Donating my hair

Hey, I wanted to tell y'all a little story and maybe. Inspire some of you to do it too. 

After 18 years of having a long love/hate relationship with my long as hair I finally decided to cut it all off and donate it to charity and I don’t (yet) regret a second of it. I donated around the 42 centimeters/16.5 inches of hair for a super good cause.

Yesterday I looked like this:  

And I came back like this:

omgkalyppso  asked:

As a bi polyam woman who's two favorite bisexuals in fiction for the longest time were Zevran and Magnus Bane - I'm on top of a cloud. I didn't purchase WoT Vol 2 and I'm happy you let me know ;-; < 333

Of course, I’m glad to be of help! 

The World of Thedas books are expensive and only supplementary, so I’m always glad to share info from the ones I have when I can (I try to do it Whenever I can). They are so good and full of great, awesome things that make me love the characters more. Zevran especially <3

  • Stand By Me [my shit cover remix]
  • Lebaeeeee

so i’m not posting my face for munday, but i am posting mY VOICE OMG


So my friend @cmiad has the weirdest cat. Whenever she pets him or touches him at all he makes the most hilarious sounds😂 Brrrp!!!

A lot of people have misunderstood me – I still allow FB & IG reposts (with proper credit) of my fanarts

FEW exceptions on artworks where I request ‘no reposts’  in the captions (mostly Taemin Han Kid Photo Sets – MM RP accounts however may still use them as long as there is credit; so many people just seem confused with the AU and I don’t really want to cause any more trouble with the fandom ;;v;; ). Please don’t say that I don’t allow reposts at all – there are just a select few that I would rather not have circulated (if you would kindly give me that right).

Side note: Please do not repost on tumblr at all – reblog instead ♥

Anyway, people can still view my tumblr and IG even if they don’t have accounts so idk what the problem was… ((it’s not like it’s on patreon where you have to pay to see them…))

Thank you!

lance: HEY GUYS CHECK THIS OUT *plays the john cena song terribly on a recorder with his nose like in that one vine

keith: stop 

lance: why :(

keith: because *takes out a kazoo* i want in on this so we have to restart 

lance: *tears up* this is why i’m in love with you


Please watch this