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i met blackbear and he signed my shirt, but he picked right on my boob, and he was so gentle as he pushed down the top of my breast and i could feel his breath on my collar bones i wish i was hot enough for him.

dude i would be so turned on, that’s awesome you got to meet him tho!

Heatwaves // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff

Words: 1.1k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: swearing

Summary: Domestic bants during a heatwave.

A/N: It’s really hot in the Midwest, so I wrote this.

ALSO: I wrote this while the were still in the first London flat, so…picture the setting as that and not the new flat. 

That is all :3

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Barnes’ Books - chapter 6

Not gonna lie, this chapter is disappointing. I’m sorry. No matter what, I couldn’t get it to flow, it’s all disjointed and I hate it :/ 

I have a plan for the next chapter (when Bucky’s fiancee should appear) but I don’t blame you if you give up after this one. I’m sorry I suck.

Barnes’ Books masterlist

I definitely felt different as I walked out of the hospital. I always tried to be a positive person, although the last few months had really got me down, but I liked to see the good in people.  Knowing that Bucky had seen my picture, and cared enough to think James would like it, that made me feel warm inside. Sure, Bucky was a bit of an ass, but he made his granddad smile, and that did endear me to him.

Yeah, I’ll admit there was a bit of vanity in there too. Hearing ‘you have talent’ was nice. And yes, OK, you win. Bucky was pretty good looking, fine, yes. So knowing he’d mentioned me was a bit of a boost. I’d been dumped! It was nice to be on someone’s radar, even if a little voice in my head was whispering ‘he probably said ‘that crazy cat hair woman who hangs around drew this’…’ Whatever it was, I felt more positive than I had done for a while. I’d wallowed for a while, and while knew the positivity wouldn’t last, I had to make hay while the sun shines and all that. Not that it was, shining that is. Rain again. But that was OK. I splashed back from the hospital to my flat, and decided to take stock.  

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Much needed laundry day…from start to finish. And just in time…I had to wear coloured briefs today 🤔

There’s about a month’s worth of tighty whities waiting to be folded. I wish I had a butler…a hot butler who I’d ask to fold my briefs for me 😉

Not gonna lie, I wish I had an imaginary friend as hot as Drop Dead Fred when I was a little girl. Hell, I wish Drop Dead Fred WAS my imaginary friend as a kid, just as long as he didn’t tell me to do horrible things. 

Yes, I find him hot, yougottaproblemwiththat? 

Rest in peace Rik Mayall (and to Carrie Fisher as well). 

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