Can you believe how blessed us cal girls are at the moment? We got curly haired Calum, a Calum who regularly snapchats a lot now, a Calum who has been wearing white a lot (fucking bless) and lastly the Calum we all like to see. That is a happy little squishy peach. This is such a golden time for us and I think most of don’t realize how lucky we are

  • First Wave Feminism:Women deserve the right to vote.
  • Second Wave Feminism:Women should be able to choose whether or not they can get an abortion and effective birth control rather than risk getting them in back alleys and you know...dying.
  • Third Wave Feminism:Still would like the right to an abortion. And birth control. And to not be raped and ridiculed for "what I was wearing." Would also like to be paid equally, taken seriously, and not be slut-shamed for wearing a skirt or anything else. Also, support other women and don't pit them against each other, and recognize that men have also been hurt by the patriarchy.
  • Feminists:I

anonymous asked:

How come you never draw Frisk in gender ambiguous clothes?

What exactly would you define as gender ambiguous clothes though? Because majority of clothing will automatically either be masculine or feminine due to society’s standards.

And why do nonbinary people HAVE to wear gender ambiguous clothing to verify ourselves? Like if you want to then that’s fine, but not all of us want to wear gender ambiguous clothing.

Also the outfits I’ve dressed Frisk in thus far have been to match the theme of the artwork at hand (tea party, ballet, royalty) but again what I draw them in shouldn’t even matter because, again, clothing =/= gender.

This “nonbinary people should look like this” attitude is seriously so freaking gross I just can’t.


It hadn’t been his fault, not really. 

He had been watching Darcy from a distance, wearing a hat and a jacket as a mild disguise, but it wouldn’t have mattered much. He was far enough away, in the crowded park, that she would have never noticed him, like all the other times. The small voice in his head told him, again, that maybe she would be even safer if he cut his losses and stopped keeping an eye on her, move across the country, new identity, new job, new everything, but he ignored it, like he did every time. Now that S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn’t around, seeing her, making sure his sister was safe, it was one of the only things he had to keep going for.

He had gotten up to leave when the woman who was jogging past barrelled into him, knocking them both down rather loudly, and drawing every eye in the area. Ben helped her up quickly with an apology, and most people had turned and looked away by then, but he felt a certain pair of eyes on his back.

anonymous asked:

She's wearing tights. She delivered a baby one week ago and she's wearing tights. She has her hair and nails done, her make up on, and she's wearing freaking tights. She holds the baby carrier with barely one hand and she's going out, again, with a one-week-old baby. How do people believe this. This cannot be real. A mother would never behave like that. This is so gross and unhealthy and viscous and it makes me feel sick. I can't stop thinking about the message she's sending to teenage girls.

I know i know….. 

Anonymous said:are you gonna post them? and are there any pictures of her stomach?

I dont have an account to buy at fameflynet - but i posted that celebbabyscoop link a few asks down - theres 6 on there. honestly she’s thinner than i am LOL

the-royals-fashion asked:

I loved all of Izzy's outfits(honestly Emeraude Toubia would make a potato bag look great)but my favorite must be either her training gear with the blue bra or the dress she will wear tommorow ;) Btw your blog is GREAT

Thanks babe!! And yes it’s hard to find something that DOES'NT look good on Emeraude 😁

So how about some baby Izzy headcanons?

•She literally never cried for the first four months no one knows why she would just sit and smile whenever she saw someone
•After those four months however she never stopped crying, even when she was happy she had to be making some kind of noise
•She only liked eating mashed bananas or mashed sweet potatoes
•If peas were even in the same room with her she wouldn’t open her mouth
•When she started eating solid food she had a weird obsession with olives, even the fancy super salty kind of it was an olive she was eating it
•She learned how to read faster than her brothers because she hated being dependent on others for bedtime stories
•Though she was never very interested in traditional bedtime stories and would usually take over and start adding her own spins, they usually ended with the princess killing something or on one fairly memorable occasion with all characters dying from a flaming battle that lasted as she put it “so long that not even their history books could remember”
•The best day of her childhood was the day she got her first rune, it stung for hours after but she bragged to everyone she saw that she didn’t cry

I hope these are to your liking, and thanks for the ask😘

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SS: How did you come to start Frill and why did you choose to sell sorority products?

F: As a sorority woman in college, I was frustrated that there were not any affordable and trendy options for sorority recruitment fashions. We used to buy our dresses from David’s Bridal and J.Crew and I was living on a college budget! I couldn’t afford 5 days worth of outfits that were expensive and I would never wear them again. That’s why my business partner Kate Steadman and I started Frill. We wanted there to be a customizable option for sorority recruitment clothing at affordable prices. We also wanted sorority women to be able to choose the exact color, style and budget that they wanted. At Frill we know how sorority women feel and we know the importance of recruitment.

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SS: Does Frill have any hot new styles and designs this season?

F: Every spring, we release NEW styles for sorority recruitment! We have a lot of options as far as necklines and flattering silhouettes. Our Classic Collection includes all of the traditional styles we’ve always offered. Styles come in a higher quality fabric and the collection is very popular. The Belle Collection is our more ‘budget friendly’ option, with more casual silhouettes. Our Magnolia Collection features the newest and most flexible option for sororities. With the Magnolia Collection, recruitment chairs can pre-approve a variety of fashions in any color for their chapter to choose from. This helps dress checks go much more smoothly and sisters receive their merchandise within 2 weeks of ordering if the CrowdBuy order is fulfilled.

SS: If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your company, what would it be?

F: I wouldn’t change a thing because Frill believes that everything happens for a reason.

SS: What’s the funniest or craziest thing that’s ever happened at Frill?

F: We do a lot of trunk and trade shows and often our rolling racks will fall over causing chaos and lots of laughter!

SS: What are the most important things sorority sugar followers should know about Frill?

F: If your Panhellenic has decided that you can’t place a matching mass order, you can try to work around it by:

1.) Choosing a few styles in different colors from the Belle Collection!

2.) Go with the Magnolia/CrowdBuy collection and have the sisters choose and pay directly for the outfits you’ve approved!








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THIS is how the music video should have been!! It's incredible!

yessssss. and it wasn’t too heavily larry or whatever - i thought it was super balanced yet captured the fun and the spirit of the fetus era really well. 

Anonymous said:omg the ‘flies’ thing gets me. it doesn’t matter how many fics i read it in, it never stops being funny >< to be honest, at first i thought they meant they were wearing underwear with a zipper.

lol it makes it sound like there’s multiple zippers you gotta get thru HAHAHAH

said:Hey Amy, I just wanted to add my thoughts. I have given birth. Never would I EVER have thought to hold the carrier in one hand/four fingers while holding my phone. I wouldn’t have taken the smallest chance I might drop it. Never would I EVER have thought to wear high heels while holding the carrier with one hand/four fingers while holding my phone. I wouldn’t have taken the smallest chance that I might fall, just to look good. NEVER. Unless there wasn’t a baby in it.

yeah especially a first time mother. I personally think they’re just parading a towel around. Several of the pap pics seem to show an empty carrier that they’re pretending has a baby in it. and i think that’s why you got briana’s nonchalant hold. She “forgot” that it was supposed to be heavy and carrying precious cargo because it was light and empty.

I always need to stop on things like this. 

2-3 sets of pajamas per person?!  How long are they going for?! 
Do they never wear the same thing twice in a row?  I’m only one person but I can fit what I need for a week away in a normal-sized backpack.  No wonder if takes them so damn long to pack.  They always take more than anyone would ever need.

joshzaga asked:

it's good to be different. When I was born I had 11 toes, I had a spare on my right foot, it freaks some people out when they discover it but I think it's quite interesting. I don't have it now as they had to remove it as I would of had trouble walking in shoes with the way it grew, but I have a small scar on my foot where it used to be. :) x

omg that’s so cool actually! ive never met anyone who had an additional toe or smth 

i actually used to wear a brown lense on my green eye bc i was bullied for having two different eyes in primary school and i grew really insecure of it and a few years later it took my friend a few months to convince me to stop wearing it because my eyes are amazing and actually people reacted the same, they were so surprised and they really the fact that they’re two different colors and i stopped wearing it lmao

anonymous asked:

I think that I might be trans, I feel like I am but maybe I'm too young. Also, I don't know how coming out as trans would be reacted to, and I don't know how male I could ever be or look. Does being trans make it harder to find a significant other? And, do the effects of a binder stay after you stop wearing one, or would I have to wear one for the rest of my life. I am in competitive swimming, so I swim every night, and was wondering if there are special binders for swimming in. What about butt?

There’s a lot of stuff in your ask here, so I’m going to go through it one thing at a time.

You’re never too young to know if you’re trans or not, so if you think you might be trans, then that isn’t something you should just brush aside because you’re young. How people react to coming out as trans depends on each person individually, so it would depend on who you came out to. For example, I had some friends who said they were glad I came out to them and that they would help me with anything I needed, I had friends who just said “yeah, okay,” and immediately switched to my new name and pronouns with no problem. My parents cried, asked me why I couldn’t be a lesbian, and still only use the right name and pronouns about half the time. My other family members haven’t gotten used to it yet, and still see me as a girl. Mostly, it depends on how the people you come out to view trans issues. If your family isn’t transphobic, then you probably won’t have the problems that I do. If you don’t know how people feel, try testing the waters by bringing up something that’s been in the media, or a show with a trans character and see how they react.

If you’re worried about passing as a cis male, that’s why a lot of trans men take testosterone. It’s a very strong hormone, and after even just a few months, most people on T can pass as male with few issues. 

Finding a significant other can be tricky when you’re trans. Everyone has to deal with some nasty people when they try to date, but trans people deal with that more than anyone else. Even cis folks in the LGBTQ+ community can be transphobic and refuse to date someone just because they’re trans. This is why a lot of trans people stick to dating other trans people - so that problem is essentially eliminated. However, that isn’t to say that all cis folks are against dating trans people; plenty of them have no problem with it and would make great SOs. You just have to do some searching. So it might make things a little bit more difficult, but it is still completely possible to find an SO that you will be happy with.

(Going to use some specific anatomy terms here to refer to the chest, just a warning for anyone who dislikes seeing that.) A binder is a garment that compresses your chest to look flatter and more like pec muscles. As soon as you take it off, the effect of looking flat-chested will go away, because your breasts are still there. If you do not have top surgery, and you want to look flat-chested, then you will have to wear one for the rest of your life. Top surgery is the only way to get a true flat chest, and it’s done by cosmetic surgeons removing the excess fat and tissue on your chest. If this is done, you will not have to wear a binder after the surgery, as the breast tissue will not come back. Keep in mind though, you absolutely do not have to get surgery to be trans. Not everyone wants it or gets it, and there’s nothing wrong with just wearing a binder if you’re happy that way and want to look flat.

There are special binders made for swimming, though they can be a bit pricey. Underworks has some compression swim gear, and they’re probably the most reputable brand that currently makes one. You can also use a regular binder for swimming, but if you do, make sure it’s a different one from the binder you use in daily life (the water can mess with the binder), and make sure it’s one size up, so you can move and breathe enough. 

Not sure what you mean by “What about butt,” but if you’re asking if there are garments made to compress your butt kind of like a binder, then the answer is yes. You can also look at Underworks for that, or regular old compression shorts will work; you can usually find them in sporting goods stores.

I hope this answered your questions!


I wore pink today. For the daycare Valentine’s Day parties. I never wear pink because I feel it clashes with my hair but this shade was fine. (Borrowed from my mom) Oh, and PLEASE STOP reporting me for self-harm. All that does is get my account shut down. Do you think that would help? I’m almost 20 and it’s my body, my choice. Thank you.

                          ‘ um… 

in all honesty, the girl hadn’t expected someone to see her. she had used SLEEP as usual, but it seemed the card had missed someone.

or that someone might just be MAGICAL…

gripping her sealing wand tightly, sakura gave the other a shaky, shy smile, cheeks reddening ever so slightly– wearing tomoyo’s costumes in front of other people would never stop being embarrassing.

                        ‘ i can EXPLAIN ? ’

dirtyblackbutlerconfessions asked:

Trans girl Jack Frost is my fucking jam but the only fic I've ever found with that is a Pitch/Jack one. Uggghh. Also agender Jack is hella but I've never found anything with that. I'm just. Fandom, why. Sorry for the random ask but I'm pissed af rn.

Also genderbent Jack is extremely sexualized in fanart and it’s so fucking creepy? Jack was created to look anywhere from 14 to 18. /14/. And Jack’s from the 17 hundreds, why the fuck would he be wearing booty shorts. Why. @fandom: pls stop

Trans girl Jack Frost sounds amazing. I love that, and agender Jack, or just trans Jack in general - but that’s gross. Ugh ugh. (Why?? Is that a ship??)

And ugh, sexualization on top of genderbending? Fun. F u n. (sarcasm)


I forgot to have a coworker take a pciture, but this dress had to be shown in the outdoors anyway! Fatshion February day 9/Polka Dot week day 2, featuring the heavy use of my selfie stick. #noshame

I adore everything about this Ross dress, from the cut and color to the slinky material. It can be a little unforgiving on the belly, which once would have stopped me from wearing a dress entire… until I realized I had nothing that needed forgiving.

Also paired it with some bat earrings because a little Tuesday spookiness never hurts :)


blubberbenz asked:

time to expose your FrEaKy ASS ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ˆ 14, 39, 53, 59, 66, and 100 ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

TRU. I forgot you would ask in an instant to expose us all so of course you would ask :^)

14. Do you have any kinks?

-Like I said before, imma agree with my mutual, I basically don’t have kinks since never did anything with someone…but I would I would like moaning, biting, bruising, choking i think…???, dirty talking, and I’m very submissive :^) 

39. Do you ever go commando?

-Nope. I feel weird without my undies lmao but tbqh it feels nice if I’m wearing a dress with nothing under, but would never do in public :^)

53. Do you like your butt?

-I use to not like it but lately I do bc it getting there B) 

59. Do you ever “edge” (repeatedly stop and start) when masturbating?

-I think I do??? idk I haven’t done it in awhile but I like to make myself want more by resisting :^)))))

66. Do you “squirt?”

-I haven’t went hardcore in the no-no area bc lazy if u nam sayin, but maybe???

100. Do you often imagine people naked?

-Not really tbqh lol if I do it’s someone I’ve seen all together :-)

anonymous asked:

๐Ÿ‘ (tottymacchiato)

send 👏 and i’ll describe what a fusion of our muses would look/act like

{ omg. he’d be a cutie patootie for sure? probably a more perfect fusion. pink and yellow don’t mix too well so i think he’d just wear both, and have splotches of both all over the skin. but he’d probably wear a long patchwork robe w big sleeves!! FLAPPY SLEEVES YUS. and a skin-tight beanie in pink. w glitter.

they’d honestly be the devil reincarnate probably. totty’s kind of two-faced and jyushi can’t stop moving so… you never know what this fusion is up to. burning down a building? punching elderly people? creating fake crop circles? it’s all possible. }