I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)

nothing about the new ghostbusters was intended for male consumption. nothing. the main cast is all female. of that cast, the young hot blonde one is a lesbian. the men in the film are very flimsy characters without substance. it just makes me so happy to see a movie that was specifically made by women for women. i want more.

I honestly never got caught up in the whole “girl ghostbusters are gonna ruin my childhood” thing.
I am a ghostbusters fan from the original 2 films to the cartoons, video games, comics, etc.
Once I heard a new one was being made obviously I thought what everyone else did. “Who’s playing the ghostbusters?”
Will it be the original cast?
Will they cast younger versions?
Bottom line was I was gonna watch it no matter what.
Now I saw the movie opening night and I enjoyed it a lot. I actually wanna go see it again.
Now myself, my wife & kids all enjoyed it. Me being the only one who really knows the classics and can spot the homages paid in the new film.

My daughter…..
So my daughter asks me the next day if we are gonna see the movie again. I said sure, why did you like it that much?
She said yes. She liked that they were girls that were heroes.

Honestly up until that point I really didn’t think much of the role genders played in the movie. My daughter looked up to these 4 women and it got to me.

Today I was wearing my ghostbusters video game tshirt and my daughter asks me why don’t I have the girl ghostbusters on there? I told her I had the shirt around the time she was born but I would wear the girls if I had one.

These few moments really made me understand that the role a female plays in any form of broadcasting is important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

That photo speaks volumes.
Thank you to the cast and crew behind this movie.



Sakurai Sho no Ikinari Shuzai 09.07.2016

His destination?  Home of the famous Daruma doll: Gunma prefecture (incidentally Sho’s birthplace)

Sho-kun’s first part of the journey brings him on a mini-archaeological excavation of-sorts. 

How goes his find for precious metals?

And so a quiz by our too cute~~ chipmunk is issued to Ninomi in the studio!

Guess what: it’s no longer Sakurai Sho, but Sakurai Jones who’s with us today! (^_^)

Next, the search for Japan’s top vegetables was filled with everything too yummy-looking, so I apologize that I forgot to cap along the way.  The sap-oozing potato leaf (I think?) looked so delicious~~

Lastly, Gunma prefecture’s worthy activities…

Hot spring baths~

the breath-takingly clear emerald blue lake ~ Okushima Lake.

Canoeing can’t take place on filming day, so sliding is proposed instead.  Sho-kun recalls that it was something he had done before on G no Arashi with Satoshi and Jun…

At the time, Sho-kun was…

Sho-kun’s reaction to doing it this time round?

And then the cameraman offers to get the footage… and he’s 54 years old…

Yes Sho-kun.  We also realize he’s *ONLY* two DECADES older than you. (^_^;;;)

And so we get…

But at the end of the day, our brave chipmunk triumphs~~ and is he glad to have seen the emerald waters as he went under the surface!

Staff: So let’s go for one more round?

Sho: Don’t wanna.

└ (^_^). Otsukaresama desu~ Sho-kun.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 09.07.2016

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LMAO! I just saw someone post it on Twitter. Homeboy don’t even follow anybody yet he’s liking her pictures on the low. I see you, Bang Yongguk, I see you. Mhmmmmmmm…👀👀👀🔍🕵

While I’m going to need a little more convincing before I start shipping AlGuk/Yonglex/AlYo/whatever other shipname, I do hope they get to interact and atleast be friends.😃 I’m dying for Alex (hell, all the members) to interact with more idols and be friends with them~!😣😟 My dream is for random idols to appear in musical.ly videos with her.😂🙈

Sometimes I get completely overwhelmed with the desire to just see Dean and Cas kiss on screen.

Soft & sweet kisses are great and I definitely want to see those too, but I always imagined that if they ever did kiss in the show their first kiss would be passionate and desperate because damn it they’ve had this UST for 7 freaking years and now they’re finally acting on it they just can’t control themselves.

Maybe Cas would push Dean against a wall or a door or another hard surface while he’s kissing him - we all know how often Dean gets acquainted with hard surfaces in the show ;)

I just really wanna see them kiss I’ve driven myself crazy imagining it countless times.

I apologise for being such trash.


  • What they say:I'm fine
  • What they mean:I'm honestly so disgusted about the fact that I didn't get to see panic during the fever era live in Denver. Ryan Ross sung like a fucking angel and I wasn't there to see it. Why the fuck was I born in the early 2000s, too young to know what the fuck emos are. I'm so fucking done. Honestly I wanna kill myself, why the fuck couldn't I see Ryan in his rose vest, fuck this shit.

soooooooo i got bored one day and drew a little hamilton based on a sketch @salamanderart did a while ago, it was too cute not to! i haven’t drawn bodies in a long time though so hopefully i didn’t fuck it up too bad.

I love this dress so much it deserves to be shared with the world.


“Another wasted breath- everything I’ve said. You don’t like the sound of my voice, I don’t speak in my head. I don’t even know if I love you, maybe I just wanted you to love me. I don’t even know if I want to, but I tried to tell you without breaking. I don’t wanna see myself anyway. And I know you’re with someone else, I’ll look away. I don’t even know if I need you, maybe I just wanted you to see me. I don’t even know if I hate you, but I’ve spent all my time waiting. I don’t even know if I love you, maybe I just wanted you to love me. I don’t even know if I want you, but I tried to tell you that I’m breaking.”


Download for free on bandcamp: https://lyndsmika.bandcamp.com/track/waiting-you-away

After i read that one junkrat/lucio fic i cant get the image of junkrat, all long limbs and wiry muscle, bent over and basically curled around tiny lil lucio out of my head

Not to be like “skinny shaming is real 2k16”…
…but it’s still not a good time when you ask if they have these shorts in an extra small and the person working there gives you this Look
(you know it it’s The Look, and there’s judgement and pity and envy all in one and you hate it)
and she does that flick of the eyes that take in your too big shirt you wear to hide the fact that ur basically a coat hanger and immediately assumes you do this to yourself.
And I don’t have an ED, but damn if I did I would hate to be reminded of it in that way, by a total stranger by one too long pause of silence and that Look, because they scream it loud and clear.
and wow walking out of that store at the end I almost didn’t want to buy the shorts because they would show off my skinny giraffe legs but fuck her man. They were my favorite colour and my favorite print and fuck her.

absolutely baffled by the people who seem to regard following someone as some sort of binding social contract????

“you unfollowed that person for posting a ship you dislike???? WOW”

yes? their blog had content I didn’t wanna see? so I did the adult thing and excused myself from the situation? um?

Guyssss iA i’ll be travelling (possibly at the end of this week) to kpk™ and so i might not be as active on tumblr, depends on wifi access. But i’ll be updating on my snapchat so if u want then you should add me @aliyaz16 (do come off anon if you add me so i know who im adding)

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1: ship the person who tagged you. 

2: answer questions. 

3: write down the groups you would like to get shipped with. 

4: tag as many blogs as you want.

I ship you with: Junhoe, Seungri, Hoseok, Lay, TOP


What is your chinese zodiac/animal?

What is your sun sign?

What is your height?
5″7′ / 173.74 cm

What kind of body shape do you have?
Hourglass or straight??

Describe your fashion type:
Mostly casual/street fashion that depends on the weather. I really like layers though (which is partially why I love colder weather) and I like plain things/stripes.

What are your hobbies?
Listening to music, singing, drawing, reading, and hanging out with friends!

Describe your personality:
I’m kinda the complete opposite of what you think of me probably bc I’m not rlly like my online self lol. I’m a lot more quiet and reserved IRL unless you’re one of my closer friends and I’m comfortable with you. 

What do you like and dislike?
Likes: Shopping (if I have money lmao), drawing, singing, hanging out with friends, sleeping, eating, pastels, b&w, museums (esp art ones), sightseeing, debates.

Dislikes: Negativity, racism, rude people, Trump, people with big egos, etc.

What kind of height do you prefer?
Taller than me

Do you prefer innocent or sexy?
Both pls

What do you like in a person?
If they have a good personality or not 

What are some turn offs?
Body odor, no respect/common courtesy, if they hate animals.

What kind of fear would it be okay for them to have?
Anything??? I don’t really mind lol

What would be an ideal date for you?
Laying in bed together while listening to music lol

I’d like to be shipped with:
Just any 5 people you think would match me well!

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