The Making of Ayano Tateyama

I’ve mentioned once before that I’m making a cosplay! It’s Ayano from Mekakucity Actors!

Start date: September 10
End date: September 17
Total amount of working days to finish: 6 days
Convention day: September 18

Warning: The following process shows a lot of my 11pm-4am self so please view at your own discretion~

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anonymous asked:

I'm not an anti or anything, but I don't like the shiro/paladin ships. I find the age gap too much, with the age range being 16-18 for Keith, Lance and Hunk. And as someone in their age range, I wouldn't even feel comfortable dating a 25 y/o so the content doesn't sit quite right with me. Plus there is the whole considering child abuse survivors aspect. But generally, I really like how you don't post shiro/paladin stuff so it'd be nice if your blog stayed like that

Thank you very much for your input. I totally agree with you that if you see K L and H as being 16-18 and Shiro as being 25 it’s very understandable to find those ships icky.

dating me automatically bags you one extra concerned mom. Congrats on your total loss in the lottery

im no fun at parties. I’m not a soccer mom. I’m just. Cookies and “please be safe for god sake come home” mom

anonymous asked:

What's your personal opinion about romantic rf? I love their friendship, but I also hate shows where all the friends end up dating each other. I'm not totally against it, but if they were to happen I feel like the friendship between Smackle and Riley (one of my favorite friendships that deserves more screen time) and Farkle and Lucas would be damaged.

I don’t ship it at all. I’ve said it before, but I honestly believe that Farkle’s “romantic” love for both girls in the early episodes of the show is more of an act/exaggeration/misunderstanding of what love really is then actual romantic feelings, and that as he grew up and more content with who he is and developed a greater understanding of his feelings and his place in the group he dialed that back a lot. I think he realized that while he does love Riley and Maya and is incredibly close with both of them, it’s not the same kind of love that he initially thought it was. 

I love how close he and Riley are, but I personally don’t see it as romantic at this point, and I’m quite confident they’re not going there on the show, for many of the same reasons I don’t see them going to LM. 

Reasons to date me:

• No pressure to wear pants in my presence

• Or any clothes at all really

• But it’s up to you

• You can be big spoon or little spoon

• Totally your choice

• I’m always ready to make out

• Always

• Also you don’t have to buy me things maybe an ice cream cone every once in a while that’s it

• I’ll let you lick it

• I mean the ice cream cone

• Well not just the ice cream cone

if polyamory were normal

“So, wait - you only date one person at a time, on purpose? Okay. But - FOREVER?! On purpose? You both talk about it and agree to that? You both WANT that? Is this - I think I saw this on TV one time. Is this, like, part of a religious sect?”

“Rhonda, I just realized - I don’t think I’ve seen your husband out with another woman for, gosh, it must be years now. Is everything ok with him?”

“Aren’t you worried you’ll become totally codependent and wrapped up in each other and not be able to put energy into other important relationships in your life, like close friends and family?”

“Monogamy, huh? Kinky.”

“Want me to set you two up? … oh, my bad. I don’t know a lot of monogamous people. How does that work, anyway?”

“So you never date anyone else? Ever? Do you at least have sex with other people? … wow. I could never do that.”

Dating At Work AUs
  • You just got hired and I swear, I’m only staring because you’re new.
  • I normally don’t get this flustered but whenever we flirt, I’m a giggling wreck.
  • Seriously, take the suggestive comments down a notch! Do you think you’re being cute? Huh? … Alright, fine, you’re cute as hell.
  • You need to not sidle up to me and whisper in my ear. Like, people are starting to talk… and… oh, who am I kidding. Please proceed.
  • That new college intern totally ships us.
  • You refuse to brush your bed head but we’re kinda at work so let me fix it. No, babe, come here, I’m the only one who gets to see!
  • We fought and now work is just hellish and super awkward. Everything is terrible and I’m so sorry. Can we please, pretty please, make up?
  • We showed up late to our own presentation. Do you think they know we were making out in my car? Our boss clearly knows what’s up.
  • They flew us overseas on a business trip and we ditched the conference for a date in the city. Oops.
  • Everyone knows to fetch me when you’re feeling blue or grumpy or both and there you are, my precious bean. Don’t be sad; I’ll kiss it better.
  • Remind me to never pick out your outfit again. I made you far too hot and now everyone’s ogling. Hmph.
  • So, we have nicknames and then we have nicknames. Let’s save the latter for the bedroom? I’m sorry about the boner.
  • You and your best friend are always pranking me and distracting me from work but that’s okay, baby, I’ll show you who’s boss. Tonight.
  • There’s no way I’ll stop pranking you now.
  • I understand you have to shave for work but… could those whiskers maybe stay for another day? Or two?
  • You let me tell my cheesy jokes and always laugh the hardest, did I mention I love you? Well, I do. I mean, honestly, it’s from the bottom of my heart that I say that.
  • Cockles. These are all Cockles.
Pros of dating an ace:

1. You’ll never have to worry that we’re “just in it for the sex.”
2. We’re fucking adorable.
3. I mean really, nobody is more adorable than us.
4. We’re so lovable.
5. We’ll love you even if you aren’t “sexy.”
7. When you talk to your friends about us, you can say “Yeah, my bf/gf is a total ace,” and people will think that you’re dating someone absolutely flawless (well I mean they wouldn’t be wrong).
8. Did I mention how adorable we are?
9. We won’t judge you based on your body. At all.
10. Nobody is better than an ace.

  • Me on a date:So, what's your opinion on Pearl?
  • Them:She's such a horrible character. She was so mean to Greg and all she does is screw up -
  • Me, beginning to stuff breadsticks in my purse:I'm sorry i have to lea-
  • Them:- is what people say about her and it totally annoys me. All heroes have flaws, and Pearl has done so many good things and doesn't deserve this criticism
  • Me, returning the breadsticks into the basket:Continue

So you know how Bahorel’s description in the brick includes that he wears “daring waistcoats” and yeah, that already sounds like he’s a bit extravagant but later on they walk through the city before the revolt starts with bared guns, riffles and swords and a person on the street turns around because they are bewildered by Bahorel’s waistcoat and he totally loves it. Also when Joly’s talking about Musichetta Bahorel is like, ‘Dude, you have to show off those legs of yours, you know. Leather pants, that’s what I’m talking about, I know a shop.’

So yeah, I love all the modern AU Cosette fashion blogger headcanons with pastel dresses and combat boots but let’s be real Bahorel is just such a fashionista, he would give everyone fashion tips all the time and go shopping with his friends or help them to find something to wear to a date and totally despair because ‘No Jehan, how can you… what even is that?’.

Honestly, the only one who could give him a run for his money is probably Montparnasse. 

Learn Spiraldex With Me

Finally, the long requested walk-through for how to set up a Spiraldex.

I love this method of time management. I’ve already spoken some about the purpose and setting it up in this post, but now I will go more in depth and walk you through how I set mine up for tomorrow, May 20, 2015.

Step 1

You’re going to want to print out your template. I’m using the 24 hour template found here. But if you would like one that had the times set from 6 to 12 (for a total of 18 hours), you can find that one here.

As you can see I have already filled in the starting and ending times. I like to put the hours as if it were a clock. The one that is nearest the date is 3 a.m. The one in the middle is 3 p.m. and the one on the outer rim is 3 a.m. (technically of the following day but that’s around the time my actual day ends). I also put in the date in the middle but you don’t have to do it this way. You could place it on the top, the side, the bottom, wherever. It is totally and completely up to you.

Step 2

Fill in the rest of the quarters of the day.

Do you see how much it resembles a clock now? Now you can go ahead and fill in the rest of the hours. Remember that the times are moving ahead in a spiral. In mine, the inner most spiral is the morning, the middle spiral is the afternoon and the outermost spiral is the night/dawn.

Step 3

Gather your materials!

I will be using my MUJI .38mm pens and a silver ruler from MUJI, as well.

Step 4

We are ready to begin filling out the Spiraldex. From 3 a.m. on Monday, the 20th of May, 2015, I will be sleeping (at least, that’s the plan) and I will not be waking up until 7 in the morning. I will be using a light blue as the designated color for sleep time on my Spiraldex. From 7 to 9 in the morning, I will be getting myself and everything I need ready. I’ve decided that orange will be the designated color of getting ready on my Spiraldex. So, it’ll all look something like this:

The next bit of my day is dedicated to travel. I commute from my casa (house) to my school. It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour on a really good day but delays often happen on the MTA, so I plan for an hour and 15 minutes. This is where my ruler comes in handy. My commute should start from 9 in the morning until 10:15 in the morning. The first dot in the space that has the 10 hour, is 10:15. I line up the 10:15 on the outer spiral with the 10:15 of the inner spiral so that I make a straight line. It’ll look like this:

And then I draw the line and it’ll look something like this:

Now, I’m ready to fill in the space. I’ve chosen a teal/turquoise color as the color to designate travel.

I did the same for the 10:30 to 12:45 section for my class. I lined up the 12:45 of the outer spiral with the 12:45 of the inner spiral and drew the line in the section I wanted. Then, I was ready to finish filling that section of my class in.

The segment after class is travel. I will be traveling to work. An hour and 15 minutes is more than enough for me to get to work. In other words, I’ll be getting to work at 2 p.m. The rest of the sections up until 9 p.m. will be work. I will use red to designate work time. It ends up looking like this:

Are you getting the hang of this? Great! If you notice, I’ve also been listing the different activities I’m designating on the bottom right corner of my Spiraldex. I use this as a key. Each activity is written in its respective color.

Let’s keep it moving. The next section I need to allot time for is travel. From 9 p.m.to 10:15 p.m. (an hour and 15 minutes) I will be travelling home. From 10:15 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. I will be eating and relaxing. A nice cool blue should be good for designating that momentous occasion in my day. From 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., I will be studying. The rest of the time (1 a.m. to 2 a.m.), I will sleeping until the following morning.

The end result:

Yay! We did it! See? It wasn’t so bad. If yours is not perfect, it is more than alright. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. I would not want you to miss out on a perfectly amazing method of time management because you simply gave up.


Bash in the glory of your accomplishment! If you need extra help, this post will be here for you whenever you need it. You can also contact me through asks.

Hope this helps!


So I had just moved about 1500 miles away from home for college and had zero friends and decided to use tinder because why not. Sidenote, I’m military and I live in a military town now, so I pretty much just date military. So I’m swiping left and right on guys and I come across one guy, who’s very cute so I actually look at his profile. He says he likes baby hippos, long walks on the beach, and that he’s 4′11. Basing off the pictures I assume he’s lying so I swipe right and we match. We talk for all of five minutes before he says, “can I get your number? I’m going to a field training exercise and I’ll text you later.” So I give him my number. A week passes and I totally forget about him and had gone on a date or two with others, and then I get a text from the first guy, asking if I remember him. I lie and say I do and we agree to go on a date. He’s even cuter in person (and also 6’), but the whole date he doesn’t talk much so I think I’m boring him, and I tell him I’m just looking for friends. We agree to keep hanging out and one night he brought beer and we sat on my couch getting drunk and watching Archer, and flirting up a storm. Next thing I knew, we were in my bedroom.
It’s been almost a year since then and he became my boyfriend shortly after that night.


-you’re friends would be pissed

-but you’d bring out his good side

-he’d try to be all tough guy in the relationship but his eyes would betray his inner feelings

-Damon would be around you 24/7 just to piss Kai off

-TBH, Kai would be totally possessive and the jealous type

-he would love showing you off, and showing you’re his

-his arm, constantly over your shoulders while you’re out and about


-helping with his mood swings

-calming him down (he really likes it when you run your fingers through his hair)

-love bites, i mean come on, this is Kai we’re talking about

-he would actually be pretty sappy too though, like he loves you and he’s never felt that before and he doesnt want to lose you

-so romantic dates (that you can’t tell anyone about because it would ruin his rep. (but you would totally tell your friends))

-he doesnt have many friends to gush about you to, and he’s accidentally gushed about you to Damon before (which will never happen again)

-he would actually love cuddling, because he loves having you in his arms

-piggy back rides

-after a while he wouldent even mind showing he loves you

-he would say ‘i love you’ a lot because he does

-but he would be like ‘i dont get this. my stomach doesnt feel good, its like butterflies. but its good?’

-he would love it when you fall asleep on his chest, like when you watch movies. and he would love running his fingers through your hair (then you’d wake up and he would have braided your hair and it would actually be really good like???)


-but roughness also, if you’re okay with that

-heart eyes motherfucker

au ideas i thought of at 4 am
  • were in class and you keep throwing paper balls at me why are you doing this au
  • youre in orchestra and im in band, we take our rivalry seriously but holy shit youre hot so hey while they’re warming up wanna make out behind the curtains? au
  • i really cant chose between wanting to cuddle you and wanting to fuck you au
  • ok so im a celebrity and im single, and youre that one fan i see whos literally hella cute lets date au
  • its 2 AM and im knocking at your window, wake up and lets go on a late-night walk or something idk can we just hold hands already au
  • i didnt bring food for lunch but hey can i have half of your sandwich au
  • were in wrestling class and were partners and were in this really fucking awkward kind of sexual position right now au
  • im totally stronger than you but i let you win that arm wrestling contest au
  • we stayed up all night in bed texting each other and while i was confessing my feelings to you i passed out so all i left you with was “i kind of…” and thats it au
  • were in drama and we have this kiss scene together, i dont think i mind this one bit au
  • we did a trust fall but you were too weak to fully catch me au
  • were getting it on in bed and you fucking keep on whispering memes into my ear please stop this au

CBS Watch MagazineBrainDead’s Aaron Tveit Shines On Stage And Screen (x)

Watch!: Are there times when you still get to feel anonymous?
Tveit: Unless you’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—that level of fame where you can’t get away from it—I feel like you can make choices in your own life that determine whether you want to deal with that stuff. If you want to be private, you can be private. Even though I’ve recently joined social media, there’s nothing about my personal life, and I’m able to keep all that stuff separate.

Watch!: Totally. […] But … the female readers of this magazine may want to know about your dating status in general.
Tveit: I’m seeing someone at the moment. A very nice girl, but nothing crazy serious. I’m dating … I guess that’s what the kids say these days!

Watch!: Do you have any rules about, say, never dating a co-star?
Tveit: I think you gotta stay open, otherwise it might cool you to something. The rule I try to follow is: It takes long enough for you to figure out who you are as a person, and don’t change that for someone else. As much as you may think somebody’s great, you can’t go back on who you are. You know? I’m just trying to be honest. It’s something I wasn’t that good at when I was younger, but the last few years I’ve given it a shot and it works really well. Fancy that!