Ok, so what if there was a Sandlot 2 Spacedogs AU, where Adam is the cute shy different kid who loves space and rockets and he wants to use the old sandlot to make his beautiful rocket shoot off into the sky, where his beloved stars are scattered, but then then an attractive bully comes just in time to see this smol boy on HIS lot and doing God knows what to it, so of course him and his team go to teach the little fucker a thing or two about messing with their territory, until Nigel gets a good look of the angel. Adam of course is scared shitless with his doe like blue eyes, trying to stop shaking, while Nigel has to figure out if he’s gay or straight looking at those gorgeous peepers.

Eventually the bully begins to protect the defenseless boy, and Adam starts to show up to Nigel’s baseball practices, very much appreciating how good of a player Nigel is… and how good he looks in baseball pants.