don’t think about finn’s family, still wondering about their baby boy. don’t think about them still having a room set aside for him, hoping beyond hope they’ll see him again. don’t think about them remembering his smile and his laugh and his mother fighting off tears and his father breaking down in the middle of the night sometimes. don’t think about them not knowing how he retaining that inherent goodness, or that he became a hero. just don’t.

nobodytoldthehorse asked:

Sorry if this is a weird question, you just seem like the person to ask this kind of thing. How do you balance maturity and enthusiasm? I'm a really eager person and I always worry that people won't take me seriously because I'm very excitable. You seem to have struck this perfect balance of being poised without ever selling yourself short, and just. How. ???

aw, bub. as someone who cares very deeply about being and appearing professional in the workplace, i definitely understand where you’re coming from. 

listen. i have an 8X11 picture of nate mcKinnon with a speech bubble that says, “What did i ever do to you?” on my desk. i have a tiny hedgehog statue that i accidentally stole from an intern. for christmas last year, my boss bought me a little superhero stuffed monkey with the penguins logo on it. (his name is Super Mario. he is my best friend and i love him.)

my point is: liking things is cool. we’re taught for some reason that it’s Cool to Not Care and that being aloof is the same thing as being interesting, but like… it’s not? in all the jobs i’ve ever had, with all the people i’ve ever met, liking things and being excited about them has never made someone think that i don’t also take my work seriously or that i’m not good at it. i mean, that being said, i’m not showing up at board meetings in a penguins jersey singing “holiday sweater” or anything, because it’s important to remember that there is a time and place for everything. but it’s okay to be enthusiastic. in fact, most people prefer it.

what it comes down to, at the end of the day, is that people respect competence and hard work. so do your best and let your weird little heart shine, my friend. 

Right, I understand this is a huge thing to put on here, but I’m completely desperate and I need help. 

I’ve bought tickets for me and my friend to go and see Coldplay in London Wembly Stadium for her birthday and we’re both super, super excited. But unfortunately, something happened with my account at the checkout online and somehow, I’ve been charged for two more tickets, one’s that I didn’t even want - and now I have no money in my account. £0, zilch, because of this stupid internet fuck-up. I’m a student at University and I’m now going to have to rely on my overdraft which I cannot afford to do…I’m completely stuck.

I’ve listed the tickets back onto the site (thankfully because I panicked when I read there was no refund, and I rang the company and they said there was nothing they could do) and I desperately need someone to buy those specific tickets so the money gets put back into my account. I literally have no money to live on. The show isn’t until June and I know there’s a chance someone will buy them by then, but I don’t get anymore student finance for another 2 months.

The tickets are for the show on Saturday 18th June, and if anyone what’s to go or knows someone who does, my tickets are available on the site GetMeIn (link). My tickets are for: Level 5, Block 516, Row 2 and there are two available.

I know there might be sites where you can get tickets cheaper, but this is my absolutely last resort - I’m completely helpless. . 


the best part about rereading book 1 & 2 was noticing that pattern

Have you ever found a song that just resonates with your soul so well and you just can’t seem to get enough of it? Like if it was possible to inject the song into your veins it still wouldn’t be enough. You not only listen to it, you watch the band perform it over and over again in awe and never get sick of it?

I am going to talk about some of my stories below, if you would like to talk about them with me I would be very very happy and appreciate it very much, but its ok if not, i just wanted to talk about them anyway

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if i had to choose just a song to describe me i would definitely choose this song.because i want to be just like that…i want to say “i was here” , i want to say “i lived and i loved” , i want to bring someone some happiness…if i can make just one person happy,even just a little bit happy…it would be more than enough for/to me…if i can be the reason of that beautiful smile in someone’s face than i will know that i did something that i want to do in my whole life…