While the division and its workings are not generally known among lower ranked officials, it is regarded with utmost respect, and a highly coveted rank among the few that are aware of its existence, however , fewer know of its true workings. 

Operating as a small task force for anything and everything of the utmost importance required of the emperor, The HOUND division is primarily made up of high functioning members of the imperial military too valuable to dispose of for skill, or place in imperial prisons, for information. While it is a position that can be applied for or assigned to (however rarely) it is not generally known that its members are made up of those who have either tried to leave the empire, have become disagreeable, or too aware…  

Each Squad has a handler, of either a dark council member or one that directly answers to it of superior rank. The handler is in possession of 1 conditioning code word for the squad as a whole and one for each ‘Pack’ member.  Control and surveillance is always overseen and maintained over each squad. Members rarely succeed 2 years of service.

The signs as Vocaloid songs

(Some of the links are covers, I used the ones I like. The vocaloid written is the one who is used in the linked song)

Aries: September (Oliver)

Taurus: REMOTE CONTROL (Len & Rin Kagamine)

Gemini: Set me free (Fukase)

Cancer: ECHO (Gumi Megpoid)

Leo: A clingy boy sticking for 15 years (VY2)

Virgo: Crescent moon (Kaito Shion)

Scorpio: Gomen ne Gomen ne (Miku Hatsune)

Libra: Imitation black (VY2, Piko Utatane, Hiyama Kiyoteru)

Sagittarius: See the lights (IA)

Capricorn: Ten-faced (Gumi Megpoid)

Aquarius: The lost one’s weeping (Rin Kagamine)

Pisces: Realize (Yuzuki Yukari)

the dream: coming home from a fulfilling job to spend my nights cooking wholesome meals for myself and nurturing my art while surrounded by the ambience of fancy candles and the steady, soothing purrs of my sweet cat