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does the person who submitted the last post know that patrick stump is on almost every song on viva la cobra, the second album by cobra starship

I don’t think they know/knew that. Unfortunately Viva La Cobra was an album that was very underrated and a lot of people slept on it.

I was fortunate enough to have experienced it in its prime and let me tell you (anon who submitted the initial confession) that it is BREATHTAKING!

Patrick not only is featured but he was one of the producers for that album! It’s truly a work of art if you haven’t heard it before. And if you have sorry you missed Patrick’s (phenomenal) vocals.


Lana Del Rey on Elvis

If you could ask a musical hero anything, who would it be and what would you ask them?
“I would ask Elvis if he would kiss me.”

“I just thought Elvis was the most handsome person I had ever seen,” she says. “I thought I was the only one who knew.”

“I knew Elvis’ songs would be the soundtrack to my life as soon as I laid eyes on his photograph. I know when I love something as soon as I see it. Then, I write about it.”

“I like The Flamingos and I like Elvis. I feel like they are my contemporaries. They’re my friends. I like the Beach Boys.”

She was influenced by Elvis because he “made me realize how beautiful the human voice could be.”

“Elvis. Any period. The first think I love is his face, then it’s his voice.”

“Elvis is the best, hell yes. Honey put on that party dress.” - American

“Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother.” - Body Electric

“Babys breathin’ Elvis lyrics.on the cover bar. Elvis where are you when I need you most? White comp sequin jumpsuit ghost. Pick me up and make a toast.
Champagne in the air ” - Elvis

Revised Theory

- The psychology teacher is Piper’s accomplice/the sole killer this season.

- She killed Jake and dumped his body on Brooke during the contest for revenge for getting with Seth Branson (somebody who she maybe was in a relationship with at the time). This makes sense as she has after-hours access to the school as a teacher.

- She killed Eddie because he was the only one who saw HER (remember he saw a GIRL) with Piper in the motel frequently.

- She is torturing Seth Branson because she is pissed that he had been sleeping with Brooke after he told her the relationship was over.

- I think she was also the person who appeared to Emma in the school classroom when it was on lockdown - she was the only one who knew she was in there. She could be trying to make her go crazy as revenge for Piper’s death. Piper’s death is also the reason why she is harassing Audrey.

- I think Kieran was the person at the fairground in a killer costume, trying to scare Emma into staying home and not going out (he potentially was also the one who slashed her tire). I think he was also the “killer” who appeared to Emma during the night of the party. This is also why he’s helping the sheriff - he’s concerned that Emma is going crazy and wants to protect her.

- I don’t think Kieran has the intention to kill anybody, just to scare Emma away from investigating into the new murders, freak her out and bring her closer to him because she’s been distant ever since she went away for rehab after the first killings.

To sum up: Ms Laing and Kieran are both trying to make Emma go crazy for different reasons (one being for revenge and one being to make her come closer to him) and they aren’t aware of what the other one is doing. Nonetheless, Ms Laing is the sole killer.

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"Please don't make me socialize" hana/wallid pls? i know it isnt in ur fave ships but if ur up to ut thatd be great :)

Send me two characters or more and a prompt and I’ll write you a short fic

“I hate to be a Nosy Nathan, but is that Animal Intersection?”

She looked up and over her shoulder to see a cute, bookish boy standing behind her.  Was he looking over her shoulder?  “Uh, it is,” She replied, hesitantly.

Hana wasn’t particularly in the mood to talk to people.  She was at a party where she only knew one other person, the best friend who invited her, and said best friend went off to hit on the guy in a black snapback hogging the speakers.  In times like these, Hana was most content to just sit alone and check on her animal villagers, who’d never judge her, and think the world of her.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for this franchise,” He said, leaning closer, “I’m Wallid, by the way.”

“Hana,” She began.  After choosing her next words carefully, she asked him, “Don’t take this any wrong way, but we are at a party… Don’t you have people to talk to or see?”

“Please don’t make me socialize,” He said.  Noting her confused expression, he quickly added, “I’m just not a big party person.  My friend who brought me here has claimed the role of DJ, and I saw you also sitting alone, playing video games, and I saw Animal Intersection, and I got excited.  I’m sorry, I’ll leave you alone.”

“Hey, no, Wallid,” She started feeling quite awful, especially seeing how genuine he was, “I didn’t mean it like that, I should be the one apologizing.  Who’s your favorite villager?”

He immediately perked back up, and even took a seat next to her on the couch.  The party flew by as Hana and Wallid talked amongst themselves about money raising strategies, which villagers were the best, and which fruits they still needed in their orchards.  Wallid gave Hana tips on forged artwork, and Hana taught Wallid about flower crossbreeding.  After a few hours, though, they were interrupted.  “Hana, are you ready to go?”

Hana looked up to see her best friend standing in front of her, pink lipstick smeared and red hair falling out of a braid.  Hana also noticed how close she and Wallid had become since they first sat down; she was practically sitting on his lap.  She felt heat rising to her cheeks as she asked “Oh, how late is it?”

“It’s like 1 AM,” Her friend groggily replied

“Oh, I guess we should get going then,” But before she got up from the couch, she looked at Wallid, smiled, and asked, “Maybe you can come over sometime and I can visit your town?”

“That sounds great,” He responded, smiling wide as he took his cellphone out of his jacket pocket.

He handed his phone to Hana, and let her punch in her number.  She got up off the couch and followed her friend out the door, but turned around and waved to Wallid before she disappeared.  He quickly sent her a text so she’d have his number, too.

Hey it’s Wallid!

While walking to the car, Hana smiled as she typed a text back.

It’s Hana!  I didn’t give you a fake number lol

When Wallid got a notification that he got a new text, he practically squealed.

“Hana 🎮💖 : New iMessage”

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I wish you would write a fic where Killian is a playwright who hasn't been inspired too long, until he sees Emma Swan in her stage debut. He has such a way with words and you capture that so perfectly, I would love to see a fic focused on that!! -heart eyes forever-

Oh thanks so much! I like this idea. It would have to be titled “Never Knew I Could Feel Like This” because this prompt gives me all the Christian and Satine vibes (but like minus the tragic ending) Here is some kind of a beginning. Maybe I will do more? 

The theatre was tiny–25 seats max–and still Killian doubted if it would be a full house. He was also pretty sure that he was the only person in attendance who didn’t know someone involved in the production. The only person who had such severe writers block that he had read every flyer tacked to the wall at his local coffeehouse. The only person who had read the name of the lead actor, Emma Swan, and decided they needed to meet the person whose name sounded like it came from a fairytale. 

He settled in his seat and flashed a smile at the blonde man and short-haired brunette sitting in front of him. They smiled back while eyeing him curiously, no doubt wondering who he was connected to, then looked away before huddling their heads together. 

As he went to turn off his cell phone he saw notifications of an email, text, and call from Regina. He sighed. Somehow his producer always knew when he was avoiding writing. Not that he could fault her for badgering him. He was eight months overdue on his play and she had given him a sizable advance. As usual he felt guilty for his inability to deliver her the award winning script she felt he could give her. 

In fairness he had written a play but it was soulless drivel. Full of over the top dialogue, a plodding story, and wooden characters it was far from “the next big thing”. He had tried to fix it, tried to find the emotional heart that had filled his other work but it was gone. He shouldn’t have taken Regina’s offer, should have told her that his ability to write had died with Milah. But Killian Jones wasn’t a quitter and Regina had used that to goad him into at least trying. 

As the lights lowered Killian banished thoughts of his own frustrated creative endeavors and turned his focus on the darkened stage. The small theatre quieted and he could hear the shuffling steps of someone taking the stage. Then suddenly a spot flared to life and landed on a beautiful blonde woman dressed all in white. Heat bloomed in his chest at the sight. She was transporting, magical, she commanded the tiny stage and she hadn’t even opened her mouth. If Killian still believed in God he would have sworn she was an angel.

Send me an ask and complete the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…”

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I think you're being a total dick towards me, even if I have done anything. Well maybe something but you know. I think you're an immature runt who doesn't think what others will feel.

“Hi 1880″ He said rolling his eyes, it was hilarious because that was the only person he knew who could preach at him for not being empathetic, despite that being one of the things Able was highly good at being.

“Mhm you threaten to kill me, you use me, and then still act like the victim, very interesting that you are so blinded that you can’t see your own faults~”

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I know you're not the biggest Komaeda fan but personally I'm loving that somewhere out there, there's at least one person who never played DR2 but who is watching the anime, and they think Komaeda's just this super chill nice guy based on the first episode.

I sat next to such a person at the premiere. He mentioned that he only knew about the first anime and was hoping he wouldn’t be too lost. I think he assumed the legion of women in Komaeda t-shirts like him for the same reason they like Naegi. He also had no idea why we were all surprised to see Nanami.

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My boyfriend of 5 months is seeing his ex tonight. An ex who not only cheated on him but on numerous other people and sought out people in relationships as well. Doesn't help that I've only heard stories about her and never met her so my only impression of her is that she's a lying cheating untrustworthy person. I have the biggest pit in my stomach.

hey i would be upset if i were you too. hopefully nothing bad happened last night! i’d trust your boy (since he knew her personally and how she cheated on him), but i wouldn’t trust her. seems like a very thirsty girl who would do almost anything to to get boys’ attention 

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What your last anon said it's not completly true. There was more than 1 girl on the set on Dunkirk and apparently no one knew Harry was going to be there. There is one girl, the one who said that when harry saw them he turned his face...., that didn't take any photos (only one lq one). Then there is other girl who took many photos and sent a couple of them to one of her friends that has an UA and now is selling them or already did. They are not the same person

Okay well doesn’t change things then, I still want people to respect him.

Tugging on the end of his shirt, Holland looked around at all of the people around him having fun. He didn’t really know anyone here. He was starting his first year at Degrassi this coming fall and he was really hoping it wouldn’t be anything like junior high. Plus, the only person he knew for sure was Crispin, who Holland thought would have been here. He looked around for his cousin a little more. When he couldn’t find him, he nervously crossed his arms and headed toward the bonfire. 

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As a trans man, my experience with bi people who aren't SGA is that they're misgendering the the trans person. One guy I was with bragged to his friend about how he was fucking a "butch d*ke" and turning "her" straight. One said he liked that people who knew me when I was wearing clothes (he called it "in drag") thought he was gay but when he got home, he got to "fuck a c*nt". & my gf said that I was the only kind of man she could be with bc I wasn't "really" a man. NonSGA bi ppl are sketchy af.

Yeah, I’m really fucking wary of people who identify like that. That’s so fucking horrible, I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

Possible sneak peak for a future MCxHunt story? Maybe. @ashleyhwu

She had always fought so hard for their relationship. It was always her who insisted on closing the gap between them, making him question why he was pushing her away in the first place. Was he afraid? Afraid of committing to her? Afraid of falling for someone only to have his heart broken again? He told himself he’d never endure the pain of heart break again, never fall in love with someone unless he knew it was real. Unless the right person came along. Ashley.

AAAAAND that’s all! I might write this story one day, who knows. For now, feedback would be great!

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That girl who called ji on the radio show didn't sound like his friend more like a noona who was in the same school than him & knew about him. ji was shy (bcoz his personal life was being exposed) but kinda flirty with her towards the end saying she had a nice voice. Idt it's something to take seriously coz ji has a tendency to flirt with girls on stage winking and blowing kisses, it's fanservice and i don't get why ks would be jelly about that since he knows how ji functions

Oh I only said that they were friends because I thought they had mentioned that in the radio show thing but I haven’t watched the video in a long time so I’m not surprised that I’m wrong.

The reason kyungsoo could be jealous (and most people seem to forget this is possible) is not because of jongin himself but the girl. His jealousy could’ve been a result of him not trusting the girl for whatever reason. A lot of people get jealous because they don’t trust the person their significant other is with/speaking to rather than not trust their significant other, which may have been what was going on in this case. But it’s just an opinion until I properly analyze the video.

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"I didn't start it!"

Orophin sighed and scratched his head, unsure of how to respond. It was unclear of who to believe about who started the fight, as there were no witnesses until after they began brawling. Haldir told Orophin that the warden he fought with said rather unsavory things about Rumil and his acceptance into the patrol. He was too immature, too young, only got in because his brothers had to vouch for him - All untrue except for perhaps his young age. But any who knew Rumil knew that he was mature when it was called for, and he was more than efficient with protecting their forest, and was more dedicated than most. The arguing escalated and turned physical, though it was unclear who threw the first punch as both sides claimed different things.

“I believe you. You are a calm and rational person, and I’ve never heard of you intentionally starting a fight, ever. Though, even if you did hit him first… I’d have done the same thing, based on what you’ve told me he said.” Orophin said, finishing with a frown.

{ @galxdhrim sorry if this is terrible }

Les Amis are nowhere near a homogenous bunch - everyone has their own slightly different opinions and views, but for the most part they co-exist in peace.

But there’s one topic. One topic that causes an unmendable rift, a divide that can never be overcome and has split the group permanently in half.*

Pranks. Practical jokes.

  • Enjolras is against them by principle. He views them as not only unfunny, but as a clear violation of another person’s bodily autonomy. Woe be upon anyone who attempts to pull a prank on him (or anyone else on his watch). Especially if it concerns his hair.

  • Combeferre just simply doesn’t like them. He doesn’t react as explosively as Enjolras but he did perfect a particularly withering ‘I already knew you were basically five-year-olds who think saying the word ‘poop’ repeatedly is the epitome of humour and you STILL managed to disappoint me’ look. He’s not a fun target.

  • Feuilly was initially neutral but he became firmly Team ‘Against’ when someone managed to irreparably ruin one of his shirts. He made it very clear that he didn’t have the money to replace his wardrobe every time some immature bastard wanted a laugh. That, coupled whit what the culprit got from Enjolras was more than enough to keep everyone from pulling pranks on him for the rest of eternity.

  • Jehan technically knows these are meant to be jokes and aren’t meanspirited or done specifically to hurt him but he’s a sensitive soul, he just can’t help feeling attacked. The first few times he tried to play along but he couldn’t help feeling like he’s done something wrong to deserve this. The one time the others caught him quietly sobbing after a somewhat unfortunate joke quickly put an end to all attempts at pranking him.

  • The others? They are all gleefully locked in a neverending prank war. 

  • Courfeyrac is a lightweight - he merely dabbles, but as he never declared himself to be against practical jokes he’s an acceptable target.

  • Joly and Bossuet prefer to work as a team and rarely turn on eachother - while both their sense of humour favours puns over pranks they quite enjoy the latter too. Joly especially is imaginative and scientific in his approach.

  • Grantaire and Bahorel are savage, especially with each other. They are the dark side, the ‘Just a prank, bro!’ duo. (Though after the incident when a bucket of green paint hit Enjolras instead of Courfeyrac, which left Enjolras with slightly greenish hair for weeks and got both Bahorel and Grantaire nearly chased away from the group they mellowed out considerably.)

*Or so Courfeyrac likes to insist, very solemnly and dramatically. Obviously, since the only difference between pranks and bullying is whether the one on the receiving end finds it funny or not the ‘For’ party only ever subjects the ‘Against’ party to them by accident. Whatever hostility the subject raises is expressed only by eyerolls and snide comments.

Closed RP


Alois looked down, huffing slightly. Here he was in the detainment center, about to be interogated about a murder. He had refused to speak to several people, so this was the last person who hasn’t been refused-a female prosecutor who Alois didn’t know the name of. Alois knew exactly who killed the girl, but, he said he’d only talk to those who intrigued him or entertained him. So, he sat in his butler’s arms, awaiting someone to walk through the door. His icy blue eyes stared at the ground, arms wrapped around his butler’s neck.

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am i the only one who gets concerned when i hear people say they ship leonard and daine? i mean she's 16 and he's basically an adult

You definitely aren’t! I’m personally one to let people have the fun they want, but I am also against ships that involve pedophilia and incest.

And I agree, Daine is a child and Leonard is an adult and I don’t personally condone that. I used to be worse about it when I was a kid and first started writing the story (especially when I was a baby teen! and anyone who knew me when I was 16 definitely knows that YIKES!), but the story has grown with me and I don’t even make jokes about that anymore. If I could go back and rewrite some of the earlier parts of the story I sure would!

The relationship that Leonard and Daine develop is absolutely a huge part of the story, but it’s also absolutely got nothing to do with romance.

IMO, the proud failure moment before Naruto’s match with Neii was the moment I knew Naruto and Hinata were meant to be. Naruto opened up to Hinata about his deepest thoughts and fears. He would never have opened up in this way to Sakura, who he was constantly trying to impress, or to Sasuke, who he was constantly trying to beat, or to anyone else, who he was constantly trying to prove himself to. Likewise his teachers. Hinata is the only person to see Naruto in this light, completely exposed and vulnerable, and Hinata was the one person at that time who believed from the bottom of her heart that he was better than even he gave himself credit for. There was never a comparable moment between Naruto and anyone else. Add to that the fact that Hinata was always the one who was there for Naruto whenever he hit absolute bottom. It was clear to me that they were meant to be. Even now, a year and a half later, the thought of those two happily together brings a smile to my face. They’re perfect for each other, and I’m glad they ended up together.

For the love of art

So, they asked me if I knew someone who hires camera equipment from us frequently so that we could feature them on the ‘Client Corner’ section of our Toehold blog, and I suggested Shripathy Hadigal’s name. I want to keep our personal differences aside because he is a gifted photographer and is the only one we know who is into astrophotography. I just called him and fixed time for a telephonic interview.

I know his story. Well, almost. We were best friends. Were. But I have to interview him as per the Toehold protocol and I will keep it as professional as I have with the other clients I have interviewed and featured on our blog so far. Art is greater than the artist, and writing about starstuff is compelling beyond all human folly, so I am really looking forward to this feature.

Okay I saw this post and immediately knew I had to do it for Cresswell.

• Who gives the other nicknames ironically, and who uses nicknames seriously?

Well we all know how seriously Cress called Thorne Captain, and Thorne would probably call Cress a giraffe or something on occasion, but I think he’d have some serious nicknames for her that’d he’d use when the others weren’t around as well. So, Thorne would do both and Cress would use them seriously.

• Who throws popcorn into the other person’s mouth?

Cress attempts to, but only because Thorne insisted that she do it, because he was certain he could catch it (he couldn’t).

• Who falls asleep in the car, and who drives carefully not to wake them?

(Pretending that they use actual cars and not ships or hovers.) Cress does. Earth can be so exhausting and it’s surprisingly comfortable and peaceful in the car, and she’s looking out the window with her knees tucked up to her chest and maybe she’ll just close her eyes for a minute…

Thorne makes some lame joke about a song that comes on the radio and when Cress doesn’t say anything he looks over to see that she’s fallen asleep. He smiles fondly and keeps driving, careful not to wake her.

• Who cries watching sad / happy movies, and who pretends not to notice to not make them uncomfortable?

They both cry, but the first time Cress looked over to see Thorne silently crying beside her and asked him if he was crying he denied it, so after that she doesn’t say anything and just hands him a Kleenex and wraps her arms around him instead.

• Who kisses first? Who wants to be kissed first?

I’m not going to answer this question because the canon does it for me.

• Who tells the other person how shitty their jokes really are?

Neither of them! Cinder and the others obviously tell Thorne this all the time though. (However, though they’d never say it to his face lest his ego become even more inflated, sometimes they have to struggle not to laugh at his jokes. They really do lighten the mood, and they’re annoyingly funny on occasion.)

• Who talks about things they like for hours, and who listens, even though they find it so, so boring?

Thorne could go on and on about the Rampion, his precious ship. Cress is happy that he’s got something he really cares about (besides her, of course), but honestly, sometimes it just seems like he’ll never shut up.

• Who decides what to watch on TV? Or is it just endless fighting and ripping the remote control out of each others hands?

Cress does, usually. She’s an expert on net dramas, after all. Thorne lets her watch what she wants, because she just gets so excited about it, he can’t resist, and she gets so into the story that her facial expressions are worth it anyway, tbh. He spends more time watching her than he does watching whatever net drama she wanted to show him.

• Who sings the Sharpay parts and who sings the Ryan parts while doing High School Musical duets?

They’ll switch. It depends on who starts singing first. (The first time they did one of these duets it was the day after they watched High School Musical, and Thorne was humming one of the songs because he couldn’t get the damn thing out of his head. Cress came into the room and heard him and started singing along. Thorne was self-conscious about his voice, but Cress kept asking him to sing with her and he couldn’t keep saying no. She was delighted to find out that he was actually quite good at singing. Now they sing together all the time.)

This was really fun! Anyone want to send me a ship? I’d love to do another one of these. :)