Lithuania Character Facts

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🇱🇹He is worse than Germany at understanding jokes

🇱🇹He once beat Prussia

🇱🇹He has a weak stomach

🇱🇹He has pollakuria

🇱🇹He hates Prussia

🇱🇹He owns a used car

🇱🇹He likes martial arts

🇱🇹Russia still stalks him

🇱🇹He has scars on his back

🇱🇹He often gets stomachaches because he gets depressed very often

🇱🇹He is surprisingly muscular

🇱🇹Russia did dress him up in a maids outfit and chased him with a whip

🇱🇹He threw away all the stuff related to the Soviet Union after it was over.

🇱🇹He is a member of the choir club

🇱🇹His design is a rejected Hungary design.

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There is a work of yours that I'm looking for. That amazing one Urbans brilliant 5 seconds in into darkness (you know the scene). I love it and I can't find it and it's making me sad

is it this one broseph (x) hope it helps, friend :)

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Sasha, why do you think babygate is still trucking (hell, I could ask that about all the stunts)? As time goes on, that kid looks less and less passable as Louis' child, and they've already pulled a 'custody battle' three times. It feels like they don't know what to do with it anymore.

I think it’s still going on because it can and 1DHQ won’t let it die until they have no choice. It’s punishment for The Great One Direction Insurrection™. And it’s my headcanon (based on what I’ve seen and heard from them) that Louis and Zayn led that rebellion. Not to mention they complicated the lives of their team by pursuing romantic relationships with their bandmates–good boys Harry and Liam–who 1DHQ thinks could probably have otherwise been kept in check if not for their meddling boyfriends. And this is why Louis has been stuck with a fake baby and a shrew of a babymama for so long that even his supporters are questioning whether he wants to be closeted. Meanwhile, his true business interests are stifled. It’s a parallel strategy to suppressing Zayn’s album, not allowing him to perform and publicly portraying him as unstable and fragile while milking him for promo bucks. 

This is payback for being 1D’s baddest bitches, pure and simple. They’re both strong people being slandered in public as weak. Louis can’t seem to get his ball busting babymama in check. And Zayn has fallen prey to his own hubris. Neither is even a little bit true. But those narratives will continue until the bitter end of the 1DHQ era. Business-wise, it makes them both look like immature kids who are a bad bet for future projects. It’s part of the overall strategy to damage the 1D brand. All 5 have been used to do that, but the worst of it has been reserved for Zouis.  

I hand’t noticed before that these cannons are actually joined by the supporthing thingy, so they’re supposed to be used all at the same time.

I still want to know how Rose made them.

Finally the quartesine trio is together again.

And if I’m predicting correctly it won’t do a fucking thing.

“Yipi Ka Yey Motherfuckers!”


Due to what happened few hours ago, everything from MMDLuv’s queue got saved in drafts, and I’m only going to answer asks and do critiques. Contest’s deadline is still the same - 12th of November.

Well, until a person who sent this is gonna show up and apologize PUBLICLY to me, and all Fukka’s friends who got deeply hurt by it.

If they’ll show up by themselves - I’m not gonna take any further action. Of course I’m gonna be ANGRY AF, but nothing else. They’re not gonna be blocked on MMDLuv as well. I also want you not to witchhunt that person.

But if they won’t show up and I find them, I’m gonna do my best to make them regret what they said. People who know me know, that I’m not joking. I’m gonna rip them to shreds. Their name is gonna be everywhere and I’ll take care of that. In such situation, I’m not responsible for your guys’ actions as well.

This shit is about Fukka, and Fukka was MMDLuv’s other half. I’m not gonna tolerate such bullshit. Do you really think I’m gonna ignore it? Lol no, not this time. The person who did it was way out of fucking line.

I do have a clue who might have sent it. But I’m not 100% sure yet. So I’ll just wait.

But for now - I only have my theory. 


My decision might change. I dunno yet. It depends.

- Admin RE! aka Paranoia-N

Magical Cleaning Methods: The Non-Oppressive Edition!

I have decided to compile this list amid unending conversations about the varied ways to purify or exorcise a space. My strongest message over and over, which needs support, is to NOT STEAL TRADITIONS OF OPPRESSED PEOPLE; traditions that as a generalization need protecting from oppressors, colonizers, and willy-nilly internet appropriators.

Most adamantly I will ask that no one burn sage, cedar, tobacco, or sweetgrass as these are traditions stolen from many indigenous American tribes.

While some tribes and individuals are neutral about whether or not settlers use or abuse these traditions, many still practice these rituals and are vehemently opposed to their mistreatment. It doesn’t matter if you have some “native American blood” or your great, great Grandpa says he was half Cherokee. Unless you are taught how to honor, cultivate, and engage with the spirits of these plants you have no business using them. I promise you that your people have their very own ways to do all these things. Perhaps this post will help you to find them.

The tools written about below are to the best of my knowledge traditional to groups of people within Europe that have either been colonizers (such as England or the ancient Roman Empire) and intentionally spread their culture, or are not socially oppressed by the majority of English-speaking white liberal internet users, which compose the larger part of witches and magicians that might encounter this post. So perhaps you will find a spark of ethnic, cultural, or magical connection in the practices below and can stop buying ‘smudge sticks’ from Urban Outfitters. Also there’s been much contention about the use of the English word “smudge” in relation to cleansing rituals, but there is little or no documentation about its origins or early use. I therefor won’t vouch for or against its use in this post. However, it always seems to carry the connotation of burning sage whenever it is spoken, so perhaps one could more intentionally utilize “fumigate” in reference to burning magical substances in ritual.

Never should one underestimate the power of physically cleaning a space.
Dust it, sweep it, wipe it, shine it – the first step in many ceremonies should be a thorough tidying of the physical space itself. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good broom. While you should definitely scrub your surfaces, I will not advise using the newly popular magical floor scrubs and floor washes. I have only found references to ritual floor washing in hoodoo, which being a practice predominantly belonging to black communities in America I will not recommend to anybody who is not indoctrinated into those practices. Wanna learn hoodoo? Find a two-headed doctor.

Salt is still very popular, and its use has been widespread for centuries. It can purify people, places, and things by sprinkling, rubbing, or throwing it. It also has some more forceful banishing power, and I knew an old woman in Italy whose friend used to subtly throw salt after people she didn’t like to push them far away or prevent their return. She always carried a little pouch of salt on her for this purpose. You can line your sills, fire pits, and thresholds with bands of salt to protect your home after purifying it.

Sprinkling salt water in the corners, entranceways, walls, and ceilings of a place will clean it of malicious spirits or spells, particularly if charms, prayers, or blessings are uttered throughout the procession. You can use sacred objects and/or sprigs of sacred plants to fling the water where it should go. The above two methods are relatively pan-European.

If you have any alignment with the Catholic faith holy water can work the same magic as salt water. If not, your tradition may have its own way for blessing water or gathering water that holds some power for this purpose.

The smoke of frankincense resin is holy enough to exorcise evil spirits and malicious powers. You can carry it around in a censor to fumigate the various nooks of a place. If you leave it stationary, a trick for getting a purer scent is to suspend aluminum foil above a candle flame (you can punch holes with a pen or pin if your flame starts to suffocate) and place the frankincense on the foil so that the resin doesn’t char but lightly simmers. Holy water and frankincense are broadly Abrahamic traditions.  

Boughs from the juniper tree have been burned in Ireland and Britain for a long time to cast protection and chase out malign spirits. It was commonly believed during the early modern period that if a changeling fairy took the place of a human who was stolen away into Elfland, often impersonating them in a sickbed, then a powerful fumigation of juniper would force the spirit back to the Otherworld and entice the good-folk to bring back the stolen mortal.

Rosemary may be burned to purify a place, and hung or planted to protect it. It is also a wonderful aid in studying, memory, and concentration.

Thyme is associated with courage, became linked with fairy lore, love, protected from nightmares, aided the passage to the underworld, and was said to drive out serpents, venom, and worms. Though at some times considered an extremely lucky plant, by the 19th century in Britain it was considered dangerously unlucky to bring wild thyme into the home. This may have been due to the dangers of the good-people, who were said to dance upon it. Gifting it, placing it, and strewing it all have their own power, however burning bundles of it will purify a space, drive out serpents, and bring courage to all those present. This lore comes mostly from Greece and Britain.

Banging bronze pots and pans around the house was said to drive away evil spirits in Rome, and was specially noted within Ovid’s writings on the festival of Lemuralia, when the heads of houses would appease the more dangerous spirits of death with black beans in a barefoot procession around the home. The rough noise of the kitchenware probably paired with the nature of their metal to drive away harmful beings.

Despite the casual marketing of common cleansing rituals, and the ease that capitalist witchcraft encourages in magical undertakings, I beg you not to forget that rituals like cleansing are work. You should always be thorough. Pick up your rugs, move your furniture, don’t forget the closet, under the bed, in the pantries, under the porch. If you aren’t a teensy bit out of breath toward the last room, your cardio must be on point. And make sure you toss out your trash. After you have finished cleaning, always remember to protect the newly cleansed space – most spirits move easily through clean places, so please be careful to choose who you’re inviting with strong wards and thorough gates.

Just please never, ever, by any means burn sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or tobacco as these are stolen traditions and knowledge of those beings must be taught. Keep learning where your traditions come from so that you are respecting their history, bearers, and community of spirits.

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As someone who just got out of a relationship with a Tom: YES to all you said. People like Tom will tell you they love and support you but the instant they don't get what they want they turn around and say/do all the things they promised not to.

Dated-Tom anon. Also they say they feel guilty but the guilt means nothing if they keep repeating the pattern over and over still. And you fear them for it and it sucks. Dating Toms is not healthy for you at all I don’t care about Tom’s fee-fees.

PS: The Tom I dated was “predispositioned” too via his PTSD from childhood abuse. DOES NOT EXCUSE what he did to me. I understand why he felt the way he did but it was not an excuse for the end result! Tom’s trauma does not excuse hurting you…

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A lot of stuff like the tweets is all just a game, according to GA in an interview. But the bits that weren't meant for fans, the body language stuff you were looking at, do you think that still holds any truth to it? Or do you think all of that was played up also? I don't want to be, but I'm still sad with a ache in my stomach and heart :( Hope you're holding out better

I think David and Gillian truly love each other and have a very unique relationship- whatever the context- that we will never truly understand. I adore watching them interact and while I do think they (mostly Gillian) play off the audience, I also believe the underlying sentiment is genuine. After all, “all that’s left is the heart.” ❤

Imagine when Stiles and Lydia are reunited in s6. There’s some commotion going on in the room-of-the-forgotten because the pack breaks in and everyone is rushing to get out. Lydia is running around calling for Stiles and he’s pushing through the crowds trying to find her. Then when they finally do she runs over and grabs his arms but they’re both too shocked to do anything more, just stare at each other with bewildered eyes. Then finally Stiles says, “You’re here…you found me,” with his voice cracking slightly. “You remembered me.” And Lydia just nods and fists her hands in his flannel. “I couldn’t forget you,” she breathes. “I - Stiles I love you.” Then Stiles can’t take it anymore, he holds her face with both hands, leans in and crushes his lips to hers, and everyone in the room is still running amok around them, but the moment their lips connect all the noise cuts and Better by SYML starts playing and everything slows down, and its just them.

Kim: Trans Burundian (Canada)

Q. Was there ever a time where you felt pushed away from your African or LGBTQ identities? If so, how did you overcome that personally?

“I think that it still happens that i feel pushed away by people deeming me not “african enough”, the difference is that now i don’t actually make space for them to make me doubt my identity. I find pride in all the things I was taught to hate about myself and i am doing that work constantly, everyday.”

- Kim (Trans Burundian, She/Her, IG: @blacksupremacist)

About Limit(less):
Limit(less) is a photography project by Mikael Owunna (@owning-my-truth) documenting the fashion and style of LGBTQ African Immigrants (1st and 2nd generation) in diaspora. The project seeks to visually deconstruct the colonial binary which states that one cannot be both LGBTQ and African. #LimitlessAfricans

Learn More: http://www.limitlessafricans.com

Donate to support the project: HERE

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500+ Follower Giveaway (of love)

None of us want me to try doing art for you, trust me.

So instead I’m just throwing all of my love at you.

Thank you for being here with me for whatever this blog is. I still remember the sad and lonely years I spent having to keep all of my feelings about Dragon Age bottled up because I had nobody to talk to about them.

The DA fandom on here has given me so much. Beautiful art, gut-wrenching stories, the best gush sessions a girl could ask for, and a community of people who understand how special and important these characters are.

Seriously, I love you all so much. Literally any of you could message me and be like “I stubbed my toe today” and I’d be researching home remedies for stubbed toes and seeing if it’s possible to send hot chocolate across provincial and federal lines.

Thanks for everything, guys.

Festival of Fancasts

Instead of doing a fic prompt thing for Chanukah (yes I know it’s still over a month away, I need prep time), I’m gonna take #AllYourFavesAreJewish fancast moodboard prompts! I can also do ship moodboards.


  1. All fancasts must be Jewish.
  2. You can send in however many you want, but please try not to overload me. 
  3. I’ll do any fandom, unless I don’t know it in which case I will tell you.
  4. Don’t worry if someone has already asked for the celebrity or character, I’m happy to do duplicates as long as it’s not exactly the same. (For example: I’m already planning on doing two Kitty Prydes, just with different actresses. See below.)

My current Festival of Fancasts to-do list:

  • Daveed Diggs as Superman
  • Mila Kunis as Kitty Pryde 
  • Zoë Kravitz as Kitty Pryde

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How do you feel about the fact that tens of thousands of your fans would marry you in a heartbeat (including myself wink-wink-nudge-nudge)? Keep up the great work, you are always the highlight of my day

I’d still say yes to every single one of them, then put you all in a battle arena to fight to the death. The winner shall marry me, if they’re alive. 

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this is gonna sound agressive but we always be like 'lauren hates fame''lauren hates touring' 'lauren hates the music they're making' 'lauren hates camren shippers' 'lauren hates this, lauren hates that' like seriously all camila is doing music and she gets disgusting words for it but lauren hates literally everything about the things they do and people still kiss her ass no matter what she does. i don't hate her, i love them to fucking death, but it'd be nice to see her appreciate us sometimes.

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What will I do without your vines??? 😭

I’m really sad about Vine shutting down too😢 I’ve made so many good friends and had so many great experiences because of it and I’m very thankful for that. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’m still going to make short videos and other content, but I’ll just have to post them somewhere else. They’ll be here and on my other social medias. I’ll be putting the short videos on here, Instagram, and Twitter. I’ll be spending more time on my Youtube channel & doing Sleepover Saturdays on YouNow still. You can follow me at any of those places @megbiediger! :)

Thanks so much to everyone who followed me on Vine or enjoyed my vines on here!! It’s been a wonderful experience and all of your support has been overwhelming!!❤️

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Yet you have motivations for undertail fanfics that game is kinda over done now your just beating a dead horse for no reason maybe if you do the comic you might get motivated to do it

First of all, dear anon, thats UnderTALE, not -tail, I’m not writing porn fanfics in this fandom.

Secondly, in a way all the fandoms are overdone, yet they are still alive, cause we really love it and have passion for it. I try to focus the UT comic, because there are friends who keeps inspiring me, giving me that motivation I needed. I’m not planning to drop the Hannie Ba’al comic, I still have story to tell, but right now I just can’t find the motivation for it. And, dear anon, if I force myself to do it, against my will, then soon I begin to hate those characters, make the work with them a pain, which I not want.

Hopefully, when my motivation goes down in Undertale I will return to my murderous sheep, all depends on the future.

~Have a nice day

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Hello Hello! If you're still taking requests, can you do a scenario where Aomine and Haizaki are trying to show their female s/o that she's beautiful to them despite being really chubbier than the girls they usually look at in the street and stuff? ^^ I hope you're comfortable with such a request, hehe! Have a good day! :3

Trying out this format for scenarios to see if i can get them out faster this way, let me know what you guys think maybe??

~ Nia ~


  • so their at home sitting on the couch watching tv when Aomine get all grabby and playful which is usually fine but he’s trying to get them in his lap which makes their s/o uncomfortable and start pushing him away
  • when he asks what wrong they tell him that they’re too heavy and he wouldn’t want them sitting on him
  • this pisses him like wtf are you talking about ????
  • he pulls them over anyway despite their complaints
  • “Like hell you’re too heavy for me! Besides i like you like this…”
  • the usually not considerate or sappy Aomine begins to point out all the places he likes to grab and how soft they are
  • their body is just they way he likes it so who tf cares what other people look like ???
  • and that’s the end of that as he proceeds to have his way with them becasue “you’re so damn beautiful”


  • their out on a date eat like usual only his s/o isnt eating
  • its not a big deal at first but it definitely has him wondering becasue this is usually their favorite place
  • OH BOY when Haizaki finds out that you’re suddenly insecure becasue of the way you look he slams his hand down on the table
  • “Who told you you didn’t look like other girls?!”
  • um, no one did it’s obvious ??
  • he rolls his eyes, calling them an idiot as he begins to say how stupid that is and where they’d get the idea that they even needed to look like them
  • “I sure as hell don’t care! You’re way better than any of the girls we see. Plus you’re the only one so far who could put up with me.”
  • then he tells them to quit with the BS and order something already