Hour 20

Still going strong, not really hungry. I don’t know if I’ll make 48 hours, but 24 hours is definitely happening.

When I get home around 10pm, my mom might make me eat something, probably just an apple though. Thursday morning however, I get to sleep in, and most of the time I cant resist eating breakfast when that happens.

Today, I fucked up... by almost choking to death with cheese

For people who don’t know what a quesadilla is, it’s a tortilla filled with cheese, which is then grilled. The tortilla can be made out of corn, or even wheat.

I was eating my lovely food when this happened, the cheese I used was, as it is called in spanish, “queso Oaxaca”. Now, that cheese is really stretchy, like for real. As I was eating, that cheese stretched all the way down my throat. And then I started choking. As I was gasping for air, my hand went down my throat to retrieve the cheese.

Long story short, cheese almost killed me, and now my throat is really, really sore.

you all may not be surprised to know i am pmsing (hence the pastries and meat diet) and i always eat garbage food when this happens and gain pms weight and i feel like i am cradling a giant food baby as i shovel pie into my face

plz send help