graphic description of violence, grapic description of sex, Established Relationship, fanfic with fanart, Imperial Big Bang

Admiral Piett is injured when the Executor is attacted on her way to Kuat. Veers is concerned.

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Rose sighed. “Doctor.” “One rule, Rose. Don’t wander off. ‘S not that difficult.” “But Doctor…” “Nope. No arguin’. I'm takin’ matters in hand, me.” “‘S not all you’ve taken in hand,” Rose gasped as he trailed his fingers curled into her naked hip. “How long you plannin’ on keepin’ me handcuffed to the bed?” “Til you’ve learned your lesson or until I've exhausted all my plans for you...have you learned your lesson, Rose?” Rose bit her lip and whispered, “No.” His eyes lit up. "Fantastic." -IBB

Oh my goodness!

*fans self*

I love this so much! Thank you inbox buddy!

I Won’t Lose You...

This ended up being SO LONG but I love it. I’ve started using the “keep reading” thing now for my longer prompts. It’s only polite, Ive had two very harsh anons about using it so here we go. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “94 and Gibbs?”

Word Count: 990

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

94. “I won’t lose you too.”

Pushing up your umbrella as you came out of the main doors to NCIS, walking up the small path to the large parking lot you pulled out your keys from the little side pocket of your backpack. You were about twenty yards from your car, Jethro’s big truck next to your little thing, it was the first car you’d bought when you arrived in Washington from New York and you loved it.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, it wasn’t a soft touch either, they painfully squeezed your shoulder, “Don’t move.” A deep voice growled in your ear, “I have a knife.” It was then you felt a sharp object to your side.

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Facebook hesabından “17 Nisan günü savaşı kazanınca, bunların karıları ve kızları ganimet olarak ‘Evet'çilere helaldir” paylaşımında bulunan ve büyük tepki toplayan İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi (İBB) Haller Müdürlüğü çalışanı Ömer Akbayrak, İBB Başkanı Kadir Topbaş'ın talimatıyla görevden alındı.

Alındı, alındı da “savaş” metaforu baki kaldı. “Bunlar” hitabı baki kaldı, “karılar ve kızlar”ın mülkiyetmiş gibi anılması baki kaldı. Her fırsatta dillendirdiğim gibi, “uçkuruyla kafayı bozmuş müslüman kesime nereden yürüyeceğini iyi bilen” sosyopatlar baki kaldı. Söylediği şeyi “İslam’da savaş hukuku”na bağlayarak İslam’a kara çalan akıl da baki kaldı, dönüp buna tepki vermeyen, “kardeş sen naber ya” demeyen Müslüman’ın, giydiğim mini eteği İslam’a ters görüşü baki kaldı. Kendini, kendinde bu konuda konuşma hakkını bulabilecek kadar yüce ve engin gören adamın aslında “bulunma hal eki” ile “bağlaç” olan de’yi ayırt bile edemeyecek seviyede oluşu baki kaldı.

Kalbim kırılıyor.

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He had the nutella halfway to his mouth. “Doctor!” He blinked innocently. “What?” “Normal people use spoons.” He squawked, “Normal?” Rose rolled her eyes and took his hand. “I’m not ‘nor-” She sucked the velvety spread from his fingers and his jaw dropped. “Don’ let me catch you at it again.” He swallowed thickly. “That’s not much incentive to stop.” She smirked and snatched the jar from him. “Care to join me for breakfast in bed?” He smiled rakishly. “Only if you plan on bringin' a spoon.” -IBB

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And thanks to @dwinboxbuddies for setting this up! Happy meeeeee!