i auditioned for a dance group the other day with some reALLY GOOD DIRECTORS (LIKE THEYRE ON SYNDICATE AND AOV) and I was freaking tf out about it all day BUT I GOT IN!!!!! but it’s like 12:15am which means it’s 3:15am for all my friends so instead i an rambling into the void of tumblr but AHHHH I’M SCREAMING i just wanna be good at dance gdi

OK i had this dream a couple days ago but i still cant forget it!! it was rlly weird but in my dream, svt had this thing where fans could have like a member come visit their home for a day n stay over jdjfnjdhf i was one of the ppl that won and i got notified by dk himself n he said that he was gonna drop by at my house at some random time n i was like “omfgdjjfhf oK!! 🤧😩” and then i come home one day and he’s sitting on my couch, already made himself at home n hes just chillin and eveyrthing !! and my mom’s like, “is this ur bf??” And I’m like “nooooo he’s just one of my favorite singers!! i’m just his fan!!” and so yea basically dk is at my house n we’re watching movies n just hanging out! n then i’m like, “oh shit i gotta tell everybody that dk is at my house!!! i gotta go on Tumblr!! jdjnfg ” and so i do and then this thing about vernon pops up about how he got this rlly big acting gig and how he’s gonna star in this rlly R rated movie and I’m losing my shit n i tell dk and he’s like, “omg!?????” Like he didn’t even kno about this! Then it cuts to bed time n i had to let dk sleep on my bed and Hes all cuddled up in the blankets all warm n bundled up n lookin so cute n i slept at the foot of the bed like a dog fkjfgnf and then in the morning I had to go to work n someone steals my car and I’m all upset cuz they stole my money too !!!and dk was all upset about it but I’m like “it’s ok! We can just hang out all day” and that’s when i woke up

ballad of the airport raccoon

so here is the rest of my week:

today: fly to seattle to help my dad with work, meet fellow procyon-er @galacticdrift for the first time(!)

tomorrow: help my dad with work, fly back to chicago, arriving home after midnight

thursday: fly to norfolk, virginia, meet fellow procyon-er @passiveaggressivegummybear in person for the first time(!), participate in a panel discussion at old dominion university on lgbt representation in podcasts (free and open to non-students btw, more info here if you happen to be in the area and want to say hi!)

friday: fly to columbus, ohio to spend time with family and, hopefully, get some sleep

I don’t know if I’m just inherently bad at research or if I search for things that are so uncommon but when I google ‘trapped radiation’ I expect to get a wiki page and not a nasa website that was last updated in 2001 and is written in pure html

i think it’s clear that lotor’s generals weren’t actually that invested in him and his plans by the fact that they saw narti as betraying HIM not THEM


This is such a cool song