Prompt: ❛ It’s hard to look you in the eyes… ❜ 

Pairing: NaLu

Song: Into the Darkness - The Phantoms

Blistering heat stung her eyes, blinking didn’t alleviate her discomfort. Of all the things she expected to find, this wasn’t it.

Natsu stood, eyes a glistening white. Neither the amber of a dragon or the black of E.N.D. Blank, an emptiness where his soul resided.  

Lucy stood, calling into the void and silence answered. Waiting desperately for some form of recognition, she noticed the white vapours moulding to his body before dispersing into the night air. Fire decimating the woodland, the call of creatures fleeing echoed her own internal strife. It felt like she had failed, falling short at last moment. Self-doubt whispering she had taken too long.

Fighting back feelings of helplessness, the old Lucy had no place in this situation, or at this time. Wasting seconds meant choices are made with real consequences. Dithering came with a high price, contrary to the fairy tales that spoke of fair maidens awaiting their prince. Life or death, good or evil, all are decided with a lack of action. 

Waiting for prince charming didn’t sit right. She’s bringing Natsu back, no matter the cost.  

“Please…” She said, voice cracking and throat constricting as dryness swept through her cavern. Soot and smoke clogging her airway with alarming quickness. Coughing, head pounding, she felt her heart pumping rapidly as she struggled to coordinate her limbs.  

Squinting, she found Natsu’s face as he threw his head back, the high-pitched scream sending shock waves into the surrounding area. The sound wasn’t ferocious. Instead, it made her toes curl, dread tightening her diaphragm. Lucy knew the cry of a dying man.

Taking a deep breath, she steadied her nerves. Today they will overcome evil. 

One more time. 


Propelling forward, ignoring the searing pain as scalding embers blistered her skin, she latched onto him.

If talking didn’t work then force it had to be, fear provoking the use of her greatest weapon. Lucy Hearfilia will not be ignored.

“Fight, Natsu!”

And Natsu Dragneel will not die a coward’s death.

She’s betting her life on it. 

Witch in the Tower part 6!

It goes wrong, of course. Himuro is not the kind of person who can stay in one place forever so it’s entirely unsurprising that it’s all his fault when everything goes wrong.


Because eventually, he doesn’t stay behind in the tower. Eventually, he decides he’d like to see a little bit of what Murasakibara’s life is like, when he’s not in the tower.

It’s almost a little gratifying the first day that he decides he will venture out with Murasakibara and Kyabetsu looks disappointed. “You’re going, too?”

“Only for a little while,” Himuro says, giving the girl a genuine smile. “I will come back.”

Kyabetsu masks her disappointment like someone who is very used to masking her disappointment. “Bring me back a souvenir,” she says loftily. “And food.”

“Naturally,” Himuro says.


Murasakibara does not always go to his palace in the sky that can only be reached by beanstalk. Himuro is surprised to discover that despite being self-professed lazy in nature and unwilling to work, Murasakibara actually moves around quite a lot and puts a great deal of effort into his spellcraft.

He remarks on this inconsistency of character once, and Murasakibara just shrugs and says, “I hate to lose.”

Himuro isn’t sure what that means—how Murasakibara could possibly lose to anyone—but he doesn’t ask any questions. If he had to guess, he would think it has something to do with why Murasakibara no longer lives in the woods.

Traveling with Murasakibara isn’t like the aimless traveling he would do on his own—Murasakibara doesn’t have the patterns of an adventurer. If anything, it seems like he only travels with specific purpose—to find magical objects and place them in his beanstalk collection.

It takes awhile for Himuro to understand what Murasakibara is doing, and eventually he has to ask. “Why on earth do you need all of these magical objects? You don’t use them. And half the time your own spellcraft is better anyway.” Murasakibara, Himuro notes, often improves on the spells that exist on the enchanted objects.

“Because I want them,” Murasakibara says lazily. “So they should be mine.”

It is hard to argue with that logic.


They always return back to the tower, to Kyabetsu. Himuro makes a point of bringing her back small things—ribbons and trinkets and the like, and at first she glares at him but then he says, “I know a good enchantment you can put on them,” and she deems his offering acceptable.

At night, he sleeps in Murasakibara’s bed, and he thinks about the wonders that he’s seen that day. When they are together, they both cast impressive enchantments, but Himuro would be fooling himself if he thought he was anywhere near equal to Murasakibara’s level.

(He is fooling himself. He is fooling himself all the time.)

It shouldn’t matter. He has a home here, for the first time, he is happy. He even, (although he hesitates over the phrase) has something that could be a family, in a way. He is happy, so he should be content, and it shouldn’t matter at all that he is once again outclassed by someone else in the thing that he loves most in the world.

(It shouldn’t matter. He tells himself very firmly that it doesn’t).  


A/N: I am still working on this story! I feel like it’s been so long people have most likely given up on me, but I still want to finish it! I have the rest all plotted out and everything!!! So I am randomly posting this update. AND WILL HOPEFULLY FINISH THIS STORY SOON. Part One Two Three Four Five 


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Mashima can't end Fairy Tail without giving us more info on Levy!!!!


The Healer and the Angel |Part 1

~The Statue and the Kitten Spin-off Series~

Statue!Yixing x Fairy!Reader

Theme: Magic!Au

Genre: Fluff | Warning/s: none |

Words: 2000 | The Statue and the Kitten 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Final) 

Being the last of the EXO members left, cursed to stay a statue within the gazebo. Yixing sings each night to help his soul mate find him and help him break the curse. You being transformed into a flightless fairy stumble into the gazebo to listen to him sing. Are you the key to Yixing’s freedom? Continue to find out in The Healer and the Angel…!

Part 1 


Stepping out into freedom, you sighed out in relief that, your long day had finally come to an end. Smiling, you looked up at the auburn leaves that were illuminated by the moon. As you walked down the steps of the office at which you worked, your ears trained onto the small painful chirps of a bird.

Your head quickly snapped toward where the sound was coming from. In the leaf cover a small violet-crowned woodnymph was shivering and chirping out for help. Pulling out the honey that you had brought earlier that day to compliment your pancakes, you placed enough on a leaf so the bird would no longer cry out of hunger. You slowly gave the leaf to the small bird “here you go lil’ one, I hope this helps~!” you smiled, before skipping down the steps.

“I wonder what it would be like to fly like a bird”, you thought as you walked down the well-lit empty path through the park that was near your job. The wind blew through the streets, bringing some of the fallen leaves to life. The smell of roses mixed with cinnamon drifted into your senses. Seconds ticked down toward the stroke of midnight, as soon as the large hand on the clock tower hit the twelve, the sound of a large bell echoed throughout the city. The moon above overjoyed by this, brightened and surrounded you alone with its light. A warm sensation flooded your every cell, as well as the feeling that your body was morphing and changing drastically.

Crouching down on instinct, you eventually felt the extreme feeling drift away. Standing up on your wobbly legs, you were about to dust off your jeans when you realised you were no longer wearing your work clothes. Instead, you were wearing a flowy baby pink dress that had small embroidered shining flowers and stars. You wore hand bracelets and anklets made of leaves and multi-coloured roses, pearls danced down your draping short sleeves. You felt a small weight had settled on your head, lifting your hands up you felt a crown made of flowers gracefully intertwined with your hair. The trees towered above you more than they did before. Deep down, it felt like you were dressed as a forest princess as well as feeling like you had shrunk, except when you looked behind you your eyes widened out of surprise.

The light from the moon had made you shrink down, as well as gift you with a pair of glowing white wings that grew out of your back, moving gently like butterfly wings the more you stared at them. They were indeed so beautiful and glowed especially bright every time they moved.  “How did I turn into a fairy?!” You exclaimed yet you instantly covered your mouth with your now smaller hands, as your voice was replaced by the tiny ringing of bells. You pinched yourself as to wake yourself up from the weird dream that was happening, even though this was indeed reality.

Tearing up, at the realisation that you were no longer human, you continued to walk off your emotions since your wings were of no use to a non-flyer like you.

A sweet acoustic melody reached your ears followed by a beautiful voice that touched your heart. Curiously your moved to get closer to the music. Your small feet travelled atop the fallen autumn leaves, through the pathway to the clearing where a grand gazebo stood illuminated by the moon. The man’s voice travelled to your ears and you couldn’t help but get closer, realising the music was coming from a male that sat within the gazebo clutching his guitar as if it was a part of him. Stepping inside you counted 11 empty pedestals that towered over you, meant for someone or something that you were unaware of. There were nests built everywhere occupied by small sleeping birds that seemed to not be afraid of the lone man, as if finding comfort and protection by keeping him company.

Looking up you expected to see the star covered sky yet you did not, even though the roof above was only made of vines with remnants of small flowers, that had passed due to the changing season.

But when your eyes landed on the man you gasped (which came out as a tiny ring of a bell), he was the most handsome person you had ever seen, his dark hair was sweaped over to his right. And his lips. Looked so smooth and soft that if you were a human you would have melted into a puddle right then and there. You noticed the dimple on his right cheek your heart melting at how adorable it was. Under the moonlight his eyes glimmered a majestic gold that made you wonder if he was a fallen angel. Because he sure looked like one with the all-white motif of his outfit. You were so mesmerised by him that you almost tripped on a bird’s nest as you attempted to get through.

You heart thumped within your ears as you listened to the male vocalise his thoughts, still not having noticed the recently transformed mythical creature that just joined the silent audience. Unknowingly your wings began to shine brighter along with your heart, soon enough they became entirely made from light itself. Making you the only light source illuminating from within the gazebo. You were so enthralled by the mood that the man’s guitar set, that had to you carefully sit on the outside of one finches nest, looking up at him and listening intently to him sing with so much emotion:

[Play Alone – Zhang Yixing]

🎶“I really need somebody to love me

I really need her loving care

but I really cannot wait for you

To hesitate about your love for me

I really need a person to love me

and not wait in loneliness day after day

I grab your hand to sketch our colourful fairy tale but…”🎶

His calming voice drifted off, as soon as his eyes landed on you, leaving his last chord to echo throughout the night. He stared down at you for a good minute until he snapped awake and did a cute double take. Making you look away out of shyness as well as surprise.

Blinking a few times the man then muttered, “A fairy…? Here to listen to me…?”, his tone was filled with disbelief as well as wonder. You quickly stood up from your spot on the nest, stealing a glance to look up at him. You nodded quickly causing a tiny bell to ring quickly from within you. He placed his guitar on the pedestal next to him before crouching down to get closer to your level. He smiled sweetly at how beautiful you were glowing like a bright star in front of him. His adorable dimple was highlighted by the moon, making you want to gently kiss it if you knew how to fly-“omg ___ what are you saying?! You don’t even know his name and you want to kiss his cheek now?! just because you haven’t met anyone as absolutely adorable and handsome and angel lik-”, your conscious was cut off when he spoke up again.

“Im not hallucinating am I..?”, he whispered his velvety voice sent the tiny butterflies within you flying like crazy. Rubbing his eyes and then looking down at you again. You quickly shook your head smiling up at him, he grinned back in return.

“Did you like my song, uhm…?” , he tilted his head slightly wondering what he should call you.

“___”, you attempted to fill him in, yet you remembered your voice had been replaced by the ringing of tiny bells. Forming an ‘o’ with his mouth he cutely attempted to sing out the melody that had just escaped your mouth.

You couldn’t hold in your giggle shaking your head and gesturing for his hand. With your small finger, you gently traced out your name on his warm palm. Surprised he vocalised what your name in such a way that made your heart summersault within you.

“___, you have such a beautiful name!”, he grinned widely making you blush and look away shyly, ”Did you enjoy my song, ____??” he asked sweetly.

You smiled brightly and nodded saying, “I enjoyed it very much!! Your voice is sooooo amazing!!”

He chuckled at your cute melodic reaction to his performance, “I’m glad you think so!”, he smiled giving life to his dimple again before adding, “My name is Yixing by the way, it was so nice to meet you miss fairy ___!”.

“Even his name is beautiful”, you thought as you secretly repeated his name within your mind.

“It was really nice to meet you too Yixing!”, you shyly exclaimed. Your cheeks heating up from the way your name slipped through his lips.

Smiling, Yixing stood up and expected you to fly up with him with your glowing wings, but he was surprised to see you were still standing on the gazebo floor. “Can you fly?”, he asked curiously, his eyes glinting with curiosity. Surprised by his question your brain unknowingly began moving your wings, yet you shook your head looking down. “Did you hurt your wings?”, he asked again as worry flashed through his expression. Smiling you shook your head, watching as he graciously out stretched his hand for you to climb on. The smile never left his face as he lifted you up and allowed you to climb down on the pedestal next to him.

Looking out to the scenery before you, your smile grew wider breathing out, “wow~ its so beautiful!”.

Soon after the melody that was what you said, was mirrored by Yixing’s guitar. Surprised for a second you looking into his eyes, as his looked back into yours with a glint of mischief. You both broke out into giggles for no reason. When he recovered he also copied your fairy giggle with a bright smile.

Unable to stop smiling you spoke, “You’re really good, aren’t you?”, unsure if he would answer you decided to admire him just as he was.

He chuckled cutely before speaking, “This guitar is all thanks to Sehun’s two adorable twins, I was the one that received a gift even though it was Minseok Hyung’s birthday”, he looked out for a second remembering them and giggling at how cute they were, “without this I wouldn’t be able to stand the loneliness of being under this gazebo all alone” His golden eyes then moved toward the moon, falling into a day dream (night dream because it is night time?).

“under this gazebo alone? But what about all the sleeping finches? Can’t you leave anytime you want? And who is Sehun and Minseok?”, you asked curiously. Yixing broke out of his day dream and looked toward you with eyes filled with sadness.

“Sehun? Minseok?”, he whispered surprising you that he understood what you said through your bells melody, “Sehun is the youngest and Minseok hyung is the eldest of my 11 brothers that used to be cursed to stay within this gazebo as well. If they tried to leave without breaking the seal of the curse they would get severely burned. That was until their soul mates found them and broke the seal. They all fell deeply in love with each of their soulmates”, He points to the pedestal opposite him and the one where you are standing on, “That is where Sehun and Minseok hyung used to sit”, Yixing smiles at the memory of his brother.


“A curse was placed on the whole of EXO, me and my brothers, to stay bound within this gazebo until our soulmates find us and break our seals” He looks down to his feet.

“I sing every night at midnight in hopes that my soul mate will find me”, his gaze travels to his guitar and then meets eyes with you, “I want to grab her hand to sketch our colourful fairy tale together” he sing songed, the grin returning to his face.

“I hope your wish comes true really soon!”, you grinned, holding your fist up and mouthing ‘fighting!’ which made him double over in laughter having read your lips perfectly.

Your heart thumped loudly within you as if trying to tell you something yet you ignored it, too busy admiring Yixing’s beautiful smile.

“My mother always said that birds were the decedents of angels”, he looked out toward the various little nests with sleeping birds within them, his golden eyes shining beautifully within the moonlight, “But, ____ I always believed fairies are the purest decedents of angels. And I feel like I am right, because right now you seem like a fallen angel here to take my loneliness away”, Yixing spoke before giggling slightly at the end.

You laughed thinking you had said that about him just moments before, that was until a yawn escaped your lips. Making Yixing grin at how adorable you were. The long day had finally caught up with you, as you sat down with your dress on the stone pedestal, shivering at how cold it was.

“___”, he whispered gently setting down his guitar. You looked up at him with heavy eyes smiling still, “You can sleep in my hands”, he laughed slightly, “I’ll keep you warm”, Yixing smiled innocently his dimple coming alive again within his right cheek.

Your heart beat increased making your cheeks tint in a rosy pink, “Thank you Yixing, you’re so sweet”, you smiled up at him as he lifted you gently off the cold pedestal and into his warm hands, letting them rest within his lap. You hummed at how warm his hands were, trying to ignore the heat of your cheeks.

“aww You’re welcome ___! I hope we can meet again tomorrow night~”, he whispered as you slowly drifted off to sleep the smile not once leaving your lips, “Sleep well my lil’ angel~”, he smiled sweetly as he admired your peaceful sleeping form. Humming a sweet tune to help you transition smoothly to dreamland.

You snuggled closer into Yixing’s warmth, unaware that your time in the living world was coming to an end, due to your fragile fairy body.


I hope you enjoyed the first part of this spin off series

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cana, zero (mystana, 1/1)

pairing: mystana (Mystogan x Cana)
words: ~980
rating: c for cute (k+ probs)

38: I work pretty hard around here, but you get all the credit (prompt from here

Cana sniffed the drink a frazzled bartender shoved into her hand, eyebrows shooting up at the scent. Either the bartender was an idiot – which she didn’t rule out immediately when she spotted him – or some dunce thought she wouldn’t tell if someone tried to mix her drinks with something else. She couldn’t tell what, just something out of place among the ingredients of her favorite beverage. With another sniff, she detected something like magic. Oh, someone in here was very naughty indeed and not in a good way.

Well, no time like the present. 

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