• what ppl think adhd is like: even though i get a little over-excited sometimes, life is full of energy and creativity! :)
  • what adhd is really like: it just took me 20 minutes to get milk. to pour milk into a cup. i forgot what i was doing 4 times and had to retrace my steps every time. when i finally poured it i drank the milk walking to my room, set down the cup and thought "oh i forgot to get milk"
re:Reversible vol.1 ~俺様カレシ・尊~ Sample Voice
  • re:Reversible vol.1 ~俺様カレシ・尊~ Sample Voice
  • 土門熱 (Satou Takuya)

re:Reversible vol.1 ~俺様カレシ・尊~ Sample Voice (CV: Satou Takuya)

*NSFW, headphones advised! Even more kisses. ( ◞⁎˃ᆺ˂ )◞*

Release Date: September 30th, 2016.

I should have fought harder for you. 
I never meant to hurt you. 

I always meant to give you all of me, 
and I am sorry that instead 
you were left with pieces.

I miss you so much it makes me sick. 
I can physically feel myself aching 
without you.