okay does anyone else think that before jem sped up the rate at which he was taking the yin fen for tessa, he slowed down the rate as much as he could for will? tessa needed someone to live an eventful and energetic life while will just needed someone period. so, jem hung on for him and must have slowed down the rate for him as well. when they first met, he said that he had two years and that was if he was lucky.. he must’ve done something more than simply hope in order to stick around almost three extra years for will. 


Nehemia stated she has two younger brothers. On Sarah’s Pinterest board, she posted these two pictures of boys with the surname Ytger!! Welcome to the fandom, Kharis (right) and Deji Ytger!!

PTX Project ✨

So I’ve been thinking and I know this is kinda last minute but I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while now.

So I want to make those cute jars full of loving/cute/appreciation messages for PTX. The messages can be basically whatever you want. Just telling them how much they mean or just a reminder of why they’re amazing/inspiring to you or just something that you need to tell them and won’t have the chance. Also something funny to just put a smile on their face.

I will be making 6 jars. One for each of them and then one for all of them. I’m hoping that I will be able to fill each of them with messages from Pentaholics all around the world.

If you want to participate please inbox me with what you want to say and you can want to say something to each of them! That would be even better! Also please tell me what name you want on them or a Twitter name!

I’m meeting PTX on July 11th and will be working on all my things for this show up until the day before so you have until the 10th to submit! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all participate! I really want to do something special for them! 😊💕

Today’s Tally

Opened 10 fics and worked on each one for the length of two random songs from my ipod.  Two rotations like that, writing as fast as possible as ideas came to me.

  • FicTitle.docx (series/published name) (Current wordcount)
  • Flutter.docx  (Unnamed) (760 words)
  • Innocence.docx  (Unnamed) (1,439 words)
  • Egbertdad.docx  (Unnamed) (1,092 words)
  • Agebeforebeauty.docx (Age Before Beauty) (8,984 words)
  • InColdBlood.docx  (In Cold Blood/The Not-A-Winter-Soldier-AU AU) (25,190 words)
  • 1SaviorsOfTheWorld.docx  (Saviors of the World) (97,597 words)
  • confess.docx  (Xxxxx Xx Xxxxxxxxxxx) (223,435 words)
  • Whoisthebetrayer.docx  (Heavy In Your Arms) (1,783 words)
  • ArtEvolution.docx  (Xxxx Xxxxx Xx Xxxx Xxxx) (30,389 words)
  • Halore.docx  (Xxxxx Xx Xxxxxxxxxx) (724 words)

4,548 words written in total.  Not a lot per story, but that’s still new material added on projects I had been blocked on!  I’m proud of myself.

it’s crazy because up till now, in M and A, i always fell in love with one song immediately, on the first listen, and then the other one warmed up to me, but right now, i’m so in love with both sober and if you and 

D is my favorite so far

friendly reminder that it’s okay to leave fandoms

friendly reminder that it’s okay to not be as obsessed as other fans

friendly reminder that it’s okay to like things casually, you can like a book/movie/show and never talk about it, it doesn’t mean you liked it any less

friendly reminder that books/movies/shows can inspire original stories and artwork and new hobbies as well as fanart and fic and fandom related hobbies and it is 100% okay to steal parts of a story and make it yours

friendly reminder that you can be any kind of fan you want, including not outwardly looking like a fan

a quick sketch of my character walking through water.. i need to start drawing characters in backgrounds more than just floating in infinite space.. even though that sounds cooler.. infinite space..  D:

i don’t know if i have enough talent to colour this so i’ll it as is u__u;; 

Raven©mine :u

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Not your prev anon, but I agree it's most likely what they put her in since they do shoots for winter clothes around this time. Plus, I don't think Taylor would be so inconsiderate to put hickeys on her bae's neck during a heatwave and right before a shoot. She may have hickeys on other parts of her body tho. ;)


Gon: “I mean..I’ve seen her around at school with her group, but I’ve never talked to her. She’s a cat like Killua but she’s pretty open about it, plus I heard she’s like..a delinquent. No one dares to bother her group, haha..They look pretty tough.”