• Billy:Do you think your life would be less or more rich without ever having met me?
  • Kate:Define rich.
  • Tommy:Uh, yeah, are we talking monetarily or…
  • Billy:No, no, god, no just like- just like full of like joy and richness of love.
  • Tommy:You enrichen life more than most people I have met. I will give you that.
  • Kate:Interesting. That’s a compliment.
  • Tommy:Like a fertilizer. Which is typically made out of shit.
  • Billy:Are you saying that I’m horse shit?
  • Kate:You could be cow shit, too.
  • Billy:That was a compliment- So much of a compliment at the beginning and so much of an insult at the end.
  • Tommy:It turned.
  • Billy:That- I think that pretty much sums us up.
  • Billy:“You are the horse shit to my life.”

Why do the creepy ass killers/stalkers always turn me on in movies.

Like i have such a thing for Billy Loomis

And the Charlie dude from that show Twisted. They will be acting all creepy and like cornering the girl and most people would be like “omg id be so scared” but my twisted mind is like “ im so horny right now, pin my ass up against the wall”. I mean irl when a dude walks close to me for more than a block i walk into the nearest store until they leave but whenever i watch these shows/movies im all about that creepy shit.


“I’ve never heard of the brotherhood of evil..names Raven..nice to meet you Karasu..” She said and placed her arms over her chest. “What is this brotherhood of evil.”

That was not to plan.  If she hadn’t heard of this group, then they have yet to may any sort of move.  Then again, this was a good thing.  Maybe things could be stopped before anyone got hurt.  He had removed his mask for the time, knowing that clear conversation would be better and more polite rather than talking through a mask.

It was not like his appearance was known here, right?

“This group is filled with several of your enemies of the past.  The leader, from what I gathered, is named The Brain.  Some other names in this group are The Puppet Master, Billy Numerous, Red X, and Mumbo.  Certainly some of these names are familiar to you..”


I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and wanted to ask you guys.

What question would you ask Mike Patton, Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould, Mike Bordin or Jon Hudson if you had any of them in front of you?
Like if you were just chilling backstage and had the chance to meet them and talk to them…. not just say like “oh I love you”, “You have inspired me my whole life” bla bla bla… but like actual questions… ?

Now that I’m mulling vol2 and thereafter over in my mind- Noh-Varr contacted America and Kate during Original Sin to help them out. Teddy apparently called David prior so they could get Noh-Varr… but IF DAVID WAS SUPPOSED TO BE TOMMY’S NEW FRIEND/POTENTIAL LOVE INTEREST- WHY DIDN’T HE CALL TOMMY?! HE *KNOWS* TOMMY LIKES SUPERHEROING, WHY.

Also on a side note thinkfast makes me laugh because it implies David went from crushing on Billy’s boyfriend to his brother and I can’t imagine Billy being cool about it.

So, at some point today I’ll be posting the next chapter of Heavyweight and I want to say that from here on out, there will be the possibility of violence in each chapter. First and foremost, there is boxing. Thing is, though, there is also the rest of the story and there have already been some hints of what might come. As of now, it is my intent to use a general tw: violence tag rather than be specific although, there would be certain exceptions that I would call out specifically (such as for domestic abuse, as an example).

It has felt like, up to now, the chapters have all been a warm-up to the main event (the story). Yes, there are several stories: Billie’s relationship with each of the men are all stories, but recall, there was a reason she came to town to begin with. We are going to finally start seeing more of that, and it will turn out not to be a simple tale. 

I just hope that these chapters start to flow more readily.

spooteh asked:

Young Avengers in college! This can be non-powered or powered, I don't really care.

This could go so many ways but like. non-powered au. Really though not just college au but college gsa au because that’s totally how they all meet.

Billy and Teddy are that cute high school sweethearts couple that chose to go to the same college and are dorming together and everyone thinks they’re adorable. And is sad they’re both taken

Tommy goes to another school but hangs around with the gang and drags David along because David’s not really out at their school yet.

Kate Bishop having her bi awakening & just sort of followed her roommate America to a meeting and then wound up hanging around for way longer than she meant to and someone made the “if your ‘would go gay for’ list is longer than 6 people you’re probably really bi” and kate was like “oh shit i’m bi.”

America’s way more vocal than Billy 99% of the time at meetings and Billy’s just kind of there to chill and watch her do her thing.

America’s president,  Billy’s vice-president, Teddy is the treasurer, Noh-Varr is the secretary, Kate gets suckered into doing PR/media stuff and she’s very confused.

Cassie and Eli are the token straights.

looking for a new friend to talk to!!

Hey loves!!

My name is Megan, I live in the United States, I’m 14 and I speak fluent English but I’m currently learning French and Spanish (if you know either and would want to help me that would be lovely)

I like art (Monet is my favorite), yoga, mediation, writing, singing, playing music, traveling(though I don’t do much of it), and nature. I love all animals and living things in general!! I have three cats and three dogs. The music I like is Billy Joel, The Black Keys, Taylor Swift, Melanie Martinez, and soo many more!! 

My perfect pen pal would be someone who would want to mail letters (I think that’s so cool and I wold totally decorate and send little gifts and such!) and someone around my age as well. If you live in the U.S., awesome! If not, even better! I really want to learn about other cultures.

Hope to talk soon <3

tumblr: bee-gal.tumblr.com

“Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?”

I watched the Fargo miniseries recently, and it was exceptional. All of the characters were great, but Billy Bob Thornton’s character pretty much made the show. 10/10 would recommend (with the caveat that you probably should have an extremely morbid sense of humor or it might be more in the horror genre- if you liked the original movie, or if you find stuff like Night Vale hilarious, I’d definitely recommend it).

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Shane and Boyd! Also let's throw Billy Crash in there for funsies.

The Golden WG Trio


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Someone not Mara? I don’t think she was a good influence on him

friendship them with: Lem :(

general opinions: Sure he says some bad shit A LOT and isn’t the greatest person in the world, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get upset whenever he is upset. He needed to be away from Vic and he would have been much better off.


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Ava of course

friendship them with: Rrrrraylan

general opinions: He is one of the greatest characters ever created and I love him with all my heart. I’m glad he didn’t die because now I hold a little hope he gets out to wreck more havoc one day

Billy Crash

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: That one scene with Django was pretty great (totally kidding)

friendship them with: He is probably friends with Butch right?

general opinions: With “D-Jango you son of a bitch!” he stole my heart. Rest in peace sweet Billy

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Hey Sweetie ^^ I don't get that post you reblogged about Billy White. What's it about? (I'm curious, since I don't get it) Thanks X

(If anybody else is reading this ask and wants to add my answer which might be half right. Please do! Let me understand too!) Referring to this post that i reblog http://hajaromar.tumblr.com/post/127164654134/witchomo-i-am-honestly-so-fed-up-with-how-much

Hi babe!(long time no msgs lol i hope you’re well! xx)

I am gonna base of my knowledge that I get reading from tumblr and other social medias.

Basically this Billy White is praising Kylie Jenner(white person) and saying that she is more beautiful than the black ladies mentioned.

All of the girls mentioned including Kylie have boobs and butt and luscious lips. (Except Kylie fake her lips and i would like to think the rest of her parts were developed late and NOW then she has them but most probably they are fake LOL)

Problem is when black ladies who are mostly naturally developed with curves and their culture with creative hair(natural or hair thats not theirs), they are made fun of, ridicule, being called ugly and not good enough
But when a white lady, naturally or not, has the same type of body and wears the same hair style(in this case Kylie is wearing a cornrow -this is call appropriating a culture), in the eyes of many, are the epitome of beauty. And get praises and glorified.

This Billy White is glorifying a white person’s beauty by shaming a black person’s beauty. If he thinks Kylie is beautiful than thats it. He didnt had to compare them to the rest of the girls and he was comparing to ONLY black girls who has all Kylie has and the black girls maybe has bigger butt, boobs, better hair and better success!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and beauty comes from all different colours, shapes and sizes. If you like vanilla then like vanilla. Dont compare and make a statement that vanilla is better than chocolate. But who thinks vanilla is better chocolate though, right? ;)

Well I hope my answer helps you some how 😁

10 people I want to get to know better

I was tagged by the lovely meesady!

Name: My nickname is Gabi but my real name is Gabrielle!

Gender: Female

Height: I’m 5'6", basically I’m not that short. c:

Where I live: Canada, Quebec!

Time/Date: 14/08/2015 and it’s currently 2:31 p.m.

Average amount of sleep: It really depends… I have insomnia so normally I would say 3 to 6 hours but these days it’s more like 7-8 hours. I’ll go back to school in a week so it’ll probably go back to 5-6 haha.

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: I watched Pocahontas 1 and 2 a few days ago and I didn’t enjoyed the last one so I’d say Pocahontas 1.

My favorite band: Tough question… I really like Muse, Aerosmith and Billy Talent!

One thing that ticks me off: People who think their opinion is the only one that really matters I know a couple of those and omg it pisses me off!

Favorite drink: Mango juice yooooo

Meaning of URL: “mayor” because I’m a mayor and “winter” because… I don’t know? “mayor-gabi” wasn’t available maybe?

Most used phase: I don’t think I have my own catchphrase or anything but the thing is that I swear a lot (I’m french-canadian so our swear words are reeeeally different from yours).I won’t say which one I use because I basically use all of them but if you’re interested you can search “quebec swear words” on Google. I know, we’re weird. xD

Favorite Movie soundtrack: Soundtracks from Sherlock Holmes (the ones with Robert Downey Jr.), The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean are the best!

I tag:

cyrus-sempai mayor-ally official-pizza-team demetria-crossing thxrniii cedarsprout imnotthemayor marin-aaa kisskissmoonprincess willowofmoonwish


so as well as finally settling on that yes, I think I would’ve liked to have seen how Richard Ayoade interpreted AoU (mostly so Yasmin Paige would be Wanda) if only so there might be more focus on Tony’s hubris, Ultron’s inherited superiority, and more angst over the damage that can happen when people view themselves as monsters and act accordingly because he is very much of the idea that everything is awful and people especially are awful—

I kind of also vaguely wish Blake Ritson was cast as Doctor Strange. weird faced and dark haired like Cumberbatch will almost certainly be, still British and posh, but with the added bonus of having co-starred with Hayley Atwell in three things and James D’Arcy as well. 
he can do smug and morally grey really well too and could basically be a Hiddleston 2.0 for Marvel, especially with a slightly less packed schedule which doesn’t require things to be planned out three years in advance.

outofcontextnergal asked:

Tell me about your first ideas making Princess Zwei.(two) You've mentioned this before but when it first started to really come together for you.

a little while after i met a certain friend of mine (i won’t name-drop her because i don’t know if she’s following me yet; she’s been down for a while and i don’t wanna bother her), i joked about how funny it would be if we became faux queens (drag queens that are biologically female) on a whim. i meant it as a joke, but she took it seriously and was on-board pretty quickly.

we started coming up with names and listing songs we’d perform together, whether they be real duets or mashups i make. we even have a name for our duo: Grim Fortress, after my love for “Billy and Mandy” and her love for “Team Fortress.”

fun fact: my original drag name was Sinna Sthesia, a parody of “synesthesia.” that persona was slightly more like an alien princess, whereas Zwei makes me think of a demented fairytale maiden.

Wouldn’t it have been interesting for Sally and The Doctor to interact more?

Like, everyone he meets who he’s like ‘Wanna travel through time and space with me??’ is like ‘YES OF COURSE.’

But like, Sally would be afraid of time travel. She’d be like ‘HELL NO. NICE MEETING YOU BUT TIME TRAVEL IS GARBAGE. IT TOOK KATHY AND BILLY FROM ME. I hope I never see you again stripy man.’

AND Martha could’ve had a moment with The Doctor like ‘Does that happen a lot? Time travel can’t be that bad.’ and he’d be like ‘yes, yes it does.’ 

Which would’ve been brilliant foreshadowing for the finale.

mrv3000 replied to your post:lmao I’d forgotten that you never actually watched…

Ditto. XD

accioharo replied to your post:lmao I’d forgotten that you never actually watched…

I am also pure. I saw all-the-gifs of Billie from it and that’s all I actually wanted to brave it for so…

let us celebrate our excellent life choices XD

I think the fact that it wasn’t even Rose made it easier tbh. like, if there’d been actual Ten-and-Rose interaction, part of me would have been way more tempted and regretted it.

Whatcha reading? 8/19-8/26

Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave, by Jen White

I have had my eye on this book for a while, and I mean that literally: the cover is amazing. 

Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave follows Liberty and her younger sister Billie as they navigate the American Southwest, trying to find their way back to San Diego after their father abandoned them at a gas station. With their mother dead, all they have to turn to is a family friend and each other. But there may be more help along the road than either Billie or Liberty think…

This book reminded me of another story about an older sister from a dysfunctional family watching out for a younger sister (Me & Emma, by Elizabeth Flock), and to be honest, nothing in the plot really surprised me. I thought the girls would have come across more trouble, to be honest. BUT– just because I felt like I had seen the plot before doesn’t mean it wasn’t an enjoyable read. Liberty’s observations about nature and animal survival allow the reader to see a side of her personality other than “stressed” or “neurotic,” and the side characters who help Billie and Liberty whether they know it or not are as compelling as the leading ladies. Overall, a good read, and definitely worth it. 

Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age, by Mathew Klickstein

Truth be told, I think I’m too young to have really been able to be part of the audience for Nickelodeon’s “golden age.” I don’t remember much of the 90′s at all, and I don’t know if/when my family had cable. But mostly, I was a real dork of a kid who liked funducational television like Arthur, ZOOM, and Going Wild with Jeff Corwin. So most of the TV shows mentioned in the book don’t ring a bell to me, or vaguely register as something I should have watched with the normal kids.

Even so, the book was informative and enjoyable. It’s impressive to me that Nickelodeon became the pillar of children’s TV that it is today when it sounds like the 80′s and 90′s were a fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants affair. Some parts really stuck with me (for example, one person commenting that the company was always telling its creatives, “honor your imagination”– a quote I now have hanging above my desk) and I plan to spend some time tracking down episodes of Clarissa Explains it All to watch online. 

That said, I was anticipating something different– I was anticipating lots of interviews, but also analysis on what social and cultural factors allowed Nickelodeon’s risks to pay off. A more Malcolm Gladwell sort of approach. Instead, the book was entirely comprised of excerpts from interviews. The AV Club has a great article about the flaws of the oral history approach (as well as the flaws of Slimed in particular, linked here.

Sometimes, these excerpts appeared to be in response to each other, as though in conversation; then a quote contradicting the “conversation” would prove otherwise. I wish there had been a visual differentiation between conversations and individual quotes, so it would be easier to keep all opinions in context.

Still: a fun read, and definitely A+ for anyone with serious 90′s nostalgia.

Reawakened, by Colleen Houck

I had a lot of the same thoughts, reading this, as I did when I read Trial by Fire, by Josephine Angelini: this is a good book, but not for me. 

Right now, I’m really loving middle grade fiction of all sorts; when it comes to YA, I tend to prefer contemporary, and am always looking for stories where romantic love is not a central focus. So a fantasy YA with a romantic element is definitely not the norm for me.

Reawakened is the first in a series following Lily Young, who breaks from her upper crust New York upbringing to serve as a vessel for the energy of the reincarnation of an Egyptian demigod, who is returning from the dead to perform a millennial ritual protecting the world from evil. Houck does an incredible job weaving Egyptian mythology into the story, and the plot certainly stays exciting, but I had a hard time getting invested in the narrator and protagonist, Lily. She spends a lot of time thinking about love interest Amon and fretting over his feelings for her (girl. he’s saving the world and it’s proving to be harder than usual. get. a. grip.), which is maybe perfectly normal crush behavior? I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been that enamored with someone.  

I think my friends who enjoy fantasy, YA, and are more romantic than me will love this one. Even though I had a hard time getting into it, I did actually tear up towards the end. It’s very well done! Just not something I would have picked up without prodding. 


  • A manuscript for an application!

Let me know what you’re reading! Message me on Tumblr or Twitter, or give me a massage and spell it out with your fingers. I’ve got a knot in my left shoulder; start there.