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I know a lot of people are complaining and not into S5 because SB left.But I'm actually enjoying the episodes so far. I like it that the characters are each getting their own screen time and that Hank & Erin's characters don't get weaved into a backstory in the episodes. Although I agree that seeing JLS more onscreen would be nice, but I guess that would be too much to ask! haha

Good for you if you’re enjoying the episodes! To be honest I wish I was enjoying them more, but I am definitely struggling with this season.

Yes, I miss Sophia Bush/Erin Lindsay, but that’s not really what’s challenging me most about this season. Everything feels very choppy. It’s blatantly obvious that there at lots of new people working behind the scenes, because this season has a very different overall feel to it.

I have to wonder if the current writers, producers, etc. even watched some of the old seasons? Because suddenly people seem to be acting extremely out of character and it’s jarring. And of course the continuity is all over the place (as usual).

I’m thrilled that they are finally shining the spotlight on some of the other characters (like Atwater! It’s been 4+ seasons and we know soooooo little about him!), but I feel like they could be handling that a little better. Because we see a lot of focus on one particular character one week, but it seems to be completely at the expense of the others. 

So perhaps airing all of these character-focused episodes right in a row was a mistake. It may have been better to structure things differently: character-focused ep, then an ensemble ep, etc., etc. That would have given a little more balance, so it wouldn’t feel so choppy.

Look at Olinsky, he has barely been on the screen at all! And same goes for Platt (I think losing Patrol is such a shame, that was Platt’s time to shine, there’s not enough for her to do now but be a glorified messenger).

And whether it’s right or not, I’ve always viewed the cast of this show in two categories: (1) the “main” characters, and (2) the more “supporting” characters. And from my perspective (and clearly the writers’ too based on who got the most focus), Voight, Lindsay, Halstead and Antonio were the “main” characters, and the rest fall into more supporting roles. 

All this to say, I’m basically an 87-year-old woman inside. I hate change more than anything, so I’m really trying to give season 5 a chance. I love the cast/characters, I’ve always loved crime shows (especially this one), so I really hope things start to mesh better. I want to love this show again.

(sorry my answers basically become essays… that’s the English major in me coming out)

Y/N: [insert sad thing about self and how doesn’t like self]


F/O: SHUUSHHHHH- You are perfect.

Y/N: Nuuu-

F/O: *Cuts off with a kiss and snuggles up to* Listen, you are the best person ever, okay? Knowing I have you beside me, makes me feel the luckiest of all you know? And I would never ever “get tired of you” or “think you aren’t enough” because trust me. You are enough. You are more than anything I could ever imagine or want. I love everything… about you. 

Nerves - Chris Evans Smut

Paring; Chris Evans x Reader

Words: 1234

Rating: 18+ (smut, fingering, unprotected sex)


Hi may you write Chris Evans smut. One of you guys having sex for the first time and youre nervous because its been a long time since youve had any intimacy thanks!

I hope you like this and is what you wanted. I loved writing Chris. It was my first time writing him and I am planning on writing a lot for him. Let me know what you think

Request are open! 

Chris is slowing kissing Y/N’s neck. She has her hands on his hair and is tucking it lighting when he sucks the skin into his mouth. A soft moan escapes her lips when he flicks his tongue over the sensitive spot on her neck. He stops kissing her neck and moves towards her mouth.

His lips meet hers in a heated kiss. It is filled with passion. His tongue moves with hers and Y/N feels herself getting wetter by the second. She and Chris never had sex before but she feels that tonight is the night that it will finally happen. Y/N is scared because it has been so long since she has intimate with someone. He didn’t even manage to get her to orgasm.

When Chris starts pulling her shirt over her head he notices how hesistant she looks at him. ‘What is wrong babe?’ he asks her. ‘Nothing’ she says quickly. Chris arcs a brow at her and she knows she has to tell the truth now. He will never let it go if she doesn’t tell him. Sometimes it is quite annoying how well he knows her.

‘It has just been a while’ she tells him honestly. This is the part where he leaves screaming. Instead of doing that he kisses her sweetly. ‘How long has it been?’ he asks. ‘A few years’ Y/N tells him. A blush is creeping on her cheeks. ‘Well, then I be sure to make you feel very good tonight. That is if you want to do this with me’ he says. ‘Yes’ Y/N says quickly. Chris his famous smirk appears on his face.

He clips her bra open. Y/N puts her arms in front of her naked breast but he removes her arms. ‘Don’t hide, you are gorgeous’ he tells her. He takes one nipple in his mouth and rolls the other between his fingers. A loud moan escapes her lips.

While he is busy with her busy with her breasts one hand starts fumbling with her skirt. He puts it down in a swift movement. He looks into Y/N her eyes with a proud smirk and she only rolls her eyes at him. ‘Can I?’ he asks when he pulls on her panties. Y/N nods her head and he pulls the down her long legs. ‘Perfect’ he growls and kisses her just above the beginning of her slit.

Y/N removes Chris his jeans and boxers down his legs. His dick springs free against his stomach. It is already hard and slick with pre-cum and it is huge and gorgeous but she wonders how it is going to fit inside of her. Nothing this big has ever been inside of her but she wants it inside now. She moves her thumb over the tip. It is immediately slick with pre-cum. Chris removes her hand from himself. ‘Tonight is about you’ he tells her and pushes her back down in the bed. He hovers over her and kisses her sweetly. Y/N feels herself getting even wetter with anticipation.

Chris puts one finger inside of her. Y/N hisses at the contact, it is has been way to long since she did something even remotely intimate. ‘You are so tight’ Chris mumbles. He starts moving the one digit in and out of her. His thumb is rubbing lazy circles on her clit. His blue eyes are clouded with lust and he looks up at his beautiful girlfriend. Her head is thrown back and she is breathing heavy. He is making her feel so good with just one finger.

Chris puts another finger inside of her and a soft moan escapes her lips. His fingers move in and out of her in a faster manner and his thumb is rubbing her clit harder. Y/N squeezes her eyes shut and moans louder now. ‘Chris I am..’ is all she manages to say before the familiar feeling approaches her. Her stomach tightens and the muscles of her pussy hold on to Chris his finger when she comes all over them.

‘You are perfect like this’ he tells her when he is looking at her in awe. He licks his fingers clean and then licks his lips. His eyes darken even more and Y/N moans at the sight of Chris licking her juices of his finger. ‘I really want to eat this pretty pussy tomorrow’ he grins at her and sucks his fingers back into his mouth after he dibs them back inside of her for a second to even lap up more of her juices. Y/N moans again when he talks dirty to her. It turns her on even more.

Chris removes his fingers from his mouth and kisses her slowly and passionately. She can taste herself in his mouth. ‘Are you sure you want this?’ he asks her again. Y/N nods her head and looks at the man on top of her. He is everything she ever wanted and is so lucky to have him in her life. Chris grabs his dick and lines it up with her pussy. It is glistening with juices from her first orgasm. He pushes in slowly and hisses at the feeling. She is a lot tighter around him than he expected and is makes him feel better than ever.

Chris is inside of her and waits until Y/N feels comfortable around him. After a few seconds, she tells him to start moving. So, that he does. ‘I’m not going to last long’ he tells her honestly. He is moving slowly and with every move he hits his g-spot. Y/N moves her nails over Chris is back leaving scratches. Soft pants are escaping her lips every time he hits her special spot.

Chris starts rubbing Y/N her clit while is he moving faster inside of her. He almost leaves her empty before he rams back in. Y/N is panting and her head is thrown back. ‘Chris’ she moans loudly. Chris his lips find hers in a rough kiss. When he stops kissing her he moves his head towards her neck and starts sucking harshly on the soft skin leaving marks all over.

‘Chris’ Y/N whines when he stops moving inside of her to kiss her sweetly. He grins at her and starts picking up the pace. Y/N grabs a hold of his shoulders when he pinches her clit in a harsh matter. ‘Chris’ she yells out when he does so. A shiver run down his back when she does. He is going to make her yell his name as many times as he can. It is an amazing sound. ‘Are you close?’ he asks almost out of breath. She can’t talk anymore so she just nods her head.

 Her stomach starts to tighten and her muscles are spasming around Chris. When she finally cums a scream escapes her lips and she tightens around him. ‘God, Y/N’ Chris groans when he comes inside of her. Her pussy is milking his cock until he goes soft and pulls out of her.

Chris rolls over and pulls her naked body close to his own. ‘I love you’ he tells her honestly. Y/N smiles lazily up at him and puts a lovely kiss on his naked chest. ‘I love you too’ She tells him. Chris pulls her even closer to him and closes his eyes. Y/N falls asleep with a huge smile on her face.

Requests are open! 

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It's not the lyric itself really but the way Christian sings "it really KILLED me when you took those vows" on the recording destroys me 100% of the time

SAME. He has such great line delivery (evidence: everything he’s ever been in but esp something rotten!), so he impressed me throughout falsettos. The words that he chose to put emphasis on were sometimes so surprising but always so powerful.

I feel like I Never Wanted To Love You was a great demonstration of his talent for this!! Bc yeah, same, his voice kills me in that part.

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Thank you~! 

I’m so thrilled to hear you like my art as well as Once a Thief. Both of which I work so hard on, and it really makes my day to hear things like this. 

Have some flattered and shy Chat Noir, because you are so sweet. I hope your day is just as wonderful as you have made mine. 


Look. My face.
My friend made me a wand. 😭😍

I got “Molly” a Wonder Woman headband.
I’m up way too late because I walked around target til 11 because I didn’t want to go home and go to bed and do life again when I wake up.
So. Target is better than killing myself yes?

I’m terrified I’m ruining my kids lives and my life and my marriage. I’m scared I won’t pass nursing school and it’ll all be for naught. This would all be needless suffering.
I’m seriously contemplating daycare for Molly and Junior next semester. Instead of taking that semester of (clinicals don’t start til fall) id take classes to go towards my maybe Bachelors one day (going for an associates in science/nursing/RN). Anyways I’m scared that they’ll be treated badly or will hate it or that they will think I don’t love/want them and it’s tearing me apart. Ach


Hey I’m wynter. Single. 16. NZ. Lesbian. I am looking for a relationship. I will do long distance.  I love art and painting as well as music. I want someone that I can call mine. I want the good morning and good night text messages. I want the 3am phone calls. I want to fall asleep on the phone. I want to text 24/7. I just want a loving and caring relationship. I know I’m only 16 but I’m very muture but can be clingy too.


pooryorickdraw replied to your post: fanfic fmk for varric, nick valentine, and i swear…

I really hope you write a story about Nick some day

i know, it’s a shame! i had a whole OC concept ready and everything

i won’t go into it too much, because i don’t wanna make people uncomfortable, but… the thing about fo4 is that working within its story would be tough. the main plot involves something that i do not do with my OCs, and while it’s simple to headcanon around, it’s very difficult to avoid ingame. i could always do what i did with tony, where the OC has their own story and isn’t the player character, but that’s a lot of work! and you can’t know how you want to do it until after many hours of playtime.

there’s also the fact that i never went out and bought a new graphics card, because i was seized with terror that i might screw the hardware upgrade up. my gaming desktop has all the same parts it did when i built it in late 2013, which is to say that it can’t run fo4 at all. i built the thing, you’d think i wouldn’t be scared of swapping out a graphics card, and yet… lmao

i just disappointed my father, i am not the daughter he wanted. all i do is wait my time doing art, its worthless, its shit, its the only skill i have but its shit to me and my father. i wish i never knew how to draw, and i wish i was never born because all i am is a fucking big mistake and a huge disappointment and i can’t do shit right, can’t get out of their fucking comfort zone, tries their best but does not turn out well because i am shit and lazy , i just hope i will die very soon, i can’t handle shit anymore. now my dad wants me to spend the rest of my weekend studying science. work, work, work, work. doesn’t give a shit about me, not like i ever gave a shit about myself anyways. and besides… i always work on weekends and weekdays…. 

i just want him to love me, to be proud

i just want to yell and cry

but who cares about me… no one should care…


Just once in my life

Before I fade in whispers and stories untold

I want to see the eyes of my soulmate

I want to fall in love for eternity

I want to see the windows to his soul,

Open and vulnerable, trusting

When the sun reach its peak

And starts its descent

I want to go with the night

Carrying the memories of his eyes.

|| A. T. V ||