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I once saw a fanart of Ayato wearing a My Chemical Romance t-shirt and now I can totally picture him saying "I'm too punk rock for this."

OH MY GOSH yes. There’s also a song I know and I feel like that would be his phrase:

“I like my coffee black just like my metal”

perfect for him

so douche

so hardcore

so ayato

I promised myself I would never be an addict
My mother, she’s an addict
My father, he’s an addict too
I told myself I would never be like them
So I stay away from coffee
I rarely drink
I never tried drugs
I don’t smoke cigarettes
I promised myself I would never be an addict
But the moment I felt her lips on mine the current of energy that ran through me was a high I knew I would always chase
Her smile can keep me going the way that a cup of coffee never could
Her hands can leave me wanting more the way that alcohol never could
Her eyes can help me reach a state of euphoria the way that drugs never could
Her body can surrender me breathless the way that a pack of smokes never could
I promised myself I would never be an addict
But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that she’s the pill I never took and the drink I left untouched
I told myself I would never be like my parents
I would never be an addict
And I’m not
I’m worse.
—  i hope i never lose this high

Do yourself a goddamn favor and read this fic if you haven’t already.


“That cup of coffee with breakfast can put you in a good 

mood, according to scientists at the University of Wales 

College of Cardiff in the U.K. In addition to performing 

better on tasks involving memory and logical reasoning, 

‘…subjects given caffeine also reported greater alertness 

and feelings of well-being…’”


Coffee is always useful on Thursdays. :)

you can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your iphone, phone, media player, etc and write down the first ten songs and your favorite lyric from each song. then pass it on ten people.

i was tagged by urize, thank you !

i tag akashizzle, nachtkniver, kaneki-coffee, darlingrize, animewarrior4, ne-zushii, kekani, hogyofuckyou, notreallyshinji and staff. srry if you were tagged lmao i just did random peeps from my tag :0

1. where is my mind by pixies - your head will collapse / if there’s nothing in it and you’ll ask yourself / where is my mind

2. somewhere only we know by keane - oh simple thing / where have you gone / i’m getting old and I need something to rely on

3. iris by the goo dolls - and you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming / or the moment of truth in your lies / when everything feels like the movies / yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive

4. scarecrow by my chemical romance - leave a dream where the fallout lies / watch it grow where a tear stain / dries to keep you safe tonight

5. eyes of fire by blue foundation - i’m taking it slow / feeding my flame / shuffling the cards of your game.

6. a little death by the neighbourhood - and he had said “darling your looks can kill / so now, you’re, dead”

7. you’ve got time by regina spektor - remember all their faces / remember all their voices / everything is different / the second time around

8. rat a tat by fallout boy - we’re all fighting growing old / we’re all fighting growing old / in the HO-hopes / of a few minutes more

9. lane boy by twenty one pilots - forget sanity / forget salary / forget vanity by morality

10. control by halsy - and all the kids cried out / “please stop, you’re scaring me” / i can’t help this awful energy / goddamn right / you should be scared of me / who is in control?

yooooo I got offered the job at the y***mca lmao now I’m stressing abt letting them know about next weekend and the couple other days I would like off for shows hahahahahah……..

  • me:[walks into grocery store on lunch break]
  • grocery store employee:Welcome, our cold & flu aisle is right over here.
  • me:I came in here for a sub, I went to work like this, bub, I'm going BACK to work like this after I'm through here, don't you judge me with your cold & flu aisle nons--Okay, which aisle did you say though?
Bye Reblog.

It’s 6:35 AM and I’m sitting in the guest room at Wendy’s house and somehow there is magically a fresh cup of coffee in my hand and I would like to marry this coffee, that’s how much I’m enjoying it. (Is this legal. Please make it legal.) In 45 minutes I’m getting in a cab to go to O’Hare, where I’ll fly to San Francisco for two events, and then I’ll go on to LA on Sunday to finish up this tour. I did three events this week already. Phew.

But I wanted to take this time to say goodbye to the Reblog Book Club, as this is the end of my/Mazie’s time as the pick. I am really going to miss this extraordinary group of people talking about something I made, and in that process making something new out of it. (I really loved this post that sort of hits on that theme a bit.) You guys made the first three weeks of this book’s life more thrilling than I anticipated, and you did it in incredibly thoughtful, creative ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would also like to thank Rincey and Christy and Cheryl for showing up at events this week in Chicago and saying hi. I love the internet, but I love real life most of all.

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My grandparents said that our generation has been ''brainwashed'' into thinking same sex marriage is okay. : /

Your grandparents should get coffee with my parents I feel like they would get along

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Secondary thoughts from the comic: when Cosima suggested going for caffeine, what did Beth actually get? Because American coffee is fucking garbage, and I kinda feel like Beth would be used to non-garbage coffee.

Hmmm I have no idea, I know nothing about coffee, I’m a tea person. (MAYBE BETH IS TOO.) I like sharko’s headcanon of her being a straight black coffee drinker though. Maybe Cosima dragged her to some hipster café with fancy not-garbage-y coffee, that sounds like something she would legit do.

AYE! I’m seeking Art Trades!

Or really commissioners but art trades are lovely too. c:

^ I need this horse drawn. Her name is Candied Roses. She makes icings and candied toppings for Wedding Cakes. 

 Then there’s this little lady who we all know and love, French Vanilla.  She is my ponysona! She makes specialized coffees for her patrons and sells coffee brews.

I would like some art of them.

I’m very picky with who I do art trades with. Please ASK/TELL ME that you want to do an art trade instead of just throwing art at me. I’m looking at all art. Traditional, pixel,  digital, all that good junk. uwu

If you’re interested, ask me!