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anonymous asked:

Is it possible to test badly in "final exams" like APs, IB etc, despite being a relatively consistent (and hardworking) person through the year? I'm worried because it's happened before and could potentially happen in college. I consider myself to be intelligent, not a genius by any standards, but I know I pick things up quickly. Is it just a matter of working harder?

I think it’s a combination, really.

Theoretically, if you know the material thoroughly enough, you should be able to succeed in an exam. But we know that’s not always true in practice. The way questions are worded can sometimes be confusing or misleading, causing students who otherwise deeply know the material to appear as if they don’t. It’s not a perfect system. So working harder should help, but it’s never a guarantee. Such is the reality of exams. Standardized exams can be the worst. They’re designed differently than your everyday class exams, so they’re usually much more difficult. Thus, if you do well on your in-class exams but not on the AP, so long as you’ve been keeping up reasonably well on the material, the culprit is likely how you interpreted and reacted to that specific exam format. Among others.

When I took AP Bio I had a 98 average all year. I aced the exams, high scores usually. I loved studying for that class more than anything. It was fun. I was clearly spending my time studying. But come the AP I didn’t get a 5. I talked to other students who took AP Bio elsewhere and those who had the hardest AP Bio classes typically received 4s and 5s on the AP. That’s because the professor pushed them further than they needed to go for the AP so that they’d be more than prepared. It might have hurt GPAs a bit, but as long as you get into the college you want, high school grades matter 0% after graduation. So in that sense, AP credit is worth more than getting the perfect grade in high school, in my opinion, at least. So another disparity can be between the relative difficulty levels of your teacher’s exams and the standardized ones. They don’t always match.

The good news is that within the context of your own class, the difficulty level of the exams should reflect the rest of the coursework. Not always, but they ought to. Be sure to ask upperclassmen or consult Rate My Professor (not the best source but it’s something) to get an idea of how difficult the exams are in comparison to the rest of the coursework. Even if they don’t match, at least if you know that the exam is going to be harder than the class in general, you can better prepare for it.

The truth is, some people are not good test takers. Some people are excellent test takers. Grades are important, but grades are not everything. A great test taker might get a 100 on an exam she studied properly for while someone studying the same way might only get a 95 because of weaker test taking skills. Sure, the first person technically got a higher grade and “did better” on the exam, but who is to say that both of them don’t know the material equally as well, just the second was more prone to mistakes because of poor test taking skills? Grades do not directly translate to success in the real world, either. So while all of this is important to consider, don’t forget that applying what you learned to a future job is ultimately more important, and that might be something you’re better at.

I would recommend you pay close attention to finding study tips that really work for you and learning how to better take tests, if you can. Working harder can help, but only if you’re also working smart. Rereading a textbook 7 times is working “harder” than taking notes on the book once but it’s not a better study method by any means.


So I’m playing Ib for the trillionth time, and each time I play, I notice something new that occurs if you backtrack quite often.

Not sure if a post has been done on this before, but I mean… Why not?

If you go back through the whole museum as soon as Garry is added to your party:

Added dialogue for Liars Room, hide and seek room, and you can now get sassed out by that friggen ant. He will also be slapped by the naked lady painting. It made me laugh, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just the thought of Garry being like “lol bewbs.”

Also, read all of the artwork in case you get the black key during the second playthrough. (I highly recommend it. More Garry action!) Most paintings have extra Garry dialogue. Psst more Garry = win/win situation.

If you go back as far as possible as soon as Mary joins your party:

You now cannot look through the mirror.  As if Mary didn’t mess up enough, now she cuts you off from Garrys’ face. I was so pissedu. 

New conversation about the porno book. This also made me laugh. Probably because such similar situations have happened to me in the past. Cries.

If you also backtrack after the lights turn off on Mary and Ib right before “Separation”, you get new descriptions for what is inside the art boxes. It makes it all nice’n creepy. 

Yey well that’s just what I found tonight, and I felt the need to make a post about it. XD But really, the little details added here and there in games like this, are what makes them so enjoyable to play again and again. 

*Flashes Luigi death stare*

Peace outu.

Reflecting on my scores.

Honestly you know what. 

I should be happy with what I got. But I’m not happy with what I got. And neither are my parents. 

Whoa wait let me rephrase that. I’m not happy with what I got because my parents are not happy with what I got.  

I mean, I know I surprised my teachers because although I have potential (god I hate that word), I’ve never shown in. Right until my mock exams I was scoring a 28. But now my parents are like, but you didn’t get that 7 in math (which I’m bloody disappointed about), and you could have got a 6 in physics. Which would have got me a 40. 

But man, considering the amount of effort I put in, this 38 is no short of miraculous. My 6 in english lit was pretty lucky, because I know my paper 2 was shit (I did not study for it) – although even if I say so my self, my IAs must have made up for it; my 6 in hindi is pretty fucking hilarious, and my 6 in economics must be a miracle because paper 1 and 3 were a disaster (but micro and macro are my favourite part of the syllabus guh). 

But I suppose I should look at the positives. I got my diploma, despite the fact that my CAS was not very satisfactory (in my opinion, of course). I got the full core points. I got an A for my VA EE in english even though I only decided my topic in the August of my senior year (and submitted it waaaay after the school internal deadline). Plus I had close to no help because my supervisor didn’t know english or any shit (he had no experience). Furthermore, I personally did better in physics than expected. Honestly thought I would get a 4 (and as time passed I thought I’d get a 33).

Even better, although I don’t get any credits for my SLs at the college I am attending, I get up to 12 credits for scoring 5 and above in my HLs, (around 3 gen ed courses fulfilled). So that means I have to do only 9 out of 12 gen ed courses. 

To put things in perspective, I got my diploma, I did better than my predicted (I’m not sure exactly how much that is, but yeah), I did get a small scholarship for college, and I am going to college. And I also did a lot better than some of the arrogant assholes in my class and some people who looked down on me because of my mediocre grades can’t say anything now hah but I really shouldn’t be petty about things.

I am happy about what I got, even if my parents aren’t.