Work Hard Play Hard - Dylan O’Brien [Smut]

Authors: The #SinSisters @writing-obrien and @stilinski-jpeg

Character(S): Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 3719

Notes: Oral (female receiving), shower sex, heated public make-out, slight public groping. Generally just really hot. Also, thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for proof-reading this for us.  

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  • Friends, gather round
  • I am going to share with you a story
  • of Remus Lupin, Professional Beard
  • It started when he was in uni and Marlene McKinnon was crying because she didn’t want to go home for Christmas and be interrogated about why she didn’t have a boyfriend
  • (spoiler: it’s because she is Very Very Gay)
  • Remus is a very sympathetic and attentive listener
  • Not to mention helpful
  • and maybe a little hard up for cash
  • so he just blurts out, “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend for fifty quid and I’ll go home with you for Christmas and meet your parents and you have to feed me while I’m there.”
  • she stares at him for a solid ten seconds before bursting into tears again and hugging him
  • it’s a good thing they’re already best mates because there a hundred and one pictures of them together on each of their phones and various online places that they can use as evidence
  • “no mum he really is my boyfriend look at this picture where his lips are on my cheek”
  • remus nods seriously
  • “this was right before we started making out”
  • “his tongue was practically down my throat we’re seriously dating”
  • when they get back to school, Marlene pays him almost double what she promised because her parents are officially off her back and she is now free to go smooch cute girls whenever she wants to
  • (as an added perk, when she informs her parents a few months later that she and remus have had a very messy and painful break up, she’s able to use that excuse for years until she finally gets fed up and deliberately gets caught snogging her girlfriend of three years in her parents’ kitchen)
  • but anyways Remus is pleased with the money and Marls was very impressed by his acting abilities, so when her roommate Lily gripes that Potter the High King Arsehole keeps insisting that she’s single because she’s secretly waiting for him, Marlene recommends Remus
  • The fake relationship lasts longer, almost three months
  • Remus gets paid on a weekly basis
  • It’s lovely, Lily is a lovely person and they get along splendidly
  • Actually, it’s not just Potter that they manage to convince that they’re dating
  • eventually he gives up though, so Remus and Lily fake a mutual breakup
  • (it is an unending source of amusement for Remus that she ends up marrying James a few years later after all, and he never lets her hear the end of it)
  • but actually it’s a good thing that they did have that arrangement
  • because Lily was so impressed that she suggested he do this sort of thing more regularly
  • she sets him up a website, prints out business cards, works with him to figure out various rates for different services
  • date to a party, staged kissing/cuddling/hugging photos to show off to friends and family, going home on weekends or breaks to show off in person
  • He literally makes so much money that he only has to work part time after graduation
  • It makes having a relationship of his own a little difficult, but he survives and he has a ton of really close friends
  • then one day Lily, now his sort-of manager, says she has a special job
  • “family discount, you remember James’ friend Sirius? It’s for his cousin”
  • of course Remus remembers Sirius
  • Sirius Black is unforgettable and Remus hasn’t so much carried a torch for him as his has miserably dragged it around behind him
  • for years
  • thank God the man travels a lot
  • he met him in passing a few times in college
  • and then of course at the wedding
  • he showed up in a blindingly yellow coat to match Lily’s bridesmaids’ dresses (and Remus’ tie, but that was unintentional and all the groomsmen had yellow ties anyways so it wasn’t like Sirius matched him on purpose even if it did make his stomach squirm a little bit)
  • (just a bit)
  • but anyways, Nymphadora Tonks is really tired of her mother’s less than subtle hints that she needs to settle down, so she needs to give the appearance, for two weeks at least, that that is exactly what she’s doing
  • really she’s just aro as fuck and could care less but she knows her parents won’t understand
  • luckily, her second cousin’s best mate’s wife’s best mate exists and sirius said he’d foot half the bill
  • after all, he’ll be there for the two weeks, too
  • Remus is not informed
  • at least not until he’s in the car on the way there, working out a backstory with Nymphadora (”shut your fucking mouth, you call me Tonks or I’ll shove you out the window”)
  • and she says that they met through Sirius, James, and Lily
  • “Sirius knows, by the way, so don’t worry about him giving us away”
  • and???
  • what????
  • Sirius cannot give away anything because isn’t he in Vietnam right now connecting with his roots????????????
  • he has never bailed on a client before though so even if the thought of seeing Sirius every day for two weeks terrifies him he will stay 
  • at least until Tonks just casually mentions that the two of them will be sharing the guestroom 
  • “because mum has some misguided notion that you and i will shag if left alone for two minutes”
  • remus has never jumped out of a moving vehicle before but he is seriously considering it now
  • too late though they’ve pulled up to the house
  • and there is a disgustingly familiar bike in the driveway
  • this is the end of life as he knows it
  • but he is a professional so he will handle this gracefully
  • and professionally
  • and not blushing and stammering every time sirius fucking black walks in the room
  • or smiles
  • or looks at him
  • or walks in the room, looks around, sees Remus, and THEN smiles because he is just reading too much into this he absolutely is oh fuck no
  • he sneaks into Tonks’ room at night to moan loudly and bang her bed against the wall for her parent’s benefit
  • (their rooms are at opposite ends of the house so he’s not actually sure they can hear them pretending to have sex, but it gives him an opportunity to talk to her without being overheard)
  • and generally what they talk about is “your cousin is really fucking hot and i died three separate times today”
  • “tonks he handed me a plate and our fingers didn’t touch but they almost did and I nearly cried”
  • “he pretended to have rabies while brushing his teeth and then started laughing so hard at himself that he choked and I had to pound on his back until he spat the toothpaste back up it was the most precious thing i’ve ever seen in my life”
  • “do you even know how perfect his abs are they’re really perfect and I sort of want to lick them”
  • Tonks just nods and pats his head comfortingly while she gets ready for bed
  • two weeks go by and remus has nearly gone insane
  • he was tempted several times to call lily and ask her to fake an emergency for him so he could leave early
  • but also he really likes tonks and wants to help
  • and he maybe wants to spend some more time with Sirius
  • it’s Christmas, after all
  • maybe he’s a little desperately praying for someone to leave mistletoe around
  • maybe the thought of mistletoe being left around makes him throw up a little bit in his mouth
  • he’s a complex person
  • well fortunately for him no mistletoe was left carelessly hanging in strategic points throughout the house
  • unfortunately for him, Nymphadora Tonks has magician’s fingers
  • which is why he doesn’t even notice her tucking a sprig of mistletoe behind his left ear
  • he definitely does notice when Sirius pulls it out
  • raises his eyebrows
  • and kisses him
  • it’s just a little peck but remus is actually dead this time, no exaggeration, 100% no longer alive
  • he has transcended this plane of existence
  • he has become a being of light
  • he has seen heaven
  • he has been standing there for three and a half minutes saying and doing absolutely nothing until Tonks grabs his hands and drags him away
  • and says that she will come out to her parents once and for all if he’ll go back out there and tell Sirius how he feels
  • “by which i mean I’m coming out to my parents anyways because this was fun but way too much effort, but they’re gonna freak out so you need to distract them by making out with my mum’s cousin, capisce?”
  • well
  • it is for Tonks
  • and Remus is a very selfless person
  • he doesn’t want her family to be upset with her
  • thirty minutes later he and Sirius have hardly stopped making out and the Tonkses are all chatting happily about romantic and sexual orientations
  • Sirius decides that he’s connected with his roots enough and would like to examine the rest of the plant
  • tree or a bush
  • maybe flowers
  • he doesn’t fucking know Remus just did something with his tongue and he sort of lost the metaphor
  • but anyways it boils down to he’s gonna stick around for a while so he can date Remus and kiss him and hold his hand
  • punk rock shit like that
  • he’s gotta thank Tonks later
All about daddy

Daddy has a new cake which I’m looking forward to meeting and watching daddy have his cake, meanwhile I have to teach her how to please daddy the way he likes. Only a few more weeks. Desperate to watch daddy take and use a cake after our last disappointing playdate. I want to lick them both while they’re fucking

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What would you rate the game so far, the first act really short?

i’d give it 7/10! i had a lot of fun and loved the references but theres still a few glitches here and there that makes the game a bit difficult? the whole thing with dammek kinda upsetted me too 

but man the animations are AMAZING and the backgrounds and colors are so nice i want to lick them i cant wait till we’re out exploring other places besides your/dammeks/xefros homes n shit

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wow chanyeol revealed his abs fuck he looks so daddy i want to literally lick his abs and like ride him to my content and like his biceps are so thiccc i want to lick them as well and just choke me daddy 💦💦💦💦 I've been such a bad girl

Fuck chanyeol’s abs I can’t stand his-

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fuckfuckfuckufckfufckfufkfufkfkjfhsfklalkah a *dies* - Admin Jae

Filled for the Klaine Bingo - Prompt: Cheerleader

Kurt comes to the realization that maybe some things are worth more than popularity and status. (aka super popular head!cheerio and head over heels in love-nerd!blaine)

warnings: mentions of past sexual encounters (with each other) and a bit of angst

Thank you to Caroline for being my amazing beta-reader once again ♥

Cautiously, Kurt steps into the abandoned locker room, wrinkling his nose as he catches the distinct smell of old sweat. One of the lights is flickering, and the floor has seen better days. But it’s better than nothing. They have nowhere else to go.

“No one can know about this, okay? If you tell anyone, you’ll be sorry, Anderson. You hear me?”

Kurt still remembers how he had whispered these words into Blaine’s ear after he’d sucked him off for the first time. Blaine’s come had been running down his chin, and Kurt could still taste it on his tongue as he pushed Blaine back against one of the lockers.

“We two live on different planets, you get that, right? This is high school, and I’ve worked my ass off to come out on top like this, and I won’t let something like this ruin everything. If you can live with that, we can continue this. If not, leave and don’t even think about doing as much as even look at me ever again.“

Blaine hadn’t left after that and somehow they had started seeing each other regularly after classes. But never once in public.

It’s a secret, what they have. And it’s good that way.


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I want dean and cas to hold hands and gently stroke each other’s fingers.

I want them to press kisses into warm skin, dragging their mouths over each other’s shoulders until there are goosebumps everywhere.

I want there to be rushed and hurried presses of lips.

I want slow, torturous licks.

I want them to smoosh their faces together and nuzzle each other’s noses, tears sparkling in their eyes.

I want them to have the kind of sex where they can’t get enough of their skin touching, and they press together from forehead to hips, tangling their legs together as their hips move in long, lazy thrusts.

I want them to rut against each other desperately, barely able to get their clothes off.

I want them to make love, slow and wondrous.

But most of all, I want them to feel happy and safe, curled into each other like there’s no place in the universe they’d rather be.

I dated a girl once who smiled like she knew every goddamned secret in the world and man if I didn’t want to lick them from her lips until I knew every last one. I wanted her to brand my body with the secrets of the world and leave lipstick tattoos on my heart. She walked like a whisper and my ears begged for hearing aids to hear the symphony that was her bare feet padding on the floor to my bed. She came to me like a dream and I made deals with the devil to keep dawn from coming because Lord forgive me, I needed every second the sandman offered her to me. Scientists speculate that a comet destroyed the dinosaurs and believe me when I tell you that same comet resides in the twinkle of her eye and I have no doubt that she could destroy my entire universe with one well-timed wink.
—  “Things I Wanted Him to Say” by Carly Ebinger
Of Cats, Giraffes, and Mice 1/?

Mina watched as the small red haired one drug off the little mouse with a smirk on her face.

“I think we should change her name to feisty mouse,” she said to Pieter without looking at him.

Pieter remained silent, but she could feel his stare on her. She turned to him, finally managing to look away from the Bellas.


“You find her interesting, don’t you?” he asked, switching to German.

She cocked an eyebrow. “Of course I find her interesting. Since when have you met a person that only compliments when they mean to insult?” she responded, switching back to her native tongue as well.


Mina glared at him.

Pieter rolled his eyes and continued. “Kommissar, you and I both know what I mean by interesting.”

She looked back at the Bella, now being plied with drinks by her friends to calm her down. The little mouse was probably a light weight. Oh how cute would that be. With her small stature it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

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Things that you should know about kpop 2

So I saw that my first post about this has “succes”, so I thought “Why shouldn’t I do a part 2?”. So here is things that you should know about kpop part 2, with new things that you maybe already know.

1. The change their hair colors more often than they change their socks. And beside this, they’re not afraid to color it in weird colors.

2. One word : aegyo. Aegyo everywhere!

And where is aegyo it’s gwiyomi too.

3. Fucking abs. I know you want to lick them too, don’t lie! I said DON’T LIE!

4. They have catchy songs with catchy dance. Don’t lie, you all know the dances below.

5. It’s an unwrite rule : boy groups must show the world that they know dance girl groups coreographies.

6. It’s impossible not to feel fat when you see all those kpop female singers.

7. Every group has that one member who gets less lines in a song.

8. The maknae is evil or likes to troll his hyungs. But remember : the evilest maknae in kpop is and forever will be Kyuhyun (Super Junior).

9. The interactions between girl groups and boy groups are just fucking adorable.

10. Beside their dancing and singing skills, some of them have drawing skills too…well, more or less.

Well, see you next time with another part…and yes, I was bored again. Don’t judge me!

Part one