59 layers (not including 3D), 7 hours | PSCS2014, 3D

For Jin’s 1st anniversary of his cute little series EatJin! The cakes are made in 3D and… well, I’m glad they didn’t come out how my real life cakes do. Celebration! Feel free to take a piece from the cake and if you’re gluten intolerance like me, well gluten free it is! | twt

[Bokuto’s ordering cake over phone] 

Baker: And what would you like the cake to say?

[covers phone to ask wife Akaashi] 

Bokuto: Do we want a talking cake?



Child: Dad, why does my cake say “we don’t want a talking cake”

Akaashi: It’s a long story son

Musicians as desserts
  • Mike Rutherford:Doughnut holes
  • Phil Collins:Angel food cake
  • Peter Gabriel:Key lime pie
  • Tony Banks:Tiramisu
  • Steve Hackett:Chocolate cake
  • Jon Anderson:Milkshake
  • Bill Bruford:Lemon bars
  • Chris Squire:Jell-o
  • Steve Howe:Strawberry shortcake
  • Alan White:Pineapple upside down cake
  • Rick Wakeman:Banana pudding
  • Todd Rundgren:Fruit cake
  • Robert Fripp:Blueberry crumble
  • Brian Eno:Cheesecake
  • Keith Emerson:Chilli chocolate
  • Greg Lake:Bundt cake
  • Carl Palmer:Ice cream cone
  • Roger Daltrey:Sorbet
  • Keith Moon:Moon pie!
  • Pete Townshend:Gingerbread
  • John Entwistle:Fudge
  • Steve Winwood:Apple pie
  • Geddy Lee:Nanaimo
  • Alex Lifeson:Raspberry tart
  • Neil Peart:Ayn Rand
  • David Gilmour:Red velvet cake
  • Rick Wright:Cupcake
  • Nick Mason:Apple pie and cream (WITH NO CRUSTS)
  • Syd Barrett:Bag of Halloween candy
  • Roger Waters:Baked Alaska
  • John Bonham:Bear claw
  • Robert Plant:Cotton candy
  • Jimmy Page:Liquorice
  • John Paul Jones:Cream puff
  • Paul McCartney:Cherry pie
  • George Harrison:Baklava
  • Ringo Starr:Jelly roll
  • John Lennon:Chocolate chip cookies
  • David Bowie:Banana split
  • Kate Bush:Mixed berry parfait

Ok so it’s @thirteentales birthday soon and I wanted to bake her an epic cake and here’s the result :)
The icing is pretty much freehanded and the black star on the inside is supposed to reference the Hamilton cover cause I couldn’t think of a better way to include both Hamilton and Les Mis in one cake

5SOS TEXTING {I do what I want I'm punk rock}
  • Ashton:Guys where are y'all?
  • Michael:My place
  • Calum:Michael forced us to watch Deadpool one more time
  • Luke:My poor virgin eyes
  • Calum:I'm gonna tell his mom that he saw an erotic movie
  • Ashton:Without bad angles
  • Michael:Thank you Ashton
  • Calum:Ash please come here Michael is still fangirling over an old movie and Luke is covering his eyes
  • Ashton:Brt
  • Michael:Am not
  • Calum:Oh please
  • Michael:Just maybe
  • Calum:Maybe?
  • Ashton:Laungage!
  • Luke:I am gonna call my mom to pick me up
  • Ashton:I'll pick you and Calum up when I arrive k?
  • Luke:Thanx Ash😘
  • Michael:You send that emoji again and i'll rip your hands out of your arms
  • Ashton:Jealousy hurts doesn't it m8
  • Michael:Fuck off Ashton
  • Calum:lol
  • Luke:whut
  • Michael:I do what I want I'm punk rock

So today, we’re doing cake tastings for the wedding and I want to sneak in a few little prank cakes for the wedding. Did you know that there’s such a thing as an avocado cake? I might even sneak in a few fruit cakes for everyone too. How much would everyone hate me?

Why Renate Needs to Not

She says she’s at the castle every time the monster is there, so she can get closure from what happened to her sister and to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else, yet SHE JUST SITS IN THAT STUPID CHAIR THE WHOLE FRICKEN GAME SHOVING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE CAKE INTO HER MOUTH HOLE OR SNORING LIKE A WILD BOAR. YOU’RE NOT HELPING ANYONE, RENATE. YOU’RE REALLY NOT. And by judging your eating habits I have concluded that it is highly likely that your sister didn’t get eaten by a monster, but that YOU ATE HER. 

~and this my friends is why Renate needs to not~

Matsukawa: Hey Makki, I know you said you’re not thinking about marriage right now, but I think it would be nice for us. We can get all these financial benefits as a married couple plus everyone already calls us that “annoying married couple” anyway so why not make it official?

Hanamaki: Sure let’s do it.

Matsukawa: I mea- wait…  WHAT? Seriously??

Matsukawa: [to himself] I can’t believe it worked! Makki you lovable idiot.

Hanamaki: Yes Mattsun, let’s go get those benefits!

Hanamaki:  [to himself] Jokes on him, I just want wedding cake.


HC where Makki took it as somewhat of a joke at first but once plans were starting to be set in motion, he got a little too into it after hearing stories from their relatives. He refused to have anyone have anything to do with choosing the flowers, the venues, (and the deserts, duh). He allowed them some decisions with the decor and the party, but later sat down with Mattsun to have a serious talk.

Mattsun was shocked as was everyone else, but liked Makki being so invested in their relationship so let it be. He started taking it seriously as well which was both a frustrating, yet strangely uplifting experience. But damn if he thought the food was going to be the reason why they were broke…