Hi everybody! My IB art class is doing a project right now called “Plethora” that focuses on using…well a plethora of something. My idea is to use a plethora of something very dear to me, mugs. The idea has changed a bit over the last week or two, but I have settled on organizing a bunch of pictures of mugs.

This where you all come in! I know the studyblr community loves their tea and coffee, so I’m sure almost everyone has a favorite mug. I need a ton of pictures due to this being a plethora, so if everyone sent one or two pics that would be perfect. I don’t care if they’re pretty or not, if they’re practical or not, or whatever. As long as it’s your mug and you love it!

PLEASE HELP ME OUT GUYS!!! I opened my submissions so you can get them to me that way. Thank you sooo much :) <3

28th january 2016: i received my application letter for the university of east anglia in the mail today and the little pamphlet they gave me was the absolute cutest ! on the other hand, there are 90 days left till the final exams for IB may 2016 and that’s nowhere enough time for the syllabus for biology higher level …


2/2/16 | 11:45 I enrolled in uni courses today and I’m stressing massively over whether I’ve done it correctly or not and whether I need to go to the enrollment advice session tomorrow even though I’ve already enrolled. I was not mentally prepared for the amount of stress I’m currently experiencing. 

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