Halsey Lipstick, $17; maccosmetics.com (Available March 31).

Halsey, What about these products specifically channels or speaks to you?
Halsey: Specifically this lipstick is pretty akin to what it means to be Halsey. It’s pretty unique, and I’m known for changing my hair and style all the time. Not being trapped in one predictable look. I’m like a chameleon. I never look the same.

It’s really cool to me because it’s a cooler blue tone, which is my creative color. I use blue lights onstage and had blue hair for a long time. Blue stimulates me. I wanted to do something different that I hadn’t seen before and I realized I was wearing a lot of cooler toned colors and a lot of pinks and browns. I thought how great would it be to do something that was a bit more dramatic and more risky.

One thing I try to do with my look is not have the look wear me. I try to carry myself like there’s nothing too crazy for me to wear as long as I carry myself with the confidence to wear it. I hope people can feel the same way about the lipstick.

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me why Bedelia practically fisted her patient?? If my patient were to swallow his tounge I wouldn't try to save him by ripping it out of his throat. Even "just" shoving your arm down someone's throat is not something I would call practical u know what I'm saying 😕

i believe she was trying to get neil’s tongue out of his throat so he wouldn’t choke but then she let him die because she wanted to see what would happen/let her ‘dark side’ take over

i like to think her thought process was “you know what’s cool?  saving somebody’s life.  but…you know what’s probably even cooler?  esophageal gloves.”   

insanityrunsinthe-family asked:

I started working at a coffee shop, and we have a lot of superhero specialty drinks. I decided I wanted to name a drink the "Red Robin", but I have no idea if anyone would ever drink it.I'm thinking it would be Caramel Redeye, which is literally coffee with 2 shots of espresso dumped into it and caramel flavoring. It is something Tim drake would order. I'm probably going to drink it and have a heart attack or something.

ooooooooh, that sounds so fun!!! Do it. Create and name a whole bunch of drinks after the Batfam. That’s cooler and much more talent than fic writing, honestly. 

(and then give me the recipes so I can try them haha. You had me at caramel~)

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Birthday: September 16

Relationship status: Single 

Zodiac: Virgo

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Pets: My 8-year-old pup that is basically a cat

Wake up/Bed Time: Varies

Cats or Dogs: I’m more comfortable with dogs but I like some cats!

Coke or Pepsi: Coke has cooler bottles? I don’t drink either though.

Day or Night: Night

Texts or Calls: Texts, unless a call is absolutely necessary

Makeup or Natural: I usually try to put at least some mascara on before I go to class 

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick, but I really like lipstick 

City or Country: Country? Idk, neither really. 

Last Song I Listened to: Something from Keaton’s Romantic Works probably because I went to sleep listening to that

I tag whoever wants to do this!

cool people don’t try too hard

This is not offensive or at least I don’t think it is because it’s pretty true. Look, I don’t say I am the coolest person in my class, or in this country or in the world. NO!!!! NO WAY!! But, I know what to do that seems natural and I can see when people just try too hard. But it’s not like when you want to be something and you try very hard, what I am talking about is actually the offensive-to-others style. You know when someone says or acts like “I am cooler than you! You’re just a loser!” I don’t like that. Maybe we don’t want to be like that or maybe we don’t even want to stay around you nor do we want to mess with you or be given unstoppable, plenty lessons from you. Ok? I AM A GOOD PERSON AND I DON’T WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. Remember that. It’s important.

What I want to tell you.

No stop. Stop right now. This is mindless and meaningless. I hate when we do this. It’s pointless. I’m doing all the talking, trying so hard, but whenever I’m with you I only feel the way I felt for the first ten years of my life. Second rate. Never the favorite. Just someone to pass the time with until a better, cooler, more interesting person arrives. Well I’m done. I am worth something. I am beautiful. I am smart. What I have to say matters so shut up and listen to me. My opinions are not something to be passed off as nothing and you can’t just make yours correct by saying so. I thought this would be an improvement, a step in the right direction. Well it turns out you’re just like the rest of them. So I am going to leave now. Please don’t follow me. Not that you would anyway.