!!! Alright, so I have taken the swan dive into rarepair hell (EraserMight) bc these two scruffy hobo teachers are my lifeblood, so hear me out

EraserMight fake dating AU

Who is this emaciated man that the kids see around campus sometimes?? (And in Deku’s hospital room no less (i still love the idea that they assume that’s Deku’s dad and it works even better with this AU holy shit)) And the staff have to come up with some reason why Toshinori is around without revealing that he’s All Might, and for some reason their plan is to pretend he’s dating a staff member and it’s Aizawa

i just love fake dating AUs okay, and EraserMight needs more love awwheoihr;euh


Soukoku 540 x 960 wallpapers

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My friend said he felt attracted to this Deku

When he claimed to be straight as I showed him some HeroAca doujins I bought in Japan :-))) what a wonder