Have you ever wondered if eating animal crackers is against the diets of vegetarians and vegans? I mean, yes, okay I know it’s a cookie and not actually an animal, but still it has the word animal in it. This is what happens when you don’t sleep and are allowed to be alone in a dressing room.

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mcspirk thats more like spirk but mccoy is the best friend to them both, hes such a big part of their lives and they love him so so much but its completly platonic for bones omg

I still strongly believe in Ace!Bones being the mamabird QP partner of triumvirate who is so passionate about making Jim eat right (he cooks Jim meals when he can) and making Spock sleep (he cuddles with Spock) and throwing condoms at them when they get to hot and heavy in front of them. When that happens, he goes into the other room and furiously shakes electrolyte tablets into bottles of water because they’re going to need to hydrate, damnit.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon

Getting really sick and tired people saying stuff like “that is so OCD” or “I totally have OCD about this thing” when they don’t actually have OCD. OCD is not some cute personality quirk that makes you adorable and sweet. OCD is horrible. OCD is me having to wash my hands for 2 minutes every time I eat. OCD is eating the same five foods every day for the last OCD. OCD is not being able to stop thinking about something that happened a month ago. OCD is not some cute lapel you can slap on yourself any time you show a slightly obsessive interested in something.

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one time when I was a kid I got a kraft singles cheese slice and squished it in my hand and when I looked at it it reminded me of play dough and I threw up and I didn't eat cheese for like 5 years no joke

It happens…. i used to hate cheese too



This is what happens when a bunch of nerds get together on 4th of July and play Sm4sh. I’m Zero Suit Samus linkvir is Marth. We also ate habenero peppers prior to this. T'was a great time for all.

Also trinathewolfdefinitelynotaheretic and his brother were there too

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I'm going away for two weeks without any parents on an outward bounds trip and I only know two people out of 175 going. I obviously need to eat but I have eating problems and don't feel comfortable eating around all those people, it's giving me really bad anxiety attacks i don't know what to do please help Mal

hey ok so in my most recent therapy session she taught me some ways to deal with panic and anxiety attacks. one of them was to deal with the physical symptoms; take deep breaths and imagine yourself in a serene location. I know that sounds cliche but it really can make you feel better especially when u realize you aren’t in a life threatening situation. the other one was to kind of retrain your thought pattern. bc what anxiety is is your brain taking something small and blowing it out of proportion. so if u take your triggering circumstance, in this case eating in front of people, ask yourself “when I do this, what is going to happen?” and keep asking yourself “and then what?” and this train of thought will ultimately lead you to “everything is going to be okay.” my therapist said this can be difficult at first but if u practice it a lot (even when ur not feeling anxious) it will become a habit. also remember that it’s going to get better as time goes on! so maybe your first time eating with them you’ll feel anxious, but the second and third times are going to be better and you’ll get more comfortable. if you can bring some snacks with you too that might comfort you knowing that you can eat by yourself as well!! you can do this babe

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Some peace makers still use the "why are Sasusaku and Naruhina fighting? We're all canon anyway so stop it" and say how canon hiden & The Last are. Just because both ships are canon doesn't mean we have to like both. If people say something wrong about our otp, why can't we defend it? None of us are trying to make people stop shipping their otp. If a person says Sasuke doesn't understand bond then we should shut up, if someone says Sakura is still just a fangirl no one should tell them to stop?

we are fighting because we are fighting. happens when two forces clash. I’m not taking any orders from random people, eat me.

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¡ for sunny? ???

¡ Pet Peeves

   “People who just refuse help! Like there are things that need to be solved! Help us help you! My job is specified to  h e l p  folks just like you!”

   “And running away from your problems! They exist! You exist! They’re totally real, you need to wake up and smell the flowers! Dying happens it’s a totally natural part of life and you need to accept the help we’re giving you- “ coughs 


   “Oh sorry, I went and gotten carried away.. I’m usually not so loud with my complaints.”

As of next month, I will be completely debt free!

And I will have paid off close to $5,000 of debt. $3,000 I paid off last year, then life happened and I built up $2,000 this year. But I have been cancelling things like my gym membership and I haven’t been going out or eating out and I am so close. Also thanks to working a shit ton of extra hours it’s almost done.

So, as soon as it is paid off, I will be rejoining the gym! I’ve been trying to workout at home, but I really want to start lifting again, which is hard when you’re working with limited equipment. I’m also going to be transitioning to a more paleo diet because my RA has been flaring like crazy and everything I’ve looked up relating to diet and autoimmune diseases points to a more paleo lifestyle, so I’ll be giving that a go.

Anwhoo, here’s to making positive life changes!

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I fucking love my best friend. I got drunk last night and sent her a super long message about how time is actually an illusion and how there is no past or future there’s just now because everything that has happened, is happening, will happen is actually happening simultaneously and she was completely uninterested. She 100% did not care but she entertained my bullshit anyway and then she called me and reminded me to eat and have some water and told me to go to sleep.

It just fills my heart with joy when people just let me be myself even though I’m a little weird sometimes.

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List 6 random facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers.

Aw, thank you!

1) I whisper “I’m sorry” when I kill spiders
2) I like yoga and eating healthy but I’m really lazy
3) I’m in a really weird “relationship” ?? I thought about this bc something that happened the other day inspired me to write a new HuntxMC fic
4) Lightning is my favorite Final Fantasy character
5) I get overexcited when I see vodka
6) The Thieves Guild is my true home in Skyrim

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Can you do Aslarie? If they found their level grounds. If not that's okay I know that ship is controversial to some just ignore me ahhh;;;


  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:

Aslatiel, naturally. ((He has to eat his 5 dozen eggs))

  • Who’s the one to make breakfast:

Marie usually enters the kitchen when Aslatiel had already finished eating but is polite enough to wait until she finished everything.

  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

No food in bed ((only for…rare occasions…))

  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

Neither. Either it happens or not.

  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

Marie is not allowed to leave the apartment without Aslatiel. But she doesn’t want his company.

  • Who chooses the movies:

It would be rare that they watch together, mostly it’s Marie stumbling over Aslatiel watching movies like Zorro or V for Vendetta. In every movie has to be someone with a mask.

  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

It’s not kissing. It’s more like biting. But in that case, I guess…Aslatiel

  • Who orders lunch:


  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

Both don’t. Marie recoils from the idea of eating something of his plate and Aslatiel doesn’t need it.

  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

Marie would never sleep when he is around.

  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

Marie sometimes gets into Aslatiels room. She doesn’t know why but she watches him finish paperwork.

  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:


  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

Aslatiel. Sometimes he has notes on them, like which flavor she likes.

  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

Both don’t.

  • Who cooks dinner:


  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:


  • Who stays up until 2 reading:

Aslatiel reads every knew “chapter” of Maries journal.

  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping:

Aslatiel. He looks for signs of nightmares.

  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep:

Uh…I don’t know…


Again, I hope I got the characters right T.T))

tinyredrose mirrahs-finest

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I'm on a yo-yo diet and I'm becoming sick but I can't stop it. And it's not good bc I eat a lot of sweets and I went to the dentist and I have 8 cavities! Oh dear! And I've started cutting again. I just... Can't... Stop... I cry myself to bed every night because of everything that's happened. This has been the worst year of my life.

honestly food is so ugh. it looks so good and than when you’re full you hate yourself more than anything.

I want silly headcanons about the Awakusu Kai, like really dumb ones

things like the reason Akabayashi is not allowed to sit on the couch anymore is because Aozaki patted him on the back a little too strongly once and he caught him off-guard and his glass eye hit Shiki’s head, bounced and fell straight into Kazamoto’s coffee

Kazamoto stopped drinking coffee since then and Akabayashi is forced to sit on the furthest chair in the room

or like. Akabayashi is a lonely man in a rather big apartment and decides to get a pet chameleon/lizard and he names it Kazamoto because he thinks he’s funny. But the real Kazamoto is totally unaware of it and so is everyone else and so they think he’s talking about their co-worker when Akabayashi is talking about the lizard. “I’ve seen Kazamoto eat a cricket, it was disgusting”, “Kazamoto is being really naughty lately,” And stuff happens like he calls Shiki at about 3AM with a slight panic in his voice, “oh god Shiki dANNA I think I lost Kazamoto…” and Shiki is just about to strangle him through the phone, “What. WHAT did you do this time. goddamnit is he dead, I told you not to pick fights–” and he hangs up mumbling about how they will do now and about how Akabayashi is a piece of shit. The next day he walks in with a goodbye speech dedicated to Kazamoto in his mind but there he is. Kazamoto sipping his tea on the couch like nothing happened. “AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD.” and while Kazamoto looks fucking offended at that moment Akabayashi walks in happily saying OH I FOUND KAZAMOTO HE HID ON A PLANT THANKS FOR WORRYING YOU’RE A REAL BUD… OI-CHAN IS GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS KIND OF THING…

or Aozaki’s mortal enemy: technology. “I wanted a report and Aozaki scanned his own hands how are we even alive in this city”, “FOR THE TENTH TIME THAT’S THE AIR CONDITIONER’S REMOTE NOT TV’S”, “THAT’S NOT HOW YOU USE A LAPTOP”, “I’ve never seen someone break a Nokia 3310 in half before” and it’s usually Kazamoto on the verge of homicide

and then there’s the clueless new helper that in a moment of emergency they urgently ask to get an executive on a car (quick and fast it’s a matter of life or death!!) and he asks Akabayashi because he’s the only one avalaible at that moment. Akabayashi looks at the new guy very puzzled but then he says, “s—SS–sHiki ordered it…” and he shrugs. No one told the new guy not to let the one eyed man drive, he drives fast too. On people. No one knows he totally is aware of their presence (Aozaki knows, Akabayashi tried to drive on him specifically once)

this is it this is what i do at 5am. destroying your favourite characters’ seriousness

I remember a family of gulf Arabs came to my restaurant and brought their maids along with them, the family were 5 but including the maids in total they were a table of 7. When I asked how many they needed a table for they said 5, obviously I looked confused and pointed towards the maids, the father turned around and said “No they will stand”.

Still shocked from what happened I handed out menu’s to everyone and he took the menu’s out of the ladies hands and said “No they will not eat”. Why the hell would you bring them out with you to dine if you’re not going to let them eat let alone take a fucking seat. By this point I was pissed so I gave the ladies a seat by the bar next to me and handed them a menu. The father then gets up and says “I said they will not eat” I looked at him dead in his eyes and let him know he’s scum and that the ladies meal was from me and not him so he can go sit down or get out.

Anyway the family ordered the usual basic Biryani and bla bla. So I got the ladies some grilled salmon and some tandoori king prawns, that come up on a sizzling platter with lemon juice, just to let him know that he ain’t shit.

The mother drops her napkin and then calls on one of the maids to come and pick it up, she left her plate and was ready to get up before I stopped her and told her son to pick up his mothers napkin. I actually couldn’t believe how disgustingly they treated people as if they were not human.

Gulf Arabs are the most disrespectful and unpleasant people I have ever encountered.
(NOT all but a large majority of them)

  • cup dreams
  • molls ofgeo
  • taylor swift's 1989 but like, for sports.

i said, “i don’t know how how we made this round.”
conference finals killed us, injuries abound
and our goalie’s run into the ground, but no games last forever
and this is getting good now
he’s so tall, and shiny as hell
been so long since we played this well
and if i ever get my stanley cup kiss,
my last request is

say you’ll remember me
standing in a jersey, covered in confetti, babe
steel rings and engraved teams
say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in my
cup dreams, ah-ah
stanley cup dreams, ah-ah

Boruto: Dad, when did you know you loved mom?

Naruto: It took me a long time, but it all happened during this mission…

Boruto: Yeah, I know that story. But mom said you guys used to hang out before that. Did you ever realize it before the mission?

Naruto: Well… now that I think about it…

Boruto: Seriously, dad? o.O Ramen?

Naruto: I should have known that anyone who could eat more ramen than me would be my soul mate. *laughs*

Boruto: -_-

Naruto: She’s so graceful when she eats ramen. It’s so cute. ^_^

EDIT!!!! Previous original post did not give credit to the creator of the gif. Much apologize for not knowing the rules. Now I know better.

Gif credit goes to @ annalovesfiction