uh listen I get that 1D’s shitty team trained people to think Harry doing anything for himself is a betrayal to the other boys and somehow means the fate of the band rests on only his shoulders but… considering it’s been over a year since the hiatus started… meaning as a band they aren’t currently active… and he’s only now dropping something music wise after being ghost for so long and the rest of them have ALL been publicly working on or releasing solo material for months… it doesn’t exactly make sense to still be claiming that does it

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I'm suuuuper sick rn so I'm curious how would the fallout 4 companions react to sole getting sick? I'm sure there's some new viruses in the new world they're not used to.

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Cait: She didn’t know what she was doing and she didn’t hide it. She made them tea once, but actually it was just warm water with literal grass in it. Every time Sole tried to instruct her, she just yelled overtop of them, “I KNOW I KNOW.” 

Curie: She was ON it. She’s has the medical knowhow for most illnesses, so Sole getting sick was no problem. Even though she knew she could take care of them, she still stayed with them at all times with a worried look on her face. 

Codsworth: He’s no stranger to human illnesses. He had taken care of Sole back before the war while they were sick, so this time should be no different. He didn’t realize that illnesses could change too. When Sole didn’t get better quickly, he worried a lot, and had to ask around on what to do. 

Danse: When Sole got sick, you could see the panic on Danse’s face. He never had to deal with sick people, because they just stayed back on the prydwen. He treated them as gentle as he could, and constantly asked if they were alright with what he was doing. 

Deacon: “Don’t worry, IIIIIIII got this.” Deacon acted confident that he could take care of them but failed miserably. Accidentally spilled soup on them, he just kept saying, “it’s fine,” while he cleaned them up. In the end Sole had to yell at him how to actually take care of a sick person. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t know what to do! Laid next to them until they felt better. 

Gage: He didn’t really worry about them, he knew that they were strong enough to get through it. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do some things to take care of them. When they were asleep, he’d adjust the blankets on top of them, and would sometimes leave food next to them for when they woke up. He got embarrassed when Sole called him out on it. 

Hancock: As soon as Sole started feeling ill, he worried immediately. He wasn’t sure if it could have been radiation poisoning, so he did his best to take care of them. Their symptoms didn’t look like radiation, so he was relieved. Stayed by their side the entire time. 

MacCready: “Okay okay don’t worry, I remember some stuff from when I was a kid….” MacCready checked their temperature by putting his hand on their forehead. “Yep, that’s a fever alright,” he sat down next to them and paused. “So what now…?” He didn’t actually know anything about how to cure ill people, but he did his best. 

Nick: “Hmmmmmm..” Nick gave them a puzzled look. All Sole could do was look up at him, they couldn’t even breathe through their nose at this point. “Hoooow about this,” Nick’s method of trying to help them was really just trial and error. 

Piper: Nervous as heck. She ran around in a panic looking for something to assuage their pain. Sole kept telling her to calm down but she just replied with, “but just LOOK AT YOU.” Eventually she tired herself out from running around, and fell asleep next to them. Piper ended up getting sick too. 

Preston: Preston was a mom. He knew exactly how to take care of them. Whenever Sole tried to get up and do something, he’d tell them to stop and rest. Probably brought them soup with an apron on. 

Strong: “Weak human should rest. Strong look after you.” By ‘look after’ he meant, make sure nothing killed them. 

X6-88: He knew the basics of how to cure human illnesses. He acted calmly but was secretly a little worried about them. They looked awful and it made him feel bad to see them like that. 

Adventures of Bree & Alex -Part 2

Thank you to everyone who is liking and sharing my first post!! Today is a rare day for me and I have spare time at work, so I went ahead and finished the second part. I was going to wait until tomorrow, but why the hell not post it today. I hope you like it! If you have any suggestions for me, please feel free to throw them my way! I’m still new at all of this, so I’ll take any tips!

Dear Mama,

I’m sorry for all of this, or rather having to do it this way, but Alex and I know we don’t have any other option. There’s somethings I need to tell you. Last night, we overheard Daddy talking to some woman in his study. He was yelling about how he wanted to keep our real dad away from us, away from you. We snuck into the study later and saw the papers. All the research he’s done. Daddy’s known our real father was alive and where he is for years.

Alex and I are leaving to go to the stones, so we can go back to meet him. Please don’t be angry with us. We need to know who our real father is and where we come from. I’ve always felt like a piece of me was missing, and now I understand why.

We’ll be okay, and we’ll come back after we meet him. We just need to know.

I’m sorry. We love you so much Mama.

Bree & Alex

Claire’s hands were trembling uncontrollably. She couldn’t think straight. It was all too much. First, finding out Jamie had lived past Culloden, that had nearly destroyed her. She left only because his fate was sealed with the other Scots. The last few days had been torturous as she processed the news.

Frank having more information about him wasn’t that unimaginable though. His betrayals started the moment she got back to this century.

But Bree and Alex, her pieces of Jamie. Her miracles. They don’t understand what the world is like there. One false move and they’ll be slaughtered.

Without hesitation, Claire, still holding the letter in her hand, burst out of Bree’s room running down the hallway and stairs, finally reaching the study. Shoving the doors open to where they smacked against the walls, she ran in the room expecting it to be empty. But there was Frank - and one of his women.

He was sitting at his desk, facing the back wall, and she was straddling him. The sound of her entrance shocked them both as Frank spun the chair around causing the girl to fall onto the floor. Luckily for Claire, it looked as if they were early in their affair as both were still completely clothed.

With a level of ferocity that scared even a part of herself, Claire strode across the room, and clawed her hand across his face.


Frank, torn emotionally between guilt, fear and anger, bolted out of his chair, “Where is who?! What on bloody earth are you doing Claire?!” His little girlfriend pushed herself across the floor to the wall, obviously too terrified to run.

“The papers!! The ones you have on Jamie!! Where are they?!?!”

“I’m sure I don’t know what - ”

“Don’t play games with me Frank Randall! Not anymore! The children heard you talking to your little whore last night! They snuck in and saw whatever papers you have and they’re going to the stones to go back to him!! Now you tell me where the papers are or I will slit your miserable throat and find them myself!!!!”

Realization set in on Frank’s face, “they’re going back?”

“Yes, you blithering idiot!!”

It was hard to tell what he was thinking, his expressions ranging all over the board. His face finally settled on a look of disgust. He grabbed a key out from the coin jar sitting on his desk and reached down to unlock the bottom left drawer behind his desk. He pulled out a folder and dropped it in front of her.

“Take it. Go ahead and leave. We both know you’re going after them and you won’t come back this time,” he spit.

“Damn you Frank. You should have died in that car crash.” And with that, Claire spun on her heels, running out the door to find her children.

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I wonder if Chelsea Briggs saw Lauren's replies about Camren 😂

I’m sure she did. I’m also sure she doesn’t care and she’s CS forever.😩 Chelsea keeps it respectful though. She ships from afar. And going back to the conversation earlier. Its funny that Lauren denies Camren but all these celebrities still seem to ship the hell out of them. Kind of makes me wonder…what do they know that we don’t.

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@atsterek replied to your post “Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you want me to write you a teen wolf prompt…”

If you are still taking them I have one: an old friend from before the fire visits Derek and stiles gets super jealous

Stiles doesn’t want to admit, but….. he is jealous. Like way jealous. The easy way Derek smiles with Richard. The way Derek laughs freely with Richard. The way Derek looks at Richard like he is the funniest man on the planet. It’s all getting to Stiles and really irking him.

Not that he has any reason to be jealous. He and Derek are friends. They have been friends, good friends even, for a couple years now. 

Maybe it’s that Stiles wants Derek to smile, laugh, and stare that way at him, not Richard.

Or maybe not.

Definitely not.

It’s later that night when Stiles and Derek are hanging out at Derek’s apartment that Derek asks him, “Why don’t you like Richard?”

Stiles sputters for a solid minute before coming up with a response. “I don’t. He seems nice, but I barely know the dude.”

“You glared at him like he ran over your cat,” Derek tells him with a disappointed frown. “You couldn’t at least try to like him? For me?”

Stiles frowns. “Why does it matter if I like him or not?”

“Because,” Derek argues and then stops, blushing.

And it’s the blush that makes Stiles push. “Why does it matter, Derek?”

“Because it’s you,” Derek exclaims, looking up at Stiles with sad eyes. “Because it’s you I look to for your opinion on anything whether it’s food or the shirt I’m wearing or the music I listen to. I care about your opinion. I want you to enjoy the things I enjoy.”

“Why?” Stiles asks, pushing him even more.

Derek visibly swallows and takes a step back. “Because I like you. I know you already know so you don’t have to rub it in my face that you don’t like me that way back. Can’t we just stay friends?”

“No,” Stiles answers. “I didn’t know you liked me that way. So no, we can’t go back to being friends.”

Derek looks up at him absolutely heartbroken. “But.”

Stiles stops him with a wave of his hand. “Now that I know there’s no going back. Because I like you that way too, Derek. The reason I don’t like Richard is because I thought you liked him romantically.”

“What?” Derek says, confused. “No, he’s just a friend.”

“I thought I was just a friend too,” Stiles points out.

Derek shakes his head. “Not just a friend.”

Stiles walks towards him, getting as close as he possibly can. “Now that we have that figured out, can we kiss now?”

And they do.

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So recently, I found your tumblr and I must say, your art and animations are drowning me in so much awesomeness! No to mention, you're killing me with all of those fabulous shop items, I need every single one of them!! I'm not sure if this was asked before, but what anima software do you use? It's hard to find a good one to animate on... I hope it's not a bother for you to answer this question >^<

Awww qwq Thank you very much omg …
Don’t buy every single one!! I don’t want people to starve D: .. you can’t eat prints or charms … well maybe you can .. but still!!!
But thank you q0q!!!

Ah I use Clip Studio Paint EX for both art and animation :)!!!
And am trying to get around with OpenToonz to make better camera movement, as this is not possible in Clip Studio xox;;;
But still i looove this program as I have used it before the animation possibility haha x3

I know this is unrelated to retail, but I wanted to ask our followers that may be studying the same field for help. My 12 year old son told me today that he wants to be a Computer Hardware Engineer. He’s pretty gifted(AP math and English classes), but he needs a clear path on what to do in order to achieve what he wants(he is PDD-NOS and benefits from having a plan). I assume math is top priority, but what other classes should he be paying special attention to before he’s in college? I think telling him “all of them” would be a cop out and not giving him a clear goal. Any info to help him achieve his dream is really appreciated. I had absolutely no idea what a Computer Hardware Engineer is until he mentioned it today so I am completely lost. I tried googling it but, honestly, still lost. He probably knows more than I do and I need to catch up in order to encourage him. -Abby

Good Ones- William Nylander

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(This kid’s face is the best!)

Ok guys, this one kind of got away from me and I’m actually happy with how this smut turned out! But still… it’s smut! So you all know what to do for these! Up next for everyone is: Jeff Skinner!

Warning: sex, smut, smexy time, cusses

Anon Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a William nylander smut? Please and thank you!! I love your writing it’s amazing!


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Am I the chosen one???? I thought I should consult you guys, this could be a breakthrough, for all we know 8D I plan on replying the following: “I have your notifications on now. I will be sure to remember to reblog that announcement. To me, I’ll remember because 3+5+1=9 and 9 is my favourite number. Yes the bees are still alive, but they are in danger. I do hope this random fact is worthy: every multiple of 9 when added together to be one number ends up being 9. For example, 9 x 39 = 351.” What do you guys think? – @pam1256

It’s a good idea, guy if you get the message do this, tell them some random fact so they don’t learn important things about us.

i hate when people say they loved me so much but got over me in like.. maybe only 2 weeks? and have fun all the time? and complain they weren’t good enough when they literally fucking were but forced me to leave so they can be finally happy when I had the feeling, I couldn’t make them happy anymore although it breaks my heart but it’s still the best for them, not even for myself in my opinion or then left me bc I was too much to handle? it’s like i can’t do anything right no matter what i do but stop complaining when i’m the one who was in fact never good enough, fuck this shit and fuck everyone who tries to make me feel bad because I already think I would be better off dead so just stop

I’ve been reblogging and fangirling on my FB all day about this but…


They are OTP.   Sarah attests to it, David has given interviews for eons about how he knows they end up together and now even Joss admits it’s the greatest love story he’s ever written.



Also, it should be noted that David has maintained for years that he doesn’t do reunions – OF ANY KIND.   He hates them - he prefers to move forward to new projects.   He’s been maintaining this mantra since at least 2003 – FOURTEEN YEARS AGO.

That’s also another concept that makes this so interesting – you could tell DB was a bit uncomfortable/anxious – yet when it comes to SMG, there’s this camaraderie and closeness that they have…it’s unlike any other.   I think he went back on his anti-reunions mantra because of SMG and their mutual adoration for one another, not to mention this ship.   He still goes on record to this day and thanks her for a lot of the great successes in his career, and that RL friendship and their fictional pairing is still the ONE thing that he looks back on when he refers to the Whedonverse.


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do you agree mcr's popularity with younger generations has to do more with their image than the music? if most of the band members weren't attractive i don't think they'd be as big as they were/are


i think it helps that they’re decently attractive like as much as it sucks to say, if they were all butt ugly they probably wouldn’t be as big…or they wouldn’t have as dedicated an online fandom presence as the do

cause like i think people would still love the music but people wouldn’t want to sit around reblogging pictures of them all day and making gifs and drawing them and making edits of them etc if they didn’t have nice faces to look a

but the same goes for the music like if they had the same faces but the music blew they wouldn’t have gotten the popularity they did.

so my final thought is that like maybe seeing their faces and thinking their attractive helps people look more into them but if it wasn’t for the music there would be nothing. i think that they’d have more fans if they had the same music and were ugly than if they had shitty music and just looked the way they do.

(and yes i know looks are subjective, i know people who do think they’re ugly i just think the general consensus is that they all have nice faces lol)

TalesFromYourServer: "That's too expensive"

I’m not exactly a waitress but I do work in a food cart. This happened a few years ago and makes me smile still. Also, blah blah blah long time lurker, first time poster here.

So this huge group of people come up and stare at our menu. They waited in line for probably ten minutes and still don’t know what they want. There’s about 6 of them, a mom and teenagers.

Anyway, I’m waiting. They slowly order everything, interrupting each other. Just overall difficult. Changing orders and all. Okay whatever, I’m used to it.

We don’t have a register. I am the register. I’m adding prices in my head. I get the total ($65) and repeat everything back to make sure I have all their food and added right. So I tell the mother the total and yell back all the food.

Mother: “That can’t be right.”

Me: “I assure you it is the correct price.”

Mother: “I told everyone they could get two things. It can’t be that expensive.”

Me: “Almost everyone ordered $5 drinks and $6 sandwiches.”

Mother: “That can’t be the right total. I want a receipt.”

Me: “Ma'am, we don’t have a cash register, much less a receipt printer.”

Mother: “Too bad. Get me a receipt.”

At this point my boss is laughing as I’m digging for something to write with. He knows I’m right but he knows she won’t leave without being proved wrong. I find an expo marker and a paper plate. I have to have everyone repeat their orders. At this point their food is sitting on the counter waiting for them.

Woman is still impatiently waiting for her paper plate receipt. I finish adding. Who would have guessed, it came to $65.

Me: “Here’s your receipt. You’re total is $65.”

She looks at my mess or blue expo marker and begrudgingly paid.

Mother: “Your food is too expensive.”

Me: “Have a nice day!”

It’s fair food, lady. It’s all expensive. And it damn good too.

By: itoldyousoanysayo


Voice Paintings!!!

I’ve been meaning to post something about these for a while! I kinda threw the idea out there and never really followed up on it.

For those of you that know, I have synesthesia. When I hear sounds, I see color. I like painting music and voices when time allows, and I’m taking commissions for them!

So if you want your voice painted or maybe some music you like, I can do that. I’ll even make it look like one of those little faces I paint all the time since a lot of them are actually based on colors if music and voices.

I’m still debating on pricing but I’m thinking $30, which will include shipping since these will be small watercolor pieces.

Shoot me a message if interested!

Have a picture of my Lovebird, she is very social, she’ll cling to you all day if you allow her. 
She’s the only one of my birbs that is very tame, the rest of them live mostly on their own, and come sit on my head whenever they please. 
I love them all though! They keep me busy and my days much better.
I also have a grumpy, lazy cat. He is your stereotypical cat, not cuddly, scratches you if you do something he dislikes, etc. I still love him to bits though, and I know how to work with him, so most of the time he is very good!

Let me explain : if you saw my Snapchat story you would understand but then again most of you won’t. I look at the big picture of it all. Nowadays it’s acceptable to have open relationships & be promiscuous or focus on looks/money and everything glamour? Right… that’s how I see it. When I was a few years younger coming out …I thought it was cool to be free, wild, and do all the things everyone else was doing all because I wanted to fit in… drugs, sex, focus on appearance and materials… are any of those things important ? No. We live in a world where we are accepting these things as norms which in my sincere opinion shouldn’t be. Giving those barely coming out & those who are still young and showing them that’s it’s okay to do all those things because it’s fun. I’m all for expressing and being proud of who we want to be in life … but expressing the right thing and being proud of having self respect for ourselves. I’m not here to have everyone agree with me but I’m here to share my voice and what I believe in to help whoever wants to hear. I can’t have a decent conversation with a normal guy without them sending dick-ass pictures/talking sexual/ or just feeding me what they think I want to hear. To my sad reality it’s come to this where I don’t give the time anymore because I’ve read it all and can see through the bull shit. That’s only one of the reasons. I been through my fair share of experience and I know for a fact all the cards being dealt with. I’m not easy nor do I want to be I need someone who will be patient and will wait as long as necessary to win over my affection … in regards to my snaps… clearly the guy is a complete moron who obviously plays into those cards of only wanting one thing only. I never thought in a million years that being kind, humble, worth waiting, self respected, and honest would be rare traits for one to have in my eyes. The way i see love is that strong affection you just don’t give away easily because it’s not that easy to give away. Love isn’t just sex. It’s the connection between two people who devour each other to the fullest. Sex can be just sex but when love is involved that’s another thing. Some people don’t know the difference or the meaning. When you just give yourself for the heat of the moment … it takes a part of you every time… till your glass becomes empty and alone. When you can have sex and not attach any feelings to it you become alone and the only thing you become addicted to is sex but the sad thing is you won’t ever experience love because the feelings will never be there because it has no meaning when you connect the dots. Make what you want of this but just know that good guys are out there … and it’s worth the wait.

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Curious why you figure Clarke/Eliza is under appreciated? Within theloo fandom altogether? Definitely. But within the Clexa fandom specifically the love for both our girls seems to be pretty equal. Was it always that way? No. And I think that was understandable. But now it all seems to be pretty equal. I see Eliza/Clarke getting so much well earned love from clexas, plus she doesn't get any of the hate Alycia does, also from clexas.

There’s definitely a very clear bias towards Lexa/Alycia still. Easily proved by the fact that there’s a lot more art, gif sets, etc about them. As for the so-called hate on Alycia, I don’t think it’s that so much as disillusionment for the way she handled the aftermath of Lexa’s death.

She chose to remain strictly professional — and do some ass-kissing (although, as much as we say otherwise, Lexa was, for all effects and purposes, Jason’s character) — instead of having a more active role in the whole… thing. I mean, I still think people read waaaaayyyyy too much into Eliza’s every tweet or lack thereof, but she definitely took a stand. I think Alycia didn’t understand, or didn’t want to — but we can’t expect a rich straight white girl who just wants to act to understand — what it all meant and much it would have meant to see her also speak out about it. But that disillusionment only happened because people always expect too much from these actors, who despite their aura of… something-ness, are literally just people and definitely not perfect. Putting them on a pedestal is not healthy — for us and for the actors themselves. You can’t expect perfection from a human being. The problem is that people often forget that — so when Alycia didn’t meet those surreal standards of perfection, people suddenly woke up to reality and some were angry about it. It’s the Syndrome syndrome — when you discover that your hero isn’t really a hero; they’re human, with human flaws and human shortcomings. I don’t think we can fault Alycia for not wanting to get involved and preferring to remain strictly professional, though. It’s a choice. I’m not going to deny, however, that the Clexa fandom could have used better understanding of the cultural zeitgeist of Lexa’s death or however you use that fancy word.

But again, how can you fault someone for being 100% professional? Besides, after the fiasco of the Copenhagen Con and those awful leaks, you can expect her never to show up, Clexa-wise, again. There’s a reason why her friends say that her fans are crazy — and not in a good way. We need to stop putting people on a pedestal and start realising they’re human. And some are straight (therefore not invested in fighting our fight) and just want to act. Alycia never asked to be a gay icon.

TL/DR: There’s still a bias towards Lexa/Alycia and I don’t think anyone in the Clexa fandom hates on Alycia, I think they’re just disillusioned from the way she handled the reaction to Lexa’s death. Still, we can’t fault her for choosing to remain 100% professional and not get in the middle of anything that might harm her career. Can’t expect her to understand. Anyway, point remains: Clarke and Eliza deserve a lot more love than they currently get (especially from blorkes).

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Human!Drift, Rodimus, Swerve, and Perceptor reaction to meeting a Cybertronian!s/o and falling for them (Like the wheeljack ask you did a while back)

(here is the link to that other ask) I meant to do all 4 of them im so sorry but i got carried away with drift and had to stop *cri*

Drift was actually… not in a good place at the time he met you. In high school, things just got (more) difficult for him. He still didn’t fit in anywhere and he wasn’t really sure how to make it so that he could. His grades were decent, but the only thing he really excelled at was anything that involved physical activity. 

It was a sweltering day when you two crossed paths. When he was walking home from school, he’d turned to cross into a shaded alleyway to avoid the sun and the swarms of popular kids that always pushed him around. Cars occasionally went by as he walked, and part of him thought that one of them could hit him and he’d be alright with it. 

One car stopped dead in front of him and people got out shouting at him, and Drift didn’t even budge. He’s been through it all before. Stand still and take the beating. You can’t outrun a vehicle. One boy smacked his phone out of his hand and it went clattering to the dusty ground. The revving of an engine fired up in the distance, but Drift knew that it wasn’t the same car. He expected to have more visitors soon, joining the ones already having a great time with him. A different kid shoved him from behind and he heard his own neck crack as he shot forward. The first boy sent a swift punch to his stomach when Drift finally caught his balance again, making him cough and gasp for air while the howling of a high-performance engine got nearer and nearer. 

The boy grabbed Drift’s jaw like a vice. “Tell me what you’re gonna do about it.” 

Drift’s stomach twisted both in pain and in anticipation. 

“I said tell me.”

“I won’t have to.” Tears stung Drift’s eyes as he reeled back and cracked his fist against the side of the boy’s head, making nearly direct contact with his ear. The boy drew back in rage, hardly shoving Drift away and groaning in pain the whole time Drift stood there, completely stunned at his own action. He turned his back on his attacker, just in time to catch the other boy’s palm flat against his throat. Drift’s hand was throbbing but he could barely feel it over the choking pain that enveloped his entire body as he crumpled to the ground. 

He couldn’t breathe. He was losing consciousness. He was slipping. The last thing he remembered seeing was the shadowy figures of the two boys looming over him, ready to jump him. Then, dust. Clouds of dust. The squealing of tires spinning out. A loud tch tsche tsche tsche ksh sounded from beside him, and he was being lifted off of the ground by what felt like two large metal hands wrapped around his body. Ambulance, probably. But he had no idea how it could have gotten here so fast. It was his last thought before completely succumbing to the pain in his body.

And time went by.

It was funny, now that Drift thought about it. Months later, after learning about who you are and what you’re here for, he realized that he could relate to a gigantic alien robot better than he could relate to anyone he has ever met. And he cared about you more than anyone, too. Drift didn’t really want to admit it out loud, but he knew what the feelings were even when they first showed up. Sure, he was falling for you. You saved him in every sense of the word and expected nothing in return, how could he not love you? He had someone, and… well, he had someone. That meant more to him than pretty much anything else. He constantly asked himself how he could not be smitten from that point on.

It was a quiet night and Drift wasn’t doing much of anything. You had transformed and driven you both down by the river, which Drift revealed was one of his favourite places to go to get away from everything that bothered him. You both hadn’t said very much and that was just fine, just enjoying the peaceful company that the other brought. It wasn’t until he stopped skipping stones across the water and instead stood very still that seemed to (finally) get your full attention.

“You okay?” You asked him. 

Drift sighed and dropped down to a squat. 


“I like you,” he admitted, and was fully prepared for you to be upset by that fact– because of course, what kind of a relationship was that supposed to entail.

“I… like you too.” Another admission. 

Drift thought he’d push his boundaries. He’s already come this far. “I love you.”

Brightly glowing eyes settled on Drift’s where he now knelt on the ground. “I do not understand. I cannot compute the concept of love,” you replied in a rather monotonous voice and expressionless face, and as tears formed in Drift’s eyes and his shoulders sank with a noticeable sadness, you chuckled. 

“I’m just kidding. I love you too, Drift.”


((theres a lot going on right now but i felt the urge to post something anyways

im too depressed to be positive for you all consistently so thats my reason for the constant hiatus. im unhealthy and unhappy and feel like i may not live long if i dont get out of my current surroundings.

i do still want to finish answering your questions and continuing to take them, but its taking me a long time to do anything let alone take care of all of you

thanks for being here for so long, and thanks for making this fandom great when it was.

im sorry we all devolved into a joke about people wanting to fuck sans. it makes me sick tbh. this dumb pixel game brought together people and emotionally moved them and inspired them to be better people and now all people care about is how ridiculous it is to want to fuck a skeleton.))