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Hey, if you can't eat cake while he's railing you, what kind of a relationship are you in to begin with? I might want to cut back on the choking until the cake was gone though.

I don’t want to get the bed messy with cake crumbs, I ain’t rude. Plus you can always fuck yourselves silly and eat an entire cake afterwords. That way you can enjoy both in their entirety 

general grumpy pants hux

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i’ll check out ur blog and possibly (probably, i don’t follow enough ppl) follow u!! u do not have to be following me but that would be cool!


[*Ever since returning to the surface, Muffet has been prospering, thanks to Frisk somehow managing to pay 9999g for a spider donut.]

[*Muffet opened a pastry cafe and purchased homes for her spider family. Every month she sends Frisk and their family a box of free samples of her latest recipes as a thank you.]

[*Frisk tries them and sends back a letter with her votes on the best ones. Papyrus joined in and now the two share the task happily.]

[*Frisk is too distracted by the cakes to care about the letter…]

//feat. cameo of @mtt-brand-mail-provider‘s oc Alex//

I’ve looked through the reblogs of my #AcephobiaLike post and it saddens me that so many people have to deal with the hurtful comments of those who don’t understand. I decided that I’m not going to passively give an idea in the hopes that someone else takes it. With all the Aces and Aros who have to deal with the ignorant comments of people they call friends or family I feel that we can make a hashtag on twitter trending.

February 14th 2016 I propose that we take to social media and let people know that Aces and Aros are valid.#AphobiaLike (so we can include Aros and Aces)

We are not broken. We are not prudes. We are not plants. We are not robots.

We are human beings who want to be accepted and treated as human beings.

I would really appreciate it if this message were to get passed around. I would love for everyone who wants to to be able to share their experiences and know that they are not alone.

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A little bird told me that today is your birthday!

I absolutely adore every single one of your stories and since I am terrible at expressing my feeling with words, this is my way of saying “Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” to you, @disneygeekwriter!

Here is Chef Kristoff from your fic “Unbreak you

Also, welcome to the club, life gets even better at 30 ;)


“Where’s your Christmas wrapping?” Liam asked, looking at the two boxes in my hands. One box was covered in magenta paper with a white bow, the other a rosy pink color with a glittery red bow tied around the center.

“I like my wrapping paper better,” I replied with a shrug. “Isn’t it cute?”

“It’s very you, Vee,” Liam agreed, smiling so big that his eyes crinkled at the corners. “I’m a bit self-conscious now. I’ve got some boring snowman wrapping for yours. Wish I would’ve stepped up my game and used some nice blue wrapping and some glitter or summat.”

chapter twenty-one of cake for breakfast, coming soon

Another form to reveal (accidentally) their true identities (?)

Adrien: Lady didn’t seem to like the rose I gave her.

Adrien: should I upgrade to chocolates… OR CAKES *take out his cellphone* MARINETTE I WANT TO ORDER A CHOCOLAYE CAKE WITH A CAPTION THAT SAYS HAPPY VALENTINES!

Marinette: Okay… *heart broken*

-Patrol time-

*Chat arrives and sees that Lady is upset*

Chat: Don’t be sad milady I have cake for you. *gaves her the cake he bought*


Lady: Did you order this from Marinette’s bakery?

Chat: Yes… why? do you not like it?


Chat: Do you prefer it if I make it perhaps?


Chat: Do you prefer chocolates?


Chat: Are you on a diet cause you think your fat even tho you’re not?

Lady: …


Lady: Adrien?

Chat: Yes…?

Chat: ….

Chat: Wait what!?