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Anyone u want in tigh highs cause its cute af... How abt all ur characters? Nothing but tigh highs.

Have a Sonic bc he came first to my mind and I haven’t drew him “naked” in a long time

I wish I could do this with my OCs but 1. Tumblr doesn’t like OCs 2. I have too many but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED I’m probably gonna draw the other official chars in tigh highs too bc hhhng but it’s been done already

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(Date thing) im nearly 15, have floofy blond hair + blue eyes, im about 5'4ish and I'm agender (any pros, dfab) and I like literally anyone except boys (ie i would totally date a trans girl but not a boy) no word for it ig? i like to draw and dance. Id probably go for a science museum date (specific but there's one in walking distance from me with a real live shark; i love to show her off)

Omg u sound really cool!! I wish I could meet u!!
-mod Henri

i wish i had like really great friends who were spontaneous and loved me and we could go to museums on saturdays?? hikes on sundays??? study together at the library on mondays?? we could go see movies and critique them together. draw and paint on friday nights, help each other decorate our rooms, we could read books together then discuss like i just want some pure and positive friends…where y'all at

i’ve been thinking…. sera should actually be like… super buff?? very much ripped??? especially in the arms and shoulders.

and her back. this girl has the sort of back michelangelo WISHES he could sculpt, my dudes. she’s cut

seriously tho. longbows are serious business. they are heavy and tall and require a lot of skill to and strength to draw, never mind draw and do a backflip while firing.

anyways i’m starting a new club called SERA: Super Extra Ripped Archer (could also stand for She’s Extremely Radiant Andi’msupergay) reblog to join my club

My @khsecretsanta gift to @borearisu! I hope you like it <3 I’ve never drawn SoraNami before so I hope i do this ship and your “caring” (with a wee bit of angst) prompt justice ;u;! Wishing you a very happy holiday full of cheer and love and awesomeness <3 keep drawing, your art is absolutely wonderful!

A small accompanying poem beneath the cut!

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Why don’t we ever see Steve struggling to come to terms with his new body? (I know why but just listen ok I need this)

As someone who also had a list of problems with my body I know that physical pain and discomfort easily trigger dissociation, so I think it’s likely that Steve would already be familiar with dissociation when his body changes.

And yeah, his new body is great – no aches and pains, no labored breaths – but it is RADICALLY different than the body he’s had his entire life. I mean he’s like 4 times as massive literally. How can ANYONE go through that without feeling a massive disconnect from their body, let alone someone who already has a history of dissociation.

To top it all off, instead of having time to recover and come to terms with his new form, he goes right into the action of getting turned into an icon rather than a person, then goes to war.

All I’m saying is that Steve Rogers must still be experiencing a deep disconnect from his body, he likely still acts like a small, sickly kid, constantly forgetting that he’ll never be again what was once so familiar.

I just wanted to wish you a really happppyyyy 27 birthday, from a chinese swiftie who you don’t even know exists but you are the world to me, i just hope one day i could get to meet you and hug you and tell you that thank you for everything and how much I LOVE YOU and how much you mean to me.
I can’t believe that you’re 27 just feel like yesterday you were releasing the first album, and i just want you know that I’M WITH YOU TILL THE END OF THE LINE.
p.s. i really want to draw something awesome but i’m not good at that and i tried😳
LOVE, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

*cough cough*