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Do you know any good sites to find a CP? I've been on LadiesWhoCritique, but it's dead now. When I find a site the authors are usually fantasy writers and want to read fantasy. I don't do fantasy. I'm into contemporary YA and NA . Hoping for a site I haven't looked into yet. Also, how do I find someone with knowledge I need to help me fact check? Just randomly ask if they know stuff about cars or whatever I need info on? Thanks!

You can try the Critique Partner list here at WQA. You can also look on the forums of various writing websites like Absolute Write Water Cooler, NaNoWriMo, and Nathan Bransford. Those sites are all great when you’re looking for something with a particular kind of knowledge. Or, you can try diversitycrosscheck, theplacesyoullknow, and worldwidewriting. :)

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I love how everyone takes everything you say about naruto so seriously even when you're obviously shitting around. Like they get so upset if the almighty chatte so much as sneezes and start ranting about how the sneeze is symbolic of love or something. Ily you give me life

These people don’t even know what a theory means at its base ffs and they come and talk about other concepts like they’re know-it-alls. To be a know-it-all, instead of being a cranky kid on Tumblr defending shitty writing, you should go back to that goddamn school to educate yourself. That’s how you can get to that point where if you want, you can act as a know-it-all-smartass.

I know internet is cool, but education is even cooler and when you try to pass as a know-it-all but you still haven’t graduated, you look nothing more but a stupid, spoiled brat.

I had my times when I liked to act like a smart-ass-know-it-all back when I was around six or seven (back in 1996, I think? I know Constantinescu was a president back then) and I remember how I wanted to comment something about politics and I got instantly shut down because I was commenting jibberish.

Was I ashamed? Sure as hell. But it did give me a valuable lesson to NOT SPEAK unless you REALLY know what you’re talking about.

Thanks for the message tho! *hugs* Love you too, omg <3

In other news, today i got face paint and i got a bee picture on my cheek and to all the people out there who are in the Sherlock fandom… can you imagine 7 year old Sherlock Holmes who gets bee face paint done and the lady who’s doing it asks him if he wants something like spiderman instead but Sherlock is like NO LET ME TELL YOU ALL THESE COOL FACTS ABOUT BEES THEY ARE SO MUCH COOLER THAN SPIDERS OR SPIDERMEN and he proudly tells the lady everything he knows about bees and all of his research about them as she tries to paint a bee on his face


Should I keep moping about not having the ninth True Blood book or move on to making scene cards for part 1 of the new novel? I know I should make the cards, but I’m so addicted to Sookie’s crazy adventures and there’s only five books left (and a special ‘what happens after’ that I will totally be reading).

I don’t want to doubt myself, but I’m trying to give Quentin (the MC of the book) something cooler than being a normal guy. I mean, it’s not impressive that he’s Korean American in Virginia, and I would never name that as special. He needs to be more than a mopey guy, right?

Ah, we’ll see. I need to start posting these to my writing blog.

semercury and its-a-hetalia-world-after-all so I conspired with my sister for a good name for my skill (which she gave me another one first which will go into a different post) but we came up with Crystal. Kinda like crystal clear kind of thing for sneaking around. I’m trying to figure out how to make it more assassin like but I’m failing there haha

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☢ - Do you consider yourself flexible when it comes to conflicting headcanons? Are there any headcanons you can’t stand? Are there any headcanons you won’t budge on?

I try to be as flexible as possible, because getting into fights about headcanons is not something I want at all! In most circumstances I quietly defer to my partner (who usually has a headcanon that I think is cooler/better anyway) or I’m willing to compromise somehow. I’m not super attached to most of my headcanons.

That being said, if somebody else’s headcanons say that my trolls shouldn’t/can’t exist (i.e. that adult trolls are in the Fleet or dead no matter what, that all trolls conform to a strict male/female gender binary, that wearing anything other than black shirt/gray pants makes you cullbait), then… they probably don’t want to RP with me anyway, and I probably don’t want to RP with them! And there’s nothing wrong about not wanting to RP with someone as long as nobody is a dick about it, I think.

☼ - When does your troll use their quirk? When they are writing? Typing? Speaking out loud? Do you prefer to roleplay with people who do use or don’t use quirks?

This is one of those things I am super, super flexible about–whatever my partner wants to do is what I’ll go with. I really don’t care that much. For example, threads I do with Immo tend to have quirks on while speaking, while threads I do with Mar tend to have them off. Quirks are always on if my trolls are typing, though, ‘cause they’re typing quirks.

If I’m writing by myself, I tend to use quirks if characters are answering questions, and not use them if I’m writing drabbles.

✤ - How do you tag things on your blog? Do you have a specific tag for RPs, characters, art, or memes? What’s the best way for a visitor to acquaint themselves with your characters?

y’know what I’m going to follow your lead and make a separate post about how I tag things because I have a lot of tags

Awesome, thank you guys! Yeah, I won’t be doing anything too intense in them-just need something to cover my feet like on cooler days when I don’t want to wear sandals, and I’d rather get something sturdy as opposed to something like a pair from H&M. But all good advice-I’ll try them on for a while and see how they feel!

butterfliesandairplanes ultrasvibrams nutrify

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Did you go to school or some sort of club with this girl? If yes maybe you can slip it into conversation like a memory or something and say that you wish it could be like that or soomething. The memory may trigger somehthing in her mind to remember what a great friend you are and she may put more effot in. You can be my friend if you want x

yeah school and dance, but we don’t talk, ever - she’ll hang out with the people that are ‘cooler’ than me and then when we share lifts home she’ll pretend she cares about me. I don’t even have an opportunity to try and remind of what we ‘once had’, she’s only my friend when she needs me and I don’t think she knows how much that hurts

that’s the thing I have quite a few internet friends, it’s just ‘real life’ friends I’m not very good at finding people who get me

Shit I just don't get

I don’t get the sexy of fish lips. Normal lips are fucking hot enough.
I don’t get the fist bump
Don’t touch nobody if you don’t want to touch nobody the bump is weird
I don’t get the California cat lady look
You all look the same and I’m sorry its just not attractive. Weird people want to fuck cats FYI
I don’t get why Kanye fucking his wife pregnant gets labeled as a tireless effort for him by the news more important I don’t get why that is news
I don’t understand people at all!!! the world is filled with a bunch of weird ass motherfuckers all trying to clone themselves into the image of 100 other weird ass mother fuckers we some how thought were cooler than us. Give it up. Let that freak flag fly unless your into fucking cats then knock that shit out and do something productive with yourself

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My favorite thing is when someone friend requests me and is like WHATS UP? I MISS YOU! and we literally never even talked because I hated them. And they want to reminisce about the good old days of them being a dick and I’m like…*unfriend*

eww, that’s the worst. here recently that’s been happening to me with people who were always assholes to me and are trying to get back in contact with me. it’s like… you couldn’t have treated me like a person back when we were around each other? what makes you think i’m gonna think highly of you now? that we’re gonn ahave something to ~bond~ over?? nah boo i’m like 6x cooler and also don’t have 3 kids so here’s the real winner?? (i say as i am still in pajamas with an unhealthy number of empty fruit snack packs around me)

also, the people that still think i’m gonna be like i was in high school are pretty bad too. like, i fell hardcore into the emo/scene scene and then i was a band geek so whenever people from either group try to talk to me and expect me to be the same rAnDoM qUiRkEy kid they’re always faced with a rude awakening. whoops, i became a hella gay feminist that wants to go back and punch young me in the face at every chance. i don’t think they want to deal with that :P

The summer kit bash has arrived, everyone. A quick refresher, a kit bash is where we create (in 3D software) a bunch of individual mechanical parts that can later on be put together to make something awesome. The theme is 50’s Dystopian, so think “The Outsiders” mixed with oppressive regimes! I’ll try to post some examples as I find them.

You can upload your C4D files to the Google Drive here:

Whether you want to texture your bits and pieces is up to you (I’d recommend that you do, to make it look even cooler). If you have any questions, or have no idea what any of this is about, shoot me a message.