Headcannon/Drabble Masterlist


Note : I = Imagine ; D = Drabble ;  Unspecified = Preference/Head cannon

Criminal Minds :

Team :

Sleepover with Team

New Years Eve with team

Secret Santa (Headcannon)

Spa day

Birthday with the team

Coming Out

Prentiss :


Being her ex and working with the BAU

Confessing your love to her (I)

Secretly dating

Being her s/o and getting shot

Being Emily’s s/o but you have history with Elle Greenway

Meeting her mother

Being her s/o , getting hurt and trying to hide it from her

Being her s/o , not apart of the team and the team find out

Going shoe shopping

When she is jealous

s/o having a relationship with Prentiss, her dying and coming back

Being her s/o being apart of the team and they find out

Meeting her mom (I)

First argument

Dinner with her parents

Her getting jealous  (I)

Realizing she loves you


Meeting the parents

Overprotective at work

Moving in

Mornings with Prentiss

Dating and being Hotch’s sister

Being apart of the team and having a one night stand

First ‘I love you’

Talking about having kids

Confessing her feelings for you

Being Rossi’s daughter and dating 

Working together and dating

JJ :


Secretly Dating

Garcia :


Taking care of you when you’re sick

Being her s/o and also Morgan’s sister

Secretly Dating

Reid :

Being his little sister

Sharing a room with him (I)

Decorating for Christmas

Trying to beat him at chess

Cuddling after a bad day (I)

Secretly Dating

Morgan :

Prank war 

Working out together

Secretly dating

Hotchner :


Being his daughter and getting kidnapped (I)

Secretly Dating

Rossi :

Being his goddaughter and working for the BAU 

Dating and being Prentiss’s sister

Meeting the team for the first time, feeling insecure about dating him  (I)

Him being your father figure and meeting your biological dad for the first time

Being on the team and pregnant with his child

Secretly dating

Luke Alvez :

Asking you out (D)

Moving in with him

Secretly dating 

Tara Lewis :

Mornings with Tara

Elle Greene :

Realizing she loves you

Ralvez :

How they got together 

Moreid :


 (CM AND NCIS )Drabbles:

100 follower drabble game 


‘It’s Always Sunny’: Charlie Day goes behind the scenes of season 12

The gang just lost a member: In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s 12th season finale, Dennis claims he’s had enough of everyone and is off to raise his young son in North Dakota, where he’s been living a double life.

“The bar is done,” he says as he turns off the lights at Paddy’s Pub. With that, he’s gone — for now.

“It opens up a lot of options for us,” Charlie Day, who created the FXX series with costars Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney, teases to EW. As does his own character’s story line with the Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), who Charlie has unprotected sex with after years of pining. While Day won’t reveal whether the Waitress is pregnant, he will talk about his lack of confidence in Charlie’s parenting skills.

“He would be a mess of a dad,” he laughs. “But he could certainly teach you a lot about how to cook strange foods and where to forage for the most coins.”

Between these developments and a few others from the season, some would say the gang is growing up. That’s far from true, though. “There’s just something about these people that is so hardwired that I can’t imagine them ever actually growing up,” Day says. “Look at Frank Reynolds. I mean, if that’s your father figure, then how are you ever expected to grow up?”

He’s got a point — plus, the characters’ inability to mature is part of what keeps fans coming back to the show over a decade in. “It’s really amazing to have some kid come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I started watching your show when I was 7 or 8 years old,‘” Day says. “It brings me so much joy. And I couldn’t be more proud of the show.”

Here, Day takes us through the biggest and best moments from the season — the finale and risky season premiere included.

The gang tries out a different race for a day in “The Gang Turns Black”

Day knew they were taking a big risk when they opened the season with an episode — a musical one, no less — where the white main characters wake up as black versions of themselves (played by black actors). The half-hour sees the fivesome experiencing life as a different race, and ends with Charlie, who turns into a young black boy, getting shot by a police officer.

“It’s a tragic moment in the episode, and then it’s even more tragic that the characters don’t learn their lesson at the end,” Day explains, “which is the frustration of society, that we keep repeating these mistakes and we don’t seem to be able to figure out how to learn our lessons.”

“I’m always proud of an episode where we’re able to say something that’s a little bit difficult to say, to have some humor, but to also have some point of view,” he continues. “In such a politically charged time in our country, I’m glad that we’re still able to have a show where we’re able to take a look at issues and point our fingers at injustices and that people get it — not everyone gets it, but I’m happy when they do.”

Sunny becomes a murder doc in “Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer”

Mac and Charlie compare murder documentaries to chips in this episode, which parodies both Netflix’s Making a Murderer and HBO’s The Jinx by investigating whether Dennis killed Maureen (Catherine Reitman). “You want more chips,” Charlie says, referring to feeling unsatisfied even after finishing a bag of Lays. “Murder is chips!”

They outlined the episode around this same time last year, right when Making a Murderer was at the height of its popularity after a December 2015 release. And although Day sometimes watches those kinds of movies and television, he said they wanted the episode to call out the weirdness of it. “We’re basically saying, we’re so obsessed in our culture with murder and violence that there’s a macabre okayness with all this,” he explains. “We’re making episodic entertainment out of the fact that someone’s been murdered, and there’s sort of no sensitivity to the family of the victims sometimes with these documentaries. I’m the same as everyone — I will get sucked up in them. But it’s a crazy thing in this society that we’re into.”

Mac comes out in “Hero or Hate Crime?”

The gang has been calling Mac gay for years, and he officially came out in this episode, where Frank saves his life by shouting “Look out, f—-t!” right before he’s almost crushed by a piano. Frank immediately deems himself a hero, while everyone maintains he’s a villain for using a slur — no matter the outcome. They all go on to have a conversation — with a lawyer present — about whether Frank committed a hate crime and who’s entitled to the lottery card Mac was picking up as the piano was falling. In the process, Mac explicitly says, “I’ve been gay forever, everybody knows it. I’m out!”

This reveal came to be after Mac briefly came out last season and then quickly went back on it. “I think there was a bit of fan disappointment with that,” Day admits. “There was a little social responsibility to say, hey, we’ve dragged on this joke of this guy being in the closet, and perhaps it does better societal good to actually have him come out. There was an awareness that it sends a better message to the world — for the people who pick up on the fact that 99 percent of our show is satire.”

Dee, Charlie, Frank, and Dennis tell Mac he’s gay, and then bring out a fitness bicycle to prove it. Not just any fitness bicycle, though: This one has a dildo topped with a fist attached so that each time the biker pedals, he also gets a nice, well… let’s just say Mac calls it the Ass Pounder 4000.

“There was a story going around about a man in Ireland or Scotland, I believe, who was found dead on one of those,” Day laughs. “And we were having a lot of conversations about it. And we didn’t want to say something horrible like, ‘This is what all gay people are doing,’ but we thought, ‘This is what the crazy, insane Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald is doing.'”

Cricket finds puppy love in “A Cricket’s Tale”

Cricket (played by David Hornsby, who wrote this episode and also co-produces the series) has his moment in this episode — it just doesn’t last too long: He falls in love with a woman and then realizes the woman is actually a golden retriever (don’t smoke PCP, kids!). And he realizes this after making out with her. “We thought it was time to give Cricket an episode, and we were breaking the story where he fell in love and the story wasn’t quite working,” Day recalls. “We couldn’t put our finger on why it wasn’t working, and I kind of half-jokingly, half-serious — I believe it was me — said, ‘What if she’s just a dog this whole time?'”

After initially thinking “we can’t do that,” they realized that, oh yeah, they could totally do that. All Hornsby had to do was pick out his canine kissing partner. “If he was going to have to make out with a dog, the golden retriever was the least offensive one,” Day laughs.

Dennis ditches Paddy’s Pub in “Dennis’ Double Life”

Out of all the main characters, it was Dennis who’s been living a double life. So why him? “There’s usually so much mystery with Dennis and what’s going on with him and we allude at times to sort of a psychotic other life that he has,” Day explains. “There was something interesting about giving him a moral Sophie’s choice.”

At firsts, he goes the predictable route, trying multiple times to get out of parenting — he pretends to be in a partnership with Mac and then acts like he’s been shot dead. Then after saying goodbye to his son and her mom, he has a change of heart watching the gang dance it out in the bar. “I think you could point to several choices or reasons over the history of the whole show that might lead him to making this choice,” Day says.

Then there’s Charlie’s long-awaited hookup with the Waitress, which Day says they made happen simply because they “decided it was time.” “It was time for something to give. For it to either end or to work — or for at least sex to happen,” he adds with a laugh.

Allura: What he means is right now they can’t do it, but–

Keith: But nothing! Shiro is gone. He was the black lion, and until we find him there is no Voltron. 

Okay, Keith, I know your father-figure has gone missing again and that’s very sad, but your moping is going to screw this up for everyone.

Ex-Carnie isn't a great introduction

Clint was at a new foster home, and this one seemed determined to keep him. The first thing Mr. Fury (“Jesus Christ, call me Nick. I can’t be your father figure if you’re so formal.”) Did after picking him up was take him to the store (a department store. Clint didn’t even know those things were real). And he spent actual money on him. Who did that? The whole thing about foster care was to spend as little on your foster kids as possible and keep the rest for yourself.

So he had eight shirts, two hoodies, two pairs of jeans, ten pairs of boxers (definitely overkill in his opinion), and brand new shoes. He may or may not have been stroking them on the way home. He’d never had new shoes before, okay?

And then Nick took him home and introduced him to his new foster sister, before leaving them to Natasha showing Clint to his new room and around the house. “So, uh,” he hesitated a bit, unsure what to do or say. “How long have you been with mr. Fury?”


ME: 4 WIPs, 1 promised sequel to start, more plotted

Also Me: Dude, you know what would be awesome?  A Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura story about them just… being buddy cops with that added ‘I am your father/brother/uncle figure’.

I love Plo and Wolffe, but I think the Quin and Aayla dynamic in my HC is just AMAZING.

I’m firmly convinced that there are Jedi who don’t get Council Missions often, because they are Judicial Jedi who add a little something extra to intergalactic crime fighting.

Some of them, the Judicial guys love having around because they’re really good at what they do.

Some of them, the Judicial guys just grit their teeth and try to keep from destroying too much property in the process.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I agree with your 'Henry's father figure' post, except for one: Why would Neal be a good father figure? He met a 16-17yo, immediately asked her out on a date and slept w/ her and then encouraged her to be a thief and then abandonned her. Then he saw her again, got mad at her, slept with his fiance and then that night told Emma he loved her.

Holy revisionist history, Batman.

“encouraged her to be a thief”

Do you remember the way they met, when Emma was hot wiring the bug he was sleeping in?  He didn’t encourage her to be a thief, they were both thieves.  And both homeless.  And both about the same age (because sorry, I’m not buying an obviously fake document as ‘proof’ that he’s older.  MRJ is the same age as JMo.  A couple of years difference makes sense, but not 'the US government knows the age of a guy born in another world.)

There’s no canon that they immediately slept together.  There’s nothing that shows an imbalance of power.  They were partners.

Did he fuck up big time?  Yeah.  But he also thought the only way Emma could find the family she wanted was to leave her.  He thought being with him was less important then her finding her parents and knowing they loved her.

“Then he saw her again, got mad at her, slept with his fiance and then that night told Emma he loved her.”

I don’t know about you, but I find out I have a kid I’m going to be a little emotional.

Also, I was talking about Henry and Neal.  I was talking about the first thing he does is apologize for not being around.  I was talking about the way he puts his son first from the day he knows he has a son.  The way he wants to be with his son, but also recognizes that Henry has two other parents who both come first in making decisions for Henry.  The way he’d rather die then have Henry grow up without Emma.  The way he’d do anything to protect his son.  The way he’d hurt his papa to protect his son.  He is a good dad.  A loving dad.

Mother of Pearl

Author: @hutchhitched

Rating: K

Prompt: Serendipity

“Mom, can you come here a minute, please?”

Katniss tore her gaze from the window and smiled softly before crossing the room to stand behind her daughter. Pearl, her firstborn, stood in front of the mirror dressed in a lovely cornflower blue dress that just brushed the tops of her gold sandals.

“What is it, sweetheart?” Katniss asked. 

Her voice was soft and full of emotion. It was hard to accept that her precious daughter was old enough for her own toasting. It seemed like only a few years had passed since she’d given Peeta what he wanted so badly, and they’d celebrated becoming a family instead of a couple by welcoming the warm, squirming bundle into their world. It was simply unbelievable that the child who’d acted as the healing balm to her wounds was ready to embark on her own path to marriage and potential parenthood.

“I— I just— I just wanted my mom,” Pearl stammered, suddenly shy and unsure.

Katniss gathered her daughter in her arms and stroked her dark hair. When she pulled back, Pearl’s sapphire blue eyes sparkled. They were so much like her father’s that Katniss couldn’t help but feel all-encompassing love.

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