So I hate Mountain Dew. I think it’s disgusting. It’s gross to me. I can’t drink it. I gag if I do.

My fiancee, Alex, likes Mountain Dew and that’s fine. He can drink it with no problem. That’s a difference of taste and opinion. That is nothing something that would ruin our relationship. 

But if Alex came home and starting agreeing with Nazis, I would call off our engagement in a heartbeat.

Nazis are supporting literal genocide of Jewish people and they have no love for black people either. Why would I marry a man who agreed with people like that? That isn’t an opinion, that’s just pure hate with facts backing it up. Bigotry is harmful, it gets people killed, it hurts people and it’s dangerous.

Stop saying we hate Nazis because we have a different opinion.

I feel like I’m seeing a lot of criticism at the moment about how romione wouldn’t work because they aren’t ‘intellectually compatible’. I just want to discuss this idea of having to be ‘intellectually compatible’ in a relationship for a moment.

I’m going to make an assumption and I might be wrong but I feel like a lot of people who make this argument must have never been in a real relationship before. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about high school flings like Ron/Lavender and Hermione/Viktor, I’m talking about real deep connections with your other half.

The reason I say this is because anyone who has been in a real relationship will know that you can’t have that kind of deep connection through intellectual connection alone.

Okay so when I was younger I always said to my mum 'I’m never dating a boy who likes football’. I deeply hate sports and everything they stand for always have always will. I also said I would marry a man who loves reading. Guess what? My fiancé is the biggest football fan I know, and he never reads. He probably hasn’t read a book for fun in about ten years. Why am I marrying him you ask? Because I realised through dating him that it doesn’t matter that he loves football and hates reading, because that’s not why you love a person. I love him because he’s so kind, and thoughtful and yeah he might not always say or do the right thing, but he always tries to. I realised that his amazing strength as a person despite how much he has been through and his ability to put everyone else first nearly always is much more attractive to me than if he loved reading or hated sports.

When I told my mum that I would marry a boy who hated football, she laughed. You know why? Because she already knew that you don’t fall in love with someone’s interests, you fall in love with their character.

P.s. in case you don’t think we will work long term my mum has a double honours degree and my dad only has two O-Levels (basically two OWLs in Harry Potter terms) and they have now been married for 26 years.

My father had a bad temper.
I swore to myself I would never marry a man that would get so mad his heartbeat would be pounding and so would his fist.
So I should’ve known when all the blood rushed to your face and your veins became more prominent.
But I couldn’t see this, I was blinded by my love for you.
—  v.m
The Right Way - Star Wars

Poe Dameron #4 “I have no memory of that,” if you please! Romantic as well, I would love to marry this man

#4: “I have no memory of that”

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the way my father looked terrified me beyond belief, I couldn’t bare the pain of loosing another parent. I must help him.
as I go to leave and find help for my father, gaston; a beast of a man in his own rights towered above me. he told me my father was spouting crazy notions of mystical objects and sorcery and he was to be sent to the asylum.
unless I agreed to marry him.
I scoffed, I would never marry a man who saw me as nothing more than an object to sit pretty at home. then an idea struck, the beast sent me away with the magic mirror; “show me the beast” I said and there he was, my solemn melancholy love. I showed gaston, who’s mouth turned up into a hungry hunter’s smile. another animal for his wall is all he sees him as.

he locks my father and I in our house, and just when hope seems lost, I realise that I can pick the lock with the hairpin that’s holding my unruly tresses back. I pick the lock, leave my father and off I go to save the man I love.

I run straight through the blackened hallways, up winding staircases and I see him. I go to shout over to him but my voice is caught in my throats when I see gaston, sneaking up behind him armed with a dagger. the beast doesn’t even acknowledge him, it’s as though he’s got nothing left to fight for.
“gaston, no!” I shout, and he looks up, his face softens, a smile tugs at his cheeks. I start to run towards him.

she came back for me, I clamber clumsily to my feet and push gaston away from me. he strikes me in the arm and I hold him out over the side of the castle walls, he pleads to let him go and the old me wrestles with the new me I’ve found since belle came into my life.
when I saw her angelic face at the door, I knew what I must do. I set him down and ran to belle. I lifted her up and entangled my claws in her hair, right here with her is where I want to be always; as a beast or as my rightful self it doesn’t matter anymore.

gaston plunges me in the back with a sword, searing pain rips through my body like a wildfire. the villain loses his balance and falls to his death.

I hold him in my arms, the sparkles in his eyes were slowly dimming, the life oozing out of his pores. “you came back” he says, “well of course I came back” I said, stroking his face, that wonderful beautiful face. there’s something beautiful about seeing the good in someone when they don’t even see it in themselves yet.

“at least I got to see you one last time” he said as he closes his eyes. no, no, no. I never got to say those three words. I love you.

and with that the final petal fell, and a teardrop rolled from belle’s eyelashes and landed on the beast’s cheek. and with that the heavens open and sparks flew and before my eyes he transformed into his human self. when he turned around those striking ocean eyes washed over me.
it was him, and he was just as beautiful now as he was as a beast.

—  beauty and the beast part 3/3 🥀 // h.w //

anonymous asked:

I could use some 'dealing with parents advice'. Hello I am an older asexual, 27, and I've been having a bit of trouble with my mom. I'm fully out as asexual in my family and have been since I was 19. It's always been one of those 'don't talk about it/don't mention it' kind of things. My mom doesn't like to be reminded of it and the trade off for me not mentioning it is that she doesn't ask me if I'm dating. It's not ideal but it's worked decently. 1/4

Only I’m now thinking about and in the process of starting to become a foster parent and actively pursuing adoption. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and planned on doing but it’s…put a very large strain on my relationship with my mom. She finally broke the other day and called me crying, telling me how disappointed she is in me and how this was never the life she wanted for me. That, if it was up to her, I would be getting married to some man and having kids with him. 2/4

I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle the situation and I could only really mention that I was still open to artificial insemination if she really wanted a biological grandkid (it an option I’m still happily open to for other reasons besides that of course but I thought it might comfort her) which sadly only seemed to make things worse, because apparently that wasn’t the ‘point’. ¾

I’m at a loss at what to do now. The whole situation has been making my mother far more angry and upset and I don’t know if I should put a halt on me becoming a foster parent until its all sorted out or if it’s time to start cutting ties. I want my mom to be involved in my life and I’ve tried to be as understanding and kind to her about everything regarding my sexuality but if it’s going to prevent me from becoming a parent myself I don’t know if I want to keep trying to be civil about it. 4/4

Well, you presented your mom with several options that you felt comfortable with, but she obviously was trying to convince you to go her route and only her route. That’s a very aggressive situation, and I don’t blame you for feeling very frustrated.

I can’t claim to guess what your mother is thinking, but if she doesn’t want you to be a foster parent or deliver offspring through artificial insemination, then she must be thinking about the poster scenario of ‘man, woman, 2.5 children’. As far as families go, that’s only one limited option out of many happy, healthy lifestyles.

Regardless of her feelings about you not finding a partner to sire offspring, that’s no reason for her to be ‘disappointed’. Disappointed in what? Being a woman who doesn’t marry a man? Being a woman who doesn’t deliver children by her husband? Being someone who fits the image of heteronormality?

There’s no way she can justify that sort of behavior. I can’t offer any quick fix to your situation, but you should take some time to circle through our ‘positive’ tag, where we do have some stories submitted by ace parents - some single, some not. Perhaps it’s not about changing your mother’s feelings, but giving you the confidence to pursue your own life.

- Fae 

Frankly, the fact that Telltale is constantly trying to make you get with Kate but there is noT ONE OPPORTUNITy to romance this angry cowboy upsets me

I’m not really mad but I would marry this man

This man probably listens to ‘Your Man’ and ‘She Thinks my Tractor’s Sexy’ unironically I guarantee it

Anyways I love him, thank you.

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Dym Ingleford is the most perfect man ever created in literature. I just…I can’t. I can’t with the depth of his brotherly loyalty, the subtlety of his humor, the purity of his service…he’s so noble, and kind, and beautiful, and I WOULD LITERALLY MARRY THIS MAN HE IS THE MOST UNPROBLEMATIC FAVE EVER. You know the feeling you get when you look at PERFECT things, like a soldier saluting the Flag, or a wave crashing cleanly on sand, or Montgomery Clift’s jawline??? THIS IS DYM INGLEFORD. I could talk forever about this man. I have written nine chapters on an unauthorized sequel about this man. He is 22. I’M ABOUT TO BE 22. WE SHOULD GET MARRIED.

No really. My love of brother dynamics??? MIGHT AS WELL TRACE IT THERE. 

Also I know it’s a children’s book but Constance Savery knew what she was about when she describes his EYES and the “steely strength of his scarred hands” DAYUMMMM SIGN ME UP. 

The Reb: I’m about done with you, Monica, for giving me these two beautiful faves in one ask (Just kidding. BLESS YOU! YOu’re visiting me in TWO WEEKS I AM SO EXCITED). 

The Reb is that guy where you’re in love with him for years and then your realize he’s like FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. So let’s age him up to legality and then admit he is hot and fly AF. I mean, he is a sassmaster and military mastermind and he secretly looks up to his captor and he’s this prisoner of war who’s proud and ill-treated and then slowly wins a family over and you CARE SO MUCH ABOUT HIM??? ANd he’s playful, because he’s just a freaking KID but you also get this impression of how freaking imposing he is. His men respected him! He was tricky as hell! BLESS HIM

And Charlotte may only be eleven but girl KNOWS WHAT IS UP and she’s totally in love with him and y’all KNOW they would get married later on–someone write a SEQUEL DARNIT

Time is a pretty cool thing. 10 years ago today, probably at the very minute of typing this, I came out to my mom. Sobbing in our living room, it felt like I was pushing words out more than I was speaking them.

If you had told me then that a decade later I would be married to this incredible man, a man who makes me laugh so hard that I double over in ecstatic pain and a man so smart that I’m inspired to investigate all the things he introduces me to, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

But there’s a lot I wouldn’t have believed. I wouldn’t have believed that gay marriage was possible, or that I would be sharing this message on an app called Tumblr, on a phone that is also a computer.

So yeah, big old shout out to time, that beautiful & frustrating thing that always ends up proving the impossible possible.

is it wrong to love lord montague’s shady ass as much as i do? like i need to know what lady montague was like otherwise i can only assume she was like me cuz i would marry a man as petty as that.


Ship: NaLu (Natsu x Lucy)

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Summary: The first time Natsu Dragneel talked to me, he called me a fat, ugly cow. Being in kindergarten, I just cried and then socked him right in the face. 

Yaay, my first proper NaLu fic!! I hope you all like it, and tell me what you think! I hope it’s fluffy enough!

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