this was the first thing i thought of when i saw this post. and yes, they’re doing the flour baby experiment.

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I hope the volume isn’t too loud or something?? Recorded this with my phone and sometimes it screws up the volume a little.

Uhm… yeah… D: wolvhen and lostlorien did this cool thing where they read lovely elvish poems (among other stuff) and I guess I wanted to be cool too, but I’m not that great at writing poems myself, so wolvhie suggested I read some German poetry… but since nothing by a German poet came to my mind (yeah I know Germany is the nation of poets and thinkers and all that, still) and my two favourite poems are rather dark and sad I decided to simply read this. (when you scroll down a bit you have the poem in both Quenya and German.)

Quick story time. Yesterday my brother & I were at my job and we were looking through the syfy section ( because I’m trying to convert him into a reader ) and he made a comment about not being able to read something with Vampires because he knows Vamps aren’t real and I said “that’s the point, it’s a different world where they are real. This world is boring. Why would you want to read something about a world you already know?” And i think that’s why I love paranormal/supernatural things so much. *Sebastian voice* the human world it’s a mess. Vampires, werewolves even aliens are so much cooler am I right or am I right?!

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What is Fable, why do you like it so much and why do you like this "Reaver" guy? I'm not trying to be rude, I just want to see your reason and I'd like to hear you talk about something you love so much! :0

Oh no you’re fine!! I love talking about Fable and Reaver. Also this is going to be long and I’m on mobile so sorry!! But Fable is a RPG series that takes place in Albion which is like England but a long long time ago and way cooler cause there’s heros and magic. But you go around doing quests to get to the main end goal which is defeating whatever main bad dude depending on which Fable game you’re playing. It’s really hard for me to explain the story of it all without spoiling stuff and I would hate to do that. The games are all on the XBox 360 and the first and third are on pc. But I swear the games are so much fun and the enviorment is so beautiful if I could live in any fictional place it would be Albion.
On to Reaver! Reaver is a character who first appears in the second game. In the second game, 500ish years after the first, Heros are a rare accurance because of an uprising that happen between the games where people got tired of heros. But you have to try to find the three other known Heros, the Hero of Strength, Will, and Skill. Reaver is the Hero of Skill and is badass with a gun, like really scary good and it’s beautiful. But he’s also the embodyment of almost every one of the 7 deadly sins. He really don’t have any redeaming qualities other than he’s cute and really funny. That’s why I call him Trashcan Dicklord all the time cause that’s all he is. He only cares about himself and I shouldn’t like him and I hate what he’s done but he’s still one of my favorite characters. He’s also in the third game, which if you saw my selfies with the black heart on my cheek it was inspired by his design in that one. He’s still a cheeky, sexual, asshole and still one of my favorites. He’s the most problematic fave I have and I love/hate him. But I will go on forever about both of these if I don’t shut up, but I highly recomend playing the games if you can or looking up a few videos to get a feel for the game. It’s really worth it I promise!!

all in the value

Talk about highs and lows
What goes up comes down you know
And I’ve been in a better place
A year ago at your love’s embrace

I never thought that I could deserve you
I must admit that I wasn’t like you
But given all the time that I gave you
I can no longer wait for approval

I want you to really want me too
Cause it’s all in the value
I need you to really need me too
Cause it’s all in the value

I’m a great man and I know there’s greater
I try sell myself but it doesn’t matter
And you’re a cool girl, they don’t come cooler
Don’t trade me in, not for something newer

I never thought that I’d have the nerve to
Tell you my world is crushed now without you

I want you to really want me too
Cause it’s all in the value
I need you to really need me too
Cause it’s all in the value

I can’t wait to have you back to me
But you can’t wait to see the back of me
What you running from
Why you running girl

I want you to really want me too
Cause it’s all in the value
I need you to really need me too
Cause it’s all in the value
I want you to really want me too
Cause it’s all in the value
I need you to really need me too
Cause it’s all in the value

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I only bind when I wear tighter shirts. I can mostly later and wear loose clothing and get away with it. if you want something that doesnt break your ribs, try gcb2. having more than one could be expensive but maybe 1 could last a week? and then wash

Thank you!  I’ve been okay so far because it’s been cooler so I can still layer, but I’ve been kind of worried about what to do this summer since I live in Colorado and it gets stupidly hot and layering might cause me to die of overheating because I grew up in Alaska and anything over 70 degrees F is uncomfortably warm as far as I’m concerned.  When I used to bind a million years ago I just used an Ace bandage, but I read that that’s discouraged these days because it can cause injury.  :/

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53 and 63?

those questions are so much fun to do <3

53. What has been you worst haircut/style?

oh dear lord!! nothing that special, actually. basically, my last two haircuts were? i’ve been wanting to try undercut/sidecut + brightly coloured hair for a while. or at least a pretty pixie cut. but both hair dressers, different ones, in different salons, they just flat-out refused and sweet talked (read: forced me) into something more ‘suited’, which was basically the boring hair cut i used to have all along - but i was too anxious to refuse and always ended up unhappy. next time for sure, tho!! next time i’ll get what i want

63. Which is cooler: dinosaurs or dragons?



i legit just finished outlining a dragon story. only one of many. i have dragons on a mug (thanks to a friend who painted it for me <3) I LONG FOR A DRAGON PLUSH TOY. slap a dragon, an owl or a cat on anything and i’m yOURS. DRAGONS MAN. DRAGONS!!!! 

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I’ve thought about a charlotte perreli/mans mashup but what you’re talking about is even cooler and you should do it (btw, helena paparizou as a song called heroes too)

I missed one? Whoops! But then again I think 5 songs was hard enough for me to handle and I’m trying to keep it down to ones I know. I might quote Helena in the instrumentals or something (not to mention Bonnie Tyler).