Bryce's Great Pokémon Misadventure

Oh man, I so so so wish I had at least one Pokémon game. How could I have been so stupid, selling them all! Ugh, I want Emerald and Platinum and Black or White, and I want a 3DS so I can get X or Y, but they all cost money I don’t have! Ah, but I want to play so bad.

i want pokemon y so bad bc i played pokemon x and i fuckin loved it and i wanna replay it but i really dont want to erase what i already have so i need a new game. i just find it so satisfying to replay games you know?? like i always restart them from the beginning but not even always with the intent to play them all the way through again. it just feels good to go through the beginning stages with everything you know now. also nostalgia, so much nostalgia. but anyway games are expensive even used games so ehhh