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might as well explain what’s actually happening for those who don’t know the song
Hinata is an angel, he fell from heaven and injured, and ended up saved by a young man (Kageyama).
he fell in love to Kageyama, but then love between angel and human are forbidden, so Hinata made a contract with a devil and turned into a human girl (Yachi).
Natsu is angry because of this and shot Kageyama.

The Truth And Regrets

For @elfinsugg Happy Valentine’s Day, love. Here’s something sweet.
Something naughty comes later ;)

When Joe clicked onto YouTube, wanting to take a break from editing, but also wanting to avoid social media because it was Valentine’s Day, the last thing he expected to see was a new video from Jack.

“It’s not Monday…” He mumbled to himself, clicking on the video. The thumbnail and title were also surprising, because Joe was used to Jack using silly faces and weird titles. But this time, the younger man looked somber, and his title was simply The Truth and Regrets.

The internet seemed against Joe, and the video took a while to load, which only allowed the worry resting in his chest to grow, spreading through his body. What was Jack getting at? Another clickbait? A prank?

Yet there was a nagging feeling in the back of Joe’s mind. Somehow, he knew that that wasn’t what Jack was doing. This video was a serious one.

“Hi guys,” Jack’s voice came through the speakers, startling Joe. He had been lost in his thoughts, but his focus snapped to the face on his screen, and he sat forward in his seat, eyes studying Jack’s face.

“I know, I’m not uploading on a Monday. But this is something I need to get off my chest, and well, seems appropriate to do it on Valentine’s Day.” He let out a weak sounding chuckle, and Joe frowned. Because this wasn’t the Jack he was used to, it wasn’t his Jack.

“I guess there’s no easy way of doing this,” The video continued, “So maybe I should just come right out and say it.” Jack took in a shaky breath, eyes locked on the camera, locked on to Joe, “I’m bisexual.”

The confession washed over Joe, and his mind raced as it tried to comprehend what it just heard, but before he could really think about it, Jack continued to speak.

“I like girls, but I also like guys. And I know, this is probably going to come as quite a surprise for a lot of you because of my past.” Jack winced at that, “And let me start with saying how much I actually regret acting that way. Because it wasn’t fair to myself or any other person involved. I went from woman to woman, not giving any of them a chance. But none of them felt right, I always felt as if I was missing something with them. They were all wonderful ladies, and I wish them all the best, although I doubt they’re sat there watching this.” Jack tried to give a small smile, but it faded quickly, and Joe found himself wanting to wrap his arms around Jack. It was clear the young man was hurting.

“And then…I met someone.” Joe felt his grip tighten on his armrests, a sudden flare of jealousy spiked in his chest, but he tried to push it away, focusing on what was happening on the screen. “I met someone, and he changed me. He made me realize that I don’t want to keep going like this,” Jack ran a hand through his hair, his eyes focused elsewhere off the screen, “He doesn’t even bloody know how I feel. I don’t think he ever will.”

Shaking his head, Jack focused back on the screen. “I know I laughed and joked about being a player, and so did my friends, it was my thing, but all its left me is feeling alone. There’s this hole in my heart, one that won’t be filled, because all anyone sees me as is a player. And I know that the person I care for, he never enjoyed that aspect of me, and I’ve probably ruined it because of that. But that doesn’t matter,” Jack shrugged, “Not for this video at least. I wanted to be honest with you guys. And I have been. You now know who I am, what I am, and I’m sorry if you don’t like it. But I’m done hiding. This is me. Take it or leave it.” He gave the camera his signature smirk, his eyes shining with unshed tears. “And if by any chance you’re watching this, and I know you know who you are,” Joe sucked in a breath, eyes stuck on Jack, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I let my past ruin any future we may have had together.”

The video cut off there, the screen remaining black for a few seconds before it came to an end.

Joe fell back in his seat, trying to process everything that had just happened.

But before he could let himself overthink what he was about to do, he shot out of his chair, grabbing his phone, keys, and wallet. After throwing on some shoes and a hoodie, he was out the door.

There was something that he needed to say.

“Joe?” Jack questioned as he opened his apartment door, but before he could say anything else, Joe threw himself at the younger man, arms wrapping around his neck, their lips crashing together.

Jack stumbled back a little, but his arms wound around Joe’s smaller frame, kissing him back almost instantly.

“You didn’t ruin it.” Joe mumbled against his lips, “You never ruined it.”

Pulling back a little, Jack gazed down at Joe, “You watched the video?”

“Of course I watched the video, you bloody idiot!” Joe laughed, his hand moving to Jack’s cheek, brushing away the tears that had begun to fall. “I watch all your videos.”

“I just…well..I didn’t think…”

“You knew I would, Jack.” Joe told him softly, smiling as Jack blushed. “It’s why you said sorry. When you don’t have too. You don’t have to apologize for your past.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No. Because I don’t care about who you were.”

“You don’t care that I was a player?”

“I care about you, Jack. I don’t give a shit if you were a player, or that you’re bi, or if your skin was fucking green. I just care about who you are right now, right here.”

“Green?” Jack smiled, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh shut up, I’m confessing my love to you, you idiot.” Joe mumbled, his thumb moving across the younger man’s cheek. “I’m sorry that you felt lonely.”

“I’m not any more. Not with you.”

“Then,” Joe stepped back, slipping out of Jack’s arms to pull a card out of his pocket, “Jack Maynard, will you be my Valentine?”

Laughing, Jack took it, smiling down at it as he read the words Joe had scribbled in it.

“You are such a bloody dork, and I love it.” Jack pulled Joe back towards him, kissing him again. “I would love to be your Valentine, Joe Sugg.”


For: Two Anons

Imagine: Cato falling for you when he meets you in District 12 during his victory tour. (Plus size reader)

Note: Y/F/N= Your friend’s name.

You squeeze into your favourite dress, you weren’t one to wear a dress, you were plus sized so sometimes you felt pretty insecure, especially when it came to dresses. Today, however, was the 73rd Hunger Games victory tour so it was tradition to dress up nicely.

You weren’t particularly excited for this considering your district wasn’t the one to win. The winner was Cato, a boy from District 2. The games were considered to be a horrid event in your district, this year was the worst for you, your best friend had been reaped as the female tribute for District 12. You had been completely shattered, even more at her death, though you knew she wouldn’t make it, you still had had a bit of hope. This girl had been the only one who was able to make you feel comfortable about your body, she was the one who taught you to love yourself and now she was gone too.

However, if there was anyone else who you would have wanted to win, it was Cato. Two days into the games, he had saved your best friend from a horrid death, after that, he had asked her to become his ally, he protected her for the next week, but eventually, he too could do nothing.

You make your way to the Hall of Justice alongside other members of your district. Once you arrive, you see a few peacekeepers escort Cato on to the stage, and he begins his speech. Damn, he sure is attractive.

Cato’s POV

I carefully recite the words that my mentors had etched into my mind. I barely even hear myself speak; I’m too busy searching the crowd for her face, the girl Y/F/N told me about. I have no idea what she looks like, but if I see her, I’ll know that it’s her, somehow, I know that I’ll know.

I don’t see her. I have no idea where she is.

I finally finish my speech, and I’m told to join District 12 for lunch. I make my way off the stage and go to exit the Hall of Justice to follow the district members into the town.

“Cato?” I hear a beautiful voice call my name; I instantly stop knowing that it has to be her. He voice is just as beautiful as Y/F/N described it to be. I turn around and see her.

She is absolutely stunning, perfect.

“Y/N?” I ask hesitantly.

“That’s me,” She says, “Can I talk to you Cato?”

“Uh, sure!” She leads me away from the crowd, into an empty side street.

“Thank you Cato,” I look into her glassy eyes, she’s trying to be strong, but I can see the pain in her eyes. Without thinking, I place my hand on her cheek, gently rubbing circles with my thumb.

“For what Y/N?”

“For saving her.”

“She died anyways.”

“You tried Cato, I know you tried.”

“She told me so much about you Y/N,” I smile at her gently, “You’re just as perfect as she described Y/N.”

She blushes, “Thank you.”

She finally breaks, letting a single tear slip, I instantly pull her in for a hug, she hugs back, we stay there for a while before she pulls away, “You better get going Cato, I don’t want you getting into any trouble.”

“I’ll see you around Y/N,” As soon as she leave, I already miss her, knowing that I probably won’t get another chance to speak to her until next year.

A/N: This would have been posted like two hours ago but then I started watching Cato/Alexander videos, and well lets just say, I have a new guy to go complete fangirl over! ;P

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They made it. They fucking made it. This was the very next video I watched after Dan’s new meme video as well. I swear I’m crying 😂😂😂

mqrlene-studies  asked:

Hi! How did you get started on learning korean? :) I want to teach myself but I kinda don't know how (and I don't want to spend any money ๐Ÿ˜…)

Hi there! I was inspired by my love of kpop to start learning. Here’s what I did (for free)!


  • Dedicate your entire soul and being into learning Hangul. Master it. It’s much easier than you think; there are only 24 characters that you need to learn how to pronounce. I’ll go into more detail on how I mastered it later in this post!  
  • COMPLETELY ABANDON ROMANIZATION. Once you learn Hangul, read Korean words in HANGUL. Abandoning Romanization will make your pronunciation better because it’ll fight your English speaking and pronunciation habits, as well as help you remember and practice the Hangul pronunciation and characters you learned.
  • I learned Hangul through YouTube and I h i g h l y suggest you do too!
    • Koreanclass101′s Hangul series was wicked for learning all of the 24 basic consonants and vowels. The lessons were almost too easy to understand, and you even learn a couple words as you go along, slowly building your vocabulary!
    • After learning Hangul through them, I watched their mini series on pronunciation as well! I recommend watching and taking notes on these videos as well, they gave me some really great tips that has made my Korean so much better.
  • Hangul Quiz Free for iPhone/iPad was the app I used to practice my Hangul after I watched Koreanclass101 and sweetandtasty’s videos on Hangul, dipthongs, and double consonants. It’s a really simple quiz app that gives you a character in Korean and gives you four possible options in Romanization/English to answer with. I loved it, it came in handy when I had nothing to do and helped practice reading and recognizing Hangul. I think it’s what helped me read at a medium pace today!
  • KDrama Talk is another great app for simple and common phrases, but it’s more effective if you take the time to make flashcards out of the words/phrases. I also believe there’s a quiz feature, but I didn’t have the app for that long to know. 


  • I found this PDF called Korean From Zero thanks to thestudyzone that I swear by. It’s brilliant! It walks you through Hangul at the beginning, and then goes into simple phrases and grammar lessons. This book is the best thing that happened to me and my Korean, it taught me things about Korean pronunciation and grammar I would’ve never learned without maybe a teacher or native speaker (both of which I don’t have). I recommend you download, read, and take notes on it because it is seriously such an incredible tool for beginners. AND IT’S FREE. I CRY. 
  • I also downloaded My Korean 1 and 2 but I haven’t dived too deep into those yet, but so far I think they’ll be very helpful!
  • Howtostudykorean.com is absolutely amazing! This site also walks you through Korean, pronunciation, and tips on learning in the first unit, then goes into grammar and vocabulary! I love this site because it attaches audio files so you can hear what the syllables/words should sound like when you say them. The lessons are easy to understand, you can download PDF notes or take your own, and they give incredible tips, I definitely recommend!
  • YouTube is also incredible for vocabulary.
    • Koreanclass101 videos
      • You can click around their channel and find a playlist you want to learn words from! They have basic korean, holiday words, weekly words, etc. 
  • I track the tags “Hangul” and “Korean language” here on tumblr to get any information I can. In addition, I follow a few blogs dedicated to the Korean language to expose myself to more vocabulary/grammar rules.


  • I installed the Korean keyboard on my phone and laptop to practice typing, because realistically I’m going to be typing Korean more so than writing it once I’m more fluent.
  • I have this picture bookmarked so when I’m typing on my computer in Korean, I can have the window I’m typing in up on one half of my computer and this on the other. I haven’t quite memorized the keyboard yet, so I have to rely on the picture still! 


  • I signed up for Koreanclass101.com’s word of the day and every morning I read it and try and remember it throughout the day! It’s a really good way to slowly build vocabulary. I make a flashcard deck for each month, which helps because I’m learning the vocab, writing in Hangul, and speaking the words when I practice.
  • I’m not going to assume you know about kpop/like it just because you want to learn Korean, but I’d suggest giving it a go! K-Dramas as well; try and drown yourself in hearing Korean to get used to how they pronounce things and try and recognize words. 
    • Also, you can practice reading the subtitles/titles in Hangul! Though you might not know what the words mean, it’ll help you get better at pronouncing the words and reading them faster.
  • It helps a lot if you have someone in real life to talk to in Korean! If you don’t, try and translate words out loud whenever you recognize one (For example, I always say 진짜 (really), 아이고 (omg/oh dear!), 네 (yes), and touch my head or hair and say 머리 (head/hair) just to practice speaking. I’ll even see a rainbow in the sky and blurt out 무지개 (rainbow) just because I know the word and can remember and apply it.) Also, you can write to me on here and practice writing/typing, and read your messages and mind out loud to practice reading and speaking! 

This turned into a master post so quick, omg (아이고)! I hoped this helped you though! Best of luck to you and your Korean journey! 


So that video I posted on here, the “I’ll be watching you…” video? Well, I thought I sent it to a friend to start a music video war on Snapchat and I JUST now realized that I sent it to Shane…LOL I’m so nervous cause he hasn’t watched it yet but I sent him a chat message about it…and in turn challenged him to a music video war…



I watched this video and found this: 

Well, I didn’t initially, but now I can’t stop laughing 

anonymous asked:

do you have a favorite youtuber? if yes, who? :)

i love youtube! weirdly enough, i really don’t have anyone I consistently watch. ummm…I love BananaJamma (she’s a really talented and adorable artist), Tessa Netting (she’s a HP fangirl), and I’ve been really into teacher vlogs lately (I’m not a teacher, they’re just interesting to watch haha) PocketfulOfPrimary is my favorite. i watch a lot of gaming videos as well - C

I don’t really ever watch youtubers but if I had to choose one I’d say Miranda Sings. - P

Sorry followers I am interrupting my usual blogging because something has really bothered me today.

My fellow deValier fans. A user known as The Fox Familiar has started reviewing George’s stories. This user is known on FF.net for flaming and abusing writers. Please read their profile page on fanfiction.net to see the homophobic, misogynistic hate speech they come up with. If you plan on replying to them, do not go to the tumblr user link provided as it is not the actual person. I ask that you help get this user blocked. This user is simply a bully. 

They actually asked George in the review…“Second, why is Feliciano gay? If this is some sort of AU where all forms of ‘love’ are accepted, I wouldn’t expect the Italian love of tradition to go out the damn window. If Italian fascism is anything to go by, it’s that they look down harshly on homosexuality, and this, too, would apply to Germany”.

It’s as if they think that because homosexuality was hated at the time, there would be no homosexuals. Because obviously being gay is a modern creation and a choice (sarcasm). Also notice the quotation marks above love. 

These are some of the other things that have been said on their page.

“And yet since the success of the Human Genome Project a decade ago, no one has yet spelled the gay gene? I wanna see some As, Gs, Ts, and Cs, people!”

“I think you honestly took my profile WAY too seriously, sweetheart. Had you read my profile more carefully, you’d see that I’d advocate the murder of those who are detrimental to society; those who think that their lives are the centre of the universe. Some people do live worthless lives, and it should be society’s role to get rid of them, not keep them.”

“I should also mention that homosexuals make up the vast majority of paedophiles. So it’s not surprising to me that you like underage porn. In reality, you are a man, born a man, and forever will be a man, and no surgery and political correctness can change that. By saying you are a woman, you are committing the act of MANIPULATION, and hiding what you really are. That is immoral, wouldn’t you agree?”

“You support a lifestyle, and even engage in, a lifestyle that is unnatural and unhealthy. You’re a lesbian - so what? I don’t care. I know that you’ll probably get bacterial vaginosis or HPV, and probably your girlfriend will leave you. Or, you’ll engage in drug activity and alcohol abuse”.

“So, you constantly tell me that I am such a bigot, that you can’t believe people like me exist. Yet you state that watersports/scat is strange, yet go on to tell me that other sexual deviances are A-OK. You try to tell me that I am unintelligent; you try to tell me that homosexuality et al is perfectly fine and demand that I watch videos of anal sex. Well dear, I have a thing called a book on physiology, and it shows that the anus was in no way designed for constant penetration. Since you oh-so-forget this fact, I quite correctly assume that you are an idiot”.

“Then you assume that I am religious. Of course you’d attack Christianity, which is responsible for the DON’T HATE ME FOR WHAT I AM values that you use here (oh, doesn’t that hurt?) but you’d NEVER attack Islam or Judaism; the former because of racism and the latter for anti-Semitism. Besides, the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally, but I do know that Christianity is responsible for the rise of science and why we are such moralistic individuals that don’t kill each other on a daily basis like savages. Of course you’d attack Christianity and religion, because it RIGHTFULLY condemns your unhealthy behaviour.”

Please report this person  through twitter to FF.NET. They are known to tell writers to go kill themselves. No matter what your views on slash parings or fanfiction are. Nobody should be spoken to like that.

And now my usual blogging will resume. 

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Any recommendations for people who want to learn Korean?

Oh man okay THIS IS VE RY LONG lol putting together an answer is a little challenging haha the website where I first started learning korean actually closed down hfaisuehif I learned like in 2013 so jfoisajf yeah.

I’ll start with hangul which is what you should learn first!
tbh i suggest starting with seemiles youtube playlist because it’s really helpful when you’re first going in and you’re not sure what to do to supplement it i suggest watching other hangul videos as well and not just that. and what’s going on. For a VERY in depth understanding of korean I suggest hyungseok song’s playlist, his videos are very long and very thorough. but like i said you can watch other videos as well theres tons on youtube

You don’t have to stick with one thing you can use multiple ways to learn, it’s important to figure out which way you like learning best.

I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY suggest writing out the alphabet literally over and over whichever way you want because that’s the best form of memorization, i recommend a journal or notebook to use while learning korean, i use an A5 journal it looks like this ~~ tbh writing everything out as you learn will help. also just sayin but writing in blue ink is supposed to help your memory lol

Hangul apps:

Korean Writing Plus - this is made by HyongA and this was an app that helped me learn hangul a lot, even if it’s meant for children. The first vocabulary I memorized came from there too. It’s 99 cents on the play store but 2.99 on the app store (no idea why) Play store / Apple store
Korean 123 Read Write Practice: This one is nice it’s another kids app (listen, don’t judge me) besides hangul it also introduces numbers and it pronounces the number in both of korea’s number systems (they use 2) Play store / Apple store
SNU LEI: I really recommend this one! This was made by HyongA but it’s free and it’s for older users unlike korean handwriting plus. Play store / Apple store

The alphabet is fairly easy to memorize it’s not very hard to write either, even if you just know the alphabet you’re already doing very good because honestly, when you first start learning, romanization is fine it gives you SOME kind of understanding on how to say the words but as you learn more, do not rely on romanization. Later on, romanization will not help you and it’ll just slow your learning process. you will not sound fluent,, or understandable,, if you just rely on romanization.

also when you’re learning hangul i suggest trying to read anything and everything, you can even use kpop to study. try to read lyrics in hangul, that’s how i got the hang of reading hangul. you can look up the song name and then 가사 for lyrics.

For vocabulary, your regular vocabulary apps are fine. the way I learned was with korean-flashcards lol but I found out they switched websites but their website is still super helpful. It works according to what you currently know and you can make adjustments as you see fit. And it sends daily korean exercises to your email. You can find that website right here ~~ not only that but if you see a word like in a song or a drama and you wanna know what it means, use naver dictionary! i suggest installing the naver dictionary app bc even i use it to this day when im unfamiliar with vocabulary. but you can def also go into the app store and look up korean vocabulary and find something you like

For grammar I suggest Learnkoreanlp, I’m using that myself rn to go over stuff I’ve learned and to learn new stuff bc I’m not fluent or anything. You can find that right here ~~

Talktomeinkorean also covers a lot of different things from what I’ve been told but i havent used it myself you can check that out right here ~~

There’s also a grammar app called grammar haja worth checking out. The korean alphabet is easy but the grammar is hard so it’s gonna take a while to learn, don’t rush it or if you can’t understand something don’t give up, search for other grammar sites or ask a native speaker. even if i dont understand it i write it down anyway, just to have it in my brain lol

Howtostudykorean covers a lot of stuff like Talktomeinkorean, you can check them out here also try looking at their learning how to read section for hangul.

This masterlist has some other stuff you can check out, just remember what I said about romanization later on. 

When you get the hang of hangul and you’re trying to learn vocabulary and grammar and stuff I suggest getting into language exchange bc it really helps talking to a native speaker. There’s apps like hellotalk, you can search language exchange in your app store just be careful of crazies. Also if you have questions it always best to ask a native speaker. for anything you might be confused about but u dont have a native speaker to ask i really suggest hinative app!

later on when you move on to grammar, or if you feel like you can’t learn on your own, maybe look into an online tutor (or real life tutor if possible)? i’m considering that myself

so to wrap it up, get a notebook, a blue pen, write everything out, repeat. even im constantly relearning grammar tbh.

Sorry if there any typos I hope this is understandable and somewhat helpful jfaosiejfaosje


Remember when I was whining how ROH was always deleting stuff off of youtube and bc of that I couldn’t watch any videos of the emerging dancers?? WELL HERE IS ONE THAT HASNT BEEN DELETED YET. Peasant pas de six with Yuhui Choe, Valentino Zucchetti, Yasmine Naghdi, Francesca Hayward, Luca Acri and Marcelino Sambé (in order of appearance). All the dancers except for Choe and Zucchetti were in the corps de ballet when this was recorded and I am baffled by how well they have danced this piece. Naghdi and Hayward are perfect exemplars of the English style, with quick fleeting footwork and subtle epaulement. I don’t particulary care for male dancers in general but as always Sambé is a phenomenon, hitting every note perfectly with his explosive jumps. His lines are very clean and crisp too, the way his arms and legs cut through the air is wonderful to watch. What an excellent performance from these young dancers, I am 100% certain they are going to get far in this company!!!! Enjoy before its gone forever.

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we seriously need to talk about rose more omg! i need more rose character analysis and speculation????she literally had one of the most dramatic deaths in homestuck, went through a drinking problem at the age of like,, 15 or 16? and went grimdark (which is super interesting and i think needs to be explored more????) what do you think?

FUCK YES honestly i love rose (since shes… Goth Lesbian Dirk. actually she was around first so dirk is just Gay Jock Rose) and im way too exhausted to do a proper meta on her right now (and it would take much longer to write - theres way more canon content to dig thru for her) so ill link u to some good ones instead

madiieson  asked:

How did you create such an original art style/ do you have any tips on creating an original art style?

I have never considered my style as original but thank you, I’m still learning and adopting different styles to enrich my own so this is something really motivates me to work on it ^_^

About tips, I have watched a lot of videos as well as read articles about it whenever I’m in doubt about my style, I think the most advice was given so far is to look up many different styles, not just one - if you don’t want to be a solid copy of someone’s style (and to be fair, that is a real uncomfortable feeling at some point, owning something that’s not yours) Like, take what you like from that artist, but in a partial way, not as a whole; be objective about that artist and only learn what you like from them. As an example, I love Mashima’s coloring style, more like - shading style, but I don’t really dig his proportion for bodies so I’ll just try to focus on his techniques for coloring; I’ll save the anatomy for another artist that I prefer more. I’m not saying Mashima’s bad at body proportion, but his proportion isn’t my thing so I’m not going to adopt it to be part of my style. Also, adopting something should not be completely - as I said, try to put some of your own ‘flavor’ in and make it something new. Tweak the technique a bit, combine it with something else, try to be creative, ask yourself if you are really confident and comfortable working like this. 

You cannot create something originally with a blank canvas and a brush, you need to see things, adopt them, change them, understand them to come up with originality, I think some people might be too obsessed about creating their ‘extremely original’ style and they refuse to enrich their imagination library - thus limiting their own style for years without evolving.

I think style studying (not tracing) is fun and can help you a lot in regard of learning because you look at that person’s painting/drawing and ask yourself a lot of questions, force your brain to work, to think, to try to figure out how they do it, which technique did they use, and why they exaggerate that part but not the other one, what is the artistic purpose for doing that, etc. And if you have figured out several skillset from different artists, don’t you think you’re quite getting the upper hand? Mix them up together and like colors - it’ll certainly create something else, something ‘yours’ because I’m sure each person has their own perception as well as artistic taste. 

All of that asides, you also need to study from real life, you can’t take these as excuses to not study from real objects, sure you can ‘adopt’ that artist’s way of drawing hands, but that’s just adoption, you did not understand how hands actually work, you are not comfortable drawing that hand in a brand new gesture because the artist has not drawn it yet. So before diving in a ton of amazing art styles to mix and ‘steal’, have some solid art fundamentals first, anatomy, lighting, color theory, perspective, values, etc. After all, you still have to work on your own to get something yours, adopting is great and quick, but don’t overuse it.