Just finished Last Night at the Viper Room

And wow
It made me so incredibly sad. I’ve always though River Phoenix was an interesting person and I’ve always wanted to know more about him. Well this book was thorough, and it made me really wish that he was still alive- from what it sounds like he had the most pure soul and was an incredible and talented person. A lot of stuff in his life was pretty fucked up, and it seems like he either didn’t realize it or didn’t want to face it. But he put so much effort in his work, and it’s so sad that he passed away before he really broke out as an actor. The work he did is so good, but so many of his films are obscure, it feels like people forget him and his talent. He died when he was only 23, and he should have had more time, cause I think he could’ve done incredible things. He supposedly trying hard to stay clean, and allegedly was handed a drink with the speedball that killed him in it and downed it without even knowing what was in it. That’s so devastating to me, and all I can say I hope he’s in a better place. Definitely worth a read if you have any interest in Hollywood/acting/river himself. Rest in paradise dude

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Wow! Fans getting testy with Maril on twitter about too much Frank. It seems they don't want screen time wasted on him in season 2 as with season 1. I'm not a fan of his either - especially in DIA when he's no more than a footnote. All Claire is concerned about is that he stay alive. Never once in my reading of that book did I ever get the "I still have romantic feelings for Frank" vibe. I don't like it but I reconciled myself to Ron's love of Frank a while ago. It's gonna be a long drought.

It’s nice to talk about something other than the obvious!

Yeah, I am crazy disappointed at how adamant and stubborn Ron & Maril are about this new Franked up storyline. I guess it’s easier to be gracious with the fans when all of them are throwing flowers at your feet.

It will be theirs to live or die by, though.  If it bombs, they’ll have to face the consequences with negative feedback and a diminished audience.

The audience questions at Comic Con should be interesting.

Music/Song Tag

I was tagged by stories-never-die 

 Rules: Go to where you store your music, hit shuffle, write down 5 songs along with your favorite lyrics from it, and then tag other people to do the same! 

 1. Chandelier - Sia 

I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night,

feel my tears as they dry

2. Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

It’s all the same, only the names will change

Everyday it seems we’re wasting away

3. I Remember - Tristam

The entire song is great tbh.

4. Dream On - Aerosmith

Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear

Sing with me, sing just for today

Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

5. Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

He was no more

Than a baby then

Well, he seemed broken hearted

Somethin’ within him

But the moment

That I first laid 

Eyes on him

All alone on the edge of seventeen

I tag: atellophobic the-halo-patrol haleyhi725

Hannibal let Jack kick his ass for therapeutic reasons

I am pretty positive that hannibal, though smaller than Jack, is more than capable if killing Jack whenever he wants. It just seems that Hanni kind of wants the beating to help him feel alive, and also to help Jack because in the end, hannibal still likes Jack and feels for him over Bella, so I think hannibal let it all happen to give him a way to vent.


My sixth orca sculpture, WIP.

Unlike the rest, this is a random wild male, because I simply wanted the opportunity to make an adult male with an erect dorsal fin. (And oh the relief of not having to replicate an existing individual’s eyepatches, jaw markings, belly markings, flukes, etc. etc…)

I made him a bit bigger than Tilikum, will show pictures of all of them later.

(You may or may not notice this, but I gave him some rakes, in addition to some chips in his dorsal and flukes. Oh and that big juicy salmon, to make him seem more “alive”.)

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♛ kitexant

my opinion on;

character in general: My opinion on Kite… Well, that’s *rips out heart and throws it on the ground* QvQ Baby…
how they play them: I like it o: It still makes my heart hurt a little to see him alive tho I’m glad you decided to because it’s great!

the mun: We haven’t really talked that much, but you seem like a pretty cool person ^^

do i;

follow them: Yep
rp with them: One thread, yes owo
want to rp with them: We need to do way more c:
ship their character with mine: Presently, no. Mainly because Mary is still in the stage of “you look kinda cute so I wanna kill you” =w=

what is my;

overall opinion: Kite is yes, mun seems yes, fun roleplayer is fun =w=7

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

epiphany I don't know what to do with

I really don’t like my dad. His intense insecurities and codependent personality disorder made it impossible for me to respect him. And his lack of ability or will to communicate at all just made him all the more aggravating. He was also a polite racist and a literal homophobic like gayness actually scared him. It seemed like he was the victim and yet everything was also his fault in his mind. He was too sick to be thankful for the things that he had and I tried to keep him alive but he didn’t want to be here anymore. It’s not my fault. Both my parents were very sick and that’s probably why they were together. I really don’t like my dad. I really miss my mom and I hope when or if they left their broken sick bodies behind and could finally see things for how they actually were that they regret leaving on purpose and anything I do now will be despite how they raised me and how they left me. I hope they regret. True regret for things that are actually true not things they just made up in their heads and made them do what they did.

quick post because i was rewatching the scene

i know a lot of people were bitching about the way damon killed kai in 6x22 because kai, who has always seemed like he was one step ahead of damon, was literally beheaded by him, only this time as a vampire/witch hybrid. “shitty writing” because kai stans are mad. i get that. at first glance, it does look like shitty writing, but once you really think about it, it’s not.

first off, kai is new. we know from the past 6 seasons that vampires get stronger with age. whether or not that makes them more stealthy, i dont know, but kai was a new vampire. he probably didnt even know how to use his vampire senses yet. we didnt seem him vamp speed, we didnt see him feed except for off his father (and that wasnt even real feeding). if you ask me, kai only became a vampire to be able to kill his coven yet still stay alive. i doubt he really wanted to be a vampire, therefore he probably doesnt know how to be one.

next, and this is probably my biggest point, as we’ve seen over the seasons vamp hearing isnt something that naturally happens. they dont live their life hearing every. single. thing. as seen in 1x09, 2x05, 2x21, etc, etc, vampire hearing only works when the vampire is focused, relaxed and straining to listen. in 2x05, caroline had to brush her hair from her ear and really focus to hear what was going on, same with jenna in 2x21 (who was also new.) they have to try to have vampire hearing. kai was right in the middle of the sentence when damon killed him. there was no way he could have been straining to hear if damon was coming back or not. 

there is also the fact that he truly believed damon had left, picked elena over bonnie, which is not a crazy thing to think. and the fact that even though he healed the werewolf bite, he might have still been weary, or hungry.

either way you look at it, i can obviously understand why kai stans are mad that damon killed their fave, but calling it shitty writing is just biased and you’re not really seeing what happened. damon, a 163 year old skilled vampire snuck up on kai a 2 hour old vampire in the middle of a sentence? that’s not unrealistic. that’s not shitty writing. that’s totally believable. 

not trying to hate on kai, or kai stans. not trying to defend damon either. just rewatching the scene and realizing that yeah, it’s pretty realistic. 


Have you ever found someone so imperfect?

Well, she did

And it turned into a hell of a roller-coaster ride

They screamed

But harder turns came upon them

They held on their safety belts for dear life

But crazier loops came upon them

Slowly did they realize that they cannot do anything

But to enjoy the ride

And enjoy their company

Slowly did they realize that they cannot do anything

But to grasp on the warmth of each other’s voices

And admit that they are undeniably falling in love

Somehow in between the chaos and uncertainty

They found a glimpse of Nirvana in each other

A feeling beyond any word she had ever heard of

A mix of pure bliss and dread

He took her so close to danger

But she had never felt more alive

Have you ever met someone so imperfect

At the most imperfect time

And at the most imperfect place

Yet everything seems to fall on their rightful abode?

She used to hate roller-coaster rides

But I doubt that she’ll ever want to get off now


At least not without him

She’d rather take the hits of the twisting and turning

Have you ever met someone so imperfect

That they fit so perfectly next to you?

Well, she did

Flash # 41

Wait a second–I thought Barry’s dad had died while in prison. Granted, I haven’t been following the new 52, but apparently they undid that and Henry is hale and hearty once more(though–y'know–in prison).

It just seems strange to me that DC would use the reboot to get rid of the Kents, yet Henry Allen is alive again.

It’s also kind of funny that Barry set Flashpoint in motion because he wanted to save his mom, only he ended up accidently saving his dad instead.

Though the new/old Zoom had BETTER not kill him. I know killing Barry’s family is kind of Thawne’s(if it is him) claim to fame, but it’d be kind of a waste

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1, 4, and 6. For the question thingy.

1) the person i like and why i like them.

I have to say probably this guy who I just absolutely fell completely for, and because he is everything I could ever want and he makes me feel safe and happier and more alive than ever before, and we are so alike that conversation seems to be pointless but I love it anyways

4) the best thing that has happened to me this week.

On the same topic, probably telling the guy that I liked him and him really appreciating that. I don’t know what more might come out of it, but I hope it is good.

6) how i’d spend ten thousand bucks.

I would invest in a heartbeat because I trust the stocks to get me more money even though that can end really horribly for people.