this was the first thing i thought of when i saw this post. and yes, they’re doing the flour baby experiment.

300 Follower Mini Giveaway!

Hey guys! I don’t have much to give away right now, and am too busy with school work to be doing more big art projects, but I figured I’d at least try and get SOMETHING together. (I promise I’ll do something cooler when I get more time)

I have this Onyx Talonclasp Pendant, and I’m fed up with the Auction House and the changing prices. It’s worth a lot, but I figured I’d give it to someone who really wanted to use it, instead of just selling it for treasure I’ll just waste anyway. So yeah.

I will also be giving away some quick art. If you can guess my favourite five dragons in my lair correctly (or you’re close enough), you will receive a quick full body sketch of a dragon of your choice. (some restrictions apply, those will be detailed via PM) My lair is here, and any dragons after Flare should be ignored. If more than one person guesses correctly, the person who guessed first will win.


  • Do not have to follow me, but it’s certainly appreciated!
  • Please don’t enter this giveaway just to sell the prize, I want this to go to someone who really wants it.
  • Reblogs only, reblog with your username and ID. Likes don’t count, please don’t like the post! If you want the art, also reblog with five dragons you think are my favourites.
  • Entry is free and open to everyone.
  • There will be two winners to this giveaway. One of them will receive the apparel, another will receive the quick full body sketch of one of their dragons.
  • Ends in a week, on March 7th.

I had almost 200 contacts in my phone and now I have 25. 11 of them being family related.

I guess that’s my problem. I’m an introvert. So going off and hiding and not going to the cafeteria since Thursday and pretending that I was too busy anyways if I didn’t get invited to something really works… A little too well.

I have made myself completely numb again about being alone. I don’t get sad anymore. I get (almost) angry… We’re all adults and you still think it’s okay to treat me like this? I don’t want your pity. I want real love. The “oh hey, I really like you and I want to try to spend as much time with you as possible because I really think you’re cooler than anything”

But no.

PSA: Over the next few days I'll be unfollowing a ton of blogs! D:

my dash is extremely cluttered and has been for a while… 

If I unfollow you i pray that you don’t take it personally, I’m just trying to make tumblr a cooler place for me personally, and something about your blog makes it so that I end up getting stuff on my dash I wouldn’t normally want up there I guess… I normally feel bad about this stuff but my dash is hella cluttered and no one even talks to me here anymore.

Friends and followforevers have immunity obviously, but mutuals don’t… unless like you guys start talking to me

If you’re an old friend that used to talk to me and changed their url, and I end up unfollowing you, let me know and I’ll follow you again.. P.S. I miss you!

My followers still mean a lot to me so don’t feel like I hate you if I unfollow you… If anything I’m encouraging new people trying to talk to me now more than ever!

nickthewolfie replied to your post: I want to do something with all of you!

potato d;

Ok. So, I might not be able to do some words. Mostly foods. I did try to though. But it sucked, and I’m going to say it anyway. (it has nothing to do with my opinion of you. This is just where my mind went)

You see this potato? It’s cooler than you. This potato looks better than you ever do.

See? Sucked. 

thunderboltfromachu asked:

" I just want to try something ... "

Send me “I just want to try something…” and my character will react to your character saying that and then…

                           7. dumping their drink on them

          “When I said I was as hot as a fire type I didn’t mean I was actually on fire.” She sighs as she stands by him. Looking at him holding the leaf he had used to gather water which he had dumped upon her.  ”But at least I’m a lot cooler now, so,” she lets out a sigh as she shakes her fur out before patting his head, “thank you, dear.”

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My boyfriends name is Eddie, and he is a very talented rider. He is also very passion about motorcycles, well really anything with two wheels. His passion goes beyond riding but also learning and fixing bikes. I really want him to be successful with something he loves. If you could please help share his page, like it, and support him! Were trying our best to turn his dream into a reality. On a cooler note, I’ve just purchased my first bike its a 1983 Yamaha Virago 500. I named her Amy (its something we do with our bikes, because they are just more than machines to us) and Eddie and myself will be rebuilding her from scratch! We’ll keep you posted along the way! Thanks for being with us during our journey!