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I have his weird idea that Tim has a bunch of reptiles in his room, a snake named Monty a bearded dragon named Smaug and a gecko named Nutella because Dick picked that one out for him and four turtles named after the ninja turtles ( yes he talks to them)

he seems like the reptilian type. perhaps he’s even more reptilian than we could ever know………………………….

Overheard at work today

Lady 1: Hey what’s the guy’s name that’s like…air, water, fire…
Lady 2: Naruto
Lady 1: No it was something else. You know who I mean, the little boy that’s like…air, water, fire…

*after a while the conversation heats up with like 5 people trying to figure out his name*

Lady 1: It was a movie! With the little boy! That’s like…air, water, fire…!
Lady 2: Lord of the air?
Lady 1: Yeah! Something like that! With the little boy with the shaved head that’s like…air, water, fire!
Dude 1: …Avatar!
Everyone: YEEEEEAH!!!!
Lady 2: Bro wait, it was like his job or something tho not his name…

They never figured it out. Like if you cried 😢

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Dear Miss Cassie,

My apologies on never having caught your surname. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your suggestion to take technology courses through the academy. After our first meeting I went to inspect the flyer you mentioned and inquired after the teacher. While it was not a night class she kindly agreed to give me private lessons, which I must say have been incredibly eye-opening and informative. I had not realized how helpful or essential computers had become to modern day activities. Did you know that a computer only a few years old could quickly be considered obsolete? Well the teacher had expressed her dissatisfaction with the age and upkeep of many of the academy’s computers, and something with the way they operated their systems, including those in the library. Well, no matter, a small donation should shortly take care of all of that. I do have you to thank for all this. I’m terribly sorry I am going on and on aren’t I? I hope this electronic letter finds you well, please do enjoy the rest of your day.

With great thanks,

Otto Leitner.

Hey there fellow person!

You like science? Pseudoscience? Statistics? Being part of weird projects? Just really passionate about surveys maybe?

Well aren’t you in luck! As you may or may not know (probably may not), the website xkcd, home of the webcomic of the same name and of the incredible What if? articles, has launched a survey full of kinda-weird questions in hopes of getting enough data to analyze it.

What even is the point?
If enough people answer, we have a good chance of finding ‘meaningful’ correlations (yes, just like in science!). The fun fact though is that given the content of the questions, these will be pretty interesting correlations. (Like.. “People who have already flown in an airplane are way more prone not to like cilantro” or stuff like that.)

Sure but why are you talking about it?
Well. Because the more people there is, the more 'accurate’ those correlations will be because we’ll have more data to analyze. Also, some of you might like to analyze data, and can be interested in having a bunch of it to have fun with. .. And maybe some of you peeps just like to take surveys, who even knows?

So I’ll just be giving personal (even if weird) data to who-knows-who ?
Data will be anonymous. People will just have access to your answers. If that still bothers you though, I would definitely recommend you to avoid this survey.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up? That’s the kind of energy I like to see! Well once again, the survey is here. Have fun and feel free to share it to everybody you know! The more random the 'sample group’, the more accurate the correlations!


Okay so this part of the opening, for the longest time I was wondering who was pulling Haru up, Rin or Makoto? Either one of them could be the one saving Haru so he doesn’t sink and drown and it really had me puzzled.

In the first episode, it showed Makoto pulling Haru out of the bathtub and also pulling him out of the pool as kids. So I instantly thought Makoto was the one that was grabbing Haru’s hand, and I didn’t think of it much after that.

A few episodes past and I thought nothing of it. When they won the relay in episode 9, Makoto, once again, pulled Haru out of the water. Haru seemed to get the light back in his eyes before taking Makoto’s hand. He lost to Rin before the relay and his whole world seemed to be crashing around him, he was sinking. He was sinking and Makoto was the one to have pulled him up.

But near the end of episode 9, when Haru and Makoto are talking by themselves, Haru said how being in the relay and swimming in the same lane as everyone made him. Therefor I realised it wasn’t just Makoto pulling him up, it was all three of them. And at the very end of the episode, Haru’s eyes flashed when hearing Rin was swimming in the relay. He still hasn’t gotten over Rin, he still wanted to swim with him, so he’s not sinking but now just floating.

Finally, getting to episode 12, I knew it couldn’t be Makoto pulling Haru up. Rin loses his race, loses his temper and says he quits swimming. Hearing this Haru is, once again, sinking. But having the support of his friends and helping him see what he really wants, they manage to hold him so he doesn’t sink too far. And the scene that convinced me that it was definitely Rin and not Makoto pulling Haru up was this one:

Hearing Makoto, Rei and Nagisa barely keeps him floating, but hearing Rin gives him the strength to swim to the surface, to the light. The light is also seen in the opening and clearly represents freedom, Haruka is swimming towards the light because he heard Rin’s voice. 

Rin is pulling Haruka up towards freedom.

Conclusion? This anime is freakin amazing.

a letter to the “big” blogs in this fandom

Don’t treat your followers like shit. They are fans of 5SOS too.. You are not more important than anyone in this fandom just because you could built a nice army with the amount of people that follow you. Also, there are really cool people in this fandom that don’t have followers and limiting yourself to the ones that do is really sad, actually. I’m tired of seeing these so called “big” blogs act as if their followers owe them something. I understand it can get frustrating when people are ignoring your requests for whatever you want to do, but it won’t matter in a month’s time if they sent you those blurbs are not.