Edgar Degas (1834-1917)
“Musicians in the Orchestra” (1872)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Städel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

19/02/17 Live Letter TL;DR:


  • Butt sliders: no
  • Increasing garden item slots: maybe later
  • Eos or Selene recovering position after knockback: do it yourself!
  • Rhythm game in Gold Saucer: maybe (probably not)
  • Remove racial restrictions for hairstyles: yes for some, not all
  • Remove racial restrictions for hempen sets: difficult technically
  • Repeating MSQ fights: difficult technically. Roll an alt
  • 3.0 EX primals too easy, what about 4.0?: accessiblity of content is more important to them
  • Krile outfit on mogstation: would be expensive to make
  • More Hildibrand trials?: probably not. Hildibrand may or may not reappear in 4.X
  • In-game/official DPS parser: hard no
  • PS4 Pro patch: in progress
  • Keeping flowers in pots: planned for 3.5X
  • Umbrellas as a vanity item: considering adding as a mount
  • PotD across data centre: in progress, but cross server alliance raids first
  • /tells across data centre: in progress, as are linkshells, free companies, and friends lists

3.55a news

  • Live on Tuesday, 28th February
  • Anima weapon story quests - “easy!”
  • Zhloe Aliapoh - story quests for crafters and gatherers
  • Proto Ultima battle
  • The Feast
    • new maps
    • sudden death to resolve draws
    • new items and adjustments
    • season 3 ending / season 4 pre-season so people can get used to new map before ranking begins
  • Items:
    • Adjustments to Sophic and Demon Lanner drop rates
    • Garo Gear added to Calamity Salvager
    • FanFest gear codes redeemable
  • 3.55a because Diadem isn’t ready for release yet. They’re very sorry, but there’s a bug they couldn’t fix in time. Will be in 3.55b
    • 3.55b release planned anywhere between March 7th - 14th
    • Constant stream of content between 3.55 and 4.0
  • MSQ continuation in 3.56

Guinness World Records

  • Final Fantasy 14 has longest end credits in an MMO video game (1 hour 38 minutes)
  • Final Fantasy 14 has the highest number of original pieces of music in a video game (384 original compositions)
  • Final Fantasy series is the most prolific role-playing game series (87 titles)

Full(ish) transcript in my Frankfurt FanFest document!