For those who have dogs with under coat, what brush do you use on you'r dog ? Is it better to use both hair and pins or just pins ? 😊 I really want a mason pearson brush but damn they are so expensive. I have also looked at the maxi pin brush with both pins and boar hair. The brush is much more cheaper than the mason brush and I have heard that it is pretty good. But not as good as the mason brush of course. So my question is - pins or hair ? or both ? I would also be very happy if there are someone that have any experiences with the maxi pin brush



this is Max, my most beloved bear of all time. He’s over 20 years old and I sleep with him every single night. Well as you can see, max wasn’t looking so hot. He’s been matted for the past 15+ years and no matter how much brushing or cleaning I gave him he was always matted at oily looking. Well I recently came upon a method to clean and detangle faux fur, and I decided to try it on my best friend here. After about an hour of tender love and care he looks much better!!!

So here’s what you’ll need:
Hair detangling spray 💧
A fine toothed pet brush ✨
A hairdryer 💨
(Some patience, depending on how bad the tangles are) 👼

Go through and work on your friend one patch at a time. Spray down the patch with detangling spray and then brush through gently with the pet brush until all knots appear to be out. If you need to, use your fingers to pull out dirt or large mats. Then with the hairdryer on ❄️COOL❄️, dry the patch and repeat as many times as needed

Voilà! Cleaner and fluffier stuffie!✨🐻✨

I hope this helps some of you!!! ❤️❤️❤️


broken iphone 5s quality ;))))

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shave your face you damn gorilla. and take off my eyeliner.


Hair coloring tutorial

requested by @fangirl-is-my-middle-name

[ The program I used here is Paint Tool Sai —  I used Rosa for this because you asked me on how I color her hair, I also included some of my brush settings. (tbh her hair looks a bit more saturated / vivid / also less pink than the way I usually go for)

  1. Fill in the base color of the hair.
  2. On a new layer clipped to the base, I apply the hard shadows (I use a pink-ish shade to give her hair the strawberry blonde effect, depending on the hair color the shadow used would be different; for example, I use purple for red hair, and darker blue for teal hair)
  3. On the same layer as the shadows, using the same color and an air brush / soft brush, I apply a soft gradient to the bottom part of the hair.
  4. On a new layer, I softly apply the base color used for her skin at the tips of her hair / edges, to give it a soft blended look.
  5. This step is rather optional but sometimes I skip step 4 and jump straight to this one, when I want to go for a more hard style. Using a hard brush, on a new layer set to screen, draw in some highlights. (the color used will depend on the hair color, here I have used the same color as her skin tone) 
  6. This is just a variation I included of a different palette I sometimes use for her hair, when I want to go for a less bright, more neutral look. (though when that palette is used, the skin would be shaded differently as well)

That’s all really, I hope the instructions make sense and tbh just don’t feel scared to experiment and try different stuff, it’s the best way to learn~ this isn’t the only way to color hair and I personally tend to try different stuff sometimes; anw if anyone has any further questions, please feel free to ask c: ]