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Ship-a, Ship-a, Ship-a, Ship It

~ My version of Rocky Horror Story Show’s Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me, dedicated to all shipers, ships and OTPs. And my followers. I love this song but to me it felt more right for it to be about fandoms and ships rather than sex so I changed it a bit.

I own nothing but the lyrics and my voice. :) 

I hope you enjoy it! :)



I was feeling done in

Couldn’t win.

I’d never get obsessed before.

I felt there’s no use getting

Into heavy shipping

It only leads to trouble and fanfic writing.

Now all I want to see

Is my OTP

I’ve tasted blood and I want more

I’ll put up no resistance

I want to stay the distance

I’ve got a ship to ship

I need assistance

Ship-a, ship-a ship-a ship it

It has to be flirty

Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me

Fandoms of the night

When they say it’s not real

I’ll tell them to chill

Just read a fanfic and relax

And that’s just one small friction of endless fanfiction

You need them to be friends

But  I need action

Ship-a, ship-a ship-a ship it

It has to be flirty/fluffy/dirty

Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me

Fandoms of the night!

If I send you a post,i do not care if you’ve seen it already, I don’t care if you’ve seen it a thousand times, I will show you because I can and you WILL join me in Klance hell there is no escaping it. None. J O I N M E


Hello Fandom!

What’s up, my lovelies?

Let’s go over this past weekend at #SDCC

1)      We won Ship of the Year! Holla!

2)      We got a TON of adorable OTA and Stephen and Emily photos.

3)      We got to hear the cast sing Hamilton

4)      Stephen had Emily and John as two of his special guests on Nerd HQ.

5)      We GOT to see Emily showered with love for her BDAY aww!

6)      We heard from MG twice about the show.

7)      We heard Felicity will have a new BF.

Okay, so the last one stings. I’m going to admit that it stings a lot. It makes me want to run away like a big baby and bury my head under my pillow and cry about it being so unfair. But you know what? It’s story. Stories take characters on journeys, and we can handle Olicity’s journey. These are Marc’s babies. He created them, and he believes in the ship that you love. I do not like the idea of Oliver regressing to season 1 behavior. That confuses me, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t mean he just regresses into his old mindset without growth, I’m hoping they mean that he’s in a dark period again and focused on cleaning up his city—essentially remembering his mission. He’s a leader now. He’s not a loner any more. He knows he can’t do it alone. However, he needs to finish what he started. In the end of it all, he will grow into the man that he couldn’t be for Starling in season 1, battle the remaining demons, and hopefully come out of the other side ready to be a whole person—with Felicity by his side. To me, Oliver’s most important relationship, should be with Felicity, and nothing should come before her. I’m an Olicity shipper. Of course, that’s what I think. I also noticed that Oliver was happy to give up everything in order to be with Felicity in Ivy Town, but she reminded him of their mission. The story needs to be completed. Maybe it was worded incorrectly – sorry, I love Stephen – but maybe he means that right now, his most important relationship is with his city because of needs to be done for the story. I don’t love that idea. I want him to put fighting for Felicity as top priority, but I think his focusing on his heroic mission and doing what he needs to do as the person he is will bring him back to the most important HUMAN relationship in his life. After he gets his city back to where it should be, then he can focus on what really matters. At least, that’s what I’d like to see.

When it comes to Felicity herself, I do not want to see her repositioned into a comedic sidekick once again because of misogynistic fan boy opinion, but I don’t think that will happen. She’s grown. We’ve met her parents. She’s come into her own as hero. She’s Overwatch. Diggle is Spartan. OTA is the WHOLE show. The end. That said, I know that MG and WM are the showrunners, and Berlanti runs the whole thing, but there is such a thing as the network, and they care about fan response—and maybe sometimes on a bad day – okay, lots of bad days—they can’t read it right. They listen to two or three people repeating the same rhetoric over and over and think it’s what all the fans think. Then they make notes and try to force the writers’ hands into doing X, Y, or Z. They want to keep the show popular. The showrunners want to tell a good story as best they can. I think the CW lets its writers do their thing for the most part. Remember #1 on my list? Sure, we got SOTY last year, too, and went through a bunch of craziness as a result, but there is power in winning it again even in the face of a breakup. It lets Marc (and Wendy and Stephen and Emily and David and Willa and Echo—they all seem to ship Olicity) keep his couple as endgame. The network can always kill a story even if the writers want to keep it. They will always demand drama to keep the audiences tuning in. They have to think of all the viewers in order to do that. The best recipe for steady viewers is to tell and good and true story in my opinion and to go with what makes sense for the show. MG and the Arrow writers did that by noticing the chemistry with Stephen and Emily, and taking the time to develop a really awesome ship for us to love. This is why I don’t want to hate on the writers of the show, and I’m going to hold on to the belief that the CW, a network that seems to care a lot more about love stories and human relationships than other networks, will not interfere with a dynamic that works aka Olicity. As mentioned before, Marc said Stephen, Emily and David are the show. MG is all about the OTA—They are his babies even more so than they are ours. Difficult to fathom, but it’s true. Our love and devotion to these characters does mean something different because as fans we put a different kind of passion into the things we love. We are just going to have to hang in there. I always see so many of you saying that you will go down with this ship. 

I, for one, am I happy I discovered Olicity. I have yet to see such a wonderful pairing on TV for over a decade—and the last time I did, I watched them go through the ringer, too. I wasn’t always happy, but my ship survived and so did I. I’m sticking with Olicity. With combo of Stephen and Emily’s chemistry and Marc Guggenheim’s commitment to Olicity, I’m ready for the bumps in the road. Bring it on. We will survive. I believe in this fandom! XOXOXO

is shipping f/m couples like illegal here or???????…

i was scrolling through my feed when i suddenly found this article...


…and then, my shippy brain couldn’t stop thinking about some certain stuff. so i just kept on reading and reading. one of their hugs-classifications was this one:

this hug is called ‘The Pat’. let me quote what they write about this hug:

The Pat is a hug that is all about friendship and camaraderie. Each person literally gives the other a pat on the back as a signal of comfort. There’s not really a sense of intimacy involved in this hug.

This position is not about romance or even closeness. It is more about kinship — the kind of relationship that is exactly fine staying where it is.

and then i tried to find some pics to strengthen my proofs. i found this:

yes. it’s exactly the way Sam hugs Cas. i searched for more and i found this:

yep. it’s also exactly the way Cas hugs Sam. see how they both give each other pats on their back? now, there’s also another kind of hug. 

this one is called ‘The Deadlock’. again, let me quote what they describe about this hug:

The Deadlock is a body-crushing hug that almost borders on a fear of letting go. In this hug, both people intertwine themselves as tightly as they possibly can, squeezing out every last drop of air separating them.

This position is about deep commitment and not wanting to be apart. Author Caroll Bryant writes, “Love should feel like a hand sewn quilt made by grandma, wrapping you up on a cold winter morning.”

notice how i emphasise some of the words? ok, strangely, i found these gifs as a comparison:

wait, doesn’t it seem like Dean is squeezing out every last drop of air between them? how about Cas? he didn’t even hug Dean back on the scene. well, let me remind you they do have another hugging scene. and how does it look?

is it just me or does Cas look like he’s intertwining himself so tight to Dean? 

in conclusion, does this mean they both hug each other with ‘The Deadlock’ hug even though they do it on separated occasions? 

maybe this is just me being a shippy trash… but then again, you know what they say about body language ;)

Disclaimer: gifs aren’t mine.