Forgot about these doodles I drew awhile back. 

Jimin putting his hand over the hole of your ripped knee jeans and unconsciously stroking your skin 

“jimin you’re doing it again”

“oh, right. …but I like touching you”


concept of concepts.


Post-Summit fluff drawn to make myself smile, because Jasper and his hypothetical route may or may not be hurting all of my feelings (at this point it’s less ‘tugging on heartstrings’ and more ‘using them to play the guitar part of a particularly mournful ballad’).

Calanthia totally remembers that comment about a quiet place to read, looks until she finds it, and then is neither quiet nor reading the whole time she’s there. (The solution to this is to give her a history book; she will happily shut up to read a history book. This will, tragically, not solve her lack of decorum. You solve that by looking stern and disapproving and this is me shoving everyone into a happy ending AU where everything is heart eyes forever.)

Because I get all my canon from tumblr

Someone explain to me how this gods awful show actually gave us mieczyslaw – but the sheriff ended up as fuckin’ …. Noah.

Also… because I refuse to touch canon - someone also explain to me which parent was so bored with their average names that they went all out for Stiles’.

( I say, like my kids names aren’t totally fucking weird.)

Oh, how I miss the sweet warmth of being a seraph, always aglow with holy fire, even if I could turn it down to approach other siblings. I was constantly warm and it never hurt, I just felt loved and pure. I wish I could feel that again, just once, just for a minute. Let me be holy again. Let me be bright again.