“mercy saved genjis and reapers lives!!” 

1) tbh we only know that she saved genjis life. i dont think the stuff she did to reaper could possibly have been absolutely necessary to keeping him alive, it seems more to me like she was experimenting and used him as a way to test something new. which. is exactly why i joke that she probably never took the hippocratic oath. so like it seems like mercy ruined gabriels life and thats why i dont like her

2) she saved genji and yeah hes okay now but do we even know if he had any say in what was done to him?? probably not. this goes for reaper too and thats why i dont like mercy part 2

"Will you kiss me?"

Something I wanted to do for Bi-Visibility Week! 

Ohm had disconnected a good minute and a half before, Evan was keeping track.

The silence was haunting, and Evan kicked himself for what seemed to have been the eighth time since he said those damning words.

“If we make it out of here alive, will you kiss me?”

What in the name of anything, made him say that? How could he slip up so badly?

Delirious still hadn’t said a word in the minute and forty-six seconds, and Evan was pretty sure his heart was about to burst out of his chest. He thought of ways to make it seem more like a joke than it was, but he was coming up empty.

“So, you want me to kiss you now or later?”

Evan groaned loudly, despite Delirious’ teasing tone.

“Please, just please forget I said anything. It was only a joke.”

“Was it?” And was that hope in his voice?

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I kinda have a weird story question that encompasses a couple of writing aspects.. so my main character encountered the main antagonist of the story in a dream and got 'killed' by him (of course, this being a dream, he's still alive upon waking up). I'm planning on having said antagonist show up again in his next dream but how should mc react to him? I wanted to show mc growing more confident knowing he can't be hurt while dreaming but still want the antagonist to seem threatening

Hey there!

This sounds like a very fascinating story idea! There are a couple of ways you can go about this.

If you want to drag out the fear that the protagonist feels around the antagonist, you can have them relive the dying. They can stay helpless for a while (this is a source of fear and frustration in my own dreams). When they try and run and their limbs don’t move fast enough, or they can’t gain any distance. Or they try and fight back but their hits are too weak. Most of us don’t realize that we’re dreaming, so it’s plausible that the protagonist suffers with this for a while. They can forget that they have this dream every time they wake up only to remember when they fall asleep. Or they can try and stay awake because they’re so afraid of the dreams.

You can have the protagonist try and find a way to combat what they believe to just be bad dreams. I would recommend looking into lucid dreaming, and the ways that one can go about it. Your protagonist can try it on their own, or have a professional (what kind depends on the century and setting of your story) help them. Slower transitions tend to be more realistic. Maybe they die the first time after getting help, but before they do, they realize that they’re dreaming. Then the next time they remember earlier, and the next time it’s even earlier. Soon they realize it right when they enter the dream, and they try and control it. 

One question that you can ask yourself is whether the antagonist is fully aware of the dream, or if it’s a dream to them as well? Are they aware that they are in the protagonist’s dream, and if so did they enter it on purpose? If not, then does the antagonist know the protagonist at all? And what would the protagonist do if they recognize the antagonist in real life?

There are plenty of ways that your story could unfold, and I think that each one has it’s own potential. 

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions!


Serial Killer Obi-Wan??

I saw an American Psycho photoset before, talked with my wives @sanerontheinside and @eclipsemidnight, and ended up going “Obi-Wan as a serial killer” and this is what my brain spat out in less than five minutes… nrgh.

Also @deadcatwithaflamethrower I’m getting major Venge vibes from this gfdi

“Are you going to kill me?” Qui-Gon asked, leaning back loosely in his chair. The handcuffs around his wrists had rubbed the skin raw - something his captor had frowned at when he’d noticed - and were now padded with two handkerchiefs. 

“Do you want me to?” Qui-Gon’s captor asked back, staring at him with an unblinking gaze. Eyes green-blue with a hint of humour, Qui-Gon found them far more human than he was comfortable with. 

“Not particularly I’ll confess,” Qui-Gon replied, a wry lilt to his words. He quite liked being alive if he were honest. His captor seemed amused by his honesty.

“Then why did you ask me as though you knew my answer?” Qui-Gon blinked. There was a slight edge of hurt lingering in those words from his captor. 


“My apologies,” he said, inclining his head slightly, “I didn’t intend to offend you with my question." 

His captor smiled, a soft look that was so at odds with the image Qui-Gon had built up in his mind of his killer. But killer’s as skilled and organised as this one were often the best actors. 

"That’s why I’d never kill you Qui-Gon Jinn,” his captor said, voice fond as he reached out with a gloved hand and brushed back a strand of Qui-Gon’s hair. 

At Qui-Gon’s confused gaze, his smile widened as he explained, “you’re so damned polite that I don’t think I could live with myself if I were to kill you.”

anonymous asked:

Yeah, the shitty thing is that his main "work" for past year and a half has been stunting. It's actually been like a week or bit more, but it's now seems like forever and with the incident and overall bad situation he is in at the moment it makes me bit anxious not seeing his face from time to time and not to know everything is OK. (Nothing really is OK, but you know just to see that he is alive and stuff.) Btw, NOW is perfect time to *** ** !!

Well I seriously am glad that he’s away. I’m whining because I can, but I truly want him to stay gone for as long as he can. Because he deserves it. No matter what I want to see or have him do.

theterriblecanyonsofstatic  asked:

Johnny is pure and I want to hug him. He seems like someone who bottles up emotions and needs some help. He is valid and I care about him.

yeah i think he definitely does bottle things up - probably when he was alive he just wasnt a very expressive guy and didnt like to show vulnerability to anyone or admit vulnerability to himself and just tried to ignore or deny as many emotional problems of his as he could. it got worse once he died because as a ghost he just instantly became so much more emotional and couldnt escape his own vulnerability anymore; all the walls that he used to have built up around his heart were just gone. but he was afraid and didn’t want to confront this new wide open space of his own involuntarily opened heart. sure, he’d try to find outlets for it all - threw plenty of poltergeist tantrums and just took out SO much of his frustration and feelings of “it’s not fair it’s not fair” on sid when he was still antagonistic… and then i think he just forced himself to keep his mouth shut even more once he turned around because now he didnt want to hurt anyone anymore and was afraid of letting himself feel negative emotions at all, scared he’d turn back into that big scary monster. and cause he just doesn’t want to be a bummer and feels like he needs to be the grown-up around here and i guess in his mind that means “be the one who doesnt have problems and can just help the kiddos with theirs.” he tries to seem confident and at ease to try to put others at ease and make them feel like they can freely seek help from him. but i think over time as he and sid grow closer it slowly becomes more and more of a two-way thing as they both just kind of… share everything they can offer with each other and be there to hold the other’s hand through scary things and just help each other heal

johnny thinks he ought to be the one giving everyone else hugs, but i think someone seeing it fit to come and give him a hug would mean the world to him. it’d take him aback a lot but not in a bad way. (he might cry a lil)

it was like the whole world was spinning around me but i was never moving
like a bad song on repeat but you dont even have the energy or the will to change it
the sadness is all you could concentrate on 
i was living but not really alive and i was breathing but only because oxygen still went through my lungs and forced me to inhale and exhale
i had days where a box of cigarette was my best friend and my lips pressed against the little shot glasses with vodka in them, seemed more appealing than using my lips for kissing that boy im apparently 'seeing’ now
i didn't want to be seeing him or anyone 
i wanted to be happy, i wanted someone to listen to me and be there 
i was so sick of being there for others but when i needed anything i felt like a burden 
you had such big brown eyes and i swore i liked green eyes before i saw yours 
you became my cigarettes and i enjoyed pressing my lips against yours instead drowning myself in vodka every single night i felt like washing the pain out
i got hooked on many drugs after we died out not because i was sad
i was numb to sadness by this point
but simply because vodka wasn't strong enough anymore to wash you away 
i wanted you to stay, i wanted you to love me and never be able to die without me by your side
i realized quickly that your smile wasn’t because you loved who i was as a person
but because i was pretty
i didn't want to be pretty i wanted to be someone you cannot un-love
i wanted strangers to notice, you were in love with me
but now i am beginning to understand that you could never love someone who found more comfort in drugs then any kind of friendship
i turned into someone who was addicted to toxins because it removed me from the world 
i forgot about the sadness 
i was coughing out blood the next day but your name was the only thing i could think about 
i was on my bathroom floor but i fucking wish i was in your arms 
but who was i fooling 
you were with her
i dont know if you love her 
but i know for sure she wouldn’t die for you 
i think real love is when you’d give up everything for the other 
and god knows i’d stand in a burning house for you 
tell me where did i go wrong 
was it my bitchy temper 
did i try to much
did i love you too much
i didn’t know there was such fucking thing
i guess ill go back to where i began
before i ever met you
i never want to meet another “you”
now i can’t commit 
i can’t believe someone could ever truly love me 
because you made me feel unlovable 
oh well 
at least drugs dont leave you, like lovers do 
i learnt this the hard way but the love i have for you is the strongest drug i’ll ever be on.
—  ~j 

anonymous asked:

So how would the Allies, Romano, and Spain reach were they in a nuclear apocalypse and they had lost their special someone? (Its for fanfic I'm writing and I need insight please)

APH America/Alfred:

He would have to take some time to himself to get over his loss. He loved them and they were one of the few things keeping him alive. He’d become irritable and even more stubborn. He’d become the character in the movie who seems like an asshole but then you learn why he’s always pissed off and can’t seem to stress safety enough. 

APH China/Yao:

He’d start keeping to himself more. He doesn’t want to become close to anyone since he’s afraid it’ll happen again. His heart would be closed off to everybody and it’d take a while for him to open up to people again. 

APH England/Arthur:

He would become more cynical than ever. Nothing was ever a positive and he stopped caring whether or not he lived. Sometimes, he’d just lay awake at night, missing them. He’s never seen wtih a smile on his face. 

APH France/Francis:

Now he becomes slightly more badass. He’ll pick up Francois’ habit of smoking but not very often, only when he needed to calm down. He’s constantly practicing shooting, knowing that he might have to kill someone if he needs the supplies and they aren’t willing to share. He becomes battle hardened and now it’s almost a part of him. 

APH Russia/Ivan:

Incredibly broken. Most days, he’s living on for them, doing his best. Sometimes, he’ll just have a breakdown. They were special to him and he was living for them just as much as he was living for himself. He’d do his best to be happy, aware that they wouldn’t want him to be sad but he can’t help it sometimes. 

APH Romano/Lovino:

His anger is projected on everyone for a while. He’s always yelling and always stressed out. He isn’t aware of it sometimes and he’ll just start punching stuff. His pain tolerance grows so quickly (he’s always punching things to stop yelling at people) that one hit could knock you out. He’s extremely rough but that becomes his way of showing affection to the new people he’s met. 

APH Spain/Antonio:

He wouldn’t want to have changed too much but that can’t be helped. He’d be more prone to being sad and he doesn’t want to hear negative things very often. He’s a lot more cautious and doesn’t want to do anything too risky. 

Best part about the Hidekane ship is that whether it’s Human Kaneki, Kuroneki, Shironeki, Haise Sasaki we know for a fact that Hide will love him no matter what. Sasaki could live the rest of his life without getting his memories back and Hide will still love him and if the CCG ordered him to stay away Hide will comply because Kaneki is alive but I can’t say he is happy.

Speaking of which. The theory that Hide made a deal with the CCG to keep Kaneki alive as long as Hide stays away and doesn’t bring back his memories seems legit so I’m going off of that theory for this. If that’s the case, does this show us a bit of selfishness on Hide’s part? We know he has sacrificed so much to help Kaneki but now he’s keeping Kaneki alive despite Kaneki not truly being happy. Hide wants nothing more for than Kaneki to be happy but I think Hide wants Kaneki to live because he makes him(Hide) happy. Hide probably knows that they won’t torture him so leaving him in their care is better because he will continue to live. Or maybe Hide is leaving Kaneki with the CCG until he finds a way to save him himself. Until Hide knows he’s strong enough to protect Kaneki

omg guys how has no one ever written an aladdin au in a Middle Earth setting where Erebor never fell???? I mean come on, Thorin is the sheltered prince who has never even seen the stars and Bilbo is the orphan who has had to turn to petty burglary to get by.

Thorin wants nothing more than to escape palace life, which feels more and more like a prison cell with every new suitor Thrain presents him with, and Bilbo longs for a life in which he doesn’t have to wander Middle Earth, stealing food to stay alive. Of course Thorin runs away and meets Bilbo on the streets of Dale and he doesn’t tell him who he is but Bilbo seems to actually like him just for him and yeah basically they almost fall in love but then they’re both captured by Erebor’s guards and taken back to the mountain where Thror, mad with gold sickness, hires Bilbo to enter the cave of wonders to fetch him the legendary magic lamp.

Cue Bilbo finding a genie and wishing to be a prince so he can marry Thorin and then a load of lies and misunderstandings happen and Thror goes even crazier and tries to marry Thorin off to Thranduil instead or something idk but my point is it would all end up happily with Bilbo turning back into a simple hobbit and Thorin wanting to marry him anyway

Also there is probably a magic carpet ride in there somewhere. Because I want Bilbo to show Thorin the world and sing about it okay let me dream

Thoughts on the 03 x 23 Promo

Red looks so sad here when he tells (Cooper?) that Alexander Kirk took Elizabeth away from us so he is going to kill him. He just seems so empty when he says it.

And then in the Global promo Red tells Cooper that our time has come to an end. I believe Red is planning on leaving the task force after he kills Kirk. There is no reason for him to stay any more. I am just worried about him as he really acts like he has nothing to live for.

Above Red tells Dembe “I want to know where”. Are they talking about where Tom is taking Agnes or has Red discovered Lizzie is really alive and hidden somewhere? And if so, is Dembe in on it with Mr. Kaplan?

Above Red, Dembe, and Mr. Kaplan are chasing down Agnes. They obviously don’t trust Tom at all. He snuck off with her.

Above is where I believe Red finds out that they faked Lizzie’s death and hid it from him. Is he talking to Mr. Kaplan or Dembe here? Or is he talking to Lizzie? I hope the former because I would be much happier if Lizzie didn’t know, but even if she did she would have done it to protect Agnes only. He will forgive her.

I believe that Red sees Lizzie in the above gif. He looks like he is feeling tons of emotions - even in this less than 1 second scene. Whatever happens at the end of the finale - it will be emotional. And I am hoping that TPTB will let us end with positive emotion after all the hurt Red has been through. And hopefully some #Lizzington. Please!


Red Devil Theory

I have one theory on who can possibly be the Red Devil in Scream Queens. 

 Boone and Pete. 

In the end of the episode, we see the Red Devil go to the morgue and pull Boone (Nick Jonas) out who was up to that point allegedly dead. He is revealed to be alive and seemed to have planned it. 

The reason I think he’s working with Pete (Diego Boneta) who at this point we haven’t seen them together in the same scenes because they both hate Chanel or have something against her. I believe they could be switching off being the Red Devil and with Pete having the mascot costume  as seen in the second hour of the Pilot it seems more convenient for him to be the Red Devil 

Pete wants to take down Chanel’s sorority so it makes sense for him but I also think that he still is very angry about Chanel not returning his feelings for her. Also, we saw how Pete could just easily break in to an office and the Red Devil breaks into the Kappa house. At that point, Boone probably was the Red Devil when he hung Pete up just to get Pete off the list. Boone’s motivation is wanting Chad and Chanel is the only one at this point in the way. 

With that in mind Boone might want her out of the picture and with Pete he decided to collaborate on kiling people close to her to set her up. It’s also very possible that Pete could be the baby from the girl who died in the beginning given his age. 

The Inner Workings of Bisexuality

The Inner workings of Bisexuality

Commission for Anonymous: Harry Potter/Scott McCall

Stiles is convinced that Scott’s most recent breakup (with Kira) has broken him. Derek wants Stiles to understand bisexuality exist. Scott just wants to be left alone with his new boyfriend. Peter is amused about the whole thing and happy to be alive. Slash. Scott/Harry. Stiles/Derek.

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Into The Labyrinth


What happened exactly…? Last thing the girl remembered was she was chasing after Kirbopher. But…that didn’t make any sense. How did Kirb end up in the real world? More importantly…what did he want…?

Her eyes slowly began to crack open. Stephanie sat up, rubbing her head slightly. “What the hell…?” She looked around to find what seemed to be a distorted city. Looking down to the side, she noticed an all too familiar face.

“Michael?!” She went over to him, putting her ear to his chest, then sighed with relief. “Still alive…”  He didn’t seemed to be injured, which was good. Steph but a hand on his shoulder and shook him gently. “Michael…you need to wake up. I don’t think this is the best place to nap…”