So after Alone at Sea half if the fandom is going “Lapis is an irredeemable asshole poor Jasper bby” and the other half is going “Jasper is an irredeemable asshole poor Lapis bby”

Please consider: Both of them were wrong for what they did. They both contributed to an abusive relationship in different ways. Neither of them are an irredeemable asshole and neither if them are the innocent bby that everyone wants their fav to be. There’s nuance to this, so stop acting like this is completely one-sided.

I like who I am when Im with you

And yeah when I started to draw these two my computer told me it was automatically restarting in 15 minutes so here’s the fastest draw I could muster

reasons to read run by kody keplinger:

  • a healthy, supportive relationship between two girls who value each others’ friendship SO MUCH and aren’t afraid of saying ‘i love you’ to each other
  • a disabled main character written by an author who has the same disability and knows how to write disability well
  • a bi girl whose story doesn’t revolve around her sexuality! she doesn’t let anyone tell her how she ‘should’ behave and absolutely destroys bi stereotypes
  • their friendship is the MAIN RELATIONSHIP in the book and they care so much more about their relationship with each other than any passing crushes
  • it’s probably one of my favourite literary lady friendships of all time
  • both girls completely dismantle the ‘good girl’/’bad girl’ boxes other characters try to force them into, and they’re beautifully complex and messy and real

Guys I’m feeling nostalgic. But remember back when S3 started and the whole summer before we had all of those teasing quotes about Emma & Hook and all the rumors about the love triangle and Ginny’s countdown photos with the couple of CS teasing ones she posted and then we got the first sneak peek of S3 and it was Emma & Hook doing the toast to Neal on the Jolly and we were like AWWWWW SHIT YISSSSSS HERE WE GO. lmao.

THEN Jmo teased an upcoming kiss @ NYCC and Eddy was all “Hmmm I wonder who that could be…those pirate charms…” and everyone that didn’t ship CS was like IT’S TOTALLY NEAL and we were just like hahaha ya’ll are crazy stop playin… and then at like 11PM AT NIGHT EW released that first image of them with their heads together AND WE PROCEEDED TO LOSE OUR SHIT (no sleep was had that night) and then two days later they released the gif that had ALL the promo pics of the kiss in it AND THEN THEY RELEASED THE SNEAK PEEK A COUPLE DAYS AFTER THAT AND I WAS IN MY OFFICE AND HAD JUST WATCHED IT AND TWO MIN LATER MY BOSS, THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY INVITES ME TO LUNCH AND I HAD TO GO EXCUSE MYSELF TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE WE LEFT BECAUSE I HAD RED BLOTCHES ALL OVER MY CHEEKS AND CHEST B/C I WAS SO WORKED UP?!!

hahaha. Good times, man. GOOOOOOOD times. 

why sam wilson is the best:

-he can fucking fly
-he survived getting kicked off of a high rise building
-loves birbs
-he’s civil to his best friend’s recovering assasin boyfriend who tried to kill him
-can cook a mean bfast
-welcomes virtual strangers to stay in his house
-literally the best at disguises and being discreet
-has a smile that could light up the stars
-is a fast runner
-reads people easily
-helps those with ptsd
-likes marvin gaye
-loyal af friend
-was the only one who stayed at steves side at the hospital
-smooth af flirter
-doesnt mind breaking the law
-his tongue is so sharp with sarcasm that it could kill a man
-tiny bi
-misses his bff riley and dropped everything when he died
-keeps a folder with rileys pic in it at his house
-doesnt take anybodys shit, dont mess w/him
-has resting bitch face pretty much all the time
-doesnt hold back what he’s thinking
-pokes fun at dangerous people
-doesnt say what others want to hear, he says what they Need to hear
-is cap america in the comics
-is a trashlord who gets all proud papa meets creeper when steve/sharon kiss
-is a skeptical lil garden sneke
-chooses to spend 2yrs of his life searching for a dude who tried to kill him even when steve cant go with him
-becomes a criminal to save his best friends boyfriend
-told the two of them to go ahead and leave the fight, stayed behind
-prob makes gourmet instagram worthy meals for one
-still has guilt and regrets from things that happened while he was in the military and is open w/steve about this
-looks hot af in sunglasses and in general
-doesnt give a single fuck that steve is cap america, hes just steve to sam
-will literally follow steve into a war and help stoke the flames
-is actually 9 years old
-prob has like 15 diff cookbooks that he both collects and uses
-binge watches cupcake wars when he cant sleep
-makes 100% homemade oj and lemonade
-doesnt even question steves bizarre decisions anymore
-prob spends 3 days working on a turkey for the holidays
-either loves you or hates you, there is no inbetween
-is an actual cinnamon roll
-can kick your ass, your mamas ass, her sisters ass and even his own ass
-brave and strong af
-prob smells like fresh lemons and smelly good laundry detergent
-kicks and flips about like a goddamn angry but graceful olympic gymnast
-stands guard over an unconscious bucky so steve can wander around an empty warehouse like a lonely/sad pupper
-notices the heart eyes between steve and bucky, stares at steve like hes lost his damn mind
-prob helped steve physically carry bucky at least once
-he’s mr muscles and is the physical manifestation of a sex god
-calls shotgun every time hes in a car with others when hes not driving
-is made up of 99% salt, 1% sarcasm
-has a secret tumblr where he just shitposts and most have to do w/bucky. he tags those with Magnetos Generic Cousin
-bakes a cake when someone has a birthday
-could eat eggs and toast forever w/o complaint
-his email address is notyrbirb@gmail. com but he only checks it every 6mths or so

in short he’s the hero america deserves

mr-reblogbutton  asked:

Perc'ahlia “I might have slept with your robe when you were gone.” please I need this

YO THIS IS LITERALLY MY JAM. clothes-sharing. geeZAS. i am in SO much need to see vex in percy’s coat y’all have no idea.


The sun is high and bright in the sky by the time Percy, Vax and Grog arrive back at the castle, Vax just a little worse for wear, Grog unable to stop smiling through the blood and guts spattered all over his face. Considering what the three of them had met out there, considering what it ended up becoming after the three of them had milked it of information - and innards, subsequently - Percy finds himself rather glad that he hadn’t worn his coat when he’d snuck out. He does rather like that coat.

Scanlan and Keyleth are the first to meet them, and almost immediately Grog launches into the story of the evening they had spent. Scanlan is enraptured, of course, Keyleth a little less so as she casts a healing spell on Vax to clean him up (there’s such a soft look of affection on Vax’s face that it almost makes Percy balk).  In the slight uproar of Grog’s spirited retelling of the night’s activities, Percy almost doesn’t realize that someone is missing. Almost, because as he happens to turn towards the stairway leading up to the rooms, he sees Vex standing there, at the top of the flight, hair undone and unruly, brows furrowed, one hand over her chest, keeping his coat closed over her.

His coat.

It isn’t often that Percy finds himself struck speechless, but here he is, with his voice catching in his throat and his tongue unable to form words. What a wonder.

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TsukkiHina interactions, TsukkiHina friendship, TsukkiHina competing, TsukkiHina enjoying practice camp together, TsukkiHina together. Just… TsukkiHina _(:‘3 L)\

Tsukishima being a sassy shit.
Hinata surprised, confused and over excited. What a time to be alive 🙇🙏