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IF baidu music does not work in your region Please try the following

some people told me baidu music was not available in their region and I finally figured out why I am able to listen to it (I live in Canada)

Please download Chrome extension called Youku unblock

Download here

and then go to 

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click on the button to add songs to playlist and it will auto play





So, simple character studies of these guys! It started with a desire to colour Rhys’ shirt and ended up being this. Also, I might not be able to ever replicate that face I made for Rhys but it looks good here so eehh

They are a little messy at some places but goddammit, I’m still kinda proud for not giving up half way through. Yay me!

But here ya go, TftBl art again! I hate Rhys’ shoes but love his stripes and Vaughn is a perfect, buff baby. Also, copy+paste is a friend!

anonymous asked:

You know those cliche scenes where there's a clone, someone the original person loves is aiming a gun and trying to figure out which is the real one and they either kill/injure the real one and trust he clone until the clone get's the weapon and tries to kill them? Well I dreamed that you and Crowley were side by side, Dean, Sam, and Castiel just looking at you both, and they think you're actually Crowley and then Crowley ends up getting y'all tied up and locked in a trunk of a car as revenge.


this is absolutely something that would happen

and later when we’re all in the trunk i would be like

“you guys

y—i’m really not sorry because, because, like. i am SO tired and it is SO WARM in here and i REALLY WANTED A NAP”

this is such a great dream and i thank you deeply for sharing it with me

So, did anyone else notice the super weird lighting in 2x14? You see it a little here:

And then you really see it here:

For both Fitz and Simmons, half of the face is lit, while the other is dark. You can barely see Simmon’s eye! At first I wasn’t sure what was going on here. Is there a bulb out? And then, being the huge nerd I am, I remembered the original Star Trek episode “Let that Be Your Last Battlefield.” Why, you ask? Because Kirk & Co. find an alien who is half-white and half-black:

(”Go on a five-year mission to explore strange new worlds, they said. You’ll find exciting new life forms that are way different than you and not the product of a minuscule make up budget, they said.”)

Anyway, they find out that he’s a fugitive.

(Bonus: his name is Loki. Okay, maybe it’s technically Lokai.)

At first, they think his coloring is some kind of weird mutation (hmmm). But the they come across the guy who’s chasing him: 

(Bonus: this is Frank Gorshin, who also played the Riddler in the Batman series starring Adam West.)

And it turns out that Loki and the Riddler don’t get along.

(”Loki! No tickle fights in sick bay!”)

Why don’t they get along, you ask? Well, according to the Riddler, Loki is an “inferior breed.” To which Spock says, “WTH? You guys are the same?”

(”Do they not have mirrors on your planet?”)

But no, the Riddler says. HE is black on the RIGHT side. Loki is black on the LEFT. And, you know, because of that, their peoples are in an all out war with each other.

(”Say what now?”)

Kirk and Spock can’t get their heads around this. To them, the difference is so trivial that fighting over it is just unfathomable.

Bonus: Loki accuses the Riddler of wanting to eradicate his race. 

Double bonus: The Riddler accuses Loki of lying.

Anyway, let’s get back to FitzSimmons:

Here we have Fitz, who wants to help Skye and save the world.

And here we have Simmons, who wants to help Skye and save the world.

They have the same goals. They just happen to have drastically different opinions on how to accomplish those goals. Their idea of what should happen is based on their own experiences and the information they have access to. From their limited perspectives, both Fitz and Simmons believe that they are being rational here. But, because they’re stubborn, they refuse to see the other’s point of view.

That happens in LTBYLB, too. Loki and the Riddler return to their home planet and discover that the war between their two factions wiped out their entire population. Everyone is dead. Loki and the Riddler are the last of their kind.

You’d think that that would be a bit sobering, right? That they’d give up their hate? Nope. More fighting.

(Apparently they turn pink when they fight? IDK. It was the 60′s.)

Obviously, this is a very brilliant metaphor for the destructive nature of racism. But it’s also a lesson on how vital it is to look at other people’s viewpoints. Fitz and Simmons are both on a course for destruction right now. They are both acting out of fear and anger, and they’re in a position to do a lot of harm if they don’t figure things out soon.

They may be on opposite sides right now (even though, really, they’re on the same side), but they are desperately in love with each other care for each other a great deal. They’re used to leaning on each other for balance. It’s only their separation that’s taking them off course. The best thing for everyone involved is for FitzSimmons to be FitzSimmons again. Once they see things from the other’s perspective, they can round out their viewpoints and take a more moderate approach (and maybe ask Skye what SHE wants).

(And really, if the fans stopped picking sides on this, that’d be great, too.)

Kirk out.

me: little mix wrote 100 songs for the new album??? yaaaaaaaaas theyre so hardworking bet that all of them are so damn good, im so proud of the girls !!! theyre gave so much to it

*thinks that probably i wont be able to listen all the 100 songs*

me: guess im just paying for the wrong things that i did in the past

Many people have asked me what my favorite MSR moment is, and it is this scene. Scully, giving a full gums smile and both of them just being so /normal/.

But what really gets me is the casual possession. Scully reaching under Mulder’s bicep and gently squeezing like it is second nature, and the shared secrets in their glances. Even we, as the invisible viewers into the secret moments of their lives don’t know everything about Mulder and Scully and this scene shows it. And I think that’s beautiful.