do you ever just scream directly at your computer screen because someone’s opinion/post was so stupid you physically needed an outlet to let the OP know how stupid they sound

or is that just me

anonymous asked:

Just so you know. I would give anything to be tall. I'm the shortest in my tutor (in my school we have these things called tutors. It ranges from year 7 to 10. Kinda like homeroom) And I am shorter than the year 7's. I'm a year 9. It sucks. My best friend calls me munchkin. So just don't take your tallness for granted. Your lucky

I feel like this is probably a waste of my time and probably immature of me replying to something this petty, but in my defense… (and ignoring the part of the post where the shorter person who’s threatening to strangle the taller person…)

 I don’t really care if you aren’t happy about your height… I have lots of friends who are shorter than me (who I don’t make fun of for being shorter than me), and a number of friends who are taller than me. I’m not the tallest person in the world. Honestly, I don’t make a big deal of height differences and I think that people are beautiful no matter what their height is, because true beauty is not physical. And I’m not sure what being in a certain year/grade has to do with being your height. (I’m assuming year 10 is high school age range, 15/16?) Your height doesn’t define you as a person. 

 I also don’t think it’s your place to assume I would take being 5′8″ (only three inches taller than average height in the US) for granted. You don’t know me. This stupid tumblr post was a sarcastic joke about tall people being assholes and I reblogged it because I was poking fun at myself. I’m sorry if that caused you offense. 

And I probably shouldn’t have let this anon post bother me, but I’m starting the last home stretch of of my last semester before graduating and leaving behind a bunch a immature undergrads and things like this are driving me crazy… so here’s my thoughts.