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Yoongi looks so soft and squishy when he's all bundled up in layers of clothes i just wanna pink his cheeks and hug him to death and i bet so does tae

Taehyung always wants to smother his hyung in hugs and kisses it just doubles when Yoongi is bundled up and looking soft. Winter is especially Taehyung’s favorite time of the year because that’s when Yoongi breaks out all the too big sweaters and scarfs that hide the bottom of his face and his ears peek out of his beanies and are bright pink.  HE JUST LOOKS SO SMOL AND CUTE AND WARM AND SOFT TAEHYUNG IS A WEAK MAN FOR HIS BOYFRIEND. 

“Baby has anyone ever told you, your’re the cutest thing ever?” 

Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows when Yoongi looks over to him with a “are you serious” face and the elder is totally blushing. 

“You tell me everyday Taehyung please shut up.” 

Taehyung walks closer and wraps Yoongi in his arms and presses a kiss to Yoongi’s forehead. 

“Nope gonna tell you until we’re old and saggy and even then i’ll still tell you because you’re always going to be the cutest in my eyes.” 

(Yoongi later screams because how the fuck is Kim Taehyung SO FUCKING  ROMANTIC AND WHAT THE FUCK HE’S PERFECT!!)