The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey A Book Review

Wow another book review, who would have thought that I’d do another one? 

So I’ve just finished reading The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey by Chris Colfer and I have to say that I really like that book. No big surprise there, I’ve always love the Land of Stories Series.

So enough rambling onto the review

Review(no spoilers):

As we all know The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey is base on Conner’s short stories that he wrote in the pass because of the adventures he had with his twin sister Alex.

What got me really excited for this book are the short stories that Conner wrote. As I read the book, I actually connect with Conner and some of the characters in his short stories. I actually tried my best not to cry in class at a certain character portrayal because I really connect to them on a certain level. Also old characters that we all know and love are also in this book.

I really dislike the villains in the book especially the Masked Man, I really thought that I could see some good in him but they were all thrown out of the window due to the actions that he had done in the book. But hey every book villains have their motives. Morina is as vile as ever, her plan is as calculative as ever like the Masked Man or Lloyd as you would prefer since his name is mentioned in the last book.

I really like where this plot is taking us because, it isn’t just the fairy tale world that is in danger anymore. I can’t wait to see where the next book will take us since the adventures are different now and everything in the fairy tale world has gone dark. I really want to know if the Bailey twins saved the fairy tale world or not.

I really like to thank Chris Colfer for writing this wonderful book as I really love his work that he produces for us to enjoy.

So for my rating, I would like to give this book a 10/10 quills. Would I recommend this book to people? Of course I would, it’s a nice book to cozy up on your sofa.

P.S. Sorry if this book review suck, I had to quickly do one in class after I read the book.

Jojo out~~

If they won’t continue Agent Carter on TV, I’d settle for one of two ways:

Either A) starting a new comic series based on after the events of the show. Like they did with Buffy and Charmed and so on. Even if it was a short series just to tie up loose ends.

Or B) a film. I’d settle for just one film but it would be cool if they could do a trilogy just to keep it going.

Peridot Takes Over CN’s Twitter

If you didn’t know Peridot recently took over Cartoon Networks Twitter and I would like to share somethings that I have learned from this.

First of we can see that Peri still has a strong relationship with the word clod but it can be seen ,while she is still learning it, she has picked up on some earth culture using the phrase “laughing out loud.” (Also please take note of the “1” in her series of exclamation marks.)

Despite using so much highly advanced tech. before joining the crystal gems Peri still accidentally posted a picture of herself and has no idea how to take it down. Peri might also believe that the internet is an actual living in by the way she refers to it. Lastly it can clearly be seen that Peri’s selfie game is stronger than every bodies.

Steven is literally just telling her that the word “clod” is rude. Peri is a huge dorky fangirl about Camp Pining Hearts and her ships as we are about Peridot.

She makes the saddest try at being a cool internet troll in these two post.

She realllllllyyyy does think she is being a troll but she thinks (and I agree) that she is great and lovable.

Like the rest of the fandom, CN treats Peridot like a cute little child that thinks its dangerous and terrifying. The people at Cartoon Network are really amazing! They know how to keep a fandom going and make characters feel real by creating ways to get to know them and the things they would do.

Admirer Part 4 - Luke Hemmings

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

A/N: This will be the last part in the series.  I hope you guys like it.  Let me know what you think and if you like it or not.  This is pretty much the end of this short series.  I’m glad so many people liked it and got behind it.


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It has been over a month and Luke was miserable.  He didn’t know what it was like to not talk to you for more than days at a time.  He would drift off in the middle of an interview or a show or just a simple conversation.  It was even harder knowing that he had to give you space.  Everyday that passed by was just making it harder and harder for him.  All he wanted was to hear your voice; he would even settle for a short wave and you having to run back to your class.

Luke finally decided he had enough of the separation and went to your apartment.  He stood there, waiting for her to answer the door.  The door revealed your sad features.  You now had bags under your eyes and your eyes looked dull.  He could see the tear stains on your face and on the light colored fabric of your sweatshirt.  You also had on baggy sweatpants.

“Hi, Luke.” He tried not to wince at the sound of your voice, it was harsh and broken. “You can come in.” You added after you cleared your throat.

He walked in and looked around the apartment, everything was where it had been before.  He made his way to the living area and saw a bunch of books and brochures on the coffee table.  All of them about Spain and some in Spanish too.

“So, I’m not going.” You said from behind Luke.  He still had the papers in his hand. “They didn’t think I should go because they didn’t feel like I would benefit from it.” New tears were streaming down your face without your permission, it was too hard to stop them now.

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Next –> (Coming soon)

A new comic series that I decided to make! I would really like your guy’s feedback. If this comic seems interesting enough, I’ll continue to make it and have it be longer. But if you guys aren’t interested in it, i’ll stop it or make it a short ending! It’s totally up to you guys, I would love to continue and develop this story. 

Green Eyes and Whispered Lies: Part 12 (Final)

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Notes: Damn, sorry for the wait lovelies! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I lasted psted a part.

Thank you all for coming on this journey of a series with plenty of ups and downs. I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for an epilogue.

Word Count: 1.7k+

Song: WILD - Bonnie and Clyde


It took about a week for things to settle back down and to feel like everything was back to normal after returning home, despite the trip only being three days long. Things were awkward with Dean for a while; he would give you short answers to everything you asked, leading you to make the assumption that he wasn’t interested in any conversation. The two of you still continued to meet at the building every morning, but you always distracted yourself with work as he did with his guitar, no words being exchanged.

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Stolen Gem. | Nate Maloley !Dark! Pt. Four

Warning: This story is extremely dirty and graphic. I’ve warned you, I will not be holding back on this one. Also this is not a full story, just a little short series or whatever. This story will contain possessive and aggressive Nate, so if you don’t like that go check out my masterlist for other cool stuff :P Shall we begin? We Shall.

Stolen Gem. | Nate Maloley !Dark! Pt. Two

Stolen Gem. | Nate Maloley !Dark! Pt. Three


Nate Maloley

I lifted my hand and gently let the tip of my index finger drag along the outline of her jaw. She even slept like a princess, the features on her face were all completely relaxed and her chest would slowly rise and fall. Soft snores that came out more as heavy breathing than anything else.

Both of her hands were tucked under her head as she held onto the pillow tightly. I tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. It was maybe around one in the afternoon and she was still asleep, guess I’m to blame for that.

After we you know…did stuff we ended up drinking a little more than needed, her more than me. It was probably her first time ever drinking hard liquor not to mention she weighs less than a twig. I pulled myself away from her body and headed over to the dresser and opened up my top drawer grabbing the familiar black box that held all my medication if you will.

As soon as I shut the top drawer I could hear a phone buzz, I felt in my back pocket checking if it was mine. Eventually the buzzing turned into a loud ringing waking Jamie up. I held back a chuckle at her puzzled expression as she felt around for her phone completely oblivious to me standing there.

“Hey.” She answered placing the phone to her ear.

I decided to make myself known and took a seat on the bed making her look over at me momentarily giving me a half smile.

I took a blunt out of the box I had pre rolled a few days ago but never got to smoke because I promised my mom I’d go over there for dinner.

I lit the end of it and moved the box off the bed and onto the night stand clouds of smoke forming around me.

“I know I’m sorry, I promise I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She said apologizing to whoever was on the other line.

“Everything okay?” I asked exhaling the smoke into the air.

“I’m fine, I forgot to call my friend last night and she freaked.” She sighed pulling the sheets around her body attempting to stand from the bed but her headache must’ve hit her all at once cause she immediately sat back down bringing her hands to her head.

“Oh my god, I swear I’m never drinking like that ever again.” She huffed.

I chuckled setting the blunt in an ash tray on the nightstand.

“Stay here, I’ll be back.” I said standing up from the bed and heading into the kitchen opening up the medicine cabinet pulling out the Advil.

I walked back into the bedroom and handed her the pill bottle.

“Let me get you some water.” I said turning to leave the room.

“No, its fine I’ll be okay.” She said stopping me and pulling her shorts up her legs and pulling her shirt on.

“It’s not a debate, come with me.” I said sternly.

This probably wasn’t the best idea because I probably came off harsher than intended.

“I’m sorry about that, I just would feel terrible if I didn’t know if you made it home safe.” I said taking her hand in mine gently pulling her along with me.

“No your right, I should sober up more. But I don’t have to stay here or anything I could just call my friend and she ca-.” She said rambling.

“Don’t worry about it, you’re not intruding.” I said entering the kitchen her following close behind.

“So you live here all alone?” She asked pulling herself up onto the counter swinging her legs back and forth.

“Occasionally, sometimes friends will crash here. But it’s just me mostly.” I answered pulling a glass from the cupboard.

“Oh that’s cool, so what do you do then?” She asked cocking her head to the side.

“Is this twenty one questions?” I asked filling her glass with water.

“Sure you could call it that if you wanted to.” She laughed.

“Here you are.” I said handing the glass to her.

She swallowed two of the tablets and took a sip of her water.

“You never answered my question.” She said putting the cup down.

“You’re very persistent.” I said stepping between her legs.

I could feel her tense up under my touch.

I leaned in closer to her until my lips were grazing the cartilage around her ear.

“As of last night, I think we’re past being shy around each other.” I whispered in her.

I pulled away catching a glimpse of her tomato red cheeks.

“Why won’t you answer my question?” She asked.

“I don’t just give out information to anyone baby girl.” I smirked.

“Well you pretty much indirectly gave me your address.” She said challenging me.

“You’ll be back I already know, ladies can get enough of me.” I joked popping my invisible collar.

“Shut up.” She laughed punching my arm playfully.

I turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Hop on.” I said tapping her thigh.

“So what if I tell you something about me, then will you tell me what you do for a living?” She asked wrapping her legs around my torso.

“You’re not going to let this go are you?” I asked carrying her up the stairs back into the bedroom.

“No.” She answered honestly.

“Ok fine, tell me what your favorite season is?” I asked setting her down on the bed and walked over to where I left my blunt in the ash tray.

“Spring.” She said in a matter of fact tone.

“Spring? Why not summer, everybody loves summer.” I said leaning back against the headboard.

“I personally prefer rain over anything, and it gets way too hot during the summer.” She said crawling over to me staring at me curiously.

“Did you want a hit?” I asked chuckling at her expression.

“No…I’m fine.” She said shaking her head.

“You’ve never smoked before?” I asked exhaling deeply.

“No, isn’t that stuff bad for you?” She asked.

“Depends on who you’re buying from.” I shrug.

“Jessie smokes sometimes but never around me.” She replied sitting on the balls of her feet.

“Come here.” I said patting my leg.

She scooted closer to me and I took the opportunity to pull her towards me so she straddled my legs.

I gently grabbed her chin tilting her head a little before connecting our lips together inconspicuously letting the smoke pass over to her.

She pulled away from me letting out a grand cloud of smoke.

“See? Not that bad, right?” I asked.

“Maybe but now my breath stinks.” She giggled rolling off of me.

I smashed the blunt against the ash tray making sure it was completely out.

I crawled on top of her pressing my lips against her neck sending a shiver down her spine.

“I-I should go soon.” She mumbled biting back a moan.

“Did you want me stop baby girl?” I asked smirking as I watched her reactions when I slipped my hand down her shorts and snapped the band of her panties against her skin.

“Nate…don’t tease me.” She said lifting her hips up to meet my hand.

“Mm, say my name again baby.” I said under my breath as my hand crept under the thin material, my finger brushing over her small nub.


A/N: Sorry for the wait I’ve had writers block. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you enjoy the little heated scene at the end. As always stay beautiful where ever you are in the world.



SO….. I dunno what to say. This one is gonna be short and sweet. I’m so sad for Kosaki. She was so sweet in her biggest moment of the series. She even gave him the locket because she realized how Raku felt…. The letters inside made me cry, not gonna lie.

Chitoge. Raku is in love and has fully come to realize it after rejecting Kosaki, even though he realized a while back who he really like and had already decided with a little push from Marika all the way through. But the rock he finds Chitoge at… Where I knew it started and would end. I don’t think she’ll reject him, but she’ll probably bring up his feelings for Kosaki… And make it an even deeper and heartfelt confession by Raku. Komi will probably put in some little fun twist like he always does (maybe then confessing at the same time in a rush), but I hope he at least goes a few follow up chapters. I don’t mind a time hop, but I’d be happiest if he showed them right after for a chapter, a chapter of year jumps for a couple years, a chapter of them 10 years later, then one more of something highlighting the beauty of the threads Komi has weaved through the characters’ development and Shuu X Ruri.

Much love to Team Onodera. I’m here for you… This chapter was rough. But I’m also a little girl inside super happy over Chitoge X Raku.


A message from Julian!


This is Julian, the human who played Oren Douglas in Twelfth Grade or Whatever. Hi.

So like, the support the show has received has just meant so much to me. And our fearless leader Jules selflessly agreed to share this with y’all.

Going into this series I was like “Oh man this sounds cool but there’s no way anyone would believe my short nerdy insecure self could play a football captain.” And I was ready for the judgment of everyone watching the videos, and prepared to shrug it off since it’s tough to avoid negativity online. But then? During one filming Jules showed us the overwhelmingly positive response online. People weren’t criticizing or judging, they were analyzing, being invested, and getting genuinely emotional over the work we did. And Sarah and I freaked out as we realized people were making us into gifs (like, actual actor milestone right there).

This whole experience has just been one huge mass of positivity, and one that I really needed with the stress and uncertainty of post-college life. I was so happy to know that I was helping to keep someone out there happy. And all of the little posts, theories, analyses, fanfics, gushing over what happened, etc, made me happy in return. It’s like, a really, really fulfilling response for a young actor to see.

Everyone on the cast and crew is super thankful for y’all. But since this is my personal message, I’m gonna say this from my heart: You have all made an immense positive difference in my life and I am so, so grateful for all of you.

Get excited for upcoming Q and A!

And make sure to give Sarah and Kristen’s actorly Facebook pages a like! (I don’t have one yet because idk)


If you want to check out any of the less-cringe short movies I made in college you can follow these links:




read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29PlPxi

by fragile-teacup (Mrs_Gene_Hunt)

I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while now. Will gave evidence at Hannibal’s trial, so they would have seen each other in the courtroom. What might that have been like for Will, who had vowed never to see Hannibal again? My headcanon, which I think roughly follows the book and TV series’ canon timeline, is as follows: Will moves to Marathon pretty much immediately after Hannibal surrenders. He meets Molly two months later and they marry five months after that, three months prior to Hannibal’s trial.

A 1000 word short fic that takes place after Digestivo (Season 3 Episode 7) and at the start of …And The Woman Clothed With The Sun (Season 3 Episode 9).

Words: 1000, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of The Spaces Between

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29PlPxi

at some point I’ll probably write a series of short fics set in an AU in like…the original Annville. Ratwater. What if all this had taken place back then? Instead of being a modern-day MacGuyver and car mechanic extraordinaire, Tulip would probably be really good with horses - and guns of course. She’d be a Kissing Kate Barlow sorta gal (who among you idolized the Holes character like I did growing up?). Cassidy and Jesse would totally be Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp (only a preacher as well) in Tombstone. I’m gonna write this in the style of a Sergio Leone spaghetti Western if it’s the last thing I do

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I wish you would write a fic where Sam and Dean have a lil sister and she gets cursed by a witch, so she ends up growing cat ears and a tail, and every time someone touches them she starts purring loudly

Triggers: None, well, teasing, but that’s it.

A.N. - This was so cute to write guys! I hope you like it!! Sorry it’s so short dearies!
____________________________________________If I had to agree with my older brother on one thing, it’d be that witches are the bane of our existence, well, and that pie is the best food in the world, but that’s beside the point. We both hated witches, and we’d both been cursed enough times to have a reason too, but this however, this takes the cake. As I looked in the mirror, eyes wide and mouth agape, I couldn’t help but wonder how this had happened. The witch hunt had been simple, yes, she’d caught me, yes, I’d been cursed. But I also killed her, and I thought that once the witch was dead her curses were null and void. But as I looked at my reflection, seeing my cat ears and swinging tail, I had to change that hypothesis. But then someone was screaming, and I’d hate to admit it took a lot longer than I’d like to realize it was me. I could hear my brothers running down the hall, and my ears perked, making me frown in displeasure. Sam and Dean busted through my bathroom door, guns raised and poised to shoot, but as they caught a glimpse of me, they stopped cold.
“What the hell?” Dean asked, setting his gun on the counter.
“That fuckin witch cursed me! Look at me! I’m a goddamn anime character!” Sam was shuddering with laughter as he bit on his fist, making an oddly cat-like growl erupt from my throat. It wasn’t at all intimidating. I felt my ears and tail droop in embarrassment as my brothers laughed, face turning crimson as I turned away.
“Aww come on, it’s cute” Dean grinned, chest shaking as he laughed. He came over and pulled me into a hug, and I flushed with embarrassment, eyes unbelievably wide as a content purr ripped from my throat. Dean pulled back in alarm, eyes alight in amusement.
“Did you just purr?” I huffed, crossing my arms.
“I can’t help it!” I cried, feeling my tail swish behind me. Sam chuckled, patting my head which pushed my ears back. The purring started once more, making me roll my eyes as my brothers laughed.
“Don’t worry kiddo, we’ll get this sorted out.”
“Yeah you better” Dean chuckled as he left the room, and I sighed as I looked in the mirror.
“Just so you know, it might be a few days!” Sam called, and I sighed, ears and tail drooping in dissapointment.
“Fan-freakin-tastic” I mumbled, bracing myself for more teasing as I followed my eldest brother to the library.

anonymous asked:

What if kageyama from the one shot chapter met hinata from the manga series and the same goes for the one shot hinata and kageyama from the manga


I’ve doodled out abt this tbh but only until proto!Hina met the whole karasuno
Kags reactions would be like “HE IS TOL!? HE IS NOT SMOL!!!???? WTF???????????”

Long story short, proto!hina is really sweet and nice but he’s REALLY pessimistic (is2g he could be a good friend with Asahi & Yacchan w w) so i guess kags would get annoyed by hina even more lol


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M - Mature content

- Personal favorite

SCY - My Miscellany Series is a collection of short or chaptered works (depending on the demands of my lovely readers), inspired by songs and lyrics. The name of the song will be set as the story’s title, and a quote will follow with the artist(s)’ name. They are more or less songs I would recommend. So, if you like, please play the certain piece of music in the background while reading that specific story, and most of all, enjoy. (Coming Soon)

All BTS Members


Tame (Jungkook x Reader) | M | Police/gang/soulmate!AU 

Part 1 /



↭ Aroma | angst



↭ whispers {yoonmin} | fluff


Paper Angels (Coming Soon) |angst


Coming Soon



Secrets (Coming Soon) | M



whispers {yoonmin} | fluff

Only a Memory {jikook} | angst |  ♡

Tip of My Tongue (Coming Soon) | M



Accident | fluff



Only a Memory {jikook} | angst |  ♡


 [discontinued] Young Gods | angst |  Part 1 /

I love hypocrisy so much.

I had a friend in high school (the one who told me I couldn’t be bi because I like Chick-Fil-A, if anyone recalls), and she would get PISSED any time someone would say “But (transgender person) doesn’t look trans!”. I mean, scream at the top of her lungs, throw textbooks and chairs at the person pissed. (It happened more than once.)

I have a short story series I’ve been working on for several years now, and one of my characters is trans. She got excited when I told her and asked to see a drawing of her. So I showed my friend a drawing I’d done of my character.

She stared at the paper for a bit, then got huffy and upset because “She doesn’t look trans at all”.

Series Help!

So, I’m working on this (new, unannounced) series, and in it, pretty much there are a lot of character x reader short stories. I already have a lot of characters for this, but I was wondering if you guys could think of anyone else that you would like me to write about.

So far I have

  • Dean
  • Sam
  • Cas
  • Benny
  • Balthazar
  • Crowley
  • Gabriel
  • John
  • Lucifer
  • Charlie
  • Jo
  • Kevin
  • Gadreel
  • Michael
  • Meg

If you can think of anyone else that you would like to read romance/smut about, just drop me an ask or reblog this/leave a reply.

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K I don’t care what people say about the DJD I fuckin loved those guys. Yeah they were horrible but I fuckin loved em. Comparing to the sappy love stories that make up the lost light. The DJD were bad ass! They should have gone down with an epic bang. Yeah peeps may not think so but they also don’t know that Hasbro wanted to cut this series short. They want to end this lovely series so they can restart. So yeah you may not like it or maybe you do but we’ll never know truth be told if this battle would have raged on. The Decepticons should end in a friend not with Soundwaves sad little posy and Galvatron’s ancient ideals. They needed that last umph. But I guess we’ll never have that.

my princess

Genre: fluff // angst // (some) smut

Pairing: «Kim Seokjin x Reader»

Summary: You were a serving maid at the Blossom Palace. You were. Until someone freed you from the worries of the world.


Word Count: 408

Parts:  part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

I feel like making this a long, short-chapter series.

The door suddenly opened. “Princess…?” Oh no! It was Ace’s voice.

It would’ve been a weird sight to see. Jin wasn’t in his disguise and you looked like a maiden being cuddled by a man. In a princess’ room to be exact. Ace must’ve been caught off guard, but as soon as he recognized you, he smirked.

“Oh…(y/n) is it?” Ace smiled.

You were stunned. If the whole palace were here, they could assume this was some affair. A half naked man and a nicely dressed woman. Jin frowned.

“How do you know (y/n)?”

Ace stuck out his tongue. “We’re friends. Right?”

You nodded. After listening to the story Ace and Jin told, you now knew that they were teacher and student. Ace’s real name is Jimin. He is younger than Jin, but he still has a great amount of knowledge. Jin seemed a bit jealous though. Not because you were his best friend and he didn’t want to share. It was that he maybe really liked you. He kept kissing your neck and cheeks, avoiding your lips.

“Jeez. I have a lover of my own. Jin if you’re jealous, claim her first.” Jimin burst into laughter. “But beware, there might be spies…I can’t keep guard, man.”

Jin pouted. “(y/n) is mine, got it? Teachers shouldn’t be flirting with other students.”

“Wait, what do you mean other students?” you asked. Jin rarely went out. Why would he mention this?

“Oh, my mistake.” Jimin apologized. “There seems to be a part missing. Jin goes out to the mountains with the other princes to learn sometimes and-”

Jin ended Jimin’s sentence. “I thought you should come!”

You grinned. “That’s great!”

“Well, I’ll take my leave. Come interrupt Jin’s learning anytime!” Jimin suddenly disappeared behind the door.

Jin was avoiding your eyes after that. “(y/n) I know it’s a little early, but would you…” he trailed off.

“Would I what, Jin?” you answered, determined to do what ever.

“Uh…stay by my side…”

“I got it.”

That night, he held you in his arms to sleep. Does he like you? Do you like him? Or is this just a close relationship? You weren’t sure if you had fallen for Jin. Not yet. He was handsome, but you worried. What if the royal family disapprove of you? What if he doesn’t like you?

“I think I love you, Jin…” you whispered softly. Jin must’ve heard it since he tightened his arms around you. You fell asleep and since you were out cold, Jin confessed. “I think…no…I know I’m in love with you.”