Dean Winchester - Save Her

You first met Dean Winchester ten years ago when he saved your life, a monster had come into your house in the middle of the night and killed your parents if it wasn’t for Dean it would’ve killed you too. Ten years later and you’re still with Dean, he has become a father figure to you. One day, you go on what you think will be a simple hunt, but it all goes very wrong and you get very badly hurt.

Dean x Teen!Reader (Father, Daughter relationship)

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Blood, Angst

Using the prompts: 22 - “You promise?”, 30 - “No. We need to save her. We can’t let her die”, 41 - “Don’t you dare die on me” & 49 - “I’m right here, I’m going to take care of you” (from my Prompt List)

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  • Namjoon:Can you do that for me, Jungkook?
  • Jungkook:Sure, Dad.
  • (awkward silence)
  • Jungkook:Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Jimin:You just called Namjoon "Dad." You said, "Sure, Dad."
  • Jungkook:What? No I didn't. I said, "Sure, man."
  • Namjoon:Jungkook, do you see me as a father figure?
  • Jungkook:No. If anything I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me.
  • Seokjin:Hey, show your father some respect!

top 5 Parks and Rec ships: #1, Ron/April

I totally watched Parks since the pilot and always enjoyed it, but I’m not lying when I say that Ron/April is the OTP that got me into the show in an actual fannish, shippy way. In the words of Andy Dwyer to Ron, “She’s perfect for you.” April and Ron are two people who try very, very hard not to care about anything or anyone, and who are really, really bad at actually doing so. They understand each other and they keep each other’s secrets. In the episode “Soulmates,” April spends the whole time following Ron around a health food store throwing away vegan bacon with him while ignoring her husband. Who are the titular soulmates, Parks? I see what you’re trying to say and I like it.

  • Cyclops:Thanks, dad. ...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Storm:You just called the Professor "dad"; you said "Thanks, dad".
  • Cyclops:What? No I didn't. I said "Thanks, man."
  • Professor X:Do you see me as a father figure, Scott?
  • Cyclops:No, if anything I see you as a bother figure because you're always bothering me.
  • Shadowcat:Hey! Show your father some respect!

Shiro: Can you do that for me?

Lance: Sure, Dad…

Lance: Why is everyone staring at me.

Keith: You just called Shiro “Dad”. You said “Sure, Dad”.

Lance: What? No, I didn’t. I said sure, man.

Shiro: Do you see me as a father figure, Lance?

Lance: No, if anything, I see you as a bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me.

Hunk: Hey, show your father some respect.

Tord: Hey! Did you check out my report from today?

Paul: Yes I did. Very nice work.

Tord: Cool. Thanks dad.
…Why is everybody staring at me?

Patryk: You just called Paul, “dad”.

Tord: What? No I didn’t!

Paul: Do you see me as a father figure, Tord?

Tord: No, I mostly see you as a bother figure because you’re always bothering me.

Patryk: Hey! Show your father some respect!

My Girl - (Tony x Reader)

A/N- Sorry it took so long, but here it is! In this fic Tony is a major father figure in your life and he certainly isn’t too happy when he finds out his little girl is dating Bucky Barnes. This story matches up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline and has Civil War spoilers SO BE WARNED!


Warning- Civil War Spoilers and angst, so much angst. I may have cried writing this.

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You will always remember the night that everything changed. You were 7 years old, waiting with the social worker in the lobby of Saint John’s Hospital. Your right hand held tightly onto a pink butterfly backpack. The uncomfortable waiting room chair a few sizes too big as you listened to Karen the social worker on the phone just outside the room.

“Hello, Miss Potts? Yes, this is Karen the social worker assigned to (Y/N)’s case. I am so sorry to inform you that Vera has passed away…” She paused, looking into the room at you. You pretended to be watching the tv, one of the nurses had given you the remote and an episode of Spongebob flashed across the screen and lit up the room.

“Yes, of course, my sincerest condolences. But I am calling because Vera named you next of kin, and in doing so named you legal guardian of (Y/N). I know that this is a lot to take in right now, losing your sister and now having to deal with your niece but if you need to we can make other arrangements.” She paused again, this time nodding her head and flashing you a reassuring smile. “That is great Miss Potts. I will let her know you are on your way.” She hung up and put the phone into the pocket of her black dress pants.

She crossed the waiting room and crouched down in front of you blocking your view of the television.

“Your Aunt will be here in 20 minutes to pick you up, okay sweetie?”

You gave her a quick nod and ignored her, focusing on the yellow sponge who took your mind elsewhere.

Two episodes of Spongebob and a vending machine pit-stop later, Pepper showed up. You dropped your bag as she dropped to her knees and wrapped you into her arms.

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anonymous asked:

I heard the 12th house is hidden enemies? I have my Sun there does it mean my hidden enemy is a masculine figure?

People with sun in their 12th house have conflict/issues with the father somehow, if that’s what you mean, but usually the hidden enemy is themselves. Almost always, people with planets/stellium in the 12th are their own enemies and I find that they may blame others for their pain when in reality, they’re the only ones bringing themselves down or holding themselves back. That’s why it’s “hidden enemy” because no one thinks about themselves as being their own enemy, they may even reject/deny the idea *which leads to your “self undoing”

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So, imagine for a moment, Nightwing at the Watch tower at some point, hanging out with the Justice league, and Superman hands him something and he accidentally says aloud "thanks, fourth dad." And then he has to explain why he calls him 4th dad. "There was my dad, and then Batman, and the Bat-Butler, who really taught me everything I needed to survive in the real word, and then Superman." Then later he calls Wonder Woman second mom, and everyone just sighed.

Its good to have more than one parental figure in your life. Someone to keep your grounded and ask questions. I bet Clark feels honored to be mentioned as one of Dick’s parental figures. I bet even more that Bruce tears up just at the thought of one of his kids referring to him as their father. AND I BET EVEN MORE FUCKING MONEY THAT DIANA IS KILLING IT AS BEING THE SECOND MOM!

  • Lance:Thanks dad... Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Hunk:You just called Shiro dad; you said thanks dad.
  • Lance:What? No, I didn't. I said thanks man.
  • Shiro:Do you see me as a father figure Lance?
  • Lance:No, if anything I see you as a bother figure cause you're always bothering me!
  • Pidge:Hey, show your father some respect.
  • Lance:I didn't call him dad.
  • Shiro:No, no. Lance, I take it as a compliment.
  • Dylan:Good work.
  • Danny:Thanks dad.
  • Danny:...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Henley:You just called Dylan dad. You said, "thanks dad".
  • Danny:What? No I didn't! I said thanks man.
  • Dylan:Do you see me as a father figure?
  • Danny:No! If anything I see you as a bother figure because you're always bothering me!
  • Merritt:Hey! Show your father some respect!
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Warnings: Tad bit of Fluff.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister! Reader.

Summary/Request: Can I have a request where the reader is the boys little sister (like 16years old) and she has a bond with Sam and Dean gets jealous but later tells Dean that she sees him as a father? I love father figure Dean tbh lol I love your writings! 

Readers Age: it says 16 in the request but it can be any really.

Word Count: 1,023

Y/N: Your name

Y/N/N: Your nickname

You and Sam had just returned from the local library and were sat in the bunkers kitchen drinking tea and talking about a few books you saw. Sam always understood your geekiness and helped you embrace it. You were quite alike actually, in the sense of being nerdy and always trying to keep a healthy body.

Suddenly mid-conversation Dean popped up in the kitchen doorway. Both you and Sam looked at him, he looked tired and you noticed a hint of sadness. He had been acting strange lately, moving away every time he saw you and Sam talking or doing something together. You didn’t really pay any attention to it considering the fact that you and him didn’t have the same bond as you did with Sam.

Lately it’s been starting to affect you though, you feel as though your brother hates you and because of that you talk less when he’s around. You used to be stuck by the hip, but now, it feels like you’re strangers living in the same home. You talked to Sam about it a few times but he just said it was probably just him being tired or the hunting and will stop soon. But it hasn’t

“Where were you guys?” He asked arching his eyebrow, you noticed his eyes were slightly red on the edges and the veins seemed to pop up more.

“Oh, we were just at the library. Y/N wanted to check out some new books that came recently.” Sam said gesturing to you, Dean sighed heavily sounded almost angry, but you didn’t know at what.

“Oh, so you guys were nerding out together?” He tried joking but came out rather rude, giving a dry laugh he turned around to probably go back to his room. You and Sam looked at each other questioningly, not knowing what was going on to your eldest brother.

“Hey Dean?” Sam called out for our brother before he left completely. You didn’t know what he was doing so you kind of just went along.

“Yeah? What’s wrong?” Dean said returning to the spot in which he stood before.

“Nothings wrong, I just wanted to talk to you- alone.” Sam added looking at you and nodding in reassurance. Slowly you moved yourself towards the door and gave Dean a slight smile which he didn’t return and looked away. Instead of going to your room you decided to hide in the corner where you could still hear everything they said.

“What do you wanna talk about Sammy?” He inquired moving to grab a bottle of water and sitting down in front of him.

“I just, I’ve noticed that you’ve been distancing yourself from Y/N/N lately. And I can’t help but feel that it’s starting to affect her.” He said slowly looking directly into Dean’s eyes who was trying to move out of his gaze.

“What do you mean?” He responded dryly taking a sip from his water.

“I mean, she has told me she thought you hated her.” He said still trying to maintain his puppy dog eyes on his brother.

“Oh.” He stated simply looking down at his hands, he didn’t really know what to say other than that.

“Oh? That’s all you have to say? That’s our little sister out there and the only thing you have to say is, oh? I can’t believe you right now.” Sam said starting to get angry, not believing how his brother could be so careless at a moment like this.

“Look I just, I just feel like you and Y/N are closer and I don’t know… It’s stupid, I shouldn’t have started anyway.” He said sadly, finally looking back at Sam who was giving him an equally sad expression.

“It’s not stupid Dean, it’s important.” Sam told his brother who felt alone.

“I feel like she doesn’t want me as a brother anymore and prefers you over me. I just want it to be like it used to and when she would always come and talk to me, and I feel like that’s never gonna happen again.” Dean spurted out, feeling empty inside as if he just let out the biggest secret in his life.

“You should tell her, I’m sure she’d understand. Believe me.” He gave Dean a reassuring look and patted his shoulder.

“No need, I already heard everything.” You said sheepishly, walking out of your hiding spot revealing yourself to your brothers.

Sam smiled at you, as if he already knew that you were gonna do that and stood up. “I believe you two have a bit of talking to do.” He said as his long legs began moving him towards his room, and you were left alone with your brother.

“Dean, why would you ever think that I prefer Sam over you?” You asked him in disbelief.

“I don’t know, you guys like the same things and are always doing stuff together.” He said beginning to realize how dumb it sounded.

“Okay, maybe we both like some stuff in common but, and don’t tell him, it sometimes gets boring to geek out and I just wanna eat a grease dripping burger once in a while.” You said, half- whispering half- speaking the last part.

“HEY!” You heard Sam yell from the hallway, making you both laugh.

“But seriously Dean, I love you. You basically raised me, and you were a better father than our actual Dad ever was. You taught me everything I know and I can’t say how much I appreciate it.” You told Dean giving him a sweet smile, before moving fast towards him and gave him a hug.

“Awww, stop it you. You know I don’t like chick-flick moments!” He said looking down to you to see you laughing.

“Oh right you don’t like them, you love em’” You said hugging him again.

You both started laughing and talking about everything- anything.

“I missed this.” He said quietly after a while looking at you.

“Yeah, me too.” Maybe you didn’t have same bond as you did with Sam, but neither of you would change it for the world. After all, you were each others world.


Sorry I was a bit late it will probably happen again, not gonna lie. But I hope you guys liked it!

(Requested by: @alexandriajanae4​)

Pregnancy Duties

“Hey, hey, hey. Where are you going?” Luke groggily asked, his head rising up from the little nap he had.

“I’m just gonna get a bottle of water, Lu.” I said gently, taking off the covers from my pregnant figure, only to be stopped by my husband.

“No. I’ll get it.” Luke lightly smiled, already standing up.

“Babe, I’m pregnant, not disabled. I think I could go and get a bottle of water myself.” I laughed, smiling afterwards and putting my hand on his broad shoulder.

“I’m your husband. And I’m gonna be a father for like a month from now! I should be the one doing these things for you.” He pouted, sitting beside me and caressing my hair.

“I know you’re gonna be a good one Lu. Just don’t try and abuse yourself by helping me, alright?”

His face lightened up, his smile widening with his dimples prominently displayed.

“Call it pregnancy duties.”

I just need a fem!Sam and Lucifer Samifer au where Sam gets her period and Lucifer. doesn’t. understand. why. she’s. bleeding. and. in. pain. Like he tries to fucking heal her and she’s like,“ I BLAME YOUR FATHER FOR THIS.”

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JTG’s Fic Library. Fics in August.

Summer vacation is finally over and it’s time to get back to work. But not everything is sad news, here are a few fics to make your last weekend of freedom more fun. 

Hope you enjoy. Happy reading!

Multi-Chapters / WIPs

After her father dies of black lung disease, Katniss is forced to do the unthinkable in order to keep her younger siblings alive and all of them out of the community home. Now, with the unexpected help of the baker’s youngest son, she has to figure out how to go from just surviving to thriving in poverty-stricken Twelve.

Katniss Everdeen takes a much needed break from life on a deserted island, where she comes across the hidden treasure of a lifetime. Tarzan!Peeta request by Mega-aulover on Tumblr.

“Not all of it,” she said. “Then how much?” he asked. What if she tried to explain? What if he gave her the chance to? What if Katniss was able to sort out her feelings at the end of The Hunger Games? How would events have unfolded if the Star-Crossed Lovers were real? Begins with the train scene at the end of HG, AU for CF and MJ.

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novapark  asked:

List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤ (course I know who that is, but I feel we can always learn more about my favorite morally dubious immortal lady)

I’m going to surprise you then ^____^ Since I’m in the process of character creation, I figured I’d go with Carrie instead, since we know a lot about Letty ^_____^

- Carrie has been rescued by her adoptive father, detective Richard Grant at the age of four. She was found on a crime scene beside her biological father’s corpse, who happened to be a pretty big name in organised crime.

- She was a troubled kid, being raised by a single father, who was practically married to his job. Brawls, fights, underage drinking, dating ‘bad boys’, running away from home, she tried pretty much everything. By the time she was 16, Richard was almost sure that she’s going to follow her real dad’s path, she inherited his short temper and attitude.

- Richard died as he lived, doing his job, three weeks before carrie’s 18’s birthday. A month after that she submitted an application to join the force.

- Though her moral compass shifted to another direction, her temper issues didn’t go anywhere. Her stubborn, harsh, rather rough attitude cause her plenty of trouble. While she doesn’t break the law, she loves to break the rules.

- She dated and her partner Frederick Doyle dated for about three years, the relationship was far from easy and in the end Frederick had to let her walk away from it. However, some time later he happened to become her boss, but they did not get back together.

one of my favorite overwatch headcanons is that mccree has daddy issues and just desperately wants a father figure in his life (what with not having a family and then being abandoned by the deadlock gang) and then he gets into overwatch and he suddenly has so many dads. Like, Gabriel? dad. Jack? dad. Reinhardt? dad. Torbjorn? ..more like a weird uncle but close enough.

And he’s so excited about all his new dads that he’s constantly trying to impress them like “hey dad check this out” as he tries to do a backflip while shooting a can out of the air. he hits the can, but he lands straight on his face. and ofc his dads give him a thumbs up and a “good job” while trying to hold back laughing at how ridiculous he looked because they also love him and look at how hard he is trying, the idiot