Designer Sarah Nicole François Believes That Black Girls Are From The Future
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this interview is probably the most important and fulfilling interview in my entire life. Nylon was my all time favorite publication as a kid, I used to cut out photos from their pages and paste them in my journals where I would scribble down all my goals and dreams. It’s one of the reason’s why I do what I do today, No matter what happens here on out I dont think a lot of things can top this.

Its so surreal to actually see yourself plastered on a publication you grew up wishing you were on. I’m so grateful so fucking grateful! Thank you to Sydney Gore for choosing to interview me for the “Black Girl Power” series! and thank you to everyone that has and continues to support me on my journey 

‘All your machines are destroyed. Mi dispiace, Leonardo. You’ve been working on them so hard.’

‘Don’t worry, Ezio. You did the right thing. Now, tell me how did it happened? Why didn’t you visited the doctor at first?’

‘And let him devastate this hidden blade mechanism you’ve spend so much time on it?’

‘You’re bleeding. Ezio-’

‘Yes, I know. Some parts thrust my flesh when the bullet damaged the blade.’

‘I don’t know if it’s wise-’

‘Just take it off. About these war machines… I wish I could keep some. They worked really well. Forgive me, Leonardo.’

Anonymous said: maybe some more wounded Ezio? In/after a fight? Or Leonardo looking after him?

i understand and respect the pov of anyone who feels like shit has gone too far to speculate about larry or the baby, or who’s changed their mind based on that, and i actually really wish people would leave it alone. like, whatever you think, however you want this to go, it’s not your life or mine and so i wish people would stop digging and let it be. whatever happens or doesn’t happen isn’t going to change because of how much anyone stresses over it.

what annoys me is people who have decided that because of the way things are now, every single thing they ever thought was wrong and are on some weird extra crusade to prove it! that’s not necessary and not fucking accurate or helpful? like, sorry, but this happening doesn’t mean that, say, haylor was real or louis and eleanor were an actual couple because…
they weren’t lmao. i understand the cognitive dissonance is hard to work through, but like none of this is that deep?

celebrity culture is fucking fake as hell. it’s not like, “oh god, this poor person got famous somehow!! and is now hounded by the press and paps!!! when all they want is to make art!!” for some people it’s like that some of the time, but people fight for this shit and fight to keep it. they have pr teams and social media managers and they do work with paparazzi and they do have fake relationships and fake or exaggerated public personas, and part of that is to stay relevant while protecting their real relationships and private lives. the entertainment industry is corrupt and greedy and exploitive, and you changing your mind about larry or trying to debunk the idea that it is or was real can’t make that not be true.

when people completely discount this shit or act like it’s all conspiracy by modest or simon, or sit there and pretend that paps ONLY ever stalk and harass (which they also do) and that they don’t generally also have a symbiotic business relationship with celebrities and their teams, like, that’s the point at which i cannot take people fucking seriously. when people say you can’t closet someone against their will, as if it’s ever that simple, as if you can reduce the history of homophobia in this industry or any industry, to a ignorant ass statement like that… i just? can’t engage with you? like, i’m sorry you believed some bloggers on the internet instead of researching something yourself or going with your gut instincts, by that’s not my problem. if you’re embarrassed about what you used to believe or how you used to act, maybe deal with that yourself instead of projecting your embarrassment or your gullibility onto other people lmao.

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I could be imagining it, but did you say once you had weight loss surgery and regretted it?

yes. i had a lap band surgery when i was 19. for the past ten years it’s caused nothing but literal pain and suffering and obviously, it didn’t result in weight loss for me. i vomit often. i don’t absorb nutrients like i should. i have acid reflux. i got coerced into it by a doctor who wanted to make money off of fat people’s fear. i was 19, no history of health problems, just fat. perfectly fine. i remember him trying to help me ‘scrounge up and fluff information’ to get it covered by insurance so i could have it done. it was bad medicine, borderline malpractice, that they performed this on me in the first place. i am working with my current doctor to strategize being able to get it removed. i wish it never happened.

when people want to romanticize weight loss surgery like its a quick fix or like its the ultimate goal or answer, i want to scream. it’s the worst decision i’ve ever made.

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H-hey Gaster.. I w-was wondering.. C-could I have a h-hug? My dad died r-recently and it's been really h-hard for me...

* You receive a kiss on your head from Gaster.

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Omg how/where did u meet Leonardo????? I LOVE HIM

Long story short I was invited to his lil private wrap party for The Great Gatsby in 2012 (so it’s actually been 4 years, my bad) by an American dude who was friends with him and ran a club at Kings Cross (party-lover Leo’s main hangout in Sydney, and mine back in my teenie bopper days). We had a short convo before he grabbed my wrist and told me it was really nice to meet me (I have to brag about that part because it was a great moment in my life), and then got back to his drinking and dancing on a couch LOL the end. I so wish I was vegan at the time and we could have discussed environmental issues 😭 it was pretty cool cause it was only a really small room and not lots of people there. I had to convince a couple of my friends to even go out that night cause no one believed me that it would really happen!

WOY thoughts

I’m just thinking about Jeff/Major Threat’s lesson to Hater in “The Good Bad Guy”. After Hater “defeats” him and saves his Watchdog army Jeff says “You not only helped your friends here but you also saved yourself, man. You’ll thank me later. It’s like Tumbleweed always said, Never hurts to help”.. And now after seeing how ruthless Dominator can be in “The Bot” with what happened to poor Beep Boop… and the crew hinting at some drama coming up. I have to wonder if there’s some foreshadowing there. Is Hater going to have to come to his senses about his crush and realise that Dominator is actually a huge threat in order to save not only himself but those around him? 

At the end of the SDCC trailer it says “This time it’s gonna hurt to help” ..Is it going to hurt Hater? because he HAS to help? HAS to push his feelings for Dominator aside? Because Dom is going to hurt someone? Some other reason? …Who knows. Except for the WOY crew.

Can like that be the end of her character please????? I JUST WANT DESTIEL TO HAPPEN OK IM SORRY IT HURTS I WISH WRITERS STOP QUEER BATING US AND LET NICE GAY SHIPS HAPPEN!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love me some female characters but when all they’re used for is a heterosexual plotline THAT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT GONNA HAPPEN it needs to stop.

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I'm pretty sure a FWB has a crush on me but he's respected my wishes to not get involved in anything serious and he's putting in equal emotional labor without expecting anything back. It's so amazing. He hasn't pushed or anything.

That sounds amazing anon, I’m so glad for you!

I always feel so relieved when this happens, it’s nice when your boundaries are respected!

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I'm a romantic asexual, who has never dated. I really crave affection, (cuddling, hand-holding, etc) but nothing sexual. I fear I can never be with anyone without them wanting something sexual from me and that I will never find anyone who feels the same way I do. I hate it when people say "When you have children..." because I have said a million times in response to that question that that will never happen and I am positive of that. I just wish people would understand that it is not a phase.

I'm genuinely shocked someone hasn't put a bullet into donald trump.

Ok, so I need to say a few things after such a statement:

First and foremost, I DO NOT WANT DONALD TRUMP TO DIE!!!!

Let me make that very, very clear.

I may hate donald trump with a burning fucking passion, but death is an extremely horrible thing to wish upon anyone. Although it’s true donald trump has said some massively FUCKED UP things, I do not want him to die. All I want is for him to drop out of the race, stop spouting his hateful, racist rhetoric, and go back to brushing his hair or whatever it was he was doing before this election.

BUT, hear me out.

Donald trump has pissed off A LOT of people.

If you are not a white Christian American male, donald trump has said something extremely offensive towards you.

And when you piss off that many people, on such a large scare, there are going to be some who are mad enough to resort to the extreme. There are going to be some that view you as a threat.

When donald trump goes up on stage and preaches these disrespectful, racist, sexist, childish, insane statements every day for 9 months, eventually somebody, somewhere, is going to get fed up with it.

And they are going to label him a target.

Donald trump has boasted so much about such hateful things that it puts him at a high risk of someone resorting to violence; and, even though I prefer donald trump supernova his own campaign in some show of spectacular brilliance, it would not come as a shock for me to wake up one morning to learn that someone has put a bullet in his chest.

Feeling a little -meh- tonight..wishing I could get some good lovins from my “beast” who is 5 hours away 😭 sooo, you guys are the next best thing lol :) Enjoy this pic because doubt it’s gonna happen again 😜

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To me it seemed like if Chas would have told him where Aaron is, i actually think he'd have gone to find him hoping to bring him home. Looking forward to seeing his reaction he sees Aaron when he's back😊

Probably, I think Robert just wants to know Aaron is okay. He knows what happened last time he was on his own, he almost died. But I like to think if he did find him he’d respect Aaron wishes that he needs time. He’d still be a support from a distance. I’m looking forward to that too, I can imagine saying something like “you’re back” in an excited voice and with either a big grin on his face or a shy smile smile.


Two sheriff’s deputies were shot and killed today in Harford County, MD, just for ‘wearing the uniform’ and there are people out there that said they deserved it. These two deputies were by Panera Bread, doing nothing at all, and were ambushed by a man who shot and killed them just for being officers. People like in that Facebook screenshot not only are happy that these officers were killed, but wish more would die. This makes me sick.

What’s worse is that I used to live in Harford County, twenty minutes away from where this shooting happened. Fuck those guys, man.

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But like i haven't even seen the video but i'm disappointed cause like everyone has been so excited over the ending of the episode but knowing that a 6 second clip can put the hype down makes me a little sad that the big scene we have been waiting for wasn't that big.

Well the 6 seconds didn’t put the hype down because it was disappointing, it just did because people kind of wished to have seen it tonight like with the rest of the episode? I think? I mean people were dying yesterday from excitement

I mean it still will be great since we don’t know what is going to happen, we know the big lines but not the details and the circumstances and what’s going to happen next soo yes. Don’t worry the episode will be amazing

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im so in love with a straight girl (im a lesbian) and this is so painful idk how to handle it and it makes me wish i wasn't gay bc my relationships would be so much easier :( i wish love hurt less

Ahhhhh, ye ol’ Straight Girl crush.

Look, it’s something that will happen because we are females interested in females and unfortunately most females aren’t interested in us. We don’t have the same dating pool as straight people which is unsurprisingly heartbreaking because we know we have no chance. If a friendship is too hard with her, and you know for a fact she isn’t interested in women and/or you specifically, then I suggest admitting defeat and avoiding contact. Seems impossible, I know - but I also know what it’s like to subconsciously know she isn’t into women but reading into everything she does for the miracle you may be The One. Chances are, you aren’t. And guaranteed, you’ll be listening to sad acoustic songs in your bed at night, crying about the notorious unrequited love. Humans also love the chase, a challenge, and when someone can’t love you - you want it more. However, it’s not good for the soul and if anything it just reduces your confidence and chance to find other les/bi women who DO want you.

As harsh as it is, let it go. Straight girls tend to like the attention lesbians give them, and will even flirt to prolong it. They may even think once or twice about going there, but it never ends well. You will get hurt. She won’t.